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November 30th, 2015
Why Shopping? Rk (14 comments)
Here's an idea to make money off the pervasive offshoring trend Home Despot (29)
The Big Short xampl9 (6)
Kobe Slam Dunk (1)
Threw out the Thanksgiving leftovers NPR (13)
Woman posts article about sterilizing herself, gets attacked Wabi-sabi (21)
Exit Strategies from IT - Part 2 dude (30)
P=NP in the Star Trek universe Wabi-sabi (2)
farewell to a legend eek (6)
November 29th, 2015
What is the solution to climate changes (whether you believe)? WildRiver (32)
Reindeer are not true friends Legion (3)
boredom is good for you? Bob Baden (11)
Ceausescu's dystopian dream came true Io (16)
Somebody give this guy a hug Shylock (11)
Any idea what could be causing PC to not boot up? developer (47)
TV Show: The Expanse Kenny the Robot (3)
November 28th, 2015
reddit topic..again Friday (15)
MCD Monopoly Fraud Somebody (1)
Eckhart Tolle Wabi-sabi (7)
David Spade - Eddie Murphy hollywood history bot (9)
Kaggle Competition: Hillary's Emails NPR (13)
November 27th, 2015
WWIII: Not if, but When Lord of War (9)
Send in duh crones Xu Xiaochun (4)
Cool I want to be a Reapist! The Reapist! (4)
Waffles and cigarettes are an Amurikan tradition Johnny Max Mount (1)
Active shooter inside Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, CO newsbot (12)
fuck the police -- dollars and sense edition Bob Baden (0)
Krugman on Europe Shylock (4)
Spurious correlations Io (5)
Any runners? Friday (7)
November 26th, 2015
Romania rising Fg (15)
Did american islamists celebrate 9/11? Reality Check (12)
Happy Thanksgiving! Dan DoGmaN (1)
Nice mini media takedown Somebody (5)
Feminist vs. feminists xampl9 (5)
Cokebacca xampl9 (1)
Trolling Bob Baden (7)
Happy cultural appropriation day! NPR (16)
$5 Pi TricksyBanterman (8)
November 25th, 2015
so how's this year's Thanksging Friday (20)
xkcd Hoverboard xampl9 (4)
$40K for Picard's Ressikan flute newsbot (6)
Iran in Syria newsbot (1)
interesting polish developments Reality Check (5)
fuck the police -- and the prosecutors Bob Baden (0)
how is this commercial... Hamburger (0)
CoT can use some humor... Hamburger (0)
New boss is considering an open office . (21)
DECT Phones vs WiFi clueless & wondering (18)
If you have Chrome Shylock (6)
Explain Buddhism in your own words Wabi-sabi (42)
windows file viewer vs total commander LeMonDe (5)
Jurgen Klopp is boss tha! Baaarça! (2)
Exit Strategies from IT hoyza (37)
Shepard rocket ascends 100km then lands upright on its launchpad T Cup (10)
November 24th, 2015
X factor Bob Baden (5)
fuck the police -- delete the video Bob Baden (5)
memory lane Baaarça! (1)
For the old farts among us. President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Star War merchandises! President of WildRiver fan club (12)
OK, that was a joke.  This one is better. President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Here is your boobies Tuesday! President of WildRiver fan club (12)
Can't trust any Muslim country!  Look at what Turkey did today. President of WildRiver fan club (27)
what do you think of the ICF hoyza (4)
who is doxxy (1)
Another good article from Michael O Church: on Agile bullshit Io (41)
Apple Watch in burnt into it in George's arm Markowitch (9)
November 23rd, 2015
you get bail for that? Craggie (2)
KBIO: the short seller stock Craggie (2)
Whatever happened to Tuesday Missing the (3)
is this guy a terrorist? Bob Baden (10)
a little update on clock boy: show me the money reddit reporter (30)
Another BitCoin company halts withdrawals Quant (2)
Serious questions about trade jobs! President of WildRiver fan club (16)
What do you think about HubSpot? LeMonDe (20)
