Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

December 31st, 2007
Fat People on spawn of ?off scales (14 comments)
Looking at America NYT (3)
"...when you mix Religion and Politics, you get ... Politics." Ricky (6)
Click To Summon Robert Neville (27)
If you are disappointed in congress, for not impeaching bush guess worker (18)
Israel is a democracy, yeah, my fucking ass! Dan Denman (4)
Bhutto Dan Denman (1)
546 feet worldsSmallestViolin (9)
You Just Can't Fake Design Sensibilites son of parnas (0)
Still Interested in Your Best and Worst for 2007 son of parnas (12)
CoT gone mild hello. (1)
"I argue that I pretty much *AM* CoT." No loss (8)
If you don't know the story sharkfish (12)
Three muppet threads muppet (3)
TWO muppet threads muppet (0)
ONE muppet thread (stupid xampl) muppet (0)
National Treasure II xampl (9)
My penis itches a little bit muppet (4)
Oh Fuck, I'm hilarious muppet (1)
Allan thinks that what I do isn't good for CoT muppet (4)
ONE Muppet thread (thanks Allan) muppet (0)
Does anybody know what time it is? SaveTheHubble (1)
So as I was saying, rape is a perfectly natural muppet (6)
Clay fucked up my mojo muppet (1)
Six, SIX muppet threads muppet (0)
I wonder how many consecutive muppet threads I can start muppet (5)
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass muppet (2)
Ward and Allan muppet (2)
Oh fucking please muppet (8)
His cat-fu is weak Clay Dowling (4)
Clay, fess up muppet (18)
Why is Son of Parnas so smug with so little justification? muppet (17)
Best and Worst of 2007 son of parnas (14)
Feel bad Bot (1)
For all of you losers muppet (0)
It's the last day of 2007. SaveTheHubble (1)
the Prime Minister of Sweden visited Washington today muppet (2)
A New Day Dawns Very Soon. के. जे. (7)
Sweet Colm (10)
Hoppy New Year trollop (5)
This seems relevant to the current discussion. Flasher T (0)
Blah? curious anon guy (2)
This is one of the reasons that WE are cultured Dan Denman (6)
how're the party plans for tomorrow Friday (21)
December 30th, 2007
job situation economista (2)
strange that you can just reader (0)
since Dana cow is gone this should be safe. reader (4)
new macs in jan 2008 OSX fan (3)
Ques re: relationship anonymous (19)
Machines at the gym are bad for you xampl (12)
Friday Night Lights European (1)
Was the Romon Dual Consul Model of the Republic Superior? son of parnas (16)
congress... never seen a congo race (10)
list your rape jokes here mock stupid people mode (7)
please help me list non state actors. politico (1)
rape is a crime of power? rope (16)
Dear Rapists, worldsSmallestViolin (6)
mmmm sharkfish (17)
There are a large number of people here Colm (16)
Who is the black, british chick on CNN? Bot (2)
Are things "dumbed down" for Americans? Lofi (17)
discuss cross dresser (0)
30 ways cot can be made worse guess worker (6)
Hey Blah people COTTERS FOR COT! (3)
Sucks when you look for a recommended game and have them all Bot (8)
That seems interesting Bot (2)
politics: swinging towards Kucinich Boston Legal (8)
so how do I advertise... worldsSmallestViolin (12)
Which side are you on? trollop (8)
Why linux still has a way to go before it reaches consumers? Bot (15)
Will never by a piece of junk hp printer Bot (7)
new low for cot? guess worker (43)
so much for the constitutional crisis guess worker (11)
December 29th, 2007
Current crazy-ass wood working project Clay Dowling (4)
shower antics sharkfish (23)
who killed bhutto? check it (11)
Football trollop (4)
avg gdp vs avg years of education check it (2)
congress sucks? guess worker (8)
Oath? Ricky (14)
Constitutional Crisis in the making Philo (8)
Hey,I just posted this on my new iPod Touch. <..> (3)
dell offering bluray on new laptops Rex Adventure (9)
2007 a Year of Weather Records in U.S son of parnas (1)
Ron Paul web design, CSS/Link Menus behind flash object Bot (3)
"believable monster-like creature" sidebar entry man on the stair (5)
Just like on CoT, I can't win an argument. Bot (49)
Lincoln a racist?  Who knew. Bot (8)
functional euler 2 guess worker (0)
functional euler 1 guess worker (4)
December 28th, 2007
OK, this is entrapment son of parnas (29)
I need some comedy in my life I think. Robert Neville (2)
DeNiro likes that black ladies Bot (1)
How many of you have a lot of PCs? Bot (9)
Charlie Wilson's War xampl (4)
Movie that really is kind of stupid, but I can watch over & over muppet (11)
I ate 3 bars of chocolate noir 70% in the past 2 days Le Monde Jr (11)
