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November 30th, 2016
Thanksgiving kidnap mom was tortured by those Hispanics Regular Poster (5 comments)
How to Hide $400M Bob Baden (10)
This guy ated all the meaty hamburgers and still live to old age WildRiver (7)
What kind of meat that you don't like to eat? WildRiver (19)
Why are most human activities on this earth is about consumption WildRiver (8)
Is this stuff overrated? WildRiver (3)
Why is Firefox such a piece of crap lately? Legion (11)
Did people become stupid like the security truck driver in President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Eskimo Lotti Fuehrscheim (15)
Why did people voted for Jill Stein? President of WildRiver fan club (11)
Music playing in head TricksyWankerman (9)
Let do a sex survey. How often do you have it? President of WildRiver fan club (9)
HoyZa, look at Tyson chicken stock if you believe they will do President of WildRiver fan club (10)
San Francisco? Isn't that the capital of geekdom? I guess President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Great eyewitnesses in Keith Scott case, huh? Legion (17)
I knew pot smokers are stupid for some reason...now I know why. President of WildRiver fan club (3)
We only have one life to live. How do you feel about it? President of WildRiver fan club (17)
How does Synology NAS can be a VPN server at home? President of WildRiver fan club (18)
How did that Columbian airplane run out of gas? President of WildRiver fan club (19)
Ghetto car wash brawl to start the day NPR (18)
OSU guy was aligned with ISIS Regular Poster (6)
Accuracy of plots in films TricksyWankerman (7)
Functional programming and reality Trog (29)
Shrooms for insomnia TricksyWankerman (6)
November 29th, 2016
Honey, I shrunk Belgium! , Cup (2)
What gave you the hottest shit you've ever taken? Ralph (4)
What is the hottest chili pepper you have eaten? WildRiver (4)
Brown rice, white rice, and fried rice; which one do you prefer? WildRiver (10)
Carrier Reaches Deal With Trump One Programmer's Opinion (13)
Guaranteed income Ralph (13)
If ice age isn't bad, why would global warming be bad? President of WildRiver fan club (16)
Happy Tuesday! Save by the bell. President of WildRiver fan club (2)
I want to name my cat Grumpy but I am afraid he will get too President of WildRiver fan club (5)
This is a weak person! A job is just a job. It isn't worth President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Software architect - a career question The Binder (15)
Oldest living person shares longtivity secrets President of the Brice Fan Club (17)
Casey Neistat Ralph (2)
Is Assange still alive? TricksyWankerman (8)
Ewww... TricksyWankerman (3)
A nice exercise in logic/philosophy TricksyWankerman (16)
Climate change Bluebeard (9)
November 28th, 2016
for Hubble Regular Poster (0)
No Petraeus or Romney please! Prez Trump needs to stay away from WildRiver (17)
Is IMDB rating rigged?  Re: Arrival Legion (6)
Happy Monday to RP! Go Trump! WildRiver (7)
Michigan officially reported result that Trump won! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Recount In Wisconsin SaveTheHubble (4)
How can I buy US stamps in the UK? GrumpyOldMan (9)
Trump damaging logic as well as truth SaveTheHubble (7)
Prepaid credit card for traveling. Have you used one? President of WildRiver fan club (17)
Legion Wabi-sabi (3)
Update on the Portolan Map Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
PizzaGate TricksyWankerman (18)
Stay in queue Io (2)
So no one on here can give me a stock tip like this: President of WildRiver fan club (14)
Active shooter at Ohio State NPR (41)
Sidebar: Do we really want 'piss' there? SaveTheHubble (5)
Inclusivity in tech has its limits Grumpy Old Man (10)
Masterpiece Ralph (1)
Kanye for President TricksyWankerman (2)
Gab NPR (23)
Fatal gambit Grumpy Old Man (3)
Medicine as exact science Io (4)
Financial professionals discuss climate change Grumpy Old Man (5)
Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 10.1 fucks your battery life TricksyWankerman (1)
Westworld allegory TricksyWankerman (6)
UK pensioners doing well (relatively) TricksyWankerman (8)
Gaming Laptop Tickle me (15)
November 27th, 2016
Schools giving children IQ tests X (25)
FSK: how's Q/kdb working for you? Bob Baden (10)
Why Isn't CoT On The "Fake News" Banned Websites List? FSK (6)
Reply All Bob Baden (0)
4000 millionaires in 1900 Bob Baden (2)
cool interview with a fake news entrepreneur Bob Baden (8)
Trump is claiming to have won popular vote if illegals excluded TricksyWankerman (8)
Jill Stein Conspiracy The Truth (7)
Nice to see Rosie O'Donnell is still has anger issues The Truth (12)
