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modern teachers

I don't get her thinking.

This woman is married and has kids and she's a school teacher.

She has a birthday party for herself and arranges to have it at the home of her 14 yr old student, with his family, her husband, and her kids, in attendance.

The party goes on so late that the husband and all her kids retire to a room and fall asleep while teacher mom parties on.

She then uses WhatsApp to message the 14 yr old and tell him to come to the room her husband is sleeping in.

He doesn't want to but she pesters him and he eventually does.

She tells him, in the room, with her own husband and children asleep on the bed, that she wants to fuck his sweet sweet 14 yr old innocence.

He tells her, Ma'am, I don't want to do that.

She pesters him over and over.

Finally she jumps him, rubs all over, tugs his prick, and mounts him.

After the party she pesters him with sexy texts on his phone.

Later his parents notice "marks" on his body and ask him.

He confesses that the teacher raped him.

Every single person here is doing shit that is "WTF".

What is the deal with these people?
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September 10th, 2018 6:56pm

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