this kid will be posting on cot someday Anon A. Asshat (7)
It would be a good feature guess worker (9)
denial sharkfish (31)
how stupid are the people of Joel On Software? guess worker (18)
Hillary Clinton will win in 2008 guess worker (26)
I am feeling sharkfish (13)
how much code should the designer write? guess worker (8)
I Am Legend - no spoilers sharkfish (12)
News Flash: Insurance adjusters need to develop sense of humor Clay Dowling (7)
Vacation planning Ricky (17)
Bluebeard!!! ,..., (1)
If you become disabled... Michael B (11)
jingalala jingalala, you're a moron! Mountain_Dewd (5)
SaveTheHubble!! Bluebeard (1)
Programmers and comments DF (32)
Ron Paul doesn't accept evolution Owner (58)
Oh God we're fucked fucked fucked Bluebeard (27)
Something to keep your brain fresh Bot (3)
What is the favorite wiki software of CoT? Bot (9)
Mighty Mouse Full name (0)
I just dropped my work Nextel in the toilet muppet (6)
Law School Clay Dowling (25)
For Great Purple The voice of reason (7)
Next question, does the US create a nation of pacifists? Bot (24)
If Bush were assassinated today muppet (18)
Christmas spirit Erik Springelkamp (7)
So now that my coworkers are calling me Jesus, my plan is nearly muppet (6)
yahoo mail man on the stair (2)
tribal behavior a prerequisite for evolutionary progress worldsSmallestViolin (59)
stop deleting my posts you asshats worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Do you think the US creates a nation of heroes Bot (16)
December 27th, 2007
South Park Theme sharkfish (1)
My neighbor took a break from his hate on Xmas sharkfish (23)
At what point did you realize sharkfish (11)
How much would it ruin your life if... Michael B (10)
I've been banned Exiled (3)
$10K in bingo bullshit guess worker (2)
This is a wierd fettish son of parnas (2)
First meta like language (think xml/css/lisp) Bot (0)
Wow son of parnas (2)
Couldn't search for C# Ricky (10)
Michael B statistics homework. Bot (1)
Women! sharkfish (14)
Cleansing garlic and lemon water Bot (15)
aw-ight, you anon people sharkfish (21)
Cool encryption algorithm Clay Dowling (3)
Asch's Conformity Experiment Colm (16)
New favorite reading genre: Addictions Bot (7)
Fate DF (37)
$100 a week on GROCERIES! sharkfish (40)
Tiger attack xampl (12)
Daddy's House is trying to dry up off-topic discussions Dot (14)
Lakota's do not secede from the Union SaveTheHubble (17)
Cool, One Laptop Per Child Might Work son of parnas (3)
I'm still an idiot, I don't get Monty Hall son of parnas (41)
When does the xmas tree come down? son of parnas (65)
Bhutto assasinated - Stephen, Peter your comment? anon (21)
Hey, I saw my name on a subject! Locutus of Borg (2)
Grrr, flaky hardware Clay Dowling (2)
Have you guys ever seen jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
How to swim jingalala jingalala ™ (19)
Does anyone know what I am talking about? man on the stair (4)
You have to appreciate the ingenuity man on the stair (2)
Ugh man on the stair (5)
In the end son of parnas (19)
I just sent a message to Joel about FruitShow... Wayne (17)
December 26th, 2007
dead as every night... Friday (3)
Media linux machine setup Bot (from media machine) (3)
This Is Your Life A Life Unexamined... (6)
main electrical switch of apartment just turned off Marvin (10)
ebay jerk sent product in the end Michael B (4)
How to create a gears of war like game with only 10 people. Bot (6)
This is a relief son of parnas (3)
Tell me there isn't something "just a little" special about gene Bot (13)
Repubs like to put minorities in cages son of parnas (3)
I'm probably going to lose my job before the new year is old muppet (112)
Subversion on Windows Ricky (6)
December 25th, 2007
"emotionally abandoned" sharkfish (12)
Clay's next monitor Aaron (8)
Interesting tech for 08? son of parnas (4)
Carl Sagan - Cosmos sharkfish (2)
Determined to get a Wii Bot (10)
stuff that people don't pirate much Mr. Blank (8)
CAGED sharkfish (3)
Any Big Hairy Audacious Goals for the new year? son of parnas (16)
fantastic christmas day was had by all chocolate sauce and ice cream (0)
Christmas in Vancouver Ward on a Treo 700p (2)
December 24th, 2007
Stardust Brown Coat (7)
I am really not 'getting' unit tests chocolate sauce and ice cream (14)
"Christmas is now about Jesus." chocolate sauce and ice cream (19)
Some assembly required xampl (1)
Sharky - sent you an email muppet (2)
Have you found Jesus? I have! Dan Denman (7)
So here it is... man on the stair (2)
