Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

December 31st, 2009
nice party tonight eek (12 comments)
Prices of these goods, what determines them Bot Berlin (4)
working on my weekend hack f (3)
Why I like Star Trek xampl (11)
Sunsetting POTS Likely more successful than you (13)
Brice: who are you slaying with your huge cock? sharkfish (10)
ring in the New Year with a ridiculous health insurance story sharkfish (8)
2010 tech predictions sharkfish (7)
baptism sharkfish (8)
starting to drink earlier this year sharkfish (21)
My SO is having a minor breakdown sharkfish (8)
People I've met in the last few days and weeks sharkfish (23)
Avatar – overrated Moron[0] (37)
Pretty good shot Attila (19)
Iran Predictions for 2010 Moron[0] (8)
A little something for Clay (& muppet, apparently) Billy the Fish (8)
GBPs to EURs redux Billy the Fish (2)
Happy new year! Colm (9)
Any thoughts on the air force? Bot Berlin (13)
Thinking about a corded Dremel ($65) and accessory kit ($20) Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (15)
Being rejected...sucks Bot Berlin (5)
Who is working today? xampl (iPhone) (16)
Mornington Crescent Billy the Fish (8)
Boskops - extinct 10,000 BCE genius humanoids CC (15)
I should give up Fan boy (6)
December 30th, 2009
Do you think there is a connection between Bot Berlin (4)
Writing Testable Code, things that are pointless Bot Berlin (17)
the great white man :D sharkfish (7)
Canada bans most carry-on bags xampl (iPhone) (12)
Ice-T's Mexican wife CC (11)
Airport in Somalia catches terrorist CC (1)
root canal sharkfish (31)
Corporations are evil Bot Berlin (14)
Gadget for the lonely geek... FrakBuccaneer (5)
Thoughts on dead Brit Aaron (7)
How would you describe the differences Bot Berlin (9)
32 vs 64 bit Windows ASDF (35)
Christmas presents all round (Secret Santa kind of) Billy the Fish (10)
No idea why this is #1 story on the BBC website Billy the Fish (20)
Hah! Justice! Billy the Fish (7)
lesbian child custody showdown in vermont CC (8)
December 29th, 2009
Safety tip; Keep fingers out of snow blower Fan boy (3)
Uniforms for helpdesk IT Likely more successful than you (21)
xampl thoughts on Austin/Texas job market Bot Berlin (8)
WWN on Google Books xampl (4)
Want xampl (6)
Outcry follows China's execution of Briton lorb (25)
Interesting analysis Attila (10)
Dutch exports Attila (0)
ITgrunt.com shutdown makes Computerworld and Slashdot News Bored Bystander (11)
starting a church Full name (14)
Terrorists seem to come from xampl (iPhone) (34)
Avatar == big blue smurfs save the world from bad white men Bluebeard (8)
I asked about this a little while ago sharkfish (3)
My cube neighbor got a Droid Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (4)
A beautiful couple Lobster (0)
Attila - You are Lying to yourself Morons (67)
Wow, have we posted this lunatic here yet? Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (12)
Informative book review Likely more successful than you (1)
Crap. Chinese are sick people. Likely more successful than you (33)
unit tests wildlyopen (8)
December 28th, 2009
new airline rules changing by the hour CC (7)
question Full name (7)
Linus's leverage Likely more successful than you (10)
Eywa == Yawe(h) sharkfish (7)
Security Directive Number: SD 1544-09-06 CC (10)
EBooks outsold paper-books on Amazon Likely more successful than you (14)
Cool old (1970s) video Ward (7)
hilarity value here sharkfish (13)
how can I make money off this trend sharkfish (18)
Underwear bomber xampl (5)
Trade school track xampl (18)
mah internet died sharkfish (5)
only military should vote sharkfish (36)
On the banal subject of 'Career' advancement/change dumbo (6)
plastic surgery sharkfish (12)
On the Nazi movies Bot Berlin (45)
My hero! Billy the Fish (8)
Wow, my SO's really mad sharkfish (34)
Click-to-Summon Feature of Fruitshow Bored Bystander (14)
I just now noticed sharkfish (30)
Software Development is... Bot Berlin (10)
Good skin care part II Bot Berlin (10)
Homeland Security: The system worked Morons (23)
sick children. no! homeless children! no! homeless SICK children sharkfish (0)
