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December 31st, 2005
Which is creepier? Philo (3 comments)
WTF???!!! Patriotism tests given to 5th graders? Mark Warner (20)
Eastern European Time - check! Flasher T (2)
Oh, that's it! Flasher T (3)
your brats will love this sharkfish (9)
Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 (20)
One bad thing Sathyaish Chakravarthy (0)
And the punchline for this week is.....!! Mark Warner (20)
Top 30 Flasher T Facts Flasher T (41)
Michael Pryor What was that? (2)
Understanding the fundamentals, next question Philo (8)
New Years Resolutions Mark Warner (8)
It's raining in NYC MarkTAW (19)
fall back argon (0)
In the robot world... Flasher T (8)
Plans for 2006? (21)
FYI Eric Debois (9)
Happy New Number ActivelyDisengaged (15)
Stalwarts or stewarts Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
A very happy.. KayJay (3)
Joke Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Typical Mat Hall (6)
Problem Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Happy new year! Jesus H Christ (16)
heh. sharkfish (21)
sharkfish Mark Warner (5)
The average employee spends 14 working days a year on MarkTAW (7)
Girl beats math geeks Philo (9)
Listening Test - Answers MarkTAW (3)
What would you use Lisp for? sharkfish (16)
December 30th, 2005
Rumor Has It Movie (all movie topics have spoilers) son of parnas (1)
coffee shop sharkfish (29)
Pendantry alert: Four Yorkshiremen and Monty Python Don Porges (10)
Hey Guys Jeff Barton (20)
I love the elitist twerps on the main forum Star Wars Kid (25)
What a pleasure sharkfish (12)
Humour Points Counting Brownies (10)
Dana you slacker Mark Warner (11)
Safari and AOLTemp (3)
Hiphop redux Flasher T (17)
How about a company who's marketing wasn't dishonest? (9)
FogBugz uses pointers Philo (25)
Only physics majors can go to the gym Philo (26)
Anyone seen Munich? Philo (2)
Sometimes I don't have a clue LinuxOrBust (2)
Phonetic analogy. Flasher T (14)
dynamic image map creation with irregular boundaries Mark Warner (28)
Obscure song lyrics. Flasher T (4)
my racially charged theory about fog creek. Retardo Montelbaum (8)
The Off Topic Listening Room Challenge MarkTAW (38)
US & ICANN hand control of the Internet to governments... a cynic writes... (11)
Do we have to suffer Joel's holiday snaps? Stephen Jones (10)
I thought Hip Hop wasn't dance music? sharkfish (25)
War of the Worlds (spoiler if you didn't know there's aliens...) Dennis Forbes (45)
I can't wait. MarkTAW (2)
December 29th, 2005
must read sharkfish (7)
...speaking of c#... Jesus H Christ (10)
Seinfeld MarkTAW (9)
Great Software Projects (19)
Great coders Philo (11)
Pryor hands Philo his ass (43)
damn, I wish that was my son. Jesus H Christ (12)
WSP = JSp? MarkTAW (2)
Speaking of bad movies... Philo (11)
Down Syndrome Cory Foy (24)
But in America sharkfish (37)
Four is certainly an odd number of arms for a man to have Cory Foy (3)
pick up lines at the airport help immediately. (23)
everyone is just one really bad day away from a psychotic break dinobot (10)
LOL!!! Mark Warner (19)
I should probably Google this... Mat Hall (2)
Love this headline Star Wars Kid (1)
Tomorrow's picture will be a lightbulb. Flasher T (2)
This week in music history Star Wars Kid (0)
^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Sathyaish Chakravarthy (15)
Hackers Symbol Sathyaish Chakravarthy (32)
Mothers by choice example (21)
the trouble with this forum these days.... Jesus H Christ (42)
Ohforf'sake... Flasher T (6)
i have tons of gray hair. oldster (64)