Oh, for fuck's sake muppet Colm (13)
Time for my twice yearly cold Michael B (6)
All non-holiday related posts/replies will be deleted henceforth muppet (17)
Merry Christmas - Over and Out Tapiwa (6)
Woke up with code in my head Clay Dowling (15)
geek equivalents sharkfish (4)
I feel kinda Dan Denman (3)
December 23rd, 2007
I take back that thing about whitebread Michael B (3)
Stick to books recommended by Oprah and you'll do fine Friday (5)
Interesting idea Bot Berlin (Dallas) (4)
why does CoT get dead after 10pm Friday (6)
original code sharkfish (10)
Which one of you sharkfish (19)
Libertarians Colm (20)
If you ever write a triliogy son of parnas (7)
dammit Amazon! sharkfish (5)
xpath or regex? sharkfish (17)
Good heavens Ms. Yakamoto, You're BEAUTIFUL muppet (6)
deep cleaning sharkfish (7)
What's a good site to post your freelance essays on? Michael B (5)
Tim Russert kicks Ron Paul in the butt Bot Berlin (Houston) (10)
Credit card arbitraging Michael B (7)
This is a first son of parnas (2)
20 Year Anniversary Rick Tang (3)
December 22nd, 2007
loks like everybody got a date tonight Friday (3)
Vista I fucking hate that piece o crap (4)
Audacity Audacity Question Asker (3)
Where will you be on the new year's eve Marvin (6)
UPS. Grrrr. Armchair Grammarian (6)
Funny Response to Crunchies son of parnas (12)
Best Post on Reddit Evar DF (5)
Glasgow and cool bands Marvin (3)
managing my CoT flingoffs, or why eurobleh needs a rss feed blogwipe (4)
December 21st, 2007
2240lb of bugger trollop (7)
It's all been done before. sharkfish (3)
fingering my musical phallus sharkfish (7)
My Favorite Trek Episode son of parnas (17)
Work for a company that's not focussed Ward (6)
SciFi Fix, Blade Runner or Star Trek Bot Berlin (Houston) (28)
saw cirque du soleil last night hello. (8)
Thing 2 in hospital (again) for asthma blogwipe (8)
Potentially the most unintenntionally (?) hilarious brand name muppet (2)
Cheap Solar + Nice Plug-in = Beauty son of parnas (10)
RedHat cofounder's book, 'Giving it Away' LORB (27)
olpc heartsheep (9)
Fuck. muppet (6)
question for Tapiwa Dan Denman (5)
Lakota's Redux Tapiwa (18)
No Country for Old Men son of parnas (21)
Yet Another Reason California Should Leave the Union son of parnas (2)
Digesting food Michael B (2)
December 20th, 2007
MJ must make you stupid Brown Coat (28)
bandwidth efficient file synch arg! (9)
basketball anyone Friday (10)
There's two firetrucks, an ambulance, and wailing sounds... Michael B (15)
Family's tomato sauce recipe Michael B (10)
Will anyone start a normal,moderately interesting thread tonight Friday (10)
Question for married guys Dan Denman (14)
Stop it already. trollop (5)
QotD Marvin (0)
OMIGOD!  I know who Locutus is! blogwipe (5)
my theory about the "hello." character sharkfish (2)
Distraction from Work Clay Dowling (3)
See, perception matters Bot (6)
Those tricky Apple folks DF (1)
unsubscribe... UNSUBSCRIBE hello. (1)
bleh vs blah blogwipe (3)
OMIGOD! Im IN!  YAY EUROBLEH! blogwipe (13)
Now THAT'S music! SaveTheHubble (3)
Also, I really really miss African Parsley muppet (6)
Ive been thinking about it and... blogwipe (3)
In line with blogwipe's requests muppet (4)
ok, Ive emailed LoB, flash and tappy again about eurobleh blogwipe (6)
Euroblah invitations blogwipe (0)
paciblah special offer blogwipe (2)
Linux media center update Bot (2)
looking for pacific based CoTTers to start paciblah blogwipe (3)
The Worm in Apple's Core son of parnas (7)
Thing 1 just threw up on me. blogwipe (5)
ok, the bleh system apppears to be broken and/slow at the moment blogwipe (1)
Lakota's Tell the US to Stuff It son of parnas (32)
I like the Craigslist Guy son of parnas (10)
Glad I don't live there Clay Dowling (4)
dear tapiwa, blogwipe (0)
wSV for moderator! blogwipe (6)
EuroBlah invitations Tapiwa (29)
Passing it on JoC (9)
Wow Allan, chill on the deletes muppet (6)
Having a V8 and a sesame bagel with cream cheese muppet (7)
Okay A. Spammer (mots) (7)
Hey FlasherT Locutus of Borg (9)
band aid africa lyrics Friday (2)
Okay, I have decided the conspiracy theories are real sharkfish (18)
Rise of the Video Game sharkfish (25)
btw. I have two weeks off from now Friday (6)
what is meditation? heartsheep (7)
Homo holidays sharkfish (14)
Men are so gay Michael B (10)
December 19th, 2007
Please excuse my son Dan Denman's Mom (4)
I have to get up early sharkfish (2)
what to get the guys sharkfish (8)
I got my new guitar today sharkfish (14)
