Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

December 31st, 2017
Snowden movie Reality Check (3 comments)
Node.js U (12)
HN: what did you do in 2017 zmnv,xcjkdferom (12)
Alexa, what should I wear today? xampl9 (3)
Good Programming Languages: Smalltalk, Eiffel, Visual Basic zmnv,xcjkdferom (20)
Happy new year to all CoT members LeMonDe (7)
Puerto Rico: pharma supply chain zmnv,xcjkdferom (5)
Devin Nunes biobot (5)
Be kind 2018  .. I'm looking at you Ruseman, you worthless POS asdfgg (2)
Smartphoneless for 3 weeks Wabi-sabi (18)
Dawn of Holland Lotti Fuehrscheim (29)
Top performers Io (10)
Dora Ratjen Q (1)
RIP - Philippe Rondot (caught Carlos the Jackal) The Grim Reaper (0)
No use for blockchain Yoda (26)
Tonight's the night Terrorist Watch (7)
Kerbal Space Program Wabi-sabi (4)
December 30th, 2017
Looks like summer 2006 was our best time B (2)
the rich are getting richer oir (27)
Life in the Big Co tech stack B (10)
There is still time to turn it all around! askjdfljkas (8)
Rumours of massive firings at DoJ and FBI Zaq (6)
Activist Erica Garner, 27, dies after heart attack afd (3)
Back home from my overseas holiday... Tristan (3)
stay just for a little while Uncle Bucket (7)
What Do Iran’s leaders fear? !!;7;7; (40)
Kansas swat:HN comments get what Legion does not oooooo (6)
Joining a successful business Wabi-sabi (114)
New golden age of redheads beating off elephants porn at hand Wabi-sabi (14)
Great background on Ny nj gateway tunnel politics NYC Idiot (4)
Yet another terrorism arrest in Sheffield Terrorist Watch (0)
RIP - Sue Grafton The Grim Reaper (4)
Nigerian prince is from Louisiana Plm (0)
Bitcoin heating Zaq (5)
December 29th, 2017
PC and parts sellers got to be loving cryptocurrency mining One Programmer's Opinion (4)
Another Kansas Police shooting afsd (8)
Over estimating presidential impact on the economy bbbbvvuiui (3)
Presidential Coin exonumian (7)
Trump interview Acid Wash Johnny (3)
Do you read a newpaper daily? nbvcbbbbvbvvvvvb (15)
Kansas police shooting B (21)
Sir Ringo! BeebBot (8)
inb4 realSockPuppetGuy links it Wabi-sabi (10)
Last Jedi [spoilers] xampl9 (19)
Windows Desktop Development Lotti Fuehrscheim (15)
People’s history of Tatooine cvvbhgvhhgg (2)
Do you guys play video games? ex gamer (13)
Last Jedi offends alt-right Wabi-sabi (16)
UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship Tom (29)
Shylock, why do you keep using the "N" word? President of the Brice Fan Club (2)
Apartment fire in New York BeebBot (19)
Berlin women to have 'safety zone' for New Year BeebBot (20)
Remember that anti-terrorist police raid in Sheffield? Terrorist Watch (1)
December 28th, 2017
Yo RC, what are your experiences in renting out trailers? President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Bitcoin doubt dvvbbvvcx (6)
Leaving CoT NPR (11)
Fuck the police - get out of the car mix Bob Baden (6)
This is fucked up cold! Shylock (28)
Trump conspiracy to deny press coverage Reality Check (1)
Hacking the new tax bill Shylock (6)
DNC hacked Trump campaign ,ndo (2)
Daft Punk a cappella NPR (1)
Wabi: budget update? X (6)
Sub zero temps and mother fuckers out shopping this morning ?? (2)
Does NPR have a mental illness? X (15)
Why are you so angry? [Ruseman, NPR, Idiot, etc] Simulacrum (43)
Terrorists are the new Swedish export Terrorist Watch (3)
Police! What police? Zaq (2)
Harry Truman’s record falls! Trump! GuvTrack (4)
Sore loser sues tablet trollop (6)
To the guy who wrote that the Earth is flat Professor Nugget (7)
December 27th, 2017
Being paid equity in a startup Wabi-sabi (25)
truth about the vegas shooting Reality Check (9)
Elizabeth Warren and the $5b slush fund Zaq (2)
Funny in an immature way Gayzalez Faggoat (13)
So I am off today and this is my on call week on call (34)
So. Who's working today? Wabi-sabi (21)
How can you short Bitcoin? NPR (7)
Jack Dorsey is selling shares in Square Zaperoony (0)
Rihanna's cousin shot dead BeebBot (2)
F150s beware - Tesla is coming, to eat your lunch Go Musk (16)
Taxes and beer - a parable Sarah Sanders (10)
UK Govt limits food to 1,600c for both genders Zaq (28)
