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fujitsu tablet battery dead

I want to trickle charge my tablet to see if that will revive its dead battery. Unfortunately my only cable with the right connector for the tablet has a moulded mains type plug/transformer on the other end.
I thought of cutting the cable in half and doing the same with a usb cable and joining the 2 with one of those block things. I cut open a usb cable to have a look though and it had several teensy wires with a metal sheath all around and i had no clue what was what.
Is there another simpler way apart from waiting ages for one in the post?
Also is it all likely to be a waste of time anyway?
Battery was fine and then just went from perfect to taking no charge right away. The tablet still works via the mains btw.
Permalink Wick 
February 16th, 2017 3:53pm
Sounds like a bad battery or possibly the charging circuit. 

I take it that this tablet has an internal battery that is not replaceable?  Even fixed batteries can normally be replaced.  You can find batteries either on eBay or on
amazon for your model.

Check YouTube for videos for the info on exactly how to replace the battery.  There should be something specific there on your tablet.
Permalink ps 
February 16th, 2017 6:03pm
Recharging Lithium-Ion batteries improperly can be a source of quite a violent fire.

Make videos.
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
February 17th, 2017 11:33am

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