Tonight in beer brone (9)
That came out wrong Bob Baden (3)
Riot Police shots fired Minneapolis Bob Baden (9)
Wah!  BBC America isn't accepting logins SaveTheHubble (5)
What passed for social policy in the end of XIXth century GrumpyOldMan (7)
where is your presence, online or offline? OyOyOy (1)
HN: rate your job 1-10 Bob Baden (9)
Is healthy food a luxury product? High sugar fruits! Bob Baden (6)
hacking vs gang rape Regular Poster (6)
How Clinton Won Virginia Regular Poster (11)
Good Article on Clintons in Haiti Insights Galore (4)
Side projects and employers Io (13)
Good info on Fake News sites PaveTheStubble (14)
November 26th, 2016
hillary is going for a recount Oyoyoy (9)
Actor Ron Glass (Barney Miller, Firefly) Bit It Bored Bystander (5)
crazy italian plan Regular Poster (9)
Merkel folds under pressure TricksyWankerman (2)
Black Friday Gun Sales! DeniseX (2)
1 cal of "home cooked" vs 1 cal of "processed" Wabi-sabi (28)
Practical stuff - have you bought one lately? WildRiver (6)
Grumpy, do you have any stocks tip for short term trading? WildRiver (13)
NYPD rope rescue-- first since 2011 Bob Baden (0)
Global Soil: 100 harvests left Bluebeard (27)
Sarky HN jerk Bob Baden (4)
Lou Reed's lyrics from a long time ago Bluebeard (10)
Brazilian wax salons in Scotland are gonna clause GrumpyOldMan (10)
TV - Mars mini series TricksyWankerman (16)
Wells Fargo move for arbitration TricksyWankerman (22)
Donald Frump - wallbuilder. trollop (0)
Fidel Castro dead! Go get 'em Donald! (9)
November 25th, 2016
Two families for Thanksgiving Wabi-sabi (31)
What happened to eek? I miss that guy. WildRiver (8)
White power supermom kidnapped Ralph (13)
Bush & Obama advise electors to reject Trump Regular Poster (5)
get straight or get out Your Boss (14)
Any hot tech areas without a bunch of "me too" types? Go get 'em Donald! (16)
Students told of extra credit for attending anti-Trump protest TricksyWankerman (5)
How's that EU working out? Common Sense & Science (9)
Sr/Lead Programmer Interviews Chance (21)
Happy Black Friday! WildRiver (0)
Happy Friday! WildRiver (1)
Yike! cancer drugs are needed world wide. WildRiver (4)
Another expression Io (10)
Interviews today Io (12)
Theranos lawyer bails TricksyWankerman (2)
November 24th, 2016
What happened in France tonight? WildRiver (9)
Personal Cloud Storage NWO still as Big as Evah! (12)
Steve Bannon Bluebeard (5)
Personal data for more than 130,000 sailors hacked: U.S. Navy Bob Baden (3)
Opening champagne in style Grumpy Old Man (2)
The single stupidest CoT insult ?cot who you are (1)
Holy fuck Grumpy Old Man (9)
"Dot" thread nuked? Ruseman (25)
Mars lander crash caused by software TricksyWankerman (4)
We Tracked Down a Fake-News Creator Markowitch (5)
November 23rd, 2016
Stein trying to raise money for recount TricksyWankerman (25)
Trump appoints women TricksyWankerman (7)
reddit ceo stealth edits comments to bully donald supporters Regular Poster (21)
Windows 10 installs games without asking TricksyWankerman (2)
Stockfighter type idea? Bob Baden (6)
What's COT's take on these conclusions? Bob Baden (10)
Holland's Trump? TricksyWankerman (1)
Overtime rates could fall under Trump TricksyWankerman (7)
Hackers Stealing From Madison Square Garden for Almost a Year Bob Baden (4)
HN watch: a reddit style puns thread Bob Baden (0)
Yet another leftist false flag debunked Regular Poster (1)
Cooking for Thanksgiving while watching a senile grandma Wabi-sabi (17)
I am calling out Tricksy and Bruce Fan Club WildRiver (9)
Rossi debunked GrumpyOldMan (9)
Lol, Trump ain't even Pres yet and he's backpedalling rapidly... Bluebeard (3)
You're not as good as you thought... TricksyWankerman (7)
Writing ebooks brone (2)
Please tell Megan Kelly to go and F herself! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Happy Thanksgiving to all! President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Trump is pissing off the media! President of the Brice Fan Club (2)
Which state in the US has the most jobs and reasonable living President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Dalai Lama approves of Trump! President of WildRiver fan club (5)
What does this fucker is doing? Mark Cuban is an asshole! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
banned on reddit Analyst (10)
Trump and conflicts of interests Ralph (4)
U.K. Privacy Bob Baden (2)
Clinton may challenge results PaveTheStubble (3)
Paying the IRS with iTunes gift cards TricksyWankerman (0)
Recount? TricksyWankerman (2)
The alt-right is now discovering their candidate is centre-right Bluebeard (5)
November 22nd, 2016
It's a headline, a quote not an endorsement Bob Baden (0)