Most awesome word for the new year Star Wars Kid (2)
Ripping your Music Dennis Forbes (26)
Most Kick-Ass Fictional Character Vlad Tepes (50)
How come every singer on American Idol Philo (12)
God God (4)
My, we're some chatty bitchez 2-day Star Wars Kid (14)
Why do elephants go for the wrong cardboard cutouts? Evil, PhD (15)
The culture war continues.. Misanthrope (12)
There's no 'i' in Teamocil Star Wars Kid (1)
Violence in Toronto ,..., (25)
Paddington Station Evil, PhD (40)
How many morons does it take to change a lightbulb? MarkTAW (6)
So much for that theory... a cynic writes... (8)
Search Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
Happy Fish!! Mark Warner (7)
Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon Flasher T (1)
Bullshit MarkTAW (9)
MS antispyware Flasher T (3)
Sexual positions... Erik (5)
Mark Warner is God... Almost H. Anonymous (1)
My new insult for the new year my botty hurts (0)
God Jesus H Christ (3)
December 28th, 2005
Star Wars Kid God (5)
God Star Wars Kid (5)
Mark Warner God (0)
So Philo Mark Warner (0)
MarkTAW Mark Warner (4)
Extreme individualism. Numbing of minds. -- Take 2 Tayssir John Gabbour (12)
Congrats (1)
Iraq not trusted to run their own jails Jesus H Christ (3)
I am in love with Elyse Sewell Star Wars Kid (11)
irreconcilable differences. mug (16)
This is your mess, Mr. Warner Star Wars Kid (10)
So says Thundercunt (1)
new bush reading list Jesus H Christ (6)
the sysadmin Thundercunt (10)
escort service Pimpelicious (5)
All about the Hamiltons baby Phil (4)
faith and logic pashmeh kos (36)
Bruce Springsteen Dan Denman (2)
?off survival kit Jesus H Christ (66)
Book/Movie Idea? Phil (2)
Tidbits Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
ROFLM(fat)AO(loud) Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
Numbered, heirarchical content & TOC in Microsoft Word Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
XMLHttpRequest for dummies Mark Warner (9)
I'm bored dinobot (15)
I just escaped a Terror Attack + One Investment Question Anon of Course. (11)
The height of enabling Mark Warner (17)
My new insult for the new year Mark Warner (33)
Dear World Mark Warner (3)
On my way to India India bound :( (8)
5.19 inches! Flasher T (9)
When I start an anonymous insider blog... MarkTAW (10)
Ouch, Dennis Mark Warner (16)
?Off wormholes KayJay (29)
Why do women go for the "wrong" men.. A random girl... (49)
The poor are not lazy Jesus H Christ (93)
How do you recognise a Web 2.0 website? KayJay (1)
Let me have a turn with the cattle prod, Ma. Jesus H Christ (4)
<?PHP question ?> MarkTAW (8)
Do you ask first or figure it out on your own? Not Berlin (3)
America needs to get over itself MarkTAW (7)
December 27th, 2005
How long until someone gets it right? MarkTAW (1)
What would a military coup in the US be like? Pros and cons? Burnt wick (16)
What are the underlying problems? MarkTAW (33)
Hell MarkTAW (2)
Forum source code in ASP/SQL QADude II (5)
Solving the income problem Philo (36)
Communism proven to be more efficient at allocating resources QuicherBichin (14)
laugh at Clinton and Bush Dinobot (0)
I Love John Stossel QuicherBichin (17)
NSA Spied on U.N. Diplomats in Push for Invasion of Iraq (5)
How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days. MarkTAW (3)
american class mobility really, really bad. Jesus H Christ (98)
Anyone into cycling? Phil (6)
religion vs. science at the cafe starkfist (of reality) (31)
Insurance sucks. Flasher T (4)
my girlfriend's gay friend situation makes me uncomfortable. starkfist (of reality) (54)
