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Change from gas stick shift to turbodiesel auto

Recently sold my beloved old Pajero (you call them Montero in US or Shogun in UK).

Twenty one years old, three hundred and fifty thousand KM and no trouble at all.

Replaced it with a newer vehicle of same model, but diesel with auto.

It feels like I have a leg and an arm missing, getting used to the auto, but the diesel power is awesome, just where you need it in the 100 to 120 km range. Sounds like a tractor though, and I find the smell of diesel nauseating.
Permalink Bluebeard 
February 16th, 2017 11:00am
I don't think we have that car in Canada. Oddly, not a lot of diesel cars sold here, either.
Permalink Kenny the Robot 
February 16th, 2017 11:20am
Here you'll struggle to find a petrol car in this vehicle segment. All diesel, all auto, it's taken over in the past ten years.

I don't mind the disappearance of petrol engines, but damn I want a manual option.
Permalink Bluebeard 
February 16th, 2017 11:30am
Yeah, I've been driving stick since '02.  I don't think I could go back to auto if I have a choice.
Permalink Kenny the Robot 
February 16th, 2017 12:02pm
Get yourself a Tesla and be approved by the greenies.
Permalink President of WildRiver fan club 
February 16th, 2017 12:45pm
No Teslas here, we're very low on the global totem pole as far as car markets are concerned.
Permalink Bluebeard 
February 16th, 2017 12:52pm
Is it a 4 cylinder? They always sound rough. Bigger engine + more cylinders seems to help - I've got a BMW 330d (2.9L straight 6) and it's a bit clattery when idling but doesn't sound too bad once it's going. Somebody on my street has a friend with a Range Rover TDV8 (4L V8?), and that sounds surprisingly similar to the petrol version.

Mine's a manual, since I generally prefer that (and it's old, and there were no good automatic gearbox options for it anyway). The acceleration in gear is quite satisfying, but it's not as quick as it feels and particularly below 40mph (it's a lot better past that) I get overtaken by little hatchbacks, transit vans, lorries carrying enormous skips full of metal, etc.
Permalink brone 
February 16th, 2017 1:56pm
Yeah it's a big four pot... 3.2 diesel. It's a notoriously noisy engine, but extremely reliable. Size wise, it's about the same as a Discovery.

I'm not used to the high compression of a diesel. When I start the car I can feel how the engine needs extra power to turn over, the old V6 petrol started in a split second.

Permalink Bluebeard 
February 16th, 2017 2:06pm

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