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Silicon Valley: A Brilliant Leftist Success Story

Here's an article that explains why there are so many libs in the tech industry (from the Capt Capitalism blog)


This post is not intended to be tongue and cheek.

It is not meant to be mocking and derisive as I normally am towards the left.

And there are no spoilers at the end of this post, where I pull the rug out from underneath them.

This post, in all sincerity, is a tipping of the hat, a golf clap, and admission to a genuine and brilliant achievement of the left that the right cannot hold a candle to.  It is to admit an amazing success of the left that I did not realize until just this past week.  And I would even say it raises the possibility that what the left aims to achieve is possible and feasible (though it means brainwashing entire generations and eliminating individuality, independent thought, and simple self respect).

And that achievement is Silicon Valley.

Hate California all you want.  And loathe the epicenter of smugness called San Francisco.  You cannot deny that Silicon Valley is one of the few remaining and modern day American success stories.  Admittedly the story dates back to the 1970's with the PC revolution, but today it is a reinvented success story with the internet and social media revolution.

Like the Bakken oilfield a young man (or woman) with the right skills can go out there and make six figures.  And also like the Bakken oilfield their skills WILL NOT go to waste as if it were some 1990's internship scam.  And furthermore, while not every social media platform is guaranteed to be profitable, let alone truly advance society, the titans that have come out of Silicon Valley thus far have drastically improved the quality of life, entertainment, and happiness of the world, not to mention (I theorize) kept US GDP positive since the housing collapse.

Silicon Valley, its leftist politics aside, has been a large net positive for the US and the world.

But one thing kept nagging me, as I'm sure it nagged you.

How can the people of Silicon Valley vote so left, so consistently, all the time?  Shouldn't they be conservative?  Or at least libertarian?  Why are they - be it the billionaire CEO on top, or the "lowly" entry level programmer making "only" $120,000 on the bottom - willingly voting away half their salaries, effectively enslaving themselves to people who just plain don't want to work?  Don't they know?  Don't they care?  Or do they know something we non-leftists don't?

The truth is none of the above.

What we're witnessing in Silicon Valley is not a lapse of judgement or faulty logic, nor is it a superior knowledge of socio-economics and politics us fly-over country plebs aren't hip to.  Quite simply, all the left has done was successfully brainwash two full generations in socialism.

And they have done so masterfully.

Like a nutmeg tree, the left has been patiently growing the Millennial and Gen X crop of leftists for the past 30 years.  They have done so through the soft underbelly of the United States, namely the public schools and academia, because the nuclear family and US military were too strong.  But slowly and surely, the seeds the left have sown in the 60's and 70's are paying off today.  And Silicon Valley is their pinnacle achievement.

Note that to be "old" in Silicon Valley is to be 35+.  Not 50.  Not 60.  That's the proto-crop of Baby Boomers who were experimental and inevitably went right when Reagan came into office.  But in perfecting their technique and having the Baby Boomers fully outsource the rearing of their own children to day care and the state schools, the left came to fully own the environment and primary media by which children were raised and educated.  This included reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also included subtle (and not so subtle) leftist bias, "the ozone layer," "the rain forests," "kids starving in Africa," which evolved today to things like "privilege," "31 flavors of gender," "sexism," "the pay gap," "global warming" and "your carbon footprint."  And if they weren't fully indoctrinated by then, college would cement their brainwashing, if not forcing it down students' throats as a prerequisite to graduate, graduate with honors, or mandatory pre-req classes.

The result (for at least the STEM graduates bound for Silicon Valley) were highly skilled children who were programmed to value the commune over the individual.  So not only would they produce a lot, but they'd be willing to vote themselves into slavery for half their working days.  You can see this in the charts again where more and more money Silicon money is donated to democrats as the millennials enter the work force (or Silicon Valley's millennials having orgasms OVER A VERITABLE SOCIALIST WHO WANTED TO TAX THEM AT 75%)  But what I find jaw-droppingly-amazing beyond that was how the left MASTERFULLY brainwashed these kids to think they're "independent minded" on top of it.  Like an auto-immune deficiency virus, this brilliant stroke of brainwashing ensured any attempts to instill GENUINE independent thought (heck, just a different thought) would be impossible since the host/slave themselves would not believe it possible they could be duped because "they're so smart and independent minded." 

