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Everybody suddenly thinks Facebook and Twitter have property rights as private business owners to ban conservative viewpoints.

Don't both of these run on government designed and established net infrastructure?

What do you think about newspapers and TV stations saying they won't accept Republican ads, only Democrat ones, and they'll even give ad time and shows for free to Democrats. Do you support the right of private businesses like CBS and Disney networks to do this?
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August 8th, 2018 7:28pm
>Do you support the right of private businesses like CBS and Disney networks to do this?

Actually, with the Citizens United ruling, they actually are allowed to do this.

The main problem is that the Internet facilitates the spread of non-approved ideas.  The "wrong person" won the last election, so something must be done about it.  Donald Trump isn't that dangerous (despite how the media portrays him), but the next non-approved winning candidate might be.
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August 8th, 2018 9:18pm
What FSK said.  The issue is that these social media platforms have become an outlet for "groupthink".  Say the wrong thing, and you will get hounded by the rabid masses for daring to share an opinion they disagree with (such as supporting Trump, or thinking that fat acceptance is stupid, or not thinking there are 50 million genders, or that movies don't have to add diversity just to have less white men in them).  That's the problem.  Even before Trump won, there were movements to push people who disagreed out and in many cases ruin their lives over something innocuous like saying they were a Republican or didn't like how SJW-y video games and movies and comic books were going.  That apparently is a reason to hound somebody and get them fired, or physically assault them for "being a Nazi"
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August 9th, 2018 6:30am
Net neutrality got shot down because of the property rights of ISPs. Banning unpopular vies is a feature of eliminating net neutrality and the fairness doctrine - not a bug.
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August 9th, 2018 9:10am
Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!


has replaced Russia?
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August 9th, 2018 11:54am

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