8 hour flight to nowhere Terrorist Watch (5)
16% increase in knife crime in UK schools Terrorist Watch (1)
December 26th, 2017
Coming soon to a city near you Terrorist Watch (3)
Terror stampedes now common BeebBot (2)
Boys don't wear dresses BeebBot (13)
Apple using child slave labor to assemble iPhone X Reality Check (13)
How long till American football is gone? Legion (44)
Happy Boxing Day xampl9 (Moto phone) (6)
FBI Russia: brick wall Reality Check (13)
Bitcoin: Additional Suspicious Developments MobyDobie (1)
Trayvon Martin gun auction Yoda (11)
JavaScript frameworks for the confused... ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (9)
Wiki Article: Thank God for Mississippi Jenner (0)
sad christmas CoT Regular (7)
Vanilla JS vs Angular Pumpy (9)
Haven Reality Check (14)
Idiot woman smuggling drugs gets 3 years in prison BeebBot (38)
iPhoneX - nobody's buying it Zaperoony (7)
December 25th, 2017
Happy "December global festivities" day! Reality Check (1)
Trump's Christmas War with FBI Reality Check (2)
Bitcoin Crashing SaveTheHubble (28)
A different type of reverse engineering Shylock (26)
What are you drinking on Christmas day? NPR (6)
Something new in Bourbon Shylock (2)
Bitcoin cost my marriage MobyDobie (17)
peta post chicken eaters self rigthious vegon (0)
xmas lights part N Reality Check (5)
Trump signs EO to combat corruption and human rights abuse NPR (18)
Market price of erosion zxvnlookdedaa (2)
Happy Christmas Anonymous Pagan (12)
Moscow bus rammed into underpass, 5 dead Terrorist Watch (3)
Julian Assange deleted on Twitter? YouTubeBot (8)
How did Tunisian women endanger a UAE flight? BeebBot (3)
Pope compares migrants to Mary & Joseph BeebBot (3)
December 24th, 2017
Legion, should this guy be arrested? Ruseman (26)
US, Guatemala, Czech Republic Reality Check (19)
one of patio11's favorite pieces of advice: send more email asdfas (8)
Trump vs FBI, this weekend only! Reality Check (6)
Pentagon official says aliens visit earth. Your take? Reality Check (6)
coo-coo-cuck-chew Reality Check (3)
Trump states & Obamacare bbnnbjm (9)
Japan prepares for war with North Korea cbbvv (3)
the curious case of the two freezers Reality Check (71)
Which is thicker? xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
why does Kim Kardashian think more clearly than COT? afjeoasd (3)
shit comments on HN HN reporter (2)
No, Wabi hasn't nuked any of my threads RECENTLY mup (16)
More on “independent” Texans X (1)
Old Scottish life Io (3)
TX cops shoot, kill 6 yr old boy Reality Check (21)
December 23rd, 2017
TV at restaurant CONT'D Wabi-sabi (10)
gang rape epidemic in Sweden Reality Check (2)
proposal: ban new user names Reality Check (16)
Bingo guy's $10k+/week consulting article on HN Jenner (2)
You won't lose weight eating that! Legion (1)
Trump SOHO hrjfnfj (4)
RIP - Bruce McCandless The Grim Reaper (2)
Tiananmen Square 1989 death toll was at least 10,000 according t asdf (5)
How to kill your car battery Wabi-sabi (57)
Bernie Tax Plan Nadvggyhgl (5)
Declaring Obamacare victory Nadvggyhgl (1)
Yo Wabi!  Why don't you stop deleting mup's posts? President of the Brice Fan Club (8)
Patio 11 Ladvggyhgn (15)
RIP - Aardvark The Grim Reaper (2)
totally bonkers Reality Check (1)
SpaceX - Iridium 4 Go Musk (2)
Hah, it's about time Trog (4)
Impeccable Irish logic trollop (5)
December 22nd, 2017
How to keep stupid CoT people busy Wabi-sabi (4)
You’re glad it exists ... why not name it? ggghhj (17)
xmas lights pt 2 Reality Check (17)
How the fuck do you accidentally watch TV? ggghhj (9)
strategic pivot Reality Check (1)
Honestly CoT people ggghhj (4)
Net neutrality hits Ruseman where is counts ggghhj (3)
Is Cary ggghhj (1)
Drug talk ggghhj (0)
Racism?? ggghhj (14)
TVs in restaurants Reality Check (11)
Fake newsmaker from Groningen trollop (1)
Sidebar today? Bored Bystander (2)
Merry Xmas Prez Trump! Thank you, Sir. MAGA. Y (6)
CoT seems to be failing more often Vladimir Putin (4)
Trudeau is my pussy Aga Khan (3)
Interesting networking and comms tech BeebBot (1)
LMAO!  VP Pence kisses Trump's ass during a gathering! President of the Brice Fan Club (8)
