Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

You don't need R to do machine learning. You can do it in


Permalink Done That 
October 10th, 2017 9:39am
That settles it
Permalink Nz 
October 10th, 2017 12:39pm
JavaScript can be surprisingly fast for that sort of stuff.
Permalink Yoda 
October 10th, 2017 4:50pm
I just rewrote some Python scripts in JavaScript, the speedup was quite noticeable.
Permalink libtard_uk 
October 11th, 2017 7:56am
The JavaScript interpreter does not, will not and can not exist which is able to keep up with the ability of the adware and spyware needs of the average web page.

Spyware expands to fill 200% of the computational capacity available to it. No company will stop adding spyware scripts until the web page fails to work for half their customers.
Permalink Reality Check 
October 11th, 2017 12:00pm

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