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Obama attacked Trump.

'How hard is it to say Nazis are bad?' Obama finally breaks his silence with excoriating – and hilarious – attack on 'bully' Trump who 'cozies up to Russia' – and even the unelected insiders who are trying to sabotage the regime.

    Former President Barack Obama went after President Trump as a 'symptom' of social dysfunction
    He denounced Trump's foreign policy, attacks on the press, and efforts to pressure the attorney general
    He said his successor has been 'capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years' and said: 'We can't put up walls around America'
    'How hard can that be, saying that Nazis are bad?'
    Obama made the comments in a speech while accepting an ethics award in home-state Illinois
    He returned to the political stage as Democrats hope to rip Congress from GOP hands
    He has faced pleas from Democrats to reenter the political fray but rejected then until now
    Called for 'old fashioned' ideas like forcing candidates to release their tax returns
    As he spoke President Trump called for the attorney general to investigate who leaked an anonymous op-ed to the New York Times
    Trump said afterward the speech made him 'fall asleep'


Hey Obama! The white men contributed a lot to our civilization. You are half white but you hate the white people. Tell me about black people contribution to civilization. Facts are facts and you can't dispute that.
Permalink DrPepper 
September 7th, 2018 3:04pm
So if you're not a Nazi, then you hate white people?  That's a bit of stretch...
Permalink Send private email Almost Anonymous 
September 7th, 2018 3:18pm
Buck Ofama
Permalink Ruseman 
September 7th, 2018 3:21pm
How can this be a Nazi board? I'm Asian by birth.
Permalink DrPepper 
September 7th, 2018 3:40pm
If White men invented stuff, give them credit.
If Asian men invented stuff, give them credit.
If Black men invented stuff, give them credit.

Otherwise, give them nothing! What isn't fair about that?
Permalink DrPepper 
September 7th, 2018 3:46pm
Former President Obama jumped into the political fray on Friday, lashing out at Donald Trump by name in what appears to be his first crack at energizing Democrats for midterms.

Trump says he fell asleep.

"I'm sorry. I watched it, but I fell asleep. I found he's very good — very good for sleeping," the President said during a Fargo, ND fundraiser.
Permalink DrPepper 
September 7th, 2018 4:16pm
A user comment:

sorry, obama you had your "hope and change" moment and you fucked it up totally.

you doubled the national debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion, jacked up taxes via obamacare, oversaw the indoctrination of cultural marxism throughout the education system to create an entire generation of go nowhere do nothing snowflakes, sponsored an opiod epidemic and runaway healthcare costs, allowed millions of illegal immigrants into the US, created sanctuary cities for criminal gangs, and oversaw trade deficits of 5 trillion bucks because of shit trade deals.

in short, you buried the democrat party for decades and denied democrats any possibility of transacting sensible policies and forming a government.

clinton was the logical extension of your ineptitude and she was easily spotted as a complete head fake, after her own personal wealth enhancement.

you are a disgrace to just about any human endeavour that can be imagined.
Permalink DrPepper 
September 7th, 2018 4:24pm
Another user comment:

You had eight years, motherfucker. Eight years from January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017 to do something for the American people during the worst recession since the Great Depression. You did nothing. Not one fucking thing to help the average American.

Just left us twisting in the wind while living the good life on your multi-million dollar Hawaii golfing vacations.

You added $9T to the already outrageous $10T debt little boy George left us with and continued his wars when you said you wouldn't.

On top of that, after 8 years of a negro president race relations are the worst they have been since the 1960's. You were a complete fucking failure in even doing anything for your own goddamn people.

You, sir, are a complete piece of shit right up there with GW.

Fuck you. Fuck your Hope. Fuck your Change.
Permalink DrPepper 
September 7th, 2018 4:25pm
All these user comments seem to use the same "script"...
Permalink Almost Anonymous 
September 7th, 2018 7:24pm
Cocoa dev is a moron.
Permalink Kamala Waheeda 
September 9th, 2018 3:25am

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