Watching Journeyman muppet (3)
Best Christmas Music Ward (2)
bedtime for zed zed (0)
@bot -- canned chicken? what? zed (11)
daughter is tucked in, back to Voyager muppet (7)
Im not sure which is most interesting... blogwipe (0)
eating Doritos muppet (8)
Twitter-Bot: Opening Crazy on Tap / Reddit / Refresh Bot (3)
Drinking a Pepsi and reading muppet (1)
TV or a book? tough call. zed (3)
Just took a dump muppet (10)
@muppet - would a post per twit be better? for the feed readers zed (0)
Hey Mister muppet (2)
Depressed? Mediate and Exercise son of parnas (9)
wSV - sent you a gmail muppet (9)
finding image storage on the web blogwipe (9)
Cheney celebrates War of 1812! Peter (7)
Just saw a "Ron Paul for President" sign. Ward on a Treo 700p (6)
New CoT feature: sthII vs SaveTheHubbleII blogwipe (9)
Clay, your website is really... blogwipe (5)
Colm is mad because sharkfish (26)
First Class Blondie Full name (2)
Nip/Tuck sharkfish (14)
Wow, looks like the election was stolen son of parnas (5)
Bringing a knife to a gun fight Clay Dowling (44)
rolling in it blogwipe (13)
made the doctor's appointment the great purple (14)
I am embarrassed to admit sharkfish (20)
Are your parents going to inherit you stuff Tapiwa (23)
Attention people of the internet muppet (11)
Someone please teach the Spears clan about birth control. son of parnas (25)
gross encounter sharkfish (1)
Greatest Loser son of parnas (15)
America's failed drug war son of parnas (7)
Hilton Head Island xampl (0)
I've got a sudden 1-on-1 meeting with my boss this morning muppet (30)
Got money? LORB (45)
A jury trial trollop (2)
Nobody missed me Mikael Bergkvist (4)
Grunters trollop (0)
muppet - absinthe cure for crohns blogwipe (3)
December 18th, 2007
not surprising to me fuck un-names (3)
Rich Hollywood types and hard drugs?  What is going on there Bot (26)
Just laying on your bed but not sleeping Philippe Prohm (8)
hehe Marvin (3)
isn't that a stalemate? rather than a loss Marvin (17)
bored Marvin (4)
so ... Blah is imploding? guess worker (18)
My first ebay con Michael B (18)
best COT post in a while think! (0)
Silly, phoney upper class names sharkfish (28)
soaking the rich won't feed me think! (22)
the rich pay for the US federal government think! (11)
Hear ye, hear ye! sharkfish (16)
the second war of 1812 basque (1)
Sometimes I shed a tear Patrick (9)
Aaron, Tapiwa Colm (8)
Why don't people skip commercials? son of parnas (8)
Good job, USN xampl (6)
COT disappeared MarkDAD (6)
The Disney Days count-down xampl (4)
What was that link? man on the stair (4)
I am noticeably cooler sharkfish (9)
You know it's time to look for a new job Full name (4)
Refried beans are only fried once sharkfish (14)
Hillary Haters, Isn't this a Good Idea? son of parnas (7)
JoS good thread on computer services business sharkfish (6)
Daddy's House is Temporarily Unavailable SaveTheHubble (6)
So Bot, are your parents sharkfish (62)
So Blah is in the process of imploding. sharkfish (18)
WoW xampl (5)
Please allow non character and number symbols in passwords. son of parnas (10)
Interesting presentation on terrorism son of parnas (2)
Why Bad Intelligence is Dangerous Clay Dowling (6)
Hotmail experts available? Practical Geezer (8)
so how is this possibly related to evolution in real life? blogwipe (4)
Giant rat found man on the stair (1)
Racing driver loses his driving licence man on the stair (6)
NKOTB Dan Denman (2)
Vanilla or Fruitshow Locutus of Borg (50)
The death of Blah Tapiwa (38)
the thing about the telco immunity... blogwipe (8)
nice overview of the subprime thing blogwipe (10)
Patti LaBelle's Choir Really Rocked son of parnas (2)
Is it offensive to call someone Dan Denman (4)
December 17th, 2007
Art is just romanticized hedonism. Michael B (11)
Some guy on Reddit The voice of reason (3)
This is a job for sharkfish Ward (6)
Slim pickins Full name (3)
give it away now buddy (2)
3.6% raise today zed (4)
How to improve information dissemination? Bot (6)
NJ abolishes the death penalty RIP Death penalty in NJ (5)
Creating new life forms in the lab Owner (4)
colm, tap, others. hello. (25)
Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr. xampl (0)
The real reason Google's Wikipedia Rip Off Will Fail son of parnas (18)
free rice algorithm change? ShyK (4)
More B00bies! man on the stair (3)
B00bies! man on the stair (2)
WTF Colm (2)
Cool, TV will follow the path of music son of parnas (2)
Now wouldn't this be something son of parnas (7)
