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Interpol chief vanishes on trip to China

"France has opened an investigation into the disappearance of Meng Hongwei, the Chinese head of the international police agency Interpol.

His family have not heard from him since he left Interpol HQ in the French city of Lyon for a trip back to China a week ago, police sources say.

The South China Morning Post quoted a source as saying Mr Meng, 64, was "taken away" for questioning in China.

The Hong Kong-based newspaper added that it was not clear why he was being investigated by "discipline authorities" or where he was being held."

What could make the Chinese authorities want to jail Hongwei who is a senior Communist Party official and has served as Chinese vice-minister of public security?
Permalink Random Lurker 
October 5th, 2018 10:07am
He's obviously a double agent.
Permalink McCain's Tumor 
October 5th, 2018 12:19pm
Internal power play by the CP leadership.
Permalink xampl9 
October 5th, 2018 6:31pm
It seems that he's been arrested in China and that he's being investigated for corruption:
Permalink Random Lurker 
October 9th, 2018 11:55am

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