Yo, Brice Fan Prez.  Can you cheer me up?  I have a case of President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Contact (the movie) Ralph (3)
YO!  All these good threads below and you morons.... President of Brice Fan Club (1)
Black on white crime and not a peep about it from Obama! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
They are so easy to confuse Legion (2)
It's a merry life in Russian merchant navy Quant (2)
What happened to our long lost brothers Can we not be a family again (4)
How to get a Syrian Passport? Wannabe Fair Weather Refugee (5)
New taste of soup Io (3)
Saving people from themselves Quant (2)
the skills that you'll need to get where you want to go New Cup (8)
November 22nd, 2015
Takr Yoga back Rk (2)
nannies Ed Wood (1)
Analytics Rocks! ChoiceBudsInColorado (6)
Yo ISIS! Get int he car. I said GET IN THE CAR! We need to talk. TheBone'NRoman (1)
Reach out to this guy to join CoT Bored Bystander (13)
iPad for 20 bucks, or Good PR Firm hired by Islamic States Lessons in Marketing (2)
eating chinese food is racist if not chinese Regular Poster (37)
November 21st, 2015
$$$, venture or employment Friday (1)
The Dark Knight tunnel chase deconstructed xampl9 (1)
Tonight in beer brone (14)
china is in fidelio (11)
People sure do love pointing out what hypocrites Christians are Wabi-sabi (20)
Tonight in film: Terminator Genisys brone (6)
Captain Freedom ("Running Man") on The Hunger Games Bored Bystander (3)
The 2014 Project Revisited  (Linear Regression / Optimization ) Bot Berlin (25)
Y Combinator and Paul Graham are bad for the world, Part 2 Ed Wood (18)
What are some fields that have a demand for older workers? Joe (22)
Sleepwalking towards Armageddon Ralph (4)
CES feature request Wilbur (6)
Sony SSF-6000 or Yamaha NS-50F Io (10)
DAESH Linguistic Kill Shot Markowitch (15)
How you get to be a manager Io (9)
November 20th, 2015
new ventures and working for someone else Friday (18)
chris chrsite Thursday (3)
Zuck takes 2 months paternity Bob Baden (1)
The Onion Predicted It All Bob Baden (8)
UK guys... What is catch-up TV? foreigner (8)
hey UK guys.... question for you... foreigner (6)
When was the last time you visited a strip club? President of WildRiver fan club (12)
Do you have cable subscription? President of WildRiver fan club (7)
A joke from the internet. President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Don't do what you love for a living writer (10)
Hero or traitor? President of WildRiver fan club (3)
November 19th, 2015
Idiot/libertarian trader discovers the value of community Wabi-sabi (26)
18 years experience and stuck in a rut 18 years in (66)
why cancel cable? HN reporter (22)
When to replace hot water heater tank? And pressure valve? WildRiver (17)
Fogle sentenced to 15.5 years in prison Regular Poster (11)
Marketing is not Sales forThis.Anon (5)
catholic female BBC obsessed coach scandal Regular Poster (2)
Could it be better to be a generalist than a specialist? dude (7)
Have to be an extrovert to be successful at sales/marketing? . (13)
How fucked up is EU? Read this paragraph! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Remember the first time Joe Iron (4)
Fuck the police -- hog-tied in Memphis edition Bob Baden (1)
How many refugees is Mexico taking? E'LracMoel (6)
November 18th, 2015
refugees Wabi-sabi (11)
oil war - Saudi vs Russia Phil (9)
Obama & Christie on syrian refugees Bob Baden (3)
unencrypted communication MUST be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reality Check (2)
warm water leaking out of condensate line outside the condo! WildRiver (5)
asylum Question common poster (5)
Working in my notice, great sense of humour here Bluebeard (16)