Heh Colm (2)
Bunch of tools DF (11)
Is it gray or grey? Bad TOEFL (6)
December 16th, 2007
Goood moses Bot (20)
Who I'm voting for LORB (83)
income is not the utility function economista (6)
20th century murders killed many (2)
sad song or happy? (4)
JOS: so many stupid ideas meat product (0)
I need some design advice. blogwipe (7)
I Am Legend xampl (11)
Happy Kids JeabbedyBep (11)
good reason not to vote ron paul blogwipe (22)
What's your favorite beer? Brewing since 90's (22)
Reddit seems to be a main Ron Paul supporting hub Bot (3)
people are fickle politico (16)
are you stupid or just stupid on COT? CSI (17)
What should I cook for dinner next week? Michael B (20)
gmail -- opps No!!! (7)
More on urban sprawl xampl (8)
91% Michael B (3)
LinuxMCE, thinking about setting this up Bot (7)
why is this wrong? blogwipe (8)
GPA 4.0 Anon (12)
Totally pwned my statistics final Michael B (10)
December 15th, 2007
What are the arguments FOR fractional reserve banking? Michael B (13)
I propose to ban earring with diameter more than 1 cm Patrick (5)
Anne Hathaway vs Keira Knightley Patrick (16)
NYSE on Linux LORB (11)
ASP.NET validation controls xampl (1)
US: You can't be forced to hand over your password Colm (5)
Mass Effect better than Bioshock Bot (1)
Cool, she looks 40 something Bot (7)
traveler gfg (3)
Dan, what is the market price of high quality tang? Library Research (4)
dept. of kids these days newsbot (3)
December 14th, 2007
Twenty two muppet (13)
Extramarital sex muppet (12)
Phone tips for nerds Hating dating (2)
Recommend French or Italian movie please Philippe Prohm (15)
Success that I have to hide Clay Dowling (16)
Cold fusion: 17 years ago Ward (9)
Don't reply to spam... Ward (16)
Winter weather reminder CoT Security Department (6)
Premarital Sex Anon (29)
CoT can end world hunger JoC (10)
Urban sprawl xampl (8)
Sharky, need your opinion on something I just remembered muppet (14)
another thing. hello. (8)
I'm on the chopping block. hello. (21)
A particularly good pilot blog story Ward (6)
Sorry, SoP, I didnt know they were actually passing legislation Bot (6)
I never knew mice could be so damn loud Tom (10)
December 13th, 2007
Scam or truth? son of parnas (10)
Google, your public web application sucks, be gone Bot (3)
looks sleepy tonight Friday (6)
Car that gets 300 mpg xampl (10)
30 rock Friday (5)
Sometimes it helps to know what you are talking about Bot (6)
Flee! Flee! The giant ducks are coming! man on the stair (2)
customer recommended sharkfish (0)
okay I lol'd sharkfish (5)
can the USA exile citizens? hello. (27)
cockroaches are fucking strong mofo's heartsheep (23)
trying for a baby update the great purple (15)
Ever feel like this is life? son of parnas (3)
New accessory for your cat xampl (6)
I want a gender-neutral first name sharkfish (24)
Why You Should be Afraid son of parnas (12)
You never know when a woman is interested, do you? sharkfish (19)
If you really worked hard at it sharkfish (35)
Cafe standards voted down son of parnas (10)
I'm shocked.  Shocked, I tell you. sharkfish (9)
MSDN pricing xampl (10)
Lottery winner! JoC (10)
good, ajax php framework? blogwipe (4)
Quitting Coffee Yellow Roses (19)
Dear Bot blogwipe (23)
December 12th, 2007
Blah is not fun! Not going to Blah anymore (25)
Mew, mew, mew, ew... trollop (2)
Is email done?  95% of all email is spam... Wayne (24)
Muppet's problem is JoC (0)
$100 laptop looks pretty cool son of parnas (8)
Top-loading tumble washers ward (7)
How does the iPhone work in Europe? son of parnas (14)
SoP, Is this enough? JoC (3)
WTF?  Red-state mentality gone very wrong. Clay Dowling (64)
Bubble Boy, Mk.2 xampl (2)
we have slow elevators sharkfish (17)
What the fuck is muppet's problem? Ward (14)
so shark, everything still seeming trivial and simple to you? muppet (11)
Neat Toy Clay Dowling (0)
Sanitized Christmas JoC (23)
Pot. Says. Kettle. Black Tapiwa (101)
I'm tempted to buy one of these Scott (5)
Just face, we are all normal Bot (15)
December 11th, 2007
"I got her when she was 15" sharkfish (4)
new host name Bot (22)
Take the Christ out of Xmas LeftWingPharisee (6)
bash + unix utilities = greatest system ever created Bot (6)
Doesn't it suck that our media is bought and sold Bot (3)
Fraudulent expense reimbursement means xampl (4)
hi trollop or other aussie: peter garrett, what do you think? Patrick (3)
Your fave medicine for coughing, sore throat, and cold Patrick (17)
Sharky Schadenfreude (4)
Russian History Ward (6)
