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> In Dane County, Wis., where the unemployment rate was just 2 percent in November, demand for workers has grown so intense that manufacturers are taking their recruiting a step further: hiring inmates at full wages to work in factories even while they serve their prison sentences. These companies were not part of traditional work-release programs that are far less generous and rarely lead to jobs after release.

“When the unemployment rate is high, you can afford to not hire anyone who has a criminal record, you can afford to not hire someone who’s been out of work for two years,” said Lawrence H. Summers, the Harvard economist and former Treasury secretary. “When the unemployment rate is lower, employers will adapt to people rather than asking people to adapt to them.”
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January 13th, 2018 12:19pm
Re: The huge demand for workers
Only for people who are willing to accept low pay with shitty or no benefits.
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January 13th, 2018 1:47pm
Yeah just can't keep those positions that pay starvation wages filled. Need more prisoners and immigrants.
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January 13th, 2018 5:18pm

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