The result is a drastic improvement over the Bolshevikian communism of the Soviet Union.  First, unlike Soviet communism, the left is at least smart enough not to ban private property and tax people at 100%.  It's kills people's incentive to work, it kills any desire to invest or innovate...and heck, it just kills people, so there's no wealth for the left to confiscate.  But if you can get the government to be an effective 40% shareholder in corporations, train students to be workaholics, but brainwash them to WILLINGLY fork over half their life's work, the amount of money, wealth, and income that can be transferred is unimaginable.  Second, if you substitute independent thought and a respect for the individual with leftist religious hokum, you can distract Jang or Steve, slaving away 80 hours a week in a cube and 20 hours a week in a commute in Silicon Valley, from just what veritable slaves they are.  Why he's not "supporting an illegal alien family of four."  He's "a good person because he's driving a Prius."  Why she's not "paying for he lazy sisters grant money to pursue a degree in Women's Studies."  She's "a good girl because she recycles."  And why he's not working weekends only to bail out student loans, single mothers, and bankster scum.  No, he's "a good man because he wore a pink pussy hat on his head."  I cannot emphasize this enough, the false leftist religions have completely supplanted economic production and agency in the minds of Silicon Valley slaves.  It means more to them to champion things like "diversity" and other politically correct pet leftist causes than think about the work life balance they have, not to mention the difference between gross and take home pay.

But even getting 400,000 of America's highest paid and hardest working workers to willingly prostrate themselves for the rest of the country to live off is not the final cherry on this brilliant leftist success.  That is what I like to call "The Safety Valve of Buyers Remorse."

Like miserable, ugly, spinster feminists who wasted their entire lives in feminism and women's studies, nobody in Silicon Valley is going to admit they were wrong about this fake religion that has stolen half their life's toil. It's too harsh a pill to swallow.  Even if, through some miracle, they would start to wake up and ACTUALLY EXERCISE INDEPENDENT THOUGHT, I doubt the human mind or their egos would let them admit they had effectively been slaves for half their lives to the leftist political and parasitic classes.  Furthermore, by the fact they're socialists they value their leftist religion/ideology more than they do their own labor and selves.  And since that false religion has served as the source of value, agency, meaning, and purpose in many of these kids' lives, taking that away would leave them with an unbearable nothing.  Sure, you'll get one or two genuinely independent minded rarities to acknowledge and endure this epiphany, but most will continue to lie to themselves and stay within the false religion.

Sadly, this is "The Safety Value of Buyers Remorse," and is what will forever keep Silicon Valley's most productive enslaved.  Just like a feminist won't admit she deep down inside wanted a husband, just like a career woman won't admit deep down inside she wanted children, too much has been invested in terms of time, career, education, money, resources, thought, and youth for Silicon's best to admit they should've gone fishing instead.  Too much value and purpose has been placed on "going green" or virtue-signaling for whatever approved political cause the left told them to.  It would be admitting the best years of their lives were wasted and they were indeed duped by their leftist professors, teachers, and politicians.  And so on the leftist Silicon Valley Plantation they will stay working for their true masters.

So I do indeed tip my hat to the left.  Like corporate America, you managed to snag the top talent of two full generations AND got them to enslave themselves willingly AND you programmed into them a poison pill that will make them yours forever.  That is some wicked crazy amazing work and needs to be noted, highlighted, applauded, and jotted down in the history books.  You not only improved upon your original communist template, but proved with simple (though long term and consistent) brainwashing you can get entire generations of humans to vote against themselves, vote against the individual and work instead for the commune "greater good."