A must-have for muppet Clay Dowling (2)
here--get depressed in record time sharkfish (6)
Dane Cook __monty__ (8)
yeah, okay, RIAA sharkfish (18)
Wow, what a difference a fluent professor makes Michael B (5)
Why are Americans doing so well in the software industry? Bot (21)
Slade: my take Bluebeard (8)
Halliburton raping the taxpayer Peter (0)
How can the GOP still poll ahead on these issues? son of parnas (1)
Sharky muppet (4)
Interesting that japan is thinking ahead, with robotics Bot (22)
Another 80's icon gone xampl (0)
Here's What Faith Based Reasoning Gets You son of parnas (21)
Recommend Mario and Sonic Olympics for Wii SaveTheHubble (12)
as long as I don't post my own unique thoughts sharkfish (6)
don't you hate it when sharkfish (2)
We're sorry... Patrick (6)
Now that my hair is long enough to tie back I'm thinking muppet (19)
When I said that religious people would believe anything Colm (18)
It seems like ... Atheist (4)
For the record, about Dr.Freud The original Dr. Freud (5)
God Told Me He Didn't Believe in My Wife Old Testes Prophet (4)
Watched Rest of Tin Man son of parnas (7)
December 10th, 2007
if I had a front yard sharkfish (4)
Altoids are the bomb! Michael B (2)
For Muppet - Crohn's article No guts no glory (5)
for non-loofah users sharkfish (17)
Russian accent sharkfish (19)
Blue screen of death on octaneos Bot (4)
What's it all about sharkfish (26)
HD-DVD or BluRay? xampl (14)
All of you need a little wisdom from Bruce Lee. Bot (4)
Frustration, why real programmers shouldn't write software for.. Bot (23)
okay, this freaked me out sharkfish (13)
10 year old "agreed to sex" man on the stair (4)
moving Full name (20)
a Father "speaks for humans" sharkfish (2)
Michael Vick gets 23 months xampl (24)
Never understood syntax neurosis son of parnas (2)
Digital packrats xampl (2)
HO! HO! HO! Satan^H^H^Hnta (2)
Ouch! man on the stair (13)
Atheists and Christmas Ward (71)
December 9th, 2007
Hercules Police Teams Tic Tocs (9)
The Grinch got a wonderful awful idea! Ward (1)
Success rate at picking up strange men/women for sex Michael B (12)
History of Sex sharkfish (11)
Eureka, Shark muppet (3)
"Accidental Christmas" on LifeTime right NOW is must see muppet (10)
If I saw this guy in a bar sharkfish (8)
funny line on Family Guy sharkfish (3)
anti-gay scout leader turns out to be a pedophile sharkfish (13)
Bush: 1/4 Alexander the Great 3/4 Don Quixote son of parnas (4)
Crappy Thunderbird Can't Do More than One thing at Once son of parnas (3)
Non-belief in God, does not imply belief in science.. Wayne (50)
GOP son of parnas (7)
my wife just told me she believes in god wtf (133)
I like pie. rice eater (10)
return to disipline guess worker (5)
Give us this day, our daily cute. Peter (0)
Tom Jones in Mayweather vs Hatton fight Le Monde Jr (5)
don't let your kids go to the "vitamin store" sharkfish (23)
LOL Huckabee is Just the Nutty Base son of parnas (24)
If you break into a fireworks factory trollop (2)
Am I ever going to see your face again? trollop (1)
Is wii a good gift for a non gamer adult? son of parnas (6)
December 8th, 2007
This picture is begging for a caption Michael B (15)
I really don't get against the curve grading... Michael B (9)
Biscuit rap man on the stair (2)
Does the chinese food meme still exist? Ward (26)
Any web resources for statistics? Michael B (5)
Nive take on Romney's Hate Non Christians Speech son of parnas (9)
from usenet to wikipedia basque (3)
Slade man on the stair (6)
damn, she will be calling him back Lenny (7)
Programming is Hard, Let's Go Scripting... -Larry Wall Mes ami (2)
Candidate meetups, by the numbers Tic Tocs (2)
This can't be real xampl (3)
Random extemporaneous geeking out bon vivant (2)
NSFW (watch out) Tic Tocs (8)
It just occurred to me sharkfish (6)
Sharkfish, when I mentioned subjectiveness LORB (23)
Hot Sex arg! (3)
December 7th, 2007
Why did compusa fail? Bot (8)
you can't be stranger than this sharkfish (10)
Awkward moments Bot (14)
Rails 2 Aaron (5)
Thank you Dennis Kucinich sharkfish (11)
proof that porn corrupts sharkfish (15)
I would kick them out, right now Bot (11)
i love nerds sharkfish (11)
Great article on Paul and the people Bot (9)
I am done drinking Bot (14)
Heavy metal umlaut Ward (1)
I hung up on a customer today sharkfish (25)
Screw your Hummer Aaron (20)
Chaos theory and mall shootings, terrorism Bot (15)
Learning to be more direct Bot (7)
I'll Never Have Enough CPU Power son of parnas (11)
