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Last Jedi’s real score on Rotten Tomatoes is 24%

Turns out they ignore ratings below one star.

Zeroes and halves are excluded because reasons.

Funnily enough they do not exclude scores above four stars.
Permalink Scott Adams 
June 9th, 2018 3:27pm
91% from the critics 
46% from the audiences

I'm going with the audience score on this one.  It wasn't bad enough to walk out, like I did with Ghost in the Shell, but you could tell they made it purely to suck at the Star Wars teat.
Permalink xampl9 
June 9th, 2018 3:41pm
>46% from the audiences

No, that's the headline distorted figure.

The true audience figure is 24%.
Permalink DataBot 
June 10th, 2018 12:44am
Is the audience figure actual audience polls of people coming out of theaters, or is it self reports of web site users, which can be gamed and is totally unreliable?
Permalink Reality Check 
June 10th, 2018 4:32am
>self reports of web site users, which can be gamed and is totally unreliable?

Yes it can be gamed.

But people giving a film 100% are just as much gaming the system as those that give it 0%.

Why would anybody give Last Jedi a score of 100%?

Rotten Tomatoes specifically:
  EXCLUDE very LOW scores
  INCLUDE very HIGH scores

This is a recipe for killing your credibility once the word gets out.
Permalink Grumpy Old Git 
June 10th, 2018 9:35am
Hm. OK, how I see it is that if this is self reported internet poll data, it has zero credibility to begin with.

So you're saying they lowered their credibility, but all they did is apply a transform to numbers with no credibility to begin with. So you do some function on NaN and whoa, NaN comes out the other end. Well of course it does. But is NaN < NaN - did the credibility go down? NaN < NaN returns NaN as well. It's exceptions all the way down!

Debating how credible internet polls are is like trying to figure out what percentage of unicorns are pink. The answer is that since unicorns don't actually exist, the question makes no sense.
Permalink Reality Check 
June 10th, 2018 10:21am
Rotten Tomatoes can put random numbers in there, or apply a random number to the critic score and it'll have the same validity as a completely raw unchanged "audience rating" from internet visitors.
Permalink Reality Check 
June 10th, 2018 10:22am
>zero credibility

Simply not true.

There is credibility in sheer numbers.

Most people can't be bothered to spoof their IP addresses over something an unimportant as a film rating.

If you do an advanced search on imdb for films in 2017 sorted by rating you'll see all kinds of crap with really high ratings.

Now filter on films with more than 10,000 votes and the list has credibility.
Permalink Grumpy Old Git 
June 10th, 2018 10:32am

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