RIP Philo

Nikolai Ustinov

Was an idiot.

Should have concealed the sting till he got out and was in control if not in saving his own life, at least ending it.

Permalink Io 
August 7th, 2018 6:45pm
a/at least ending it/at least IN ending it.
Permalink Io 
August 7th, 2018 6:46pm
Given the Californian VC + Romanian SciFi experience, I can tell you this is happening.

They're not censoring me just so others thinking like me can be caught.

Fuck you!@
Permalink Io 
August 7th, 2018 6:57pm
By the way, that sting is generically called "life".
Permalink Io 
August 7th, 2018 6:59pm

I'm having Kentucky bourbon. And you, Romanian?
Permalink Boredbot 
August 7th, 2018 9:00pm
Just a couple of beers :)

Tomorrow's "summer party" with the company and I'm making sure I won't be tempted to "indulge" myself there. That's one thing posting crazy stupid shit here and a whole different story with the work colleagues, they might get the wrong idea :D
Permalink Io 
August 8th, 2018 12:18am

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