Twitter Bob Baden (0)
Guy is 31 and sold one company you've never heard of Bob Baden (0)
Jared Kushner! Chris Christie! Trump! Bob Baden (2)
Hmmm, she is Vietnamese and dated black...I guess she is kinda WildRiver (1)
Go back to Tokyo! Bob Baden (6)
John McCain: Trump Withdrawal From TPP A 'Disappointment' President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Bad news for virtual currency or nothing to worry about? Go get 'em Donald! (7)
Obama is full of shit down to the last minute! President of WildRiver fan club (7)
I hope you guys get horny and relax for a chance! Peace! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Impressive clemency by Obama TricksyWankerman (4)
Samoa goes solar TricksyWankerman (0)
Let talk about something else for a break. President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Trump Force One - this is pure excess Bluebeard (7)
Other people's victories and wins Sullivan Biddle (10)
Trump needs to separate himself Ralph (12)
Now that Ralph has died... NPR (25)
On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t The Problem Bluebeard (19)
Bored, what do ya think? I am wondering where will be the next President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Kanye West overexcited about Trump, gets hospitalized after rant Bluebeard (8)
Fake news Ralph (12)
Trump breaks promise to jail Hillary Grumpy Old Man (9)
Even Trump does 2-3 things on his list he is much better Prez President of WildRiver fan club (15)
Inauguration day in DC President of WildRiver fan club (1)
WirdLivel Engrish survey! President of WildRiver fan club (2)
H1B programs will be targeted 1/20 Regular Poster (14)
Republicans vow to block Trump Grumpy Old Man (9)
Hoyza Io (23)
Nazis exploited US fear of Communism Markowitch (11)
Why can't the BBC weather report be like this... TricksyWankerman (2)
Trump can take a joke Hunnybunny (3)
Excellent article on the new 'journalism' TricksyWankerman (1)
Cheats get caught - eventually TricksyWankerman (1)
November 21st, 2016
CNN talks to Trump News Hound (18)
291 job applications...36 phone screens...  8 offers Bob Baden (9)
Hipster Handbook from the BBC NPR (3)
What Nobel Prize would you nominated Trump for? President of WildRiver fan club (12)
Documentary on Trump and he's not even POTUS yet Bluebeard (10)
Trump is drawing up plans to GUT the WASTE of federal worker President of the Brice Fan Club (10)
Maher: Trump won because of PC liberals! Bluebeard (0)
Prez elect Trump has already done more than Prez Obumer! President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Daily Mail - Commissions? forThis.Anon (3)
Tech worker visas face uncertain future under Trump & Sessions President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
Twitter cancelled Trump campaign TricksyWankerman (4)
Happy Monday 1! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Happy Monday! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Yo, black lives matter! Please help Obama to make more President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Expression translation Io (12)
November 20th, 2016
What is a good Android tablet? The Flying Irishman (14)
Weather sat R (4)
The Bubble: Hubble's new home. Legion (2)
Iran, Syria, and Israel have their problems and why the US WildRiver (7)
Possible 20% yield boost showing promise in GM crops TricksyWankerman (4)
What do Hitler and social justice warriors have in common? WildRiver (10)
Voters of the losing party uniting to give Trump a chance Bluebeard (2)
More backdoors found in Chinese phones TricksyWankerman (1)
Don't forget Obama attended hated church for a long time WildRiver (5)
Where did all the loser go? Go get 'em Donald! (2)
hoarders Regular Poster (7)
The Revenant Bluebeard (6)
Rome is next.... The Intelligence (8)
Low latency Java Io (13)
Hey!  The Txagline is too long! FSK (0)
November 19th, 2016
Note to foreign job stealers and their Great White Hope fans! Go get 'em Donald! (13)
Poland Bob Baden (4)
The last time Hamilton mocked a Vice President Bob Baden (22)
U.K. Surveillance powers Bob Baden (6)
Brandon Victor Dixon plays Aaron Burr? WildRiver (7)
fake news analysis Bob Baden (5)
Good analysis by Glen Greenwald TricksyWankerman (10)
Artic weathrr R (10)
Hanging out with hippies at a hen slaughtering party Wabi-sabi (16)
Bannon getting some lovin' from CNN Bluebeard (8)
The EM drive works! TricksyWankerman (28)
Smart fire prevention TricksyWankerman (0)
Apple partially admits to touch-disease problem TricksyWankerman (4)
November 18th, 2016
Senator Strom Thurmond's black daughter Bob Baden (16)