Whatever happened to... Billy the Fish (25)
For Christmas we got my oldest daughter tickets to Rain Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (0)
Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate CC (76)
Software development thought of the day Billy the Fish (2)
When to Tell One's Boss About a Pregnancy? JD (1)
December 27th, 2009
health care infographic analysis CC (2)
Supreme Court decided that dying Likely more successful than you (3)
science classes are racist CC (57)
Stripping in foreclosure xampl (16)
370 of the world's greatest passwords CC (2)
25 Awesome Homeless Guy Signs Full name (2)
McDonalds now has free WiFi xampl (iPhone) (4)
FFS why nix the entertainment? trollop (10)
There is a Skilled IT Shortage!  There is a Skilled IT Shortage! joemoe (35)
December 26th, 2009
The official what cool stuff you got for Christmas thread Wayne (12)
Software development thought of the day; Unit testing Bot Berlin - Austin (10)
If I weren't so lazy, I could make mad money on this sharkfish (4)
I feel pretty bad for this guy sharkfish (5)
Tiger and Golf 2010 sharkfish (14)
doctors.  Sigh. sharkfish (6)
We've been visited by aliens sharkfish (54)
Marilyn Manson Rulz wildlyopen (3)
terror attack minor, no big deal, carry on CC (12)
Hot Tub Time Machine CC (5)
December 25th, 2009
oh, by by the way what are you reading for? (4)
What have you learned online (that was somewhat untraditional)? df (8)
Defense Spending vs ... CC (1)
Supreme Count: Dissidents are not people, Rights do not apply CC (5)
Missing what's right in front of you Q (3)
Nice Christmas weekend pondering theme Likely more successful than you (2)
transport companies going under winstein (6)
December 24th, 2009
Thing 2's tooth was just pulled out by Thing 2 winstein (6)
Health insurance shenanigans sharkfish (1)
why are you people deleting posts? sharkfish (16)
Men of a Certain Age sharkfish (16)
Avatar really does set a new bar sharkfish (27)
Silent Night Likely more successful than you (2)
X-Mas Sex? Slutfish (2)
Bluetooth headset Likely more successful than you (5)
The Most Extraordinary Software Ever Created Brice Richard (11)
leveraging sharkfish (18)
The Most Extraordinary Software Ever Created Brice Richard (20)
health care bill passes - Obama summarizes sharkfish (12)
Married more than 3 times x (23)
There is no Santa Claus Fan boy (13)
December 23rd, 2009
python question: breaking out of nested for loop sharkfish (37)
oh, good christ.  the new doll?  it can wee... winstein (4)
Wayne/df/Zangor has a high opinion of himself Likely more successful than you (12)
Stroustrup weighs in on "what you should know" sharkfish (26)
I used to have an iron stomach sharkfish (11)
going over the Canadian border sharkfish (3)
Thing 2 has just put down her doll and wants to play with her// winstein (4)
Thing 2 came out of her room last night... winstein (2)
Why I don't like Nintendo df (8)
Paid out $100 for a plastic baby and some pink baby wings. winstein (9)
cowboy bebop eek (2)
Open Source Code Editor Engines? DrudgeWork (5)
Whatup for din-din? Full name (11)
a post not related to little purple the great purple (4)
more on vaccines the great purple (17)
Most computer professionals have a high opinion of themselves Chuck (21)
web site is down video series CC (7)
December 22nd, 2009
Corporations are evil Bot Berlin (30)
Nutjobs list Likely more successful than you (9)
dammit sharkfish (13)
David Simon from the Wire Bot Berlin (2)
What the heck is she saying? xampl (2)
Quake Live df (1)
Mac Server Stupidity what are you reading for? (2)
So, it snowed SaveTheHubble (9)
Encrytion motherfuckers df (8)
Bank security questions xampl (11)
What are those little glass devices called... Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (11)
Blue eyed devils on Telmundo . (3)
LOL Bluebeard (2)
Duke Nukem really dead CC (13)
December 21st, 2009
Black Chinese girl likes Beyonce CC (26)
scratching my butch itch sharkfish (25)
Happy Winter Solstice </America> (4)
being taken advantage of by your employer Burnt Out (4)