November 17th, 2015
ça va mieux reddit reporter (3)
aws Friday (5)
wtf guys Bob Baden (17)
Can't buy Microsoft Office for the Mac xampl9 (0)
A righteous Muslim speaks out!  Respect! President of WildRiver fan club (12)
Ganssle talking with that Aussie dude. eek (2)
Question about Facebook user behavior Bored Bystander (7)
Trump says he's not violent unlike Carson Regular Poster (3)
How to almost get your ass kicked as an adult Vinnie (26)
So they fired the support techs at work Joe (9)
Suicide bombers outside sports stadiums Ralph (2)
50 minutes xampl9 (10)
Amd the Dead shall Rise! Quant (7)
Music of the day... Surprise... Music Monkey (0)
Clangers E'LracMoel (4)
November 16th, 2015
postmortem of a gigantic hilarious fuckup Regular Poster (2)
PG: full of shit? Bob Baden (25)
Au revoir les amis l33t Geek (2)
Accepting an offer then reneging on it later? Somebody (51)
$9.82 Android phone Reality Check (23)
Company holiday party xampl9 (15)
i am dead but i havent gone to Colm (12)
Unbelieable! Deport them all! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
The Rise of Developeronomics Scrum/Agile are micromanagement (2)
Bring back and support your local KKK Dr. Heywood "Jablowme" Floyd (5)
Let send all Middle Eastern refugees to Poland! Quant approved. President of WildRiver fan club (11)
We need 100,000 Syrians Regular Poster (14)
Syria / Islamic State Issue Made Simple NotAnAnalyst-JustCopyPaste (7)
Fallout 4 is pretty good even though the engine is old mup (10)
Thinking of applying for a sysadmin job closer to home Joe (4)
Michael O. Church responds: Scrum/Agile are micromanagement (13)
silly valley response to o'church hoyza (8)
Put your rose colored glasses Bob Slydell (16)
The government have your back Bob Slydell (1)
French response Ducknald Don (2)
November 15th, 2015
Yo PigPen, why did you abandon me last week? President of Brice Fan Club (8)
Antwan Cobble psychopath? reddit reporter (2)
The Coddling of the American Mind Bluebeard (17)
Israel to annex Golan Heights after 'billion barrel' oil find Quant (31)
Bored Bystander, what do you think led to the downfall of IT... Vince (25)
Koch: You can call me a "Classical Liberal" NPR (1)
When the place you work at is a clusterfuck - part 2 grunt (29)
dem "debate" was a clinton love fest Craggie (1)
religious freedom in the US Reality Check (3)
Musical surprise of the day Music Monkey (1)
The attack in Paris follows a long period Jihadi (4)
killing random people aka the paris attack Friday (10)
November 14th, 2015
Median household net worth Craggie (9)
Religious superstitions Ralph (64)
Bomb them and you just make the next generation of terrorists Ralph (5)
Is Ben Carson really a pedophile? Regular Poster (6)
Interesting observation.  Time to deport all Muslims! WildRiver (9)
The liberal media: Paris attack could bolster Hillary support! WildRiver (3)
The 11 worst college degrees for today's job market. (12)
Word of the day Postmodern Cup (5)
Oct15: 43 Killed in Southwestern France as Bus and Truck Collide R (3)
Paris attacks causation - duh? Bored Bystander (23)
Gotta love a bar xampl9 (Moto phone) (2)
Let's learn math with HN posters! Bob Baden (8)
Terror Attacks in France. Echoes of Mumbai? forThis.Anon (7)
Sophisticated terrorism Ralph (14)
November 13th, 2015
you've got to admit this neighborhood's falling apart Tony (3)
There has been shootout and explosion in Paris! President of WildRiver fan club (44)
How to make sure you don't end up working for Shit Shop? Bored Bystander's Test? (13)
Schools of economic thought failed! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
YO!  Where da fuck did everyone go? President of Brice Fan Club (6)