I have to agree with SaveTheHubble on the Ford thing One Programmer's Opinion (9)
yet another leftist false flag thwarted Regular Poster (6)
Verbose Bob Baden (0)
Hubble said Black Lives Matter! President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Happy Friday to RP! President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Work in US vs UK The President of Presidents (16)
Remember what Bobby Knight said would happen if you vote Trump? President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
Libs in meltdown because Ivanka was at meeting with Jap premier President of the Brice Fan Club (18)
Is this for real? It's a fantasy. President of WildRiver fan club (16)
Lotti, would you like to move here? President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Why do you stay at your job? . (16)
Retirement plan President of WildRiver fan club (36)
We've run out of interesting things to talk about NPR (7)
I think most white people have been very fair and decent! President of WildRiver fan club (15)
Jeff Sessions chosen by Trump to be Attorney General President of the Brice Fan Club (14)
Solar roofs cost less than regular ones Regular Poster (4)
How did I end up on the bottom of the totem pole? . (54)
NSA Chief: Nation-state made 'conscious effort' to sway US presi Panter Pete (15)
Reimplement C++ in Java Io (10)
Boorish unreconstructed men of the world rejoice! Bluebeard (8)
Excellent analysis of Trump and Racism TricksyWankerman (10)
First Lady is Ivanka! Bluebeard (3)
Selfie bottle! TricksyWankerman (1)
Electoral Voter Intimidation Regular Poster (6)
Ford cancels plans to move plant to Mexico Regular Poster (6)
November 17th, 2016
The arctic north is 36 degrees F warmer than normal Legion (6)
Clinton Death List Regular Poster (2)
iPhones to be made in USA Regular Poster (7)
Trump: the Rainbow Candidate Regular Poster (4)
The chronic masturbator in American Horror Story: Asylum Bored Bystander (1)
Which jobs offer the best potential for remote work? NPR (21)
Hey all, listen...we only have 1000 years left on earth! President of WildRiver fan club (11)
Who is real Hillary's lover? President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Isn't she a fake? All Donald did was just spraying tan himself. President of WildRiver fan club (13)
Westworld Ralph (4)
Double pleasure! President of WildRiver fan club (4)
What's the hell happened to her? President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Happy Thursday to RP! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
2/3s Of Workers In Developing Nations To Be Replaced by Robots President of the Brice Fan Club (21)
Just in case you've missed it GrumpyOldMan (3)
How to vent post-election frustration GrumpyOldMan (7)
Top Isis commander calls Donald Trump a 'complete maniac' Panter Pete (9)
fake news sites, the list Regular Poster (4)
Is Donald Trump a narcissist? Hunnybunny (12)
Indian recruiters Io (16)
SpaceX exec has hissy fit and quits to FIGHT TRUMP! Bluebeard (18)
November 16th, 2016
Black lives matter? Well, they have to stop being thugs. WildRiver (4)
Do the press need to watch the pres take a dump? Bob Baden (6)
Online music theory classes Wabi-sabi (10)
Twitter Bans Alt-Right Bloggers FSK (8)
The Pirate Bay Ralph (6)
PSB136 - Are You Still Here? Random CoT Dude (6)
intangible assets Rk (5)
Yo Tricksy, please give me all the British slang cursing President of WildRiver fan club (13)
Why all the political threads here? Bruce (14)
What am I doing wrong in my career? Bruce (36)
Trump's Anti-Semitic Quotes SaveTheHubble (26)
Hillary is a senile, crook, and fat cow on heels! President of WildRiver fan club (13)
all lobbyists removed from Trump team Regular Poster (1)
Hedge funds for Trump Grumpy Old Man (13)
Pete Hoekstra Lotti Fuehrscheim (8)
JOBS act in action Grumpy Old Man (7)
Giuliani & Sec State job Bob Baden (6)
These guys are back! Bluebeard (2)
Trump through the ages - a history told in hair Bluebeard (2)
Interesting article on Stack Overflow TricksyWankerman (4)
TV - Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land TricksyWankerman (21)
November 15th, 2016
'Ape in heels' mayor resigns TricksyWankerman (13)
Vampires had something... TricksyWankerman (5)
Trump & climate change Bob Baden (5)
Yo, RP! Is she fat? WildRiver (2)
Cool Pics of Abandoned Malls NPR (14)
$1500 toaster Regular Poster (9)
Jews indicted in false flag operation Regular Poster (24)
Rumours surfacing all Trump voter have micro penis MS (6)
Rumours of deaths caused by anti-Trump protesters TricksyWankerman (0)
CNN reporter states Hillary became physically violent.... President of the Brice Fan Club (14)