I'm thinking of moving to Columbia Serenity Now (6)
Top 400 Universities Mr. Blank (3)
The Golden Compass Ward (30)
What can I hang man on the stair (21)
December 6th, 2007
Sharky: Exercise induces depression-blocking gene son of parnas (9)
credit card Friday (13)
Vision of the future? bon vivant (7)
Congress: WiFi is now illegal Tic Tocs (11)
OMFG SHARK muppet (3)
I'm in love Colm (14)
3-way "marriages" curious and stumped (10)
There has to be a word for it. trollop (8)
Definitely Knives are Just as Dangerous as Guns son of parnas (31)
LORB-ing makes it way into the mainstream __monty__ (5)
Lightsabers are #1! The Mitoclorians (1)
101 Uses for sharkfish (1)
Get a virtual haircut __monty__ (2)
Favorite sexual position in Alabama? son of parnas (5)
Need some help with Open Source license stuff Kenny (9)
Mortgage interest rate freeze xampl (24)
I love this little ditty sharkfish (4)
Tin Man is pretty good son of parnas (3)
Kind of sadistic, watching users use failed software Bot (3)
How can Netflix Patent Their Stupid Envelope? son of parnas (9)
Remember the Jena 6? Lurk Machine (1)
it's time to go break some kneecaps sharkfish (10)
Buy a new car off the internet? son of parnas (7)
learning how to write in CS classes heartsheep (0)
Please, try my tool Clay Dowling (15)
Obama still not a muslim Tic Tocs (6)
December 5th, 2007
You think Obama can go up against Rudy? Bot (8)
Muppet, please settle an argument Curious (6)
Barnes & Noble could sell more books Brown Coat (14)
Better get into the web2.0 world and ride the chat train Bot (1)
Winter movie season xampl (10)
How efficient is erlang? Li-fan Chen (8)
Should have worn this to work today xampl (10)
Your Heros Yellow Roses (15)
Become the Lady you always wanted sharkfish (5)
things your girlfriend/wife won't let you buy sharkfish (10)
I am wearing sharkfish (9)
What should I eat today? Bot (11)
has beens . (9)
We are number 1, we are number 1. I mean 29 out of 57 Bot (10)
Bush's mouth piece is a republican Mary Poppins, they are screwe Bot (6)
Spice Girls Mr Blank (3)
You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded. Michael B (11)
Isra-Heil 0 Iran 1 Dan Denman (1)
I just got this stuff sharkfish (5)
how much money did you waste due to your own fault.. Mr Blank (11)
bin laden found sharkfish (1)
Sharkfish and I dropped the ball Bot (15)
How do you split out your code/http tests Bot (9)
Narcoleptic Bluebeard (0)
SaveTheHubble, you were right Bluebeard (9)
What the fuck? JoC (19)
Home Deadbolts DF (17)
How to develop sites for mobile devices? Bot (18)
work B.S. sharkfish (40)
Beautiful Litter Clay Dowling (6)
Iran and nuclear energy LORB (5)
Sharky muppet (14)
Darwin Award reggie perrin on the stair (1)
NAFTA superhighway Tic Tocs (9)
Taser Intl sending Cease & Desist letters to bloggers Tic Tocs (7)
On Condoleezza Rice el (12)
Are you self critical? Bot (10)
Narcissistic Ward (5)
getting back on topic hello. (5)
a non-fatal, happy version of the megan/lori drew thing hello. (15)
December 4th, 2007
Colm sharkfish (28)
gay bus driver sharkfish (14)
victoria's secret Friday (8)
I don't understand Colm (123)
Anti-life Brok (10)
Offshoring fun xampl (10)
Blah and my theory Blah my fucking ass (23)
I am dangerously Oren (10)
Girl Power Rules Baby Zebrafish With Tuberculosis (4)
So you CAN sue and beat a credit bureau sharkfish (1)
LP Records to MP3 xampl (12)
Wayne, another SQL question Bot (6)
JRuby jingalala jingalala ™ (24)
Darwin Award trollop (4)
What if paedophilia is caused by brain damage? son of parnas (7)
Norman Podhoretz is one fucked up jew Dan Denman (6)
new distraction sharkfish (6)
How to Make a Permanent Slave Underclass Without Chains son of parnas (13)
What foreign language should I take? Michael B (29)
Linux (ubuntu) question Yellow Roses (16)
could someone give me sharkfish (13)
Nothing like a good punch-line LORB (5)
US doesn't meet Int'l refugee agreemenent against torture Mongo (0)
Is Ron Paul still crazy or our government?  Departments and guns Bot (12)
Chimps beat humans in memory tests man on the stair (14)
Bush on Iran:  Breaking news LORB (29)
"I think I kinda want it" zuh (0)
Internet was already there before 1900 Waaiboom-Terneuk (10)
Godtube LORB (10)
December 3rd, 2007
Anyone Japan in the past (or present)? Friday (11)
Do any sites lampoon really, really bad web sites? Dot (6)
Anybody knowledge in queuing theory, understand blockbust effect Bot (20)
Charlotte Church ain't half bad sharkfish (6)
