RIP Philo

COT members flock to shop on Etsy

As soon as I saw that photo I thought "That's obviously something from one of those masturbation trolls on reddit and not a product on etsy."

And the first sentence of the article confirmed it.

Redditors are always posting photos of their secret boxes full of semen, views of their room taken with a black light showing stains everywhere, etc. All those such threats get nominated to "best of reddit", get gilded, and get perpetually reposted.

Guys posting about all the places they dump their ejaculate is the hallmark of what reddit and its users are about.

Even if you go there to talk about the news or innocuous hobbies, their front page will still badger you with this other sort of news.

That place is an absolute disaster. The worst.
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November 9th, 2017 7:35am
If anyone is watching Last Man on Earth, this season started with the discovery of a man living alone on an island who was unaware there was an apocalypse. He had done two things in the last five years. Build a small lean-to hut. Make a sex doll out of coconuts. Obviously inspired by the reddit thread.
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November 9th, 2017 7:39am

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