Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

After the district court paused the White House travel ban...

Hillary the hag twitted 3-0.
Kelly Ann returned with a twit: PA, OH, MI.

Permalink President of WildRiver fan club 
February 14th, 2017 3:54pm
These net feuds are entertaining to me.
Permalink Pegular Roaster 
February 14th, 2017 3:59pm
Kelly Ann is really funny. She reminds me of a chainsmoking aunt I have in the midwest who is opinionated, wears housedresses, is wrong about everything, and doesn't give a fuck what anybody things and doesn't have the slightest hesitation to tell them what she thinks of them.

Kelly's a genius coming up with everlasting eternal memes such as her "I don't care about your stupid proof, we have alternative facts." and "Bowling Green Massacre".
Permalink Pegular Roaster 
February 14th, 2017 4:01pm
The SNL skit of the witch was perfect.
Permalink booblicker 
February 14th, 2017 4:10pm
Conway = $10 two hours.
Permalink Oh yeah 
February 14th, 2017 10:48pm

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