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Last week I had a conversation with coworkers about the flurry of sex abuse revelations hitting the entertainment industry, former Presidents, etc. People were speculating on whether normal flirting and dating stuff at clubs they'd done would come back to haunt them. I've never been a clubber, but in a previous job I had a female boss who would spank my ass when she had a chance and say stuff like "Go get em tiger" and wink at me. I was in my 20s then, and good looking and in good shape, and she was late 30s or early 40s. Married but childless. I felt uncomfortable a little but wasn't horribly bothered by it. We had an annual Christmas party that was held at a nice restaurant's private room. She'd been drinking and when I came back from the bathroom she was waiting for me in the hallway to the bathroom. She blocked my exit and get me against the wall and grabbed my crotch and said, "Have you got something there for me?" I laughed and said no, I had a girlfriend, sorry, and squirmed out from underneath her.

After that day she started giving me bad evaluations and I left.
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November 9th, 2017 7:46am
The Carey article though seems like BS. His argument is that he saw her wearing underwear when she was in a hotel during a time he was a bodyguard working for her. If you're a personal bodyguard in that context you're sometimes going to see the person in their underwear, without their makeup on, etc.
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November 9th, 2017 7:49am
I've heard a similar story from a software developer I worked with - he was crotch-grabbed by the mother of the CEO of a small trading firm he worked for.
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November 9th, 2017 3:08pm
>Last week I had a conversation with coworkers about the flurry of sex abuse revelations hitting the entertainment industry...

Two different circumstances. I heard about the so-called "Hollywood Casting Couch" when I was a young teenager and that was over 40 years ago. The only unique thing about that situation today is that people are openly speaking about the harassment/abuse that they received.

>I had a female boss who would spank my ass...

Never had a boss go that far, but I did work as waiter for about a year after graduating high school. The women that I worked with would pinch my butt when I was scooping out ice cream, ask me to strip for their friends bachelorette party, etc. I was a young horny male so of course I LOVED the attention that I was receiving from the opposite sex!
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November 9th, 2017 6:18pm
Yoda, I need that woman's email!
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November 10th, 2017 4:36pm

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