Peace in the Middle East Vladimir Putin (3)
Radical tax reform idea Wabi-sabi (14)
American life expectancy down again Vladimir Putin (5)
Wave goodbye to you history Zaq (15)
I can see pigs flying outside my windows... Shylock (17)
20% surge in UK knife and gun crime Zaq (10)
Just finalized my bitcoin purchase! Simulacrum (24)
Santa's Husband Libtard (4)
man eat's cat, political wife makes slur Reality Check (6)
MBGA! Mogg for PM (1)
December 21st, 2017
Trump fan running for Congress Reality Check (10)
Tax popular cccggftttttttex (7)
bullshit "independent" texans with their fucking hands out for $ X (22)
media celebrates death of 3rd amtrak passenger Reality Check (7)
NYC crime asfdaazzzzz (0)
We still have these cheaters? AlFranken (0)
You guys are super fucking stupid! akjfsd (2)
Milkshake Duck WikiBot (8)
Stabbing in Skipton UK, man arrested BeebBot (0)
Yo old geezers. We don't want you. AlFranken (1)
Yo Shylock!  Would you vote for Eisenhower over Bernie? Ghost of WildRiver (18)
Apple admits to throttling old iPhones Plm (6)
And YET another bitcoin exchange loses everybody's money MobyDobie (21)
Yo!  What happened to TricksyWankerman? President of the Brice Fan Club (17)
Beware the psycho bitches from hell BeebBot (10)
What software do you all use to backup your computer? dude (32)
Staying away PPP (10)
Staying away PPP (1)
News suppression appropriate? Legion (6)
HN NYC kfdesddddcvn (4)
Mortality studies kfdesddddcvn (5)
Meanwhile, back in Sheffield, UK Court Reporter (0)
Melbourne - multiple injuries in car ramming incident BeebBot (56)
Arachnophobia Legion (12)
December 20th, 2017
tax bill rider Reality Check (8)
It has been a horrible year for Democrats and Liberals. Y (10)
Corker Typos zzzzzzzzfasds (0)
Waa waah waah, liberals are crying about Tax Bill. Y (4)
come eat with me Reality Check (3)
@#Omama's tax cut vs Trumps gobkavdfkaa (0)
chirp chirp chirp ASASA1 (0)
To anyone who is against tax reform... President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Reading for elitist snobs like Shylock NPR (60)
Bitcoin use in ecommerce MobyDobie (7)
My friend Bernie Sanders is off his rocker. AlFranken (6)
Second good effect with Tax Bill. AlFranken (2)
A job ad from linkedin el candidato (7)
WildRiver, did you hear about Kate Steinle? Reality Check (48)
Eminem is gay Reality Check (4)
Which of you fuckers ran PigPen and Hoyza from this forum? President of the Brice Fan Club (26)
Hubble said "A Breitbart report?  And you FELL for it?  sheesh." AlFranken (7)
Did Wabi run WildRiver off the forum? President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
Yeah, first effect of Tax Cut Bill! Whoa I'm so jealous. AlFranken (4)
For those of you flying this holiday xampl9 (0)
DJIA by prez Simulacrum (5)
Solution to Britain's problems Io (1)
More about Tax cut bill from Prez Trump. AlFranken (7)
Wabi, are you gonna start the trend? Thanks, bro. AlFranken (2)
Why this company doesn't pay as much as Google? Check out jobs AlFranken (4)
Wayne Wabi-sabi (5)
Bitcoin fork "Bitcoin Cash" goes live on Coinbase Wabi-sabi (10)
See? I'm not MS mup (19)
Hello CoT Democrats. What ya gonna get me for Xmas? AlFranken (1)
SpaceX - stunning footage of recent stage-1 landing Go Musk (2)
BBC suppressing news again BeebBot (22)
that train Reality Check (13)
Fuck the police BeebBot (1)
December 19th, 2017
No open bugs allowed Legion (22)
In a democracy, your vote counts Shylock (11)
Every time I watch Top Gun Wabi-sabi (12)
RC, do you believe her or not? AlFranken (10)
Wabi, you need to go back to work or you'll die soon. AlFranken (6)
Rye Reality Check (9)
Pitbull update MS (30)
House Republicans passed the tax bill. Senate Republicans will AlFranken (11)
In Canada, you don't need guns since the gov will protect you. AlFranken (2)
I never understood what this company does AlFranken (3)
RC, UFO is real. AlFranken (12)
Has anyone seen the Karate Kid movie? Mr. Miyogi (42)
Wow, Prez Trump doesn't even need my vote. He has way too many. AlFranken (9)
RC, what do you think about this case? AlFranken (6)
hey it's tuesday again Reality Check (23)
