RIP Philo

Corn bread sculptures

Ignore the text, just look at the pictures:
Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 8:29am
Those are a-maize-ing!


But I bet her kids are getting really fed up of having to eat that stuff all the time.
Permalink Grumpy Old Git 
May 15th, 2018 8:37am
There's no business like show business, and there's no bread like corn bread.
Permalink Vinny Arroyo 
May 15th, 2018 1:02pm
Fuck it, there's no way to say foul from fool or corn from bread unless you've lived in the area AS A PEASANT and...

ATE one of those sculptures. They're very beautiful but don't substitute hunger.

Especially, the tube bath. I started eating those piece of arts some 35 years ago at least.
Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 1:34pm
(The tube bath is the precursor to the Last Supper, by the way).

And if you go past that (fasting that is), then all Hell (as in forms of vegetables tempting you before the real untying) breaks loose (drooling).
Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 1:37pm
By the way, this site mush have a lot of lurkers since they've crashed the guy's home domain:

Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 1:43pm
Balkan Utopia is primarily a site about food.

I'm fairly patriotic and liked his post about the Delta of Danube, also knowing from close encounters that THEY DON'T EAT WHAT THEY SERVE YOU. Except on occasion, of course.

Think you've got the greatest fish stew in the world. If I didn't see these people with my own eyes eating salami with tomatoes in the backyard, I wouldn't trust them to be authentic.

But they are. And when they prepare that food (which you fucking need to rotate, you can't eat that all round the time), it tastes divine.

Like corn bread, prepared for when you're craving it.
Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 1:48pm
Hook up another donkey to the treadmill! Tekir is tired and the voltage has dropped.

Do we need a social media charity campaign to buy him another donkey? Let me know!
Permalink Reality Check 
May 15th, 2018 1:50pm
Not sure what you're saying. Wanna taste cheese with that milk? There's no need for a donkey, there are like countless goats who do that.

Good looking, Hungarian goats. If you meet them once you may be mistaking them for Romanian, who are another dimension (not to be ignored) in themselves.

But it's just corn bread.
Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 2:01pm
> Not sure what you're saying.

i'myay ayingsay atthay ethay easonray ishay internetyay entway ownday isyay atthay ethay onkeyday onnectedcay otay ethay eneratorgay atthay owerspay ishay erversay asway iredtay.
Permalink Reality Check 
May 15th, 2018 2:46pm
Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 3:02pm
Corn bread for the win.
Permalink Io 
May 15th, 2018 3:02pm

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