Anyone into anime: a must see just for sheer strangeness alone Mark Warner (9)
Philosophy or Religion? Phil (46)
hehe Mark Warner (2)
All right people it's two days past the holiday Mark Warner (15)
So wait, the chorus for "So this is Christmas"... Mark Warner (0)
So how's Secret Santa going? Flasher T (10)
That was awesome Mark Warner (7)
Sand MarkTAW (5)
I hate John Stossel MarkTAW (10)
fill "in" or fill "out" Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
Chocolates. Why? Flasher T (8)
Kerry Packer. An anecdote. KayJay (2)
Books based on movies. (Memoirs of a Geisha, spoilers) MarkTAW (8)
December 26th, 2005
Why is a $100 computer a big deal? MarkTAW (30)
laptop to ebook reader hack? sharkfish (9)
HDMI doesn't carry 5.1 audio? WTF? Philo (4)
How did I miss this!!?? sharkfish (5)
Jack of Poker? Where are you? Dan (4)
The Little Red Hen - the modern version example (14)
actual pics of the $100 'puter sharkfish (17)
IRC. Dammit sharkfish (14)
Apples & Oranges Flasher T (11)
Jocks vs. Geeks into adulthood Philo (35)
Quite a few liberals here. How many of you.. KayJay (31)
A good business model example: Netflix Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
I = (i0) X (M ^ 3/4) X (e ^ (&#8211;E/kT)) = 42? KayJay (6)
Festivus Airing of UI Grievances for ?off Not Berlin (5)
December 25th, 2005
Worship me!... Mephistopheles (1)
Kill Bill Vol 2 (spoilers) Philo (1)
?Off Best of 2005 MarkTAW (5)
TV and God sharkfish (14)
??? 2 MarkTAW (12)
December 24th, 2005
I wish you ... PNII (9)
Math whizzes: please assist sharkfish (24)
Top 50 Gadgets sharkfish (6)
Okay, I'm impressed Philo (0)
How can this be possible? Another Poster... (13)
Minor note on holiday season Tayssir John Gabbour (3)
Kids/Math but no Kids/Science? KayJay (1)
King William College General Knowledge Paper KayJay (4)
December 23rd, 2005
yet another girlfriend story... (moral: don't be honest?) Roast Beef (23)
LMFAO Mark Warner (8)
Utter Shite (4)
Stupid Constitution Philo (1)
Breakthrough of the Year 2005 Rick Tang (6)
Google really is going to be our overlord sharkfish (3)
har har to your freedoms in ohio son of parnas (12)
noisy chewer Dana (17)
Seasons Greetings, Mazel Tov Simon Lucy (11)
Three Microsoft engineers and three Apple employees... Ho Ho Ho (5)
Why things need to be more expensive. Phil (18)
You know, when it comes down to it, don't we all want Mark Warner (36)
blog chris Chris McKinstry (11)
Brand conscious? example (40)
Broken, dessicated horse corpse for sale Mark Warner (15)
Finally, the SPAM I've been waiting for all my life!!! Mark Warner (2)
What a fuck off day this is Mark Warner (16)
Just for Clarity: KC (19)
DNA explained, by a Unix programmer KayJay (1)
December 22nd, 2005
Well, I've been talking about it long enough: An Anonymous Forum MarkTAW (17)
...interesting chilling effect on military contractors... Jesus H Christ (0)
Imagine... hoser (5)
John Haren moments (JOB) Not Berlin (5)
More Awesomeness MarkTAW (2)
Coding While Drunk son of parnas (27)
Ok, what's a 'cut'? Rick Tang (12)
Almost as bad as "niggardly" Philo (6)
for a wank? (NSFW) (6)
Happy Holidays ya'll Cory Foy (0)
I went to Starbucks today Mark Warner (18)
Holy crap I'm regular again Mark Warner (13)
Seasonal torture stories Simon Lucy (2)
Our Host - When did you realize- Regular (45)
Oh yeah, things are going GREAT in Iraq... John Haren (7)
Bush loves his country! John Haren (0)
Damn, even the southern baptists are dissin' bushie John Haren (66)