I suspect more and more that objective reality isn't Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (32)
Reading: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep on my iPhone Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (14)
WTF kind of fetish is this? Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (16)
Another visualization of a trillion dollars Bluebeard (7)
crap eek (9)
Kenny's ass RT (1)
iPhone developer success... $1 million a month in sales Bluebeard (11)
Jewish Law Prohibits Organ Donation winstein (11)
Giving servers the tips they deserve Fan boy (19)
December 20th, 2009
Avatar Re-review Bot (3)
companies that let you wear shorts or play on company time Madden (8)
What are you guys doing to advance your career? dude (19)
genetic programming argv[0] (8)
Bitchy and cranky Clay Dowling (6)
Brittany Murphy and Christina Ricci Bot (4)
Israel harvested palestinian organs without permission winstein (18)
Bot's Avatar commentary Bot (12)
lucky? sharkfish (17)
Career alternatives for a burnt-out developer? Tom (20)
Bot arrested, AMA Bot (60)
Holy shit Colm (27)
December 19th, 2009
Careerbuilder has lost it xampl (4)
Avatar SaveTheHubble (4)
A dumb fashion Fan boy (6)
cop ejaculates on woman sharkfish (12)
pay for internship sharkfish (31)
it is all good so far sierra mist (0)
December 18th, 2009
The Day the Earth Stood Still xampl (iPhone) (8)
Limbaugh wants to pound Iran </America> (1)
Look at the numbers Bot Berlin (23)
Codeless Programming (again) xampl (iPhone) (10)
Complete this sentence Full name (18)
IIRP xampl (iPhone) (17)
Saab to close down :( Billy the Fish (13)
Nader calls Obama Uncle Tom Bot Berlin (31)
The Hidden Network shut Down Morons (18)
What is the longest you would commute to go to work? Programmer (21)
8-12" of snow *accumulation* predicted for tomorrow argv[0] (8)
Review of Phantom Menace Bot Berlin (2)
I got a 96 on my Anatomy & Physiology II final Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (7)
cheapo graphics tab eek (12)
So is </America> the new Dan Denman persona? Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (12)
This Meg Whitman thing Colm (12)
Canceling my replies Fan boy (19)
Utter Brilliance - head tracking with Wii remote eek (13)
LMSTY's English Palmer Eldritch (4)
big cities vs. small towns .. (23)
Gaming the GRE, GMAT, etc. Carice (15)
December 17th, 2009
Exceptional Likely more successful than you (18)
for london people.. hobo with a pogo (4)
should 4 yr olds be allowed to drink beer CC (2)
Okay. Likely more successful than you (17)
50 best places to work sharkfish (13)
good insight on testing and GPA stuff sharkfish (36)
reality show embarassment sharkfish (2)
68% of low income workers are cheated by employers CC (26)
Deficit question Historian (60)
good quote eek (4)
I got a theory. Likely more successful than you (1)
heh. I've been exaggerating my test scores all these years sharkfish (58)
Software development note of the day xampl (5)
ebook readers eek (19)
SIR I WANT TO BUY THESE SHOES Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (11)
New decade coming up xampl (11)
Spam post http://www.crazyontap.com/topic.ph p?TopicId=60521#6418 Billy the Fish (1)
We're getting snow! xampl (17)
Google Voice is Awesome! Morons (2)
keeping up with events in iraq CC (11)
trying to figure out my post-IT career Mike (71)
I don't like Toyota Fan boy (25)
December 16th, 2009
I am on a boat Bot Berlin (11)
great math book sharkfish (2)
Solstice Celeberation Likely more successful than you (2)
Help this newbie Likely more successful than you (14)
Companies and Union on the same side Likely more successful than you (0)
college is a racket sharkfish (24)
Alicia Keys on the Colbert Report df (8)
Human Acheivement Plateu Bot Berlin (25)
iPaper alternatives for a private site df (1)
Ha Ha Likely more successful than you (1)
annoying office phrases argv[0] (9)
Overstock.com woman has new ad xampl (iPhone) (2)
Earth like planet -- 42 light years away Likely more successful than you (8)
Software Development Thought of the Day JoC (18)
The wikipedia begging bowl irritates me Bluebeard (6)
