RIP Philo

Stock market dropped 820 points. How are you guys doing?

I'm doing just fine. ;-)
Permalink Dr. Pepper 
October 10th, 2018 3:04pm
I'm still WAY up from 2016. I don't really get concerned about various glitch days. Also, October is FAMOUSLY the shit month for the market nearly every damn year, back at least to 1870.
Permalink McCain's Tumor 
October 10th, 2018 3:32pm
Huh? You have any proof of that. I have heard "Sell in May and go away". What's up with October?
Permalink Dr. Pepper 
October 10th, 2018 3:47pm

OK...Sep sucks too?
Permalink Dr. Pepper 
October 10th, 2018 3:49pm
Basically, every month sucks except for December. December is dressing window month. Fund managers must buy to make it looks good for his fee and bonus.
Permalink Dr. Pepper 
October 10th, 2018 3:50pm
Hmmm, imagine if we have to judge software developers by the month...what month would it be to say RC doesn't perform?
Permalink Dr. Pepper 
October 10th, 2018 3:51pm
Well, it's October, and it's been 12 years since the last one...

I've had about 20% of my money in cash for a while, looking for a buying opportunity.  It may be coming up.
Permalink xampl9 
October 10th, 2018 8:58pm
People born in the late 90's that only started investing during the post-2007 boom are freaking out. They've never seen a drop like this.

What part of "returns are not guaranteed" did you not understand?
Permalink Send private email xampl9 (Moto phone) 
October 11th, 2018 8:36am
"Returns are not guaranteed" says NOTHING about "and you can lose the principle, too."

That's what it doesn't say, Charlie Brown.
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
October 15th, 2018 7:54am

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