Total high all month sharkfish (17)
Let's argue about Rick Tang (21)
Feel off the wagon zed (21)
iran in iraq politico (15)
Going Gothic Full-time Tic Tocs (13)
Sudanese President Pardons Teacher 4:45 PM ET bs (7)
new snoop dogg video hello. (19)
Should have started drinking this morning Clay Dowling (4)
heh-heh sharkfish (9)
makes me want a Mac sharkfish (0)
Where's Denman? Bluebeard (1)
who thinks this is stupid? sharkfish (11)
Remember when sharkfish (34)
Muhammed, the Muslim Pig Michael B (6)
I'm killing your grand children with my lunch. Mountain_Dewd (8)
Outliers that make for conundrums sharkfish (18)
Love Billy Connolly son of parnas (1)
We Really Need to Start Space Travel son of parnas (20)
The Church is stuck in a loop (at least mine is). Mountain_Dewd (4)
Ever click on a ad? son of parnas (4)
Facebook scandal Tic Tocs (1)
The Flat-out Truth Bluebeard (14)
hmm, smells like.....conservative LORB (6)
is it just me, or is.. blogwipe (5)
Climate change conferences man on the stair (18)
Jesus Camp Bluebeard (11)
talking of psychic powers... blogwipe (10)
ok, genii, turn this into a game blogwipe (9)
Hobbies Are Rich in Psychic Rewards Mes ami (0)
to my Crazy CoT'ers sharkfish (5)
Hot Russian Girls Tic Tocs (10)
December 2nd, 2007
This is why video games are cool Bot (7)
The other six needed a special elastic belt and inflatable tunne Tic Tocs (4)
Looking at the history, 5 year span, 1989-1996 Bot (1)
Is cooking yeast supposed to stink? Ward (15)
People embarassed about being Philipino? sharkfish (26)
I might have just sent my neighbor to the hospital sharkfish (15)
I would consider myself, semi - asexual Bot (37)
ward, what is clover? guess worker (9)
insurance? please don't trust Stephen Jones (3)
is Mark a doctor? ex-BLAher (23)
Instant disgust sharkfish (11)
Sharkbait / sharkfish Ward (6)
A classic night last night muppet (4)
Challenge sharkfish (22)
REPOSTing DILDOing stupidity blogwipe (13)
animal cruelty? blogwipe (17)
the power of government subsidies blogwipe (7)
Housing market flash-back xampl (5)
SaveTheHubble Bluebeard (19)
peer1 fishman (0)
Interesting take on War on Terror and Iraq Bot (26)
hello trashed guitar hero on his blog gfg (2)
Republican official threatens to kill those supporting Ron Paul Tic Tocs (7)
Boy gang-raped in Dubai, then charged by police Tic Tocs (8)
Am I retarded?  I can't make sense of these questions. Michael B (18)
investing sites JOSer (2)
More boobs xampl (9)
Should Ectasy be legalized? Tic Tocs (35)
Where was Pasadena's Shotgun Joe when you needed him? LORB (28)
US states position: Extraordinary Rendition OK for minor crimes Tic Tocs (5)
You Know What Was Fun son of parnas (8)
This topic is archived. No further replies will be accepted. Rick Tang (8)
Austin cops tase smart black dude Tic Tocs (6)
discuss Friday (3)
December 1st, 2007
Would you go to weekly athiest group?  I would Bot (61)
6% of americans think immigration is important issue Tic Tocs (5)
Alabama church: Nazi uniforms no longer allowed in services Tic Tocs (9)
"Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen?" Tic Tocs (3)
The Pope was right about Iraq - did Catholics listen? Tic Tocs (4)
eating out sharkfish (5)
the post in which clay looses the chance to run for pres Dr. Freud (1)
Muhammed the Teddy Bear LORB (39)
Can there be free markets as long as the US is protectionist? sharkfish (36)
remember the biz of software Dr. Freud (1)
thinking about sex with beautiful people sharkfish (11)
Hotmail's spam filter LeftWingPharisee (1)
al qaeda kidnaps world's leading nuclear physicists Tic Tocs (0)
How do you bet against America? Michael B (11)
Today's workout xampl (1)
Death Penalty for minors - good idea or bad? Tic Tocs (6)
They want to ban sex from public Waaiboom-Terneuk (3)
google video guess worker (0)
Blasts from the past Ward (10)
Born Again Waaiboom-Terneuk (3)
I'm glad I don't have Comcast LORB (0)
lol.  Unix LORB (0)
Yeti prints found man on the stair (4)
Pets Yellow Roses (2)
I'm finished sharkfish (14)
Internet addiction causes depression? Is this you? (6)
Get real, Americans don't believe in the devil son of parnas (19)
too much? sharkfish (18)
true love on Most Evil sharkfish (26)
here we go counchdb (7)
a train goes ... crazy vid (2)
Mini storage xampl (9)
it is so f**king early Bot (6)
Looking Forward to Tin Man on Sunday son of parnas (2)
Flasher's inadequacy... man on the stair (6)
A belief in fate is the key to stress free life son of parnas (3)