Over 30 and frustrated? Adult happiness declines Tony (4)
LOL so the JOS folks approved that dude's post on BOS President of Brice Fan Club (11)
YO!  You beta males need to quit posting your sob stories here! President of Brice Fan Club (8)
Thinkpad T450s review Quant (8)
Third world developer AMA Bluebeard (16)
When the place you work at is a clusterfuck grunt (40)
November 12th, 2015
ruby? Bob Baden (13)
Bill Gates vs Richard Stallman Who created more millionairs? (6)
Legal Marijuana Banking Ralph (1)
The ultimate nature vs. nurture test Shylock (13)
Sanders Dawn of Omega (8)
Freelancer gets bill for $30000 She made only $500 (10)
Ever feel guilty about leaving? Somebody (18)
Any car rental I can use to avoid the platepass rip off? President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Woman gets 8 years for pretending to be a guy Leaf (4)
Serious debate: minimum wage. President of WildRiver fan club (4)
TSA "doing their job" ... again Regular Poster (3)
SO if quant,shylock,and the like are so concerned about the poor President of Brice Fan Club (32)
PigPen vs Me President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Too many debates about rich vs poor and success vs average! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Should IT workers be buried in highways? Regular Poster (0)
I'm dead... And I'm going to stay here forever.... Colm (2)
It's all about commitment Joe Iron (1)
Canada abolishes censorship of science Quant (24)
The C-LITT model Ralph (4)
256 core 1TFlop computer uses less than 10 watts Reality Check (2)
any linux routing gurus here? eek (3)
In defense of PigPen.... President of Brice Fan Club (23)
November 11th, 2015
iPad Pro Ralph (11)
How important is sex to you? President of WildRiver fan club (12)
James Gosling talks about Apple, Google, Oracle and Java _ (4)
None of your businesses is successful as the Clinton's President of WildRiver fan club (7)
My version of Idiot's list Io (34)
Should I develop a software product? _ (2)
Would you say that mISV is still a viable business model? dude (6)
Welcome back PigPen President of Brice Fan Club (4)
Calling Functions Within Functions Brice Richard (33)
November 10th, 2015
according to Paul Allen & the business insider reddit reporter (52)
fuck the police:  we steal your money Bob Baden (1)
AirBnB Lee Oswald (13)
What makes people evil? Nature or Nuture or both? President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Internet commerce Wabi-sabi (6)
shocking statistics on US prisons eek (1)
Dr. Carson is not smart Shylock (11)
Switching careers to programming? Tired of Retail (17)
So I did a search for vb.net jobs in the nearest big city.... Vince (3)
The bullshit cash flow LeMonDe (6)
need your tips for an app business LeMonDe (3)
Great Pyramid thermal anomaly xampl9 (3)
Its Deepawali forThis.Anon (1)
European Commission tells blacks to go back to Africa Regular Poster (33)
scientist offers Monsanto $10M for proof he is wrong Regular Poster (2)
Shark Tank Bluebeard (9)
November 9th, 2015
Oldie But Goodie _ (3)
How much RAM you have on your laptop? President of WildRiver fan club (21)
Where are you in your career? anon-for-this (15)
Yo!  Wake up sleeping beauties!  Where the fuck is everybody at? President of Brice Fan Club (7)
For FSK NPR (5)
So I made a post on BOS about Bored Bystander dude (23)
University of Missouri meltdown Regular Poster (38)
Talking on cellphone while driving is worse than driving drunk Io (23)
November 8th, 2015
fuck the police: not a proper technique Bob Baden (5)
Hillary xampl9 (7)
How often do you replace your laptop? WildRiver (17)
“sexting scandal"    ---- CAÑON CITY, Colorado R (7)
A look inside Ben Carson's house Craggie (17)