hillbilly trash family in trouble with law again Reality Check (10)
ongoing sex with teacher epidemic Reality Check (23)
report: Jill Stein colluded with Kremlin Reality Check (3)
Police anti-terrorist raids BeebBot (3)
Calendar facts Xkcd fan (0)
Birmingham car crash BeebBot (7)
MacBook UPDATE Wabi-sabi (14)
December 18th, 2017
Yo Bored Bystander, did you post this on another forum? President of the Brice Fan Club (5)
2017 charitable gifts Reality Check (3)
Should CoT still be united? Rk (19)
The truth about Santa xampl9 (0)
you're the product! Television Delivers People (4)
Should the United States remain united? Shylock (39)
RC, you need to help this girl out. #MeToo (16)
Car with rattle Grumpy Old Git (1)
So sad. She is skilled in everything except self-defense. Ling Long (10)
RC, Help! How can I get Comcast to remove charge from my bill? Ling Long (32)
Comcast experience...how do you like their service/support dept? Ling Long (0)
Rape in Sweden Sanity for Sweden (8)
Kwanzaa Plm (6)
Incident at RAF Mildenhall (a US airbase in the UK) BeebBot (16)
So what is Wabi saying about CoTers? If you don't make 400K and Ling Long (43)
Looking for some help Dr. Evil's Stepson (6)
Philip Roth recommendations? Reality Check (29)
new developments in bullied kid viral video Reality Check (11)
Finally found a way to make bank with bitcoin MobyDobie (8)
December 17th, 2017
This guy’s buddy’s dad was an asshole xxcvfd (22)
All Presidents are the same! Or not? (0)
How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime beebbot (7)
Saving animals is a white thing, apparently Yoda (4)
GOP "thinking" fasd (13)
Moggy must be PM MobyDobie (12)
New Star Wars pretty decent I thought ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (16)
December 16th, 2017
Reporter offered woman $750k to falsely accuse Trump Reality Check (6)
Why Aren’t Any Bankers in Prison for Causing the Financial Cri Mnbvxzlkjhgssa (8)
Bitcoin's price set a new record $19000 Yaya nicole (17)
So, European chocolate makers have discovered Shylock (13)
Sexual harassment in the AI community Yoda (7)
Something is crawling around in the attic NPR (36)
hot pot mamma Reality Check (9)
REST is the new SOAP. xampl9 (5)
$99 iPhone: music apps Reality Check (4)
This weekend's activity: fixing my busted MacBook Pro Wabi-sabi (14)
Elie the ass-grabber Yoda (30)
Yo Wabi, if you're not deleting my threads, who is? President of the Brice Fan Club (12)
RIP - Professor Heinz Wolff The Grim Reaper (2)
Conservatives, what's it like libtard_uk (10)
285 million tether printed  in 25hours MobyDobie (0)
BBC R4 - Euan Blair BeebBot (0)
BBC R4 shamelessly broadcasting propaganda libtard_uk (5)
BBC R4 shamelessly broadcasting propaganda BeebBot (0)
December 15th, 2017
Humans irrationally over-accumulate resources Wabi-sabi (19)
sex assault statistics Reality Check (5)
Do we need cookie cutter judges? Gbgf (0)
How do you know you're on the moon? xampl9 (3)
Hey Wayne. How's Canada? Y (1)
Best way to siphon water from water softener? Tom (2)
This is beyond stupidity. Why do you wear fake explosive??? Ling Long (2)
Passive Income as a Developer. HOW? ($2000 or more!) NPR (76)
What food don't you eat? Ling Long (14)
Margarines are dead BeebBot (12)
All women should be heard and believed BeebBot (6)
IQ test xampl9 (9)
Boss could be making a hiring mistake. Should I say something? grunt (12)
Why are we only talking about Bitcoin when there are 1,500 other Ling Long (8)
SpaceX launch in 10 minutes - 15:35 UTC Go Musk (0)
SpaceX launch in 10 minutes - 15:35 UTC Go Musk (2)
December 14th, 2017
NYC pigs X (6)
Bitcoint in the news Y (4)
FedEx Story X (3)
Dustin Hoffman? Y (0)
Anyone of you want to retire with me to Vietnam in 20 years? Y (4)
Oumuamua is a spaceship , Cup (14)
Give me a date when we run out of seafood due to over fishing? Y (13)
Any of you ever have DNA analysis done? Any good thing from it? Y (18)
Nude restaurant Ching chong (7)
Hey CoT! Let's play game! Who Star Trek Deep Space 9 character BBC Lover (19)
To RC my friend BBC Lover (2)
Pluto! Ninth planet or nothing! BBC Lover (6)
