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Are you guys preparing for the future? I know, I know. Many of

I'll be 98 in 50 years if I last that long.
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April 11th, 2018 1:14pm
I love this comment:

What a great future.

People will bust their respective humps in school to get a good job when only a small fraction of them will achieve that goal.  Others will become idle.  The mentality will become why bother the machines are doing it all.  One day the machines will break down, or we will have a solar flare larger then expected and beyond our ability to withstand...and there will not be anyone who can fix the damage.  Back to the stone age.
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April 11th, 2018 1:18pm
And this comment:

Exactly. All those "great jobs" in the new Amazon distribution plants will go bye bye and the small number of elite folks at headquarters will get richer and richer. Of course if nobody has money to buy anything...
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April 11th, 2018 1:20pm
And this comment:

Found this story      This could apply to all industries.

Walter Reuther was being shown through the Ford Motor plant in Cleveland recently.  A company official proudly pointed to some new automatically controlled machines and asked Reuther: “How are you going to collect union dues from these guys?”  Reuther replied: “How are you going to get them to buy Fords?”

– Nov 1954 UAW-CIO conference report published in Jan. 1955
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April 11th, 2018 1:20pm
Be prepared for a resurgence in ludditism.
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April 11th, 2018 4:09pm
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April 12th, 2018 3:32am

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