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China is sweating about tarrif on 500 billions from Prez Trump

"The Chinese government is inviting Wall Street's top bankers to a hastily arranged meeting in Beijing as President Donald Trump threatens to impose punitive tariffs on all Chinese exports to the US.

According to three people briefed on the initiative, Chinese Communist party officials have invited the heads of America's leading financial institutions to attend a "China-US Financial Roundtable" in Beijing on September 16, followed by a meeting with Wang Qishan, vice-president of China."
Permalink DrPepper 
September 9th, 2018 1:57pm
All your gold belong to us!
Permalink Goldberg 
September 9th, 2018 4:37pm
Trump is great. He's got China where he wants them. Ameriikkka will win.
Permalink Bored Bystander 
September 9th, 2018 4:59pm
We've known the criminal bankers were controlling politics behind the scene for centuries.

Will be interesting to see it in the open now.

Bankers openly and brazenly violating the Logan Act as they negotiate directly with the leader of China about his requirements for them to undermine the democratically elected President of the USA.


Arrest them when they return, seize their passports, charge them with treason, sedition, and violating the Logan Act.

I greatly look forward to it.
Permalink McCain's Tumor 
September 9th, 2018 7:00pm
We got a deal!
Permalink Ruseman 
September 9th, 2018 7:21pm
I agree. Round up all the Wall Street bankers and arrest them. I'll give you the list of name. All your gold still belong to us.
Permalink Goldberg 
September 9th, 2018 7:23pm
Permalink Head's Up! 
September 9th, 2018 9:08pm
China is open for business, provided that: you give us your IP, don't own any land or buildings, own less than 50% of your local operations, limit the amount of money you convert in to US$ to what we allow you to convert, only remit a small percent of your profits back to America, pay your Chinese employees through our government employment office (so we can take a slice off the top), and... oh well, you get the idea.
Permalink DrPepper 
September 10th, 2018 9:29am

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