How on earth is marriage 'threatened' by gays? John Haren (55)
Emails I hate Philo (18)
Simon Lucy, do you remmeber this? Chris McKinstry (15)
The next addition to the Bionic Office Flasher T (34)
Don't drive next to a stolen car, the police will arrest you. Chooser (8)
pot calls kettle black. kettle responds in kind Jesus H Christ (6)
December 21st, 2005
??? MarkTAW (22)
OMG - I can't believe nobody was killed Philo (2)
books Walter Mitty (25)
Meat fest sharkfish (21)
Living your life sharkfish (28)
Why did you get married? Not Berlin (50)
group sex Walter Mitty (15)
Blacklists and fake job ads Burnt wick (10)
ok, the Windows v. Linux thing is getting STUPID sharkfish (7)
The Department of Labor is all over my shit Mark Warner (5)
dictatorshipz John Haren (1)
bush beaten Jesus H Christ (6)
New moons around Pluto Philo (19)
A bit sunnier than it was last month (4)
"Blog sex" Chris McKinstry (6)
saddam beaten by US Jesus H Christ (26)
Federal pro-marriage program Philo (34)
unf unf unf Mark Warner (22)
Dennis on Digg sharkfish (12)
Double dare Chris McKinstry (29)
How do I break a lease? Watchdog barking. Do he bite? (22)
What will it take to stop Dubya? Dana (60)
OOOH don't criticize the bug tracking industry on the main forum Mark Warner (27)
In retrospect, lighting the match was probably my first mistake Mark Warner (6)
I probably shouldn't spoil the fun Mark Warner (8)
Warner is always first... Chris McKinstry (14)
how do I rent a decent apartment with bad credit? hopefully not doomed (9)
Is it still a capella when Philo (11)
December 20th, 2005
how many people... Planet Funk (10)
Abortion == murder? Ward Bush (49)
Awesomeness. MarkTAW (14)
Dawkins or Gould? Thirsty None Given (14)
Capital Punishment = Murder? (69)
The shame democrats must feel sysadmin (14)
Top 30 things Cory Foy can do with 180 excess stamps. MarkTAW (9)
Jubilation Dover ID Simon Lucy (9)
OCW finder sharkfish (8)
A gift for the man who's got everything Mark Warner (16)
Temporary Measures... a cynic writes... (6)
Not that anyone probably gives a damn... Mat Hall (6)
A valuable lesson about USPS Stamps Cory Foy (26)
The downside of internet dating example (15)
You can't impeach Bush John Haren (29)
You've got to be brain damaged Mark Warner (44)
I'm taking my ball back! (52)
Marriage at Empire State Building (2) Tying the knot (13)
Strike! MarkTAW (16)
The chronic, what? MarkTAW (9)
December 19th, 2005
Question about web-based forms with drop-down lists Alex Chernavsky (14)
So I Finally did something about it... Cory Foy (25)
Time to impeach Bush Philo (51)
Two years ago, you'd have sworn this was a parody Colm O'Connor (2)
Evolution on-going... a cynic writes... (16)
What happened to Dan Denman? QuicherBichin (13)
Damn. Flasher T (3)
For the sake of this forum Rick Tang (23)
BEWARE. I LIVE. Mark Warner (15)
You may get wiretapped Rick Tang (16)
Who is your daddy Mark Warner (15)
Good news: fewer women in tech sharkfish (67)
This is a sufficiently geeky bunch to maybe answer this Mark Warner (20)
This guy is a piece of work Mark Warner (25)
DELETED DELETED Mark Warner (26)
Apparently Sheep Are Explosive Mark Warner (6)
If Sathyaish is "in" for Secret Santa Mark Warner (36)
Crazy Asian Lady Mark Warner (26)
Car of my dreams. Flasher T (54)
XP vs. Agile Development Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
December 18th, 2005
uggh. awful girlfriend. frazzled (40)
I've been writing software since... ,..., (121)
So it's been almost 6 months since I added a simple text field Mark Warner (5)
Crab Nebula Eric Debois (8)