RP, stop complaining about fat women! How's sexist! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
TV - The Crown TricksyWankerman (1)
Trump doesn't want to live in the White House Ralph (5)
All Huawei phones are compromised Regular Poster (10)
Defcon history of virus Bob Baden (2)
Israeli hardliners cheer Trump Grumpy Old Man (10)
Anti-Trump protesters didn't vote! TricksyWankerman (6)
Trump Transition Bob Baden (1)
You President of Brice Fan Club Wabi-sabi (4)
Yo Hubble and Ralph, this might make you feel better President of the Brice Fan Club (0)
Humankind is still greedy, stupid and greatest threat to Earth Stephen Hawking (11)
EU will fall next Bluebeard (4)
November 14th, 2016
Gulliani for sec state? Bob Baden (15)
A new MH370 theory , Cup (3)
NYC Crime Blotter Bob Baden (4)
Soros is interesting Analyst (14)
Amazon delivery follies xampl9 (2)
Those Dems that didn't vote? Regular Poster (14)
TIL lugenpresse , Cup (5)
Pine Gap , Cup (6)
Trump voters = ISIS supporters GrumpyOldMan (3)
affidavit filed with florida courts Regular Poster (11)
Divide and conquer, Kobe Bryant style Slam (1)
More viewing for Ralph's 10 second attention span Bluebeard (0)
Level heads popping up in strange places Bluebeard (5)
So, climate change is a hoax Bluebeard (0)
Hubble posting history vs reality . (14)
I think Hubble mup (2)
Bullshit news media as usual! President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Serious questions: in the last two weeks we have had US President of WildRiver fan club (22)
Trump's cuntiness is good for me Bluebeard (2)
People, chill the fuck out and give Prez Trump a chance! President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Why so many tech blog websites are against Trump? President of WildRiver fan club (26)
Yo Hubble, there are very few conservatives that post here President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Tea Party Of The Left SaveTheHubble (19)
Lemonde LeMonDe Managers (2)
Prez Trump will take $1 dollar for salary and no vacation! President of WildRiver fan club (22)
It's too early but in 2018, there are many Democrats in congress President of WildRiver fan club (8)
MS, I know you miss me, bud! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
I'm happy to see you all today! It's a brand new day in America President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Happy Monday 4! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Happy Monday 3! President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Happy Monday 2! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Happy Monday! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Why Trump Won - A Rational Analysis Ralph (10)
2016 'very likely' to be world's warmest year Panter Pete (8)
reply to lemonde Truth In (1)
Alt-right goes mainstream Grumpy Old Man (2)
Should I stay or should I leave? LeMonDe (2)
Good, hysteria-free analysis on Trump victory Bluebeard (15)
Intelligent description of the problem , Cup (0)
November 13th, 2016
The Clintons are good people President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
How to handle the H1-b problem? The Jerk (4)
Trump on 60 Minutes Tonight FSK (1)
zarna joshi Wick (4)
Hubble wants to keep illegal immigrants in the US... President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
WildLiver Walter (4)
Trump plans to immediately deport 2-3 million One Programmer's Opinion (33)
Obama is working over time to destabilize America before Trump The Jerk (18)
The time-of-day is wrong on the CoT server. Wabi-sabi (4)
The Bridge Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
Have you tried the Pomodoro Time Management technique? Wabi-sabi (6)
100 Best Bikini Bodies Horndoggyo (2)
Will Trump order a drone strike on Soros? Drone Strikes for Everyone! (7)
Saved her or knocked her down for no reason? Bob Baden (1)
Controversial YouTuber Vegan Gains on Trump NPR (0)
Adult Friend Finder hacked, 400,000,000 accounts compromised TricksyWankerman (5)
Is Soros funding the anti-Trump riots? TricksyWankerman (17)
Put your coffee down LeMonDe (2)
Sunni rocket hit Assad soldiers in Aleppo The Intelligence (2)
Dems behaving badly - a black Englishman's point of view Bluebeard (9)
What Clinton actually did , Cup (7)
November 12th, 2016
Now that the election's over Wabi-sabi (30)
Encryption: Part 2 Developer (3)
John Oliver on trump (2013?) Bob Baden (0)
Collectors item Bob Baden (7)
Democrats beat pregnant woman with bat Regular Poster (2)
ANONYMOUS was right! Freedom (2)
Scott Adams on the protests TricksyWankerman (24)
Trump's ideas Bob Baden (9)
Both Hillary and Trump were unpopular Wabi-sabi (25)