Hey CoT! Let's talk state economic! BBC Lover (1)
Hey Republicans how do you feel about Marcus Aurelius? BBC Lover (6)
Hey Democrats...what do you think of Thomas Jefferson? Ling Long (7)
McCain is in the hospital and we need the damn tax bill to pass. Ling Long (1)
I like my super power Legion (6)
RC, can you get the date with the nanny? Ling Long (5)
This is America Shylock (14)
PSA: if you think gayness is a choice Wabi-sabi (18)
Trying to convert bitcoin into cash MobyDobie (5)
SpaceX launch tomorrow at 15:35 UTC Go Musk (0)
Lift sex is even better with a sibling libtard_uk (13)
Fighting to keep the bitcoin  price up? MobyDobie (0)
U.S. Wildfire Causes 1980-2016 Io (4)
McD's and Coca-Cola are a greater threat to your life than al-Qa libtard_uk (9)
Kelly v Omarosa Rez (3)
Plutarch dishes the clue , Cup (1)
fight ASDFG (2)
December 13th, 2017
Meaningless Moore Election the 32% (18)
video of the women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct the 32% (0)
We need to stop bickering about parties in politics. Y (14)
Bank doesn't give out toasters to attract customers any more! Y (3)
The stock market is making me nervous. Some people say it looks Y (7)
NEW NATIONAL POLL:  @realDonaldTrump rating hits record low the 32% (4)
Scott Adams -- Trump wasn't that committed to Roy Moore Scott Adams Family (5)
black vote in alabama afksdk (10)
Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson dies of 'probable suicide' in Mt Bgggb (2)
Shylock, Please watch this short document about Korea and see Y (3)
2017 was a horrible year for Europe and America in term of Y (5)
Shylock, Hubble, and MS. Can you guys answer me this question? Y (25)
Why I think CoT people are dumb X (5)
RC, we are going to Japan for New Year? Ling Long (0)
CoT is now offering a free course to all you macho men... Ling Long (0)
Wow, I thought BitCoin was a waste of electricity Shylock (8)
How come I have never heard of this university? Ling Long (4)
RC, don't you wish for endless vacation instead of working? Ling Long (2)
Prediction Market Manipulation FSK (20)
The Democrats and liberals are doing what? Ling Long (19)
Dark but funny Simulacrum (4)
Alabama guy with daughter. Sad Akllljt (1)
Moore campaign guy on Muslims & bible (dumb guy) Pohgf (0)
“Nikki Haley stuck a knife in his back" -- Roger Stone Discuss! (1)
Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in economicperformance. Ning Nong (4)
Last Jedi Ching chong (6)
Let talk about European countries for a change... ChatBot (4)
We have 3 retired people on CoT ChatBot (5)
Bourdain Bbcc (2)
Apple's custom chips Simulacrum (6)
What Bitcoin is actually useful for right now Wabi-sabi (8)
Also, a boiled neoliberal turnip beat a serial child molester mup (3)
Epic Systems - please feel free to annotate/correct my rant here mup (21)
Alabama - the tragedy Okn (11)
The year of the headless liberal chicken Plm (8)
December 12th, 2017
President Trump bans shredded cheese Legion (5)
Moore Election Super Thread Practical Economist (61)
Corporate Jet: not always a waste of money xYZ (5)
Low bitcoin futures volume hhhase (1)
Chinese guy worked at Goldman X (1)
Gook guy: do you believe moore dated teenagers in his 30s? X (27)
LOL, it is too weird. ChatBot (11)
Have you ever failed because of mindset? NPR (20)
RC loves the beach in winter. ChatBot (7)
RC can never have enough "plump" ChatBot (4)
Which actor/actress that you have fantasy about when you were ChatBot (34)
Man who attended 45 rallies now opposes Trump Pohgf (7)
and would do anything for them: implications? Pohgf (3)
Haley v Trump Pohgf (0)
'I was naked under my robe' Uhv (7)
TIL Angelina Jolie: vile of blood? Hitman? Reincarnation of Ben? Pohgf (10)
A success story... ChatBot (1)
To the Moon, Alice! SaveTheHubble (26)
Roy Moore? At least he wasn't bad like this guy. lol ChatBot (0)
LOL, universal basic income debate... ChatBot (14)
Alabama Question Philo (4)
This is a smart woman that we all can admire. ChatBot (4)
I saw their products at Target store. It's cool. ChatBot (0)
Thanks to one of many of our heroes. ChatBot (7)
Happy Tuesday to RC! ChatBot (7)