Is there a working Greasemonkey script for this forum? Senile Senior Dev (14)
How many senior devs will actually take over old code? Senile Senior Dev (38)
Forum Colors Morons (9)
A (somewhat) desperate plea to the games players Billy the Fish (10)
A decade of big bad ideas. Peter (8)
Howard Dean urges defeat of emerging health care bill Morons (46)
Plea bargining in US courts, 5% jury trial? Bot Berlin (14)
The Dreamliner has very bendy wings Q (12)
December 15th, 2009
Blantant copy RT (6)
Black man can't handle the atheism Bot Berlin (11)
Yay Blu-ray! df (18)
Online backup xampl (4)
Obama Threatens Nebraska if Senator doesn’t vote for HC Bill Morons (20)
Security issues with using a custom browser Bot Berlin (26)
so how did he give his consent? eek (1)
test Morons (11)
Quantum Computing Bot Berlin (8)
What did I mean with this nonsense? Billy the Fish (9)
"I miss Benji Smith." Billy the Fish (14)
A thought about Tiger Woods Bored Bystander (18)
How many posts do I need to get delete powers? Morons (7)
taking the hit for somebody else's screw up Jim (12)
"Damn that weight was heavy! I've just shit myself!" Billy the Fish (9)
man-hours? xampl (17)
Bad Data Water Cooler v2 (28)
December 14th, 2009
Firefox is monolithic, crap software Bot Berlin (8)
Firefox is monolithic, crap software Bot Berlin (4)
Super groovy film about a girl & a hotdog xampl (6)
Replacing an electric drill Clay Dowling (9)
deleting ff (15)
In 90+ days Jesus will have been killed matthews 4 1-11 (9)
Eeew Fan boy (4)
The economy is bad. Fan boy (20)
For all you subversives out there Billy the Fish (0)
I'm thinking of taking up whiskey Kenny (34)
NYT - Recommend Gifts for your “of Color” friend Morons (7)
Maximum of VMs on one machine RT (16)
Fla. judges, lawyers must 'unfriend' on Facebook Morons (4)
Who you won't miss if he does not post here anymore? RT (13)
hand foot & mouth disease the great purple (54)
Watch out, they'll be after your nuts next! Billy the Fish (2)
GBPs to EURs what are you reading for? (21)
Hey! YaleChick (20)
LOLJOBS Clouseau (11)
Whould there be any value in a techie with a Marketing degree? dude (8)
co-workers who gossip and spread rumors . (23)
December 13th, 2009
No Fast Food/Alcohol, Week One Bot Berlin (7)
Bad Information and the Internet Bot Berlin (9)
politically correct article about philly schools CC (11)
future vision for america and the world CC (9)
Lt. Col Allen West is running for Congress xampl (7)
official announcement: CC's posts will all be deleted ff (4)
Belief in God, IQ Bot Berlin (11)
Stephen Gould on Race and IQ Bot Berlin (12)
Joel flips out Ward (19)
Chelsea Clinton converting to Judaism CC (6)
December 12th, 2009
The Life sierra mist (7)
useful site CC (15)
what a night ... (life of a gigging muso ...) eek (13)
No ca-ching sounds. Fan boy (4)
Download fail xampl (2)
Highschool friends Bot Berlin (23)
Almost half federal workers make 100k or more Bot Berlin (13)
Global Warming vs Environmentalism Bot Berlin (9)
The greatest social problem facing humanity is: Drunk John (21)
Clinton: US will assasinate any leader that deals with Iran Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
sorry, who's RT sierra mist (5)
December 11th, 2009
Restaurant of the Future CC (13)
Why do the web sites of UI "experts" suck donkey balls? CC (12)
I'll buy low RT (3)
And the money shot, media wins against Tiger Bot Berlin (12)
Nothing is new under the sun RT (3)
Google getting cocky RT (6)
Gentle backup reminder Wayne (17)
health care bill - limits on coverage CC (12)
Not approved ... approved ... really? RT (1)
Can't write hobby code anymore Bot Berlin (39)
Simple CoT feature, simple Bot Berlin (4)
What you write really does make a difference Billy the Fish (1)
iPhone Push notifications have been slow all week for me Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (7)
Reddit Colm (46)
December 10th, 2009
WTF "... without talking shit about me?" RT (1)
Welcome, Homeschooling Mom RT (8)
What's colm goal in life? RT (6)
Why I post right-wing posts...Chomsky Bot Berlin (27)
How the club scene works CC (19)
H1N1 xampl (6)
Apple store RT (12)