I hope you Trump supporting idiots are ready for... Bluebeard (14)
Dems commiting suicide?  They didn't learn anything? The Silver Ranger (1)
Muppet vs. Hubble vs. Brice vs. Bystander, part 2 Horndoggyo (2)
Nyt grammar quiz Bob Baden (10)
Fuck the police -- the jury too Bob Baden (11)
Snapchat specs TricksyWankerman (1)
The real reason Hillary doesn't demand a recount TricksyWankerman (7)
Hillary just can't stop lying TricksyWankerman (12)
Downtown Portland is getting the shit ripped out of it!!! The PDX Kid (16)
November 11th, 2016
Suicide hotlines overwhelmed Regular Poster (8)
Amazon screen NPR (7)
Trump voters are in a period of disquieted reflection Ralph (10)
Do Data Science jobs pay well these days? Titus (16)
Eli getting hammered by Hillary supporters! TricksyWankerman (7)
Hilarious TricksyWankerman (0)
My health insurance premiums went up for 2017 Wabi-sabi (9)
Interesting documentary TricksyWankerman (7)
Trump never wanted to be president , Cup (23)
Good news everyone! Ralph (18)
is HN/ycombinator the new 'daddies house' Oyoyoy (10)
The mongol invasion Io (5)
RIP Leonard Cohen TricksyWankerman (11)
Make CoT great again TricksyWankerman (20)
November 10th, 2016
Jonathan Pie rant Bluebeard (0)
The Mexican government actually publishes a guide Rk (21)
What's the point of the electoral college again? Wabi-sabi (11)
Greatest dummy spit in history , Cup (18)
AZ called , Cup (0)
Why the polls stunk up the place Legion (8)
Justified? Regular Poster (5)
Har Har Russia trying to sabotage Trump already Ralph (12)
Stop the speculation! Read here about Prez Donald Trump policy WildRiver (0)
Interesting twist on dating apps TricksyWankerman (2)
Alefantis is interesting Analyst (4)
Let's drive them out of business Io (4)
Trump calls Obama a very good man after historic meeting President of the Brice Fan Club (8)
Yo libs, listen to this song and it could change your attitude! President of the Brice Fan Club (0)
Celebrate our first Atheist President, Everyone! Ralph (23)
Election analysis by Eli the computer guy TricksyWankerman (6)
Celebrating Trump Regular Poster (6)
If Rudy Giuliani becomes Attorney General..... President of the Brice Fan Club (2)
Nobel Peace Prize Legion (13)
Political correctness delivered Trump to the USA Bluebeard (31)
Term limits for Congress TricksyWankerman (4)
Two outcomes of the Trump presidency Ralph (17)
Lesson from US election LeMonDe (10)
Will Trump really bring back Glass-Steagal? Grumpy Old Man (2)
Obama is classy - we will help Trump transition as Bush did... Bluebeard (3)
Democracy is awesome. PigPen (31)
Sanders signals willingness to work with Trump President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
November 9th, 2016
Bernie Sanders fills in for factory worker unable to vote President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
Libtards, are you rooting for Trump to fail? President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
uneducated white women sold out! Regular Poster (12)
Bienvenue en France Le Monde (2)
the first 100 days Phil (2)
mainstream media what now? Oyoyoy (5)
DJIA closes at record high after Trump elected Regular Poster (5)
Encrypting a database field Developer (15)
#whitelash Phil (21)
Michigan and Arizona Regular Poster (8)
Odd Clinton Facebook reference TricksyWankerman (9)
Podesta's Pied Piper Plan Regular Poster (10)
/r/politics Regular Poster (3)
Mac laptop Rk (15)
Trump is the Clintons' fault . (6)
Sam Harris Ralph (3)
Guys, it is getting exciting with the next 4 years! WildRiver (10)
The Cult of Personality NPR (2)
So... Marihuana TricksyWankerman (5)
Oakland, CA? Can we stop giving out scholarship to liberals? WildRiver (6)
New MSM theory TricksyWankerman (4)
Tallying Trump votes on Cot WildRiver (26)
Subtle dig at Hillary by Obama's press secretary TricksyWankerman (5)
Scott Adams admits to being a Trump supporter Bluebeard (7)
I was wrong... Good Bored Bystander (16)
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The funny thing is Bernie could have probably won it President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
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November 8th, 2016
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Patriots QB Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichek Endorse... President of the Brice Fan Club (1)
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November 7th, 2016
Final National Polls Bob Baden (2)
_United_ States Bob Baden (10)
Election Predictions Bob Baden (15)
Glenn Beck .... human? Bob Baden (5)
Obama and freinds are preping for Hillary's World War! SanJoaquin8thStreetBoys (9)
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November 6th, 2016
