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Cosmo Quiz: Find out if you're a Terrorist!

Actually it's a TOP SECRET (until year 2040) list of 48 questions the FBI uses to determine if you're a terrorist! Just disclosed by Glen Greenwald at the Intercept.


Things that make you a terrorist:

- you have ever traveled overseas
- you have access to guns
- you drink alcohol
- you have stopped drinking alcohol
- you converted to a religion
- you have suffered humiliation, real or imagined
- you have a military or law enforcement background
- you've ever experienced domestic abuse
- any of your friends have criminal records
- you believe in an ideology such as christianity whose holy writings espouse or condone violence
- you believe violence is sometimes justified
- you've made internet blogs, videos or notes containing ideological beliefs
- you read propaganda
- you use UP anonymizers
- you use encryption
- you use password protected websites
- you use email accounts with a false name
- absent from work or school without explanation
- not keeping doctor's appointments
- payments received from overseas
- seeking employment in an occupation with sensitive access
- have discussed ways of maintaining privacy on line
- have played military games such as paint ball, airsoft, laser tag, shooting target practice, and/or camping
- have a passport
- have applied for a passport
- reads information on how watchlisting works, such as by reading this post
Permalink Pegular Roaster 
February 13th, 2017 6:41pm

Btw, for anyone interested in the mechanisms of radicalisation, it's worth watching the excellent British comedy "Four lions".
Permalink Grumpy Old Man 
February 14th, 2017 7:43am

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