Eggnog recipe hoser (48)
Dear MarkTAW, Mark Warner (6)
I love the Internet Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Web Form Bot Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
Powers Of Ten Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
A rant: just because you're paranoid... Living in a dippy fucked up provincial midwest city (15)
What's the difference between US and British comedy? Tayssir John Gabbour (39)
Wow MarkTAW (15)
guides to college admissions/finances (2)
December 17th, 2005
JoSoSSA (JoS ?off Secret Santa Assignees) Cory Foy (14)
Burst pipe example (4)
Why would this be a breach of national security? Cory Foy (20)
dating ideas complete loser (13)
im trapped... Dan (7)
is boredom and fear of the same a good reason to join the navy whoops (11)
Sponsored Links MarkTAW (2)
In light of the apparent "Merry Christmas" vs "Happy Holidays" Mark Warner (27)
Cable madness Philo [MSFT] (8)
Penguin ate my train Simon Lucy (1)
Two Questions Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Book Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Networked Attached USB/Firewire (8)
What will it take, MARI (43)
December 16th, 2005
Asian cinema: Old boy Not Berlin (13)
Just saw Apprentice final LinuxOrBust (7)
Further to last week's loose stool water... a cynic writes... (0)
Does this seem unreasonable to you? MarkTAW (29)
The Prisoner. *klik* *klik*. Tayssir John Gabbour (12)
"stop putting the safety of the American people above politics" Jesus H Christ (14)
What, exactly, is the rationale for deleting my 'small penis' Mark Warner (7)
What does the Apprentice reaction say about people? Philo (26)
Nice Smiley Peter M&#9786;nss&#9786;n (1)
Web Developers are more prevalent than the healthy max? Thunar (8)
Surfing in the bath. Dr Ducky (5)
The terrorists have already won ANY BREAKFAST BAGEL SANDWICH at Mark Warner (8)
I've been banned from commenting on that parking attendant blog Mark Warner (8)
Click Fraud? Mick (17)
Stupid movie concepts # 150 MarkTAW (5)
We should get this for Mark Warner for Christmas. MarkTAW (12)
Bloomberg: Walk to work. MarkTAW (15)
Power Outage Ryan (4)
for all the perceived hype ruby on rails is receiving... cosmic tones for mental therapy (17)
December 15th, 2005
holiday blues cosmic tones for mental therapy (2)
The "Apprentice", not the "Apprentii" sharkfish (66)
Is Mars always Rick Tang (11)
Interesting Mark Warner (10)
The 'Religion of Peace' in Australia... QuicherBichin (16)
Regarding Podcasts Just Mohit (14)
A year too late, but hey... Colm O'Connor (1)
Is it disturbing when the phishers have your home address? MarkTAW (18)
p2p and spyware John Beluchi (2)
Someone needs to stop giving this guy money Philo (10)
Why can't (legal) non-citizens vote? Philip (30)
Philo, are you in India? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
MSRBOT? Mark Warner (8)
In case you've been agonizing this past year or so Mark Warner (30)
All right folks it's 8:32 and no one has posted a damn thing Mark Warner (35)
December 14th, 2005
Inexcusable business behavior Philo (49)
Barcode Flashbacks KC (0)
Anyone got any bright ideas? Mat Hall (6)
Band of the month, named for the month, or revolutionaries or... Simon Lucy (5)
No bugs between 10am and 12:20 tomorrow Simon Lucy (9)
Joe Bloggs Steamrolla (3)
Help Dennis - SQL Query Joel Coehoorn (16)
This is great Mark Warner (6)
Sending money internationally in a Christmas card... Mark Warner (36)
JoS pics sharkfish (79)
Saturday I'm going to an allergist Mark Warner (18)