And for you hard working Silicon Valley slaves, enjoy the decline my friends.  Enjoy that freaking decline.
Permalink President of the Brice Fan Club 
March 17th, 2017 10:01am
BTW one of the mods have forbidden that a link to this guy's blog be posted, so no direct link.  Gotta love censorship!
Permalink President of the Brice Fan Club 
March 17th, 2017 10:03am
Interesting to note that TJ Miller, the guy who plays Erlich Bachman in the TV series "Silicon Valley" finds the Silicon Valley types to be more obnoxiously self righteous than the Hollywood crowd he mixes with. That's saying something.
Permalink Bluebeard 
March 17th, 2017 10:27am
Silicon Valley as a 'leftist success story' is a joke that nobody let you in on.

Silicon Valley developed to service the US defense spending on semiconductors (which are made from silicon).  It's arguably still propped up by the defense industry.

And in case you haven't noticed it's full of libertarians, too.
Permalink Wabi-sabi 
March 17th, 2017 11:32am
Funny how libertarianism and commmunism are two sides of the same coin. Both silly secular religions that fail spectacularly when applied to real life.
Permalink Shylock 
March 17th, 2017 11:57am
Quit stealing my lines, Shylock.

"Funny how libertarianism and commmunism are two sides of the same coin."

I said the same thing about the Democrats and Republicans.
Permalink President of the Brice Fan Club 
March 17th, 2017 12:31pm
> And in case you haven't noticed it's full of libertarians, too.

There are some, but they are out outnumbered by the liberals.
Permalink President of the Brice Fan Club 
March 17th, 2017 12:33pm
> "Funny how libertarianism and commmunism are two sides of the same coin."
> I said the same thing about the Democrats and Republicans.

Those are very different assertions.

Libertarianism and Communism are theoretical ideologies, while Democrats and Republicans are organisations of political power that are defined by their participants and their relation instead of theory.
Permalink Lotti Fuehrscheim 
March 17th, 2017 1:14pm
> There are some, but they are out outnumbered by the liberals.

Can you specify liberals?

Cannot libertarians also be liberals, or are they mutually exclusive?

In Europe we generally have to specify the kind of liberals.
Permalink Lotti Fuehrscheim 
March 17th, 2017 1:17pm
While the SV worker bees may be libertarian, a lot of the apps they are working on are producing modern slavery.
Permalink Sangamon 
March 17th, 2017 1:23pm
> Cannot libertarians also be liberals, or are they mutually exclusive?

Oh, let me put this into international terms for you.

They're mutually exclusive.

"Libertarians" think the free market will solve everything and there's no need for government at all aside from having police, and continue to believe this even after you point out the Tragedy of the Commons section in any Economics 101 text book.

"Liberals" when someone like ^Pres.*Brice.* uses it means everyone who is ideologically left of the far-right.
Permalink Wabi-sabi 
March 17th, 2017 6:48pm
> "Liberals" when someone like ^Pres.*Brice.* uses it means everyone who is ideologically left of the far-right.

That I understand already.

But I was hoping that President's use of language would not be normative, so I was interested what people would self identify as liberals, and how they would do that.

There are certainly Europeans with economic ideas that are very close to libertarianism that would at the same time self-identify as liberals.
Permalink Lotti Fuehrscheim 
March 17th, 2017 7:20pm

David Gelernter also says that leftist professors got hold of politics; he says that nowadays his students don't know much about arts/philosophy/history,

He is blaming the A)college education has become a requirement B) leftists got hold of college, they can dictate and have a wider range in society

commies then tried to get rid of religion so they got rid of arts/philosophy/history, get rid of judeo-christian thought because A)

younger generation got dumbed down and is marching in tune, like in Fahrenheit 451...
Permalink OyOyOy 
March 17th, 2017 11:04pm
"In the 1980s, he made seminal contributions to the field of parallel computation, specifically the tuple space coordination model, as embodied by the Linda programming system (named for Linda Lovelace, an actress in the porn movie Deep Throat, mocking Ada's tribute to Ada Lovelace)."

What a charming fellow.
Permalink GrumpyOldMan 
March 18th, 2017 11:57am

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