Netbook is really too small RT (18)
And most importantly RT (11)
64 bit computing RT (22)
Old fellows RT (9)
Bye a linux mainframe for $212000! RT (0)
xampl, want to hang out in Austin Bot Berlin (20)
Duke student lives in a van xampl (17)
Software Development Thought of the Day - (Passion) Brice Richard (9)
It's Quiet, Today SaveTheHubble (12)
Can't find Aaron (5)
Weird Copy Mystery Dr. Horrorwitz (25)
When do I get my moderation privileges back? xampl (7)
In order for Windows 7 to be a success xampl (7)
So what ARE OS X's annoying issues? Bluebeard (22)
mutable CC (31)
December 9th, 2009
Wayne rules! RT (4)
Open Letter Obama - Michael Moore Bot Berlin (17)
Windows 7 df (25)
fox and graphs: redux argv[0] (7)
I was impressed with NASA RT (8)
Software Development Thought of the Day - Cooks Bot Berlin (18)
Meta? RT (23)
Software Development Quote of the Day Kenny (10)
Future Software Engineering Thoughts SaveTheHubble (13)
If hour conference rooms are full of xampl (iPhone) (2)
Meta-atheism Wayne (24)
GENIUS!!!  I'll take TEN!! Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (4)
Merry Christmas! Billy the Fish (4)
PAGING KEN WHITE! Bored Bystander (28)
Solving problems and not just feeling good df (9)
Software Development Thought of the Day - (Quality) Brice Richard (69)
People who drink their coffee in the car on the way to work Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (16)
First snow of the year is a Nor'Easter Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (4)
Can't we just get along? Bot Berlin (2)
No Govt Healthcare Plan Bot Berlin (4)
Doing the B2B thing . (9)
Ze Frank on America in Afghanistan Since 2001 Wayne (1)
December 8th, 2009
I am not perfect. Fan boy (15)
Interesting list of "essential dev tools" Bluebeard (10)
fox and graphs argv[0] (14)
More media victories against Tiger, Gatorade drops him Bot Berlin (24)
Your outward displays of Christianity Bot Berlin (17)
Brice vs Fanboy RT (3)
LOL at this post I found on Slashdot Otter Creek (1)
For the record the RT who norminated STH as the biggest RT (3)
ECMAScript version 5 RT (11)
Software Development Thought of the Day - (Estimation) Brice Richard (22)
Nice peaceful Africans Bot Berlin (4)
Farscape Series on sale SaveTheHubble (9)
Viagra Billy the Fish (0)
verdict: ear infection the great purple (13)
CIT Group might have been more important xampl (iPhone) (4)
I am the world Fan boy (6)
Vegas has changed Fan boy (13)
The Tiger Woods soap opera never ends Billy the Fish (26)
Global warming poll xampl (iPhone) (39)
Dr H what are you reading for? (9)
Official Announcement: Brice appointed as CoT mystic... Bluebeard (1)
so, if global warming is a myth ... eek (28)
December 7th, 2009
What is this, Bot Berlin (6)
COT Award: STH Bot Berlin (3)
Myth of female models Bot Berlin (5)
COT award bob the builder (28)
OMFG Bot Berlin (6)
This chick is hot Bot Berlin (4)
"If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, RT (3)
Bot's Chili, part II.  Need help from Aaron Bot Berlin (11)
Model Wife leaves Tiger Woods Traveller (15)
Cultural Anthropology Degree from Columbia Univ. CC (1)
stopping payment on a check sharkfish (32)
Space Tourism? Traveller (5)
Software Development Afterthought of the Day JoC (8)
Software Development Thought of the Day - (Design) Brice Richard (32)
Michael Moore vs Ron Paul Traveller (17)
So now they think that Sarah probably has Lupus, too Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (20)
To those of you have have left the IT field... Carter Hayes (26)
What's your clothing budget? Kenny (15)
So, we've decided to rent instead of buy Kenny (22)
how long do you let a cough go? the great purple (10)
MASSIVE fire nearby Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (10)
winstein, thanks to CoT I know who you are Bluebeard (8)
Stargate Universe Wayne (13)
Teenager in Seattle has been living free CC (17)
December 6th, 2009
The answer to IP address issue that some seem to have fishfood (9)
Unofficial Announcement: wSV is a pussy Ward (1)
Official Announcement: please prepend Official Annoucement ff (1)