What do you think about all Amazon devices? ChatBot (5)
Simple CoT topic: being lucky. ChatBot (11)
Millennial job interview xampl9 (6)
Thoughts? Good find/big stretch? kggggv (2)
Next Simple Programmer topic Wabi-sabi (23)
Condi Rice kggggv (14)
These guys are totally insane YouTubeBot (1)
BBC citing Rand Corporation BeebBot (10)
Scaramucci reporter Ryan Lizza out at New Yorker CoT sex a holic (3)
December 11th, 2017
Unemployment Rate 2.1% Practical Economist (3)
#magical #cot #thankyou #mcga faksdj (1)
moore shows up at campaign rally faksdj (8)
kooks bring 12 year old to chat with judge roy moore faksdj (3)
moore knfadsksdfkl (3)
Treasury one pager on tax plan knfadsksdfkl (3)
is reddit pun thread escaping reddit into twitter? knfadsksdfkl (0)
I feel tremendous guilt Chamath Palihapitiy (15)
An analysis of electricity consumption of bitcoin , Cup (2)
moore leads polls kldasflk (18)
Why do men like pornography? ChatBot (3)
We're going back to the moon! Go Musk (17)
Chomsky turns against Antifa Yoda (9)
time is running out to fund wikipedis in 2017 Wick (6)
Second Swedish synagogue firebombed Terrorist Watch (23)
Bored, what do you think about this camera? ChatBot (10)
The changes in digital camera technology is dizzying. ChatBot (20)
How many of you own Google Home or Amazon Echo? ChatBot (6)
New tech bubble: <existing company> but on the blockchain Wabi-sabi (13)
Fired Tech Workers Turn to Chatbots for Counselling libtard_uk (4)
RIP - Keith Chegwin The Grim Reaper (2)
Reports of explosion at bus terminal in Manhattan BeebBot (21)
At last - a mostly reasonable discussion of bitcoin on reddit MobyDobie (0)
UK House prices take a nose dive BeebBot (10)
December 10th, 2017
Guys, give me the best recommendation for spy camera with wifi. Y (8)
Bluebeard any new thoughts on your startup? X (1)
Kansas pass thru taxation story @paul k (3)
Donald Trump Junior —- twitter hacked!!!? @oddball (5)
HN new low HN reporter (13)
RIP - Angry Grandpa The Grim Reaper (0)
Quatar buying 24 Eurofighters for £6b BeebBot (6)
Obama goes full Godwin X (10)
Fox news  #fakenews newsboy (11)
Haley: Women Who Accused Trump Of Misconduct ‘Should Be Heard X (32)
Damn sneaky women Major Mark Cunningham (0)
Swedish Synagogue firebombed Terrorist Watch (37)
Some questions to crypto exchanges Yoda (11)
RIP - Max Clifford The Grim Reaper (0)
charles krauthammer linkman (3)
December 9th, 2017
Anti Gay Protest X (17)
cost of inadequate stimulus X (1)
Should Clarence Thomas resign? X (5)
Fuck the Debt Collectors! X (13)
Let's take off our shirts and talk about... NPR (12)
the pres watches TV X (16)
CNN caught lying yet again Scott Adams (2)
Merry Christmas, war is over Yoda (4)
Shark Tank X (8)
Forum psychology Psycho (11)
Silly Valley finds modus vivendi with Trump Yoda (0)
December 8th, 2017
You don't hear much about Snowden these days X (13)
Florida Democrat Alcee L. Hastings cot sex machine (2)
what year is Moore referring to? X (6)
Amazon vs Trump X (1)
Unemployed xampl9 (27)
Franks details: 5 million, sex X (8)
Maybe the guys in the South can explain about marrying young BibimbapClinton (13)
Guy finds Jeff Flake on a plane X (4)
Moore suspended twice Bible guy (14)
David Brooks on COT X (8)
John Stuart Mill quote X (14)
Fucking car is still leaking coolant ripped off (25)
Matt Lauer's soon to be ex-wife is a model??? Don't you have BibimbapClinton (19)
The Bada Bing is closing Shylock (4)
strong job market X (10)
licensed engineer in Oregon X (3)
Your physics knowledge? Did you take those classes in college? BibimbapClinton (11)
Kent Beck: Strategies for Partitioning Complexity X (10)
Trump Jr got wikileaks spam? X (5)
FLOTUS wins X (4)
Damn Simulacrum (74)
Inflated hours? NPR (20)
Pope disses Lord's prayer Zaq (25)
Jerusalem Zaq (9)
SSDI now paid out of SSI Reality Check (8)
Martin Schulz on the future of the EU Yoda (12)
Has May sold out the UK? Mogg for PM (22)
luckily the house of rep works quite well political hack (18)
trump slurred speech political hack (10)
Hurricane Maria Killed More Than 1,000 in Puerto Rico, New Study political hack (9)
December 7th, 2017