I met someone at an art festival a few years ago and... Wabi-sabi (16)
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November 5th, 2016
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Snopes calls bullshit on Clinton pedo ring Bluebeard (5)
Hillary: Take Bill off the road.  He aint helping you! Lenny (4)
what does it matter who gets the job? Oyoyoy (6)
November 4th, 2016
Jane Doe lawsuit dismissed Regular Poster (3)
Luke Skywalker No comment (2)
Wow Clinton Camp is full of perverts!!!!! PaveTheStubble (3)
Wow Michigan continues to slide towards Trump! PaveTheStubble (0)
Taco Bell to add 100,000 U.S. jobs by 2022 President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
Attackers identified Bob Baden (1)
Clinton: Regular at attendy at witch "church" Lenny (3)
Obama deals with protestor Bob Baden (0)
Podesta uses pdeophile code words!  GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No comment (3)
Cool $500 DIY CNC Router design TricksyWankerman (0)
Podesta cutting off his finger Regular Poster (5)
Melania hates Internet bullying Bob Baden (9)
Nice web developer ride down memory lane... Kenny the Robot (3)
Proof Corrupt FBI Colluding with Trump Campaign! PaveTheStubble (2)
4.9% unemployment... wages up Bob Baden (8)
Let me tell you an example of fraud story. President of WildRiver fan club (21)
Obama legacy President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Huma Indictment Pending!  Arrest today? ... (10)
Who is going to buy Nintendo NES classic? This is the game President of WildRiver fan club (11)
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Employment: Your Future Under Clinton No comment (1)
Clinton plans terror attacks Monday!  Becareful out there folks! No comment (11)
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Clinton Camp uses witchcraft!  INSANITY ABOUNDS! No comment (6)
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Yesterday on-site NPR (10)
The scourge of the U.S. election Ralph (3)
Air Fuck One and Lolita Express Regular Poster (3)
Net income margins Bob Baden (1)
Mark Leibovich (NYT) Regular Poster (3)
Trump-hater approaches the acceptance stage , Cup (0)
US electoral integrity ranks dead last Regular Poster (2)
Podesta privately chatting Weiner's pedo in 2011 Regular Poster (5)
Post Election - We ARE going to have strife and civil war. Bored Bystander (20)
What the fuck is this factless diarhea? Bored Bystander (1)
November 3rd, 2016
The FBI is Trumpland Bob Badan (2)
You guys are pretty fucking touchy tonight! Bob Baden (9)
math question: Variational Inference for Machine Learning [pdf] Bob Baden (7)
Politics on CoT Object (26)
Why release this june video in Nov? Bob Baden (4)
Selling access to Secretary Clinton mup (19)
Here's the FBI affirming ZERO links btw Trump-Russia mup (28)
Here's obstruction of justice in a federal case mup (7)
Here's clear evidence of an FEC violation mup (3)
CoT deletions occuring now in large quantities TricksyWankerman (16)
Obama could pardon Hillary TricksyWankerman (3)
The FBI hates Hillary TricksyWankerman (10)
What do you get to win if Trump becomes President? WildRiver (12)
A positive feed-forward control loop of on-shitting-on meh,blah (2)
Don't worry guys, muppet is on the case Ralph (13)
So muppet is completely abusing this board now Ralph (4)
Classy, keep defending this cunt, Hubble mup (6)
This is not conclusive mup (14)
no tek de forin monees? Regular Poster (8)
lol Regular Poster (0)
More proof impartiality on the part of the DoJ mup (0)
Douchemod deletes even more legit topics Wabi-sabi (3)
Interview questions Io (6)
So long, Clintons mup (10)
The sole reason why Hillary wants to become president. President of WildRiver fan club (21)
Also: LOL mup (6)
Damn mup (15)
How many people are staying up late to watch the election result President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Donald Trump is a patriot! He loves America and the man has President of WildRiver fan club (6)
What is the punishment for former Sec of State and the President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Homeland Security Chairman: "Quite frankly, it's treason" Regular Poster (6)
Meanwhile, on Obama's progressive, Good Guy watch... mup (7)
Hillary tipped off to investigation Regular Poster (4)
Politifact says it's true Wikileaks is fed by the Russians! mup (28)
Thank God I die a true American Bluebeard (0)
One way to sum it up for Democrats! President of WildRiver fan club (14)
Peter Thiel on Trump SK (2)
Douchemod continues abusive delete spree Wabi-sabi (6)
Security Forces Prep for Stolen Election anonymous for this (1)
