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Kavanaugh should be investigated for false statements too!

> Things got even stranger during that hour-long Tuesday interrogation as investigators moved on from Avenatti to asking Kavanaugh about “an anonymous letter about an anonymous person and an anonymous friend” presenting allegations Kavanaugh had once pushed a woman up against a wall. And he was also asked about the man from Rhode Island who had called Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to claim Kavanaugh and Mark Judge had raped a friend of his on a boat in Newport harbor in August 1985. The man bragged to Senate staff that he had given the miscreants both a proper thumping for their crime. Kavanaugh denied all, and the investigators didn’t press the matter as they were already convinced the accusation was pure bunk. It turned out the accuser also regularly tweeted calls for a military coup to overthrow Donald Trump. (Since then, the Rhode Island man has recanted his story completely. Senator Chuck Grassley has referred the matter to the Justice Department, asking for the man to be prosecuted for making false statements to Senate investigators.)
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October 7th, 2018 1:46pm

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