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Global Trump Approval Rating at 100%

Turns out all the Trump haters were actually Reptilian Shapeshifters.

After removing the "nonhuman entities" from the polls, Trumps approval went to 100%.

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June 12th, 2018 7:22am
Libtard take

It sure looks as if President Trump was hoodwinked in Singapore.

Trump made a huge concession — the suspension of military exercises with South Korea. That’s on top of the broader concession of the summit meeting itself, security guarantees he gave North Korea and the legitimacy that the summit provides his counterpart, Kim Jong-un.

Within North Korea, the “very special bond” that Trump claimed to have formed with Kim will be portrayed this way: Kim forced the American president, through his nuclear and missile tests, to accept North Korea as a nuclear equal, to provide security guarantees to North Korea, and to cancel war games with South Korea that the North has protested for decades.

In exchange for these concessions, Trump seems to have won astonishingly little. In a joint statement, Kim merely “reaffirmed” the same commitment to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula that North Korea has repeatedly made since 1992.
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June 12th, 2018 7:36am
Pompeo will sort this out. No problem

The most remarkable aspect of the joint statement was what it didn’t contain. There was nothing about North Korea freezing plutonium and uranium programs, nothing about destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles, nothing about allowing inspectors to return to nuclear sites, nothing about North Korea making a full declaration of its nuclear program, nothing about a timetable, nothing about verification, not even any clear pledge to permanently halt testing of nuclear weapons or long-range missiles.

Kim seems to have completely out-negotiated Trump, and it’s scary that Trump doesn’t seem to realize this. For now Trump has much less to show than past negotiators who hammered out deals with North Korea like the 1994 Agreed Framework, which completely froze the country’s plutonium program with a rigorous monitoring system.
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June 12th, 2018 7:38am
Exactly, that is great material. Very entertaining. Very entertaining.

It was fun to watch the media dumbfounded and at loss for words for a whole 30 minutes after the press conference until they got the calls on their Soros phones telling them how to spin this as bad.
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June 12th, 2018 8:54am
Actual news headlines right now:

Vice: Trump and Kim sign a “comprehensive” agreement of no real substance

The Hill: Trump: I told Kim he could have 'the best hotels in the world'

The Hill: Ex-GOP lawmaker: No president has ever praised a dictator the way Trump has with Kim

The Hill: Fox News analyst: ‘Disconcerting’ to see Trump say he’s honored to shake hands with Kim Jong Un

The Hill: Erick Erickson: Obama would have been impeached for Kim summit

The Independent: Trump announces US will stop 'provocative' war games with South Korea in major concession to Kim Jong-un

Business Insider: China knew about Trump stopping war games before the US military or South Korea did

Business Insider: Trump toes Kim Jong Un's line in a bizarre press conference on no sleep after the summit

NYT: Trump Was Outfoxed in Singapore

NYT: Why We Are So Vulnerable to Charlatans Like Trump

WaPo: Trump's affinity for dictators over democrats

NBC News: Senate blocks ZTE deal in rebuke of Trump deal

Slate: Trump Gives Kim Major Concession at Summit and Got a Photo-Op in Return

The Daily Beast: Trump’s Singapore Summit Was a Bust—for the U.S.
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June 12th, 2018 10:20am
Trump has past experience of negotiating with S.E. Asian countries, he understands the importance of 'saving face'.

Kim had to be seen by his own people to be getting concessions, otherwise the risk of a military coup is high.

Likewise the importance of honour and respect.

Trump has been very careful to show Kim the respect due to the leader of a country, why not? it doesn't cost him anything.

Kim was educated in Switzerland, he knows the benefits of capitalism, he just has to manage it without getting assassinated by his own generals.

