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"Designated Survivor" tv series

Even though it's written and produced for normies, this show isn't half bad as a sort of through-the-looking glass view of the Trump presidency and partisan politics.

- The president has no significant political experience.

- There was a Trump like alt-right villain.

- Kirkman has had his own Mueller like criminal investigation which is now promising to blow up in his face, his own North Korea like country which is making crazy demands of neighboring states, his own Syria/Iran counterparts in some nameless middle eastern country he attacks, etc.

- The press absolutely despises the president and reframes everything he says or does in a disparaging way.

Interesting twists on real life or past TV shows:

The old cocksucker of a backstabbing Machiavellian former president is a total Lyndon Johnson clone.

The president's teen son was a druggie and reminds me of Nick in "Fear the Walking Dead."

There is even a Jack Bauer type law enforcement agent who happens to be an Asian female former FBI agent.
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May 11th, 2018 6:57pm
Normies is a condescending pretentious word.
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May 11th, 2018 8:18pm
"Normie" is someone who is driven to accept the status quo.

Watches popular network and cable TV series and is entertained by them.

Reads or watches mainstream versions of events and accepts the conclusions of the reporters and will not venture farther to find out any alternative explanation.

...Which pretty much fits the description of someone who is entertained by an ABC drama series.

Why the hate? You guys are obsessed with the Nazi meme. If anyone has made CoT unusable it's your libtard brigading.
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May 11th, 2018 10:51pm
I watch this show too. It's not my favorite but it's ok. I think it's interesting how they de-politicalize stuff with a bunch of fake countries that are mostly based on some known one, but with some loopholes. Like the islamic persian gulf country around yemen the entire country which is covered with tall evergreens and it's snowing. Just in case you were getting any ideas about which one it was.
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May 11th, 2018 11:04pm
^ That's exactly what I meant. Designated Survivor is like a documentary of the Trump administration with the serial numbers and GPS locations filed off. The writing is extremely even handed while paying constant homage to real life. I think it's entertaining and watchable regardless whether you're a Pepe head or a Hillary lover.
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May 11th, 2018 11:09pm
Are you d2f, RC? I bet my man-meat will fit your butt-hole real good.
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May 12th, 2018 10:48pm

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