The Little Hours Shylock (5)
Poll: Majority says Congress should investigate sexual harassmen X (22)
James O’Keefe X (13)
This is completely BS reason to resign CoT sexcapade (11)
Bitcoin price rise MobyDobie (6)
Snow in Austin xampl9 (8)
When things are tough you need to have from CoT: BibimbapClinton (3)
BitCoin Heists and Steam Drops Bitcoin NPR (1)
We don't have the smartest people living in Wolverhampton BeebBot (3)
Norwegian ROYAL: Kevin Spacey grabbed my crown jewels X (3)
Bitcoin tether again MobyDobie (2)
BimbimapClinton: marginal or effective? X (15)
What do you guys think about buying a brand new Audi? BibimbapClinton (29)
Should white republicans from Alabama claim X (1)
Al Franken resigns from the Senate. BibimbapClinton (21)
Dave from California. Are you alright? I'm seeing wild fires. BibimbapClinton (1)
Shit Ruseman would do X (3)
Saudi X (4)
Greetings Anonymous Ninja (2)
Who is Mike Cernovich? pizzagate date rape youre fired (9)
My strategy for owning car. BibimbapClinton (5)
Mountain_Dewd, I hope you will be OK and stay away from fire. BibimbapClinton (3)
Go take a look at r/bitcoin if you want to see tulip mania Wabi-sabi (55)
Intrinsict value of anything. BibimbapClinton (3)
Grumpy, there is an explosion of deep learning frameworks. BibimbapClinton (10)
How do I become a trader? Johnny Ekstrom (14)
And another bitcoin exchange loses everybody's money MobyDobie (7)
Trump Jr Dept of Suspicious Movements (2)
Just shoot the fuckers BeebBot (19)
Reality Check BeebBot (0)
BibimbapClinton X (2)
Flynn: corrupt? X (3)
December 6th, 2017
World Capitals Quiz! Reality Check (2)
recent headlines Reality Check (3)
Another car repair dilemma ripped off (63)
Over 5% of American workers on disability benefits Zaq (6)
No Brexit bill Yoda (23)
Black Hungarian Jewish guy Io (3)
Ever just walk out of an interview? NPR (36)
Do the people of Alabama care about an affair? X (20)
LOL, is this for real? BibimbapClinton (17)
What happens when you try to turn  $1m if bitcoin back into USD MobyDobie (16)
Flyn to get off thanks to Strzok's corruption? Zaq (7)
Software idea Bluebeard (18)
Hogs Io (4)
Second hand market Io (5)
Google Maps Timeline xampl9 (4)
What do you think of Go? xampl9 (42)
CoT knowledge week. Brice, anyone? BibimbapClinton (0)
Tester job Io (0)
I have an idea how to solve the problem of Middle East peace BibimbapClinton (19)
Abolishing slavery Io (2)
It is comical to watch the salary debate. BibimbapClinton (7)
New Franken accuser Too Sexy for COT (40)
Buffr salary transparency HN reporter (27)
This Metcalfe guy could not be more gay Simulacrum (1)
Time getting desperate Okn (7)
Jerusalem Xsw (62)
MI5 foils plot to assassinate May Terrorist Watch (3)
December 5th, 2017
Legalize it HN reporter (3)
Procrastinating? X (1)
Susan Colllins & wishful thinking X (2)
Tax plan polling X (2)
Trump's too busy trollop (7)
should this be a felony? @oddball (8)
Shylock is this tax bill a problem for you personally? @oddball (14)
iMac Pro spec -- windows @oddball (6)
OK, so this seals it Shylock (19)
Former colleague commits suicide NPR (10)
I miss this guy. MS? Not so much. BibimbapClinton (2)
Modern automatic trans is more fuel efficient than manual? BibimbapClinton (20)
RIP - Christine Keeler The Grim Reaper (6)
Annual car survey. BibimbapClinton (13)
Hello, WalMart shoppers. China thanks you. BibimbapClinton (0)
For my friend RC, a tireless CoT fact checker. BibimbapClinton (2)
Average is over bookbot (13)
The internet is dead? BibimbapClinton (31)
Conyers resigns effective immediately X (4)
Hey greenies, what do you think about this comment? BibimbapClinton (7)
Saint Nicholaus Io (9)
Wabi, let fix this problem. BibimbapClinton (2)
Catcallers https://www.instagram.com/dearcatc allers/ X (1)
You want to create a successful business? I'll give you some BibimbapClinton (5)
Trumpism as investment X (7)
Tether DJT (1)
Slaves talking about freedom Io (3)
When super glue won't come out Legion (5)
December 4th, 2017
a boy named tim Melanie Martinez (2)
Moore: I don't know those women moar moore (3)
Check out the balls on Manafort DJT (27)