Don't use "Official Announcement" in your subject... Wayne (2)
Offical Announcement:  CoT no longer anonymous winstein (14)
Southward march of thermometers Cool Stuff (3)
good use of media on the web CC (23)
article on Bot's orientation CC (7)
News YaleChick (12)
Bot's good movie review Redcliff, Bad review Terminator Bot Berlin (2)
I'm sick of working in IT and losing my job every 3-4 years Bill (14)
Auto-hide toolbar df (7)
Reading CoT on an HTC Hero doesn't work ! Nobody important (8)
Fudge Factor, the code CC (17)
December 5th, 2009
sharing hash trollop (8)
Cheating at engineering xampl (4)
Bugger All!  Delphi causes sharing violation with itself. Clay Dowling (15)
High unemployment at 30+% Bot Berlin (20)
What's with the "Auto-Blog" advert page? SaveTheHubble (6)
no more anonymous name changes? winstein (29)
Speaking of hash </America> (2)
Door to door soliciting should be banned df (12)
Canadian Telemarketing df (15)
Troop surge and Afghanistan threat Bot Berlin (24)
Hash probs Wayne (19)
Test Wayne (12)
Who deleted my thread? winstein (12)
This Thread Reserved For The Apologies From Wayne And Billy winstein (8)
Hashes? Bored Bystander (9)
December 4th, 2009
ankle twisted.  no christmas trees for me this year. winstein (20)
Space, time, matter Bot Berlin (23)
Three projects RT (6)
Software Development Thought of the Day - (Productivity) Brice Richard (3)
Great place to work. A lot. escapee programmer (2)
Eric strikes back on Rupert's turf RT (1)
:-) Morons (6)
I like this kid CC (25)
Tiger causes resurgence of interest in study of Physics CC (5)
Which of these sites do you visit often? RT (16)
Recruiters cold calling developers Bot Berlin (15)
Asus EeeBox eb1012 Kenny (2)
Where is wsv? Billy the Fish (4)
One Hundred *Trillion* Dollars! xampl (iPhone) (3)
CoT is dead Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (14)
So, Brice hasn't posted since Fan Boy left for Vegas Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (8)
legos are illegal in toronto CC (11)
MBA or mISV? Larry (16)
What other talent can we raid from the JOS forum? :) (19)
Great rant on Joel and SO Careers triple-dot (16)
December 3rd, 2009
Testin' Wayne (6)
errrr Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (9)
On my way to Vegas Fan boy (6)
Routers xampl (16)
I love Brice Fan boy (35)
Should programmers do more than just write code? . (20)
Software Development Thought of the Day... Brice Richard (8)
NYT skimmer Full name (2)
iriver story eek (3)
It's 65 degrees F in sunny Connecticut in December Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (13)
Can't group tasks under "Other" Fan boy (24)
Bopal eek (37)
Worse environment RT (4)
December 2nd, 2009
explain to me why Delete isn't good enough .. (6)
new 48 core chip unveiled CC (13)
Assign a class (not an instance) to a variable in Delphi Biggus Dickus (9)
what are usb gender changers for? CC (19)
What Are the Best Production Languages? Brice Richard (29)
Human robots and the "Valley Of The Uncanny" SaveTheHubble (5)
What are the worst production languages? CC (35)
BRICE RICHARD'S GIFT TO YOU... Brice Richard (15)
Which is Better - Nook or Kindle? Brice Richard (10)
This place is looking a lot like the old JoS forum... Bored Bystander (15)
Nothing makes me more tired than sitting in front of the compute . (3)
Software Phase Development Vs Project Based Software Development Brice Richard (30)
On (not) testing Clouseau (13)
google clamping down on freeloaders CC (2)
December 1st, 2009
It's fucking quiet around here Wayne (10)
Localization is fucking madness I say, madness! Wayne (15)
The cloud can be used against you in a court of law Wayne (3)
Any UI books you like? CC (4)
google suggest: "engineers are" CC (3)
War, More War or Morer War MS (9)
Overheard at the office xampl (iPhone) (2)
Readers of The Sun are "smart"! Billy the Fish (8)
Video ads on websites RT (7)
I don't unit test... Wayne (7)
Salahis: we were invited to white house CC (12)
Fischerspooner xampl (iPhone) (1)
Best places I've eaten Fan boy (4)
introducing the rape-axe CC (11)
What level of unit testing coverage is enough? Fan boy (30)