Might have done a stupid thing Io (9)
Assange: Hillary is full of shit and lying about Russian source! No comment (15)
Rasmussen: Trump ahead! No comment (1)
Clinton Clinton scandal Reddit Reporter (5)
Legal machinations trump democracy Grumpy Old Man (17)
Worst internet porn ever Bored Bystander (1)
November 2nd, 2016
the girl trump raped PaveTheStubble (5)
FBI: Hillary likely to be Indicted! No comment (7)
Heart break in Chicago Bob Baden (4)
Presidential election tracker: Clinton 47.1, Trump 45.3 , Cup (1)
Emotionally disturbed neighborhood mod deletes legit topi Wabi-sabi (8)
Trump leads in Virginia Regular Poster (7)
They didn't call tank a metal coffin for nothing! WildRiver (10)
[repost] Retirement budget: November Wabi-sabi (3)
ballot box stuffing video Regular Poster (2)
Clinton losing black vote GrumpyOldMan (6)
Thanks, ACA. Legion (10)
Podesta emails reveal the workings of the elite Bluebeard (2)
Jeffrey Epstein Regular Poster (1)
So, mup Bluebeard (14)
SQL/R Shylock (26)
Louis C.K. on the 2016 election Ducknald Don (22)
Clinton Camp thoughts on Blacks?  More leaking out!  Sad!  Evil! Lenny (4)
ALERT: DOJ has been colluding with Hillary Clinton! No comment (4)
Bill's son Danney Williams: Did Monica Lewinski say yes yet? No comment (2)
Trump more honest than Hillary!  Poll show election dead heat. No comment (5)
FBI files on Vince Foster mup (7)
Bogus Careers Wick (8)
A very worthwhile read about Kadzik mup (2)
A liberal paradise Bored Bystander (5)
Middle classes voted for Brexit Markowitch (16)
Peter Kadzik Regular Poster (8)
Important endorsement for Trump Grumpy Old Man (28)
Brexit & service sector Bob Baden (10)
Windows 7 officially ended TricksyWankerman (2)
Car insurer to scan Facebook profiles to set rate. TricksyWankerman (11)
Bill Weld endorses Clinton MS (7)
November 1st, 2016
TIL John c Beale Reddit Reporter (0)
Bluebeard, Did Nelson Mandela did a good job governing SA? WildRiver (2)
Hubble, this one is for you to read and relax! WildRiver (11)
Cybersecurity warning about Lenovo NPR (10)
Trump can't hold back his deep racism PaveTheStubble (7)
Some FBI FOIA releases Bob Baden (6)
It's impotent, but I signed it anyway mup (11)
Why does Muppet hate SaveTheHubble so much? HunnyBunny (7)
Donate to Hillary now Regular Poster (4)
Voting for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or Bernie Sanders mean President of WildRiver fan club (1)
The Intercept, that Right Wing blog, says Trump/Russia story is mup (3)
Yo, mup and MS. Can you two explain the back and forth between President of WildRiver fan club (10)
Who here takes afternoon naps? NPR (17)
"I cannot see how, in logic or in conscience, mup (26)
Anyone here think Hubble is living in a Bizzaro World? President of the Brice Fan Club (2)
Morocco the site of the next arab spring? Kenny the Robot (11)
The largest job theft in the history of the world! President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Hillary's Lauer meltdown Regular Poster (6)
How many Americans on here that won't vote for Trump? President of WildRiver fan club (6)
I like to join their party! President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Michelle Obama just rolled her Twitter account back to 2013 mup (11)
Goddamn one week to go MS (11)
classified mail sent unsecured Regular Poster (2)
The Hillary Clinton campaign theme song! No comment (0)
Lynch threatened Comey over new email release Regular Poster (2)
FBI now has five separate investigations into Clintons Regular Poster (5)
"we're going to have to dump all those emails" Regular Poster (0)
The new normal Grumpy Old Man (0)
Why there is so much hatred for Trump from the blacks, Hispanics President of WildRiver fan club (11)
Will the US be the first country in centuries Ralph (9)
Yo Hubble, what would it take for you to withdraw your support.. President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
Trump is 100% Illiterate Ralph (4)
Would you like 3some with Huma and Hillary? President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Who is Huma Abedin? Regular Poster (13)
5 FBI cases are probing Clinton inner circle and their families! No comment (5)
Here is the list of Clinton's criminals. President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Offensive Costumes Ralph (0)
Trump's Russian connection spelt out. I was wrong. mup (6)
Now get your soylent with coffee NPR (25)
Was a Trump server communicating with Russia? Bluebeard (35)
Muslim women protest against their Christian "defenders" Grumpy Old Man (4)
Jill Stein wants to silence comedians! Bluebeard (2)
CNBC: The stock market points to a Trump win No comment (3)