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I voted. I have a formula

1. I always vote against the incumbent.  It doesn't matter the candidate is running for Sheriff, Judge, School Board, or politician. Out with the incumbents!

Justification: It is too easy for incumbents to win.

2. If there is no incumbent or I can't figure out who is the incumbent, I vote for the one with the ugliest name.

Justification: Most sheeple will vote for the one with the prettiest name.

3. If it is an initiative or proposition, I look at the fiscal analysis. If it costs money, I vote against it.

Justification: Taxes will never go down. I never vote for a tax increase.

Everything I vote for goes the other way. Very nearly every time.

Call mine a protest vote.

People have argued with me that if everyone voted as I do, then some good people would be out.  I say, "When that happens, I'll reconsider my strategy".
Permalink Legion 
October 10th, 2018 8:48pm
Sounds ridiculous and you're an idiot.
Permalink NPR 
October 10th, 2018 9:25pm
A better approach is to convert representation into a civic duty, like jury duty.

Instead of representatives being elected, they are chosen from the populace for a one-year term and paid a salary similar to the nominal salary now, 200K or whatever. Individuals can ask for exemption if they have a good reason. Most people are decent and will try to do a good job of making policy decisions. Anyone who is not decent or competent will be outnumbered by those who are so the bad ones will have little influence.

Pollies and donors and lobbyists and pollie-owners will do everything to stop it but people power always wins when the people are determined.
Permalink ,ndo 
October 10th, 2018 9:58pm
I like it ,ndo.  I think it would work.
Permalink Legion 
October 10th, 2018 10:22pm
NPR, I am not an idiot.

I live in a white-ass area where all the sheeple vote exactly the same.

I can vote with them. What does that change? Nothing.

Or I can vote against them. What does that change? Nothing.

What am I left with? A protest vote.  This is the formula I choose to express my protest vote.
Permalink Legion 
October 10th, 2018 10:30pm
Scott Adams suggested something along the lines of vote against anyone over 80 years old.
Permalink Nick Frost 
October 10th, 2018 10:34pm
Legion's strategy is fine.

What ndo describes is actually how the government worked in ancient Athens. Leaders were randomly selected from the population using a machine called a kleroterion that dropped colored marbles into slots.

On initiatives I read the actual text. I vote against it if it's a bad law that is a boondoggle, restricts civil rights, has "unexpected" consequences designed in that are the real purpose, or can't be understood. That turns 99% of them into "no" straight away. To this day I have never met in real life a single person who has read the text of these laws other than myself.
Permalink McCain's Tumor 
October 11th, 2018 4:47am
On candidates I vote for the best candidate, IF that can be determined at all.

So I end up voting for 3rd party candidates in most of the Presidential elections.

For Congress usually the third party people are absolute fruitcakes who have either no campaign information or have campaign promises showing they don't understand anything. So I end up voting major party in most of these.

For local elections it's always the case that none of the candidates have coherent positions, just vapid slogans. I can count on the newspapers to not say anything about the candidates as well unless there's an underdog against the incumbent that is a friend of the newspaper owner. We also get a lot of positions with just one person running. I always vote "present" on those, ie I refuse to vote on that slot if there's only one choice. For a lot of these local races it's impossible to determine anything. In those cases I sort of follow Legion's strategy and vote against incumbents or for one of the least likely candidates.
Permalink McCain's Tumor 
October 11th, 2018 4:54am
I really like it. Can all CoT members live in the same town? That way we can pick each other in turn to run. Remember to pick me. I'll make a fine candidate. I'll fix the problems instead of talking about it forever.
Permalink DrPepper 
October 11th, 2018 7:58am

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