Pro Life DJT (0)
Micromouse competition xampl9 (10)
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Simulacrum (6)
Facebook bans hate speech against men Tim Pool (5)
Trump gets his 'Muslim ban' ! Go Trump (13)
The future of computing? Y'all will riding coattail of big Bibimbap (18)
Buy our vaginal blood absorption sticks Ron Popeil (1)
A blast from the past -  pun intented. Remember this guy? Bibimbap (5)
I disputed the full amount charged by the shady auto shop ripped off (29)
Generic recruiter email response Io (23)
Coding screen practice NPR (16)
Secret office button to lock the door xampl9 (25)
Mahomed cainle care a nascocit aceasta religie Reality Check (4)
Google Doodle xampl9 (13)
Moronic UK MPs, the never ending story BeebBot (4)
The EU are happy about the Brexit negotiations Nigel Farage (26)
Super Moon Patrick Moore (8)
UK driving test no longer requires 3-point turn BeebBot (13)
Obama deficits Future reference (5)
December 3rd, 2017
Billy Bush: Trump said it. political hack (1)
Trump tweets about Russia probe spark warnings from lawmakers Guiya ncole (5)
China airs 'strong dissatisfaction' over U.S. Guiya ncole (0)
pharma wholesale Stock Picker (2)
GOP Values Grassley (3)
Danny Masterson, Actor, Scientologist, Rapist? CoT Sexual Services (0)
Republican Voter Loyalty to Trump. X (6)
Are paranoid New Yorkers / Yankees really worried about a Texas NPR (7)
NIPS: proceedings, workshops .. X (1)
Figured out what business I want to start Wabi-sabi (33)
I am going to confront the tatooed dude at the auto shop ripped off (34)
Does the Fed release GDP projections weekly? Low Information Voter (R) (0)
Fun with home drainage projects Wabi-sabi (14)
Tillerson is out YouTubeBot (0)
Iran v. Israel X (6)
Every Frame a Painting X (0)
how long will the government keep you away from a lawyer? X (4)
Goin' Home Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
We're buying a rent house NPR (64)
Io caught breaking into liquor store Legion (8)
EV sales in Norway reached 42% in June MuskBot (0)
Another countryside purchase Io (3)
December 2nd, 2017
Blackhat xampl9 (4)
Orin Hatch on CHIP X (0)
gun confiscation Reality Check (11)
Rosa Parks DJT (3)
For the passionate ones rupi kaur (0)
Alabama cray cray X (4)
I am so tired of Christmas Legion (6)
fashion-photographer-accused-of- bla bla bla CoT sex offender (4)
Ivanka's nipples Heil Ivanka (5)
What non-tech business have you almost started? Wabi-sabi (67)
Company Christmas party Yoda (19)
Mueller removes agent for bias Zaq (1)
Obama State Department: Flynn contact okay with us X (8)
US time use data @oddball (4)
Ivanka on STEM X (11)
Abc fake news tanked the stock exchange Oliver Darcy (7)
PhillyD has completely lost it, the only way is down YouTubeBot (2)
Project Veritas? Q (4)
The end of the EU Sanity for Sweden (26)
Watching the right adopt a new conspiracy theory X (19)
Tax bill passes senate Paygo (3)
The legacy of 1917 Io (5)
Looking for an expression/word Wick (17)
December 1st, 2017
Tesla Roadster to be sent to Mars Reality Check (6)
EVERY REPUBLICAN SENATOR voted against permanent middle class ta Tom Delay (2)
Ludum Dare 40 theme: "The more you have, the worse it is." Bunker (3)
Shouts of “Lock him up!” as Flynn leaves courthouse. Freedom isn't free, bitches (1)
Deep State Guking Q (4)
Instant Pot craze Wabi-sabi (17)
Wisdom of the bingo kid DJ Trump (4)
Kapersky Labs are spying on you BeebBot (3)
I'm sure the Trump administration won't add to this total Wabi-sabi (1)
do you refer to your company as a family? DJ Pense (6)
Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) DJ Pense (0)
Trump has huge hands DJ Pense (3)
Comey tweet Bible guy (4)
"Logic" Behind OBAMA Care's Individual Mandate Brice Richard (15)
Tax bill likely to pass DJ Trump (15)
Bomb found at German Christmas market BeebBot (6)
Trump “directed him to make contact with the Russians” DJ Trump (21)
Took my car to another shop this morning rippes off (18)
Oh shit! Shylock (23)
Viewing porn while at work BeebBot (12)
hosting vps vs dedicated constructor pattern (11)
Go Tesla MuskBot (21)
Cop tasers cop YouTubeBot (11)