*drool* Mat Hall (10)
Suvivorman Phil (2)
1 degree Farenheit this morning Mark Warner (16)
Flash-based CMS and pretty ladies redux Mat Hall (10)
December 13th, 2005
?off Secret Santa! Cory Foy (8)
Saw Troy Philo [MSFT] (27)
dodge a bullet sharkfish (10)
I want to throttle... Ian Boys (11)
Another ethical question (9)
Does this remind you of SharkFish? QuicherBichin (14)
C++, are arrays zeroed on creation? Eric Debois (19)
?Off Secret Santa? Cory Foy (32)
This is freaking beautiful Mark Warner (14)
American hegemony is getting infectious. KayJay (4)
my boss is a dick . (13)
Does anyone else's Gmail suck today? Phil (6)
realistic CGI sharkfish (8)
Where metaphors go to die... Flasher T (13)
I've bought a gun. Flasher T (9)
It is 14F outside Mark Warner (39)
As a telewest customer... a cynic writes... (3)
So, after a well-packed sledding hill has sat in the sun Mark Warner (9)
Harold Pinter's acceptance speech. nickelplate (17)
Death by caffeine Flasher T (2)
quitting smoking hi (14)
December 12th, 2005
Stealth XMas greeting sharkfish (10)
NBA dress code sharkfish (24)
OBD Diagnostic Tools (ie, the Check Engine light) Jason (5)
Credit card companies that don't suck SomeBody (24)
Arnie, you tit! Mat Hall (108)
What _isn't_ a crappy job? sharkfish (19)
Is it a bad sign Cory Foy (10)
Moral Dilemma Dennis Forbes (25)
Bad Poetry. Make your own. e.e.cummings (3)
hehe Mark W (3)
Dear Abby slava (2)
Music Major (Redux) MarkTAW (4)
Oh noes! Mat Hall (2)
Oh man I want one for Christmas Mark Warner (6)
I posted a comment on some random dude's blog Mark Warner (21)
Management sucks Dana (57)
Goddam Ruskies Stole our Pole Chooser (4)
Twanking at t'weekend Simon Lucy (14)
Ow, my balls Mark Warner (12)
Got kids? I just found this software for them... Burnt wick (7)
December 11th, 2005
This is the coolest program I've seen in a long time. MarkTAW (10)
Music while working, a distraction? Not Berlin (12)
I hate winter MarkTAW (18)
Got kids? Wanna read something sane on education? Tayssir John Gabbour (10)
What should I do in January? MarkTAW (39)
MarkTaw - world famous procrastinator (in New Zealand) Jesus H Christ (23)
December 10th, 2005
Best Bouncing Car Songs? "The Next Stop Is The Eastside Motel" (13)
Cocoa on Windows Ogami Itto (14)
I want it. Phil (6)
The next great Christmas movie Flasher T (1)
The great one is gone sharkfish (9)
What do you think of Poe's words on how to write stuff? Tayssir John Gabbour (4)
Sachin, a true genius. KayJay (4)
December 9th, 2005
Shadows working on all windows! Alex (6)
Getting Caught Trolling ,..., (6)
Why Little Johnny Can't Read...To Busy with Diversity Literature QuicherBichin (22)
Simple idea, make money Not Berlin (3)
You know you're a redneck if... example (8)
Just over 10 inches of snow outside Mark Warner (5)
huhuuhuhuhuhuuhhuhuh FIRE! FIRE! Mark Warner (10)
The DaVinci Code has just been described on the BBC as... a cynic writes... (19)
Moronic Request bionicroach (17)
C# curious george (8)
Letting go of God Philo (71)
Sony Ericsson Dan (9)
On Broadway... thinker (8)
The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire Flasher T (4)
Little White Lie Anonymous and feeling put upon (16)
MSN Search is my bitch Flasher T (2)
well that SUCKED Mark Warner (17)
Pooh franchise? (Not what you might be fearing.) (12)
Pearls Before Swine Phil (0)
Outsourcing gaming - "Ogre to Slay? Outsource It to Chinese" Arigato (3)
Is this sign still up? KayJay (3)
December 8th, 2005
my girlfriend keeps saying that I am going to dump her... hmm (16)
