Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

personal request

The person you just talked to was my girlfriend's kid. They are at my house working on a project there. I am at work. Congrats, you scared the shit out of a little kid. What you did there is not cool at all, nor is it funny.

Also, the reason the "swatting" calls you made to the local sheriff's department didn't work is because he's a friend of mine and realized your call's claims were fake.
Permalink Pestular Croaker 
August 9th, 2017 1:27pm
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
August 9th, 2017 1:38pm
The worst part about this is, this being Idiot, who knows if this is legit or not.
Permalink Ruseman 
August 9th, 2017 3:00pm
I take RP words for it. You never know when you are stranded in TN and attacked by the head hunter natives. RP can be your life saver.
Permalink WorldRoverski 
August 9th, 2017 3:01pm
I am taking a guess that this is not a lie.

I am sorry.
Permalink Shylock's Phone 
August 9th, 2017 5:15pm
The thing about Idiot is there is always a germ of truth surrounded by layers of lies.

Is he a friend of the sheriff? I doubt it.
Permalink libtard_uk 
August 10th, 2017 3:31am
It's all lies. Idiot is a habitual liar, and almost everything he says is untrue.

He saw someone say that he was doxxed, not realizing that the only revealing information was that he's from a shithole State and likes to sockpuppet his own arguments with different nicks. He imagines some grand conspiracy and seeks sympathy for things that didn't happen.
Permalink Duxxed 
August 10th, 2017 11:26am

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