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NK summit

> But on Sunday, Mr. Trump arrived just after 8:20 p.m. local time at Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore aboard Air Force One, a few hours after Mr. Kim landed at Changi Airport on a commercial Air China plane.

> Mr. Trump, who has declared that he did not  need to prepare for the two-day meeting, will pit his negotiating skills against the leader of one of the world’s most isolated countries.

> According to Singapore’s Ministry of Communications, about 2,500 journalists have registered to cover the meeting.

> Ruairi Gogan, an American who has lived in Singapore for 20 years, began tracking Mr. Kim’s flight on on Saturday.
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June 10th, 2018 12:25pm
> The Chinese have used everything from bugged hotel keys to “friendship” pins to spy on Americans — and they’re getting better at it all the time.
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June 10th, 2018 5:37pm
Their spying is totally useless because Trump has no secrets. No secrets is the perfect strategy for an environment of endemic spying.

The article you cite mentions Obama couldn't have a decent phone because of security. Trump rejected all this and uses an off the shelf, and presumably totally compromised, phone. And that's OK because nothing he does with that phone isn't being instantly broadcast to the entire world by him personally.

They are also mocking his "I don't need to prepare". That is a brilliant strategy though. There can't be any leaks or compromised security when he has absolutely no plan that he's discussed with anyone. He's going into this and is going to ad hoc his way through cos that's how he rides.
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June 10th, 2018 6:38pm

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