Best Fortune Cookie Ever MarkTAW (7)
I HAVE MADE FIRE Mark Warner (37)
Best massage? anon (5)
Coding music some guy (8)
USA Patriot Act extended example (9)
SMS fun Flasher T (15)
Fscking Moderation on the Main Boards! John Topley (9)
Top 30 Absurdist Thursday Facts MarkTAW (26)
6-14" of snow predicted tonight Mark Warner (18)
Israeli referendum? Phil (21)
Well, I'm working on one of my new projects as Technical Lead Mark Warner (20)
Maybe I can make a living as a magazine columnist Mark Warner (17)
Cat walking example (16)
Another FogBugz bug Mat Hall (37)
Debate team CAGEMATCH! Two go in -- one man leaves! Tayssir John Gabbour (7)
Iran plane crash (9)
Torturous decision Simon Lucy (5)
What's that on the sidebar? KayJay (22)
December 7th, 2005
Done with beer. Opting for liquor Not Berlin (19)
State trooper or panhandler? example (39)
Are we firefighters? Kenny (8)
Eastern Epilogue I am Jack's Singapore supposition (6)
This forum changed I am Jack's trailing tears (15)
Math refeshers Stephen Caldwell (41)
Critics assault KU Professor Misanthrope (16)
Suggested reading list Ritesh Mangal (10)
Coffee puts me to sleep KayJay (19)
people keep telling me I look like vince vaughn not vince vaughn (26)
The Clapper MarkTAW (17)
December 6th, 2005
Gold Dan Denman (85)
Intellectual Property Dreemi (14)
errr.. Mark Warner (4)
Math Guys, Explain Something Please I am Jack's shuffle shock (41)
Polyphasic sleep? mostly-not-groggy (13)
Conservative Group Calls Off Boycott of Ford Dana (16)
dashslot (26)
December 5th, 2005
Sex and the Startup example (9)
Help for rus nonsmoker Alexey (23)
Medical ethics? sharkfish (13)
PReP hardware? example (1)
Venezuela Phil (39)
December 4th, 2005
The woods outside my windows are absolutely beautiful Mark Warner (16)
Why am I not a music major? MarkTAW (23)
side project: forum software starkfist (of reality) (5)
Random pictures of the messy quasi-moved-in house Mark Warner (39)
MarkT Dan (1)
What is your TV watching time at? Not Berlin (24)
Job quit sharkfish (30)
December 3rd, 2005
A Mac question Mat Hall (13)
WHAT. XP lets you have drop shadows on ALL windows some guy (4)
Video games vs "real" art sharkfish (18)
Can you believe a judge sided with Starbuck's on this? LinuxOrBust (46)
Teaching evolution: not for the bellicose Misanthrope (8)
December 2nd, 2005
Joke YAA (Yet Another Anon) (1)
how frickin big is the Mr. Mark T A W (mobile) (5)
my girlfriend's laptop is hosed. (8)
Oprah and Dave... You're beautiful, you're beautiful, it's true (3)
how much fighting is unhealthy? (27)
why do people from the UK say "maths?" (44)
A ponderance... Stephen Caldwell (6)
An important announcement Mark Warner (11)
I want analog back sharkfish (38)
New job for you muppet (9)
Believe System Selector MarkTAW (18)
I want one of these for Christmas Mark Warner (23)
San Diego - Idaho-by-the-Sea Sassy (31)
All right I realize I'm in the minority here Mark Warner (25)
The Apprentice Dennis Forbes (15)
Now I've heard everything Dana (18)
MarkTAW, WTF? Mark Warner (4)
Discrimination People Should be Happy About: KC (31)
OK I'm confused by this Mark Warner (96)
Qwest Not Aaron F Stanton (2)
All right well it's 20 past 8 in the morning Mark Warner (9)
It's been four hours now and... MarkTAW (31)
So when will George Bush pull out of Iraq? LP (5)
Can I combine SATA and IDE drives in the same machine Mark Warner (10)
my f*cking Windows machine tanked this morning Mark Warner (36)
Theory of American names Andy (34)
December 1st, 2005
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