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Will there be a backlash? If so, when?

So the current Leftist/AntiFa/SJW belief is that everyone who disagrees with them is an ultra-violent Nazi.

But the reality is that virtually all the violence is being perpetrated by the left.

Their violence is getting progressively greater and more widespread.

Backlash coming?
Permalink Pregnant Duck 
August 8th, 2018 2:49pm
No, Pregnant Duck is not telling the truth.
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
August 8th, 2018 4:02pm
Yes, they are. Someone who disagrees with you is not a "Nazi"
Permalink Ruseman 
August 8th, 2018 4:29pm
I didn't call him a "nazi", what are you on about?
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
August 8th, 2018 4:55pm
What violence by leftists?
Permalink Pie or cake? 
August 8th, 2018 6:26pm
The counter-protesters at the extreme-right rallies tend to get violent.  Antifa and friends.

What happened is that the counter-protesters used to be nonviolent.  Then one of them said "This is lame" and started a fight.  The police didn't arrest him.  That set a precedent that it was OK for people on the left to get violent at extreme-right rallies.
Permalink Send private email FSK 
August 8th, 2018 6:51pm
And now that things are escalating too much, the police are starting to realize "Maybe we should be arresting both people on the left and right who start fights."  Saying it's open season at these rallies was a bad idea.
Permalink Send private email FSK 
August 8th, 2018 6:53pm
Speaking of setting a precedent, today that Ethics Professor who attempted to murder Trump supporters by assaulting them in the head with bike locks was given 3 years probation, conviction on a Class C misdemeanor and no fine.
Permalink RC 
August 8th, 2018 7:02pm
The victim could have sustained serious head injuries.
Permalink Tinfoil Hat 
August 9th, 2018 11:52am

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