Those reporters on the WaPo who 'broke' the ridiculous story that Kim couldn't afford a hotel in Singapore need to be dragged out, put against a wall, and shot. Stupid fucks.
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June 12th, 2018 10:29am
It is absolutely a good thing to stop the war games. There is literally no down side to that.
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June 12th, 2018 10:55am
On the hotel thing, it was very smart diplomacy to put an end to the MSM attempted derailment by having Singapore host the full costs of the meeting for BOTH sides. And a reasonable expense for them given they are within nuclear strike distance, and fall out region as well.

CNN's Jim Acosta was caught on an open mike that was left running before the meeting. He was ebulliently bragging to another journalist that he he was going to derail the talks by shouting certain comments. He later shouted some dumbass things, including during the signing ceremony outside the Q&A period. Acosta is a complete traitor and warmonger.
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June 12th, 2018 10:58am
Thank you for the list of Sorostan publications, some of which we knew but others were less obviously so.

Yes, "face" is an important factor, always overlooked in
Western coverage. You can't just rock up and hammer out a contract, Asians simply do not work that way. You have to develop a relationship with them first, and mutual trust.

It certainly possible that Trump has been played. But I like to give people (in this case Kim) the benefit of the doubt until they give actual signs of being unworthy. Kim Jong Il I would not have trusted because he had form for playing silly buggars. Kim Jong Un has not broken any agreements yet so let's see whether he keeps this one or breaks it. He has only committed to working towards complete denuclearisation, not to completing denuclearisation, so let's see if he actually does work towards it. I agree that Trump is smart to give Kim a little room to show his people and generals that he can "handle" the "mighty US".
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June 12th, 2018 4:24pm
Oh, and I'd like to know whether the one-on-one was Trump's idea. I have the impression it was.

Some of Trump's men were apoplectic (national security goddammit!) but if he was doing it for reasons of face and relationships then good on him.
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June 12th, 2018 4:27pm
One reason Trump is hated by the establishment is that he cuts them out, endangering their gravy trains and general control of the universe. He says I don't need a staff of diplomats to negotiate with Kim's staff of diplomats, I'll talk to him myself. And I don't need no chaperones in a "one-on-one" to protect me or US interests either, I'm a big boy and can handle an actual one-on-one. Plenty of POTUSes have done it before.

Time will tell. But you can see the theme running through all this.
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June 12th, 2018 4:33pm
Which is not say he had no staff at all. Two sets of officials were negotiating leading up to the summit.
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June 12th, 2018 4:40pm
Rodman, Moon and Trump all made this happen. Remove any of them and it doesn't happen. And all very different people. If they were the same they wouldn't be bringing a missing piece to the table.

The propaganda film was the greatest propaganda film of all time. It had immense tuning to both Kim's predilections and also to Korean culture and asian thought, but in a veneer of something western. The film was very considerate, showed only positive things about Kim, had special effects to show a legitimately possible future... I could go on, but in the future books will be written about the film.

The film also was to appeal to the generals and advisors in NK who may not want peace, to show them what the future could hold.

Also there's the fear of being deemed a despot or war criminal rather than hero. This pushed the hero angle clearly and hopefully we will continue with that. There will be no peace if we insist on punishment for any of them, like Clinton/Obama did with Qaddafi, which was one of the worst diplomatic fuck ups in history, if not the worst, and completely toxic to all future negotiations with everyone if not overturned through precedent with a new leader.

Although I call it propaganda, which it is, it is also truth. NK really can join the world and have all that. Koreans are insanely smart and there's no genetic difference between north and south. When the NK situation is resolved, NK people really will step up and be as successful as SK is, just as we saw with E-W reunification in Germany.
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June 12th, 2018 4:47pm
MSM about 10 minutes after was reporting "US military had no idea war games were to be ended."

Yeah dumbshits, what else would you expect. They not only agreed to that this morning, they agreed to it AFTER they decided on the four terms in the memorandum they signed. Why the fuck would Trump tell the military he was conceding to stop war games BEFORE giving that up as part of their talks to show his good will? Stupid stupid fucking media nitwits...
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June 12th, 2018 4:51pm

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