tea partiers Rk (8)
The Race to the Bottom Veejay (27)
Faveo Freedom Spoofing Idiot (0)
How did you find your last job? dude (22)
Thomas Quick: The Serial Killer Who Wasn't Bob Baden (7)
Thought sequence of every man at Bed Bath & Beyond Wabi-sabi (13)
November 7th, 2015
Evolution of JoS and HN _ (32)
AMD breaks physics barrier AMD fan (6)
Tonight in beer brone (9)
Looks like the plane was worth its weight in gold Quant (2)
working extra hours for no pay? Stu (30)
confession of a paid troll I Troll No More (3)
Software Developers with Totalitarian Tendencies _ (28)
Y Combinator and Paul Graham are bad for the world Markowitch (30)
fuck the police - high speed chase edition Bob Baden (5)
That planet with weird light Bob Baden (12)
Today's corporation: authoritarianism or totalitarianism? Io (7)
Scrote N' Tote Bored Bystander (1)
November 6th, 2015
population reduction Friday (21)
Tonight in rock brone (1)
My Kindle died and keeps coming back to life Mike (5)
Ok so did a job search within 50 miles and found one job developer (26)
Prez of Brice Fan Club has a new competitor! President of WildRiver fan club (10)
After 8 years, Obama now decided to reject Keystone pipeline! President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Wall Street cheers lower unemployment figures Quant (11)
Fuck the police - dashcam don't lie Bob Baden (1)
Sometimes I feel like there are only Mono Cup (15)
Geriatrician dishes it out Cy Pres Cup (2)
down with the patriarchy! Regular Poster (10)
Obama sells the TPP to Americans Quant (6)
Anyone buying AMD processors anymore? Io (24)
November 5th, 2015
bush 1 on cheney & rumsfeld Bob Baden (5)
Is every single laborer mentally (and emotionally) retarded? President of Brice Fan Club (4)
YO!  Where the fuck is everybody at? President of Brice Fan Club (5)
So you want to be an astronaut? Illegal Alien (7)
I want to start a software company corporate (8)
You Regular Poster, you got a beef with me or are we cool? President of Brice Fan Club (22)
Ted Cruz blocks Koch Brothers sentencing reform bill NPR (4)
Regular Poster, you are accused of being jealous! WildRiver (8)
A KickStarter I want to see Ralph (6)
are open offices, cubicles and bullpens better? Regular Poster (8)
Any book reco's? NPR (3)
value of liberal arts education Regular Poster (13)
Professional Engineers are Universally Incompetent Regular Poster (5)
adjustable standing desk....any ideas? Mike (7)
Mike Tyson Mysteries Bored Bystander (2)
Getting burned out...should I let management know? . (31)
Programmers: Stop calling yourselves Engineers _ (20)
Do you prefer job security, good pay, good co-workers, or... dude (5)
Quitting NPR (11)
IBM vs Apple vs Microsoft Victor (2)
Mobile App Developers are Suffering _ (33)
remote desktop software Wick (10)
Dictionary of software engineering terms: the Dead Sea effect Io (14)
November 4th, 2015
stocks Friday (3)
noted Bob Baden (3)
Your dose of brain damage for the day Bored Bystander (7)
how long do companies take to respond to an interview? Bob Baden (11)
Colorado weed xampl9 (17)
Microsoft SQL Azure vs. Amazon RDS _ (7)
ann coulter Bob Baden (18)
Oblivion Wick (15)
Dumb-Assed Software Architecture Question Bored Bystander (13)
Could SharePoint be any more poorly designed? Shylock (12)
Do you discuss work with your hubby? Lee (4)
bitcoin Regular Poster (12)
useful product reviewer Regular Poster (2)
Are you in touch with people from your college/uni? J7 (19)
Bill Cosby, Julius Assange, Jared, now Linus Torvalds Regular Poster (9)
I get crazy thinking about this! WildRiver (21)
When do we create a new financial system? WildRiver (6)
Ok so the more carbs I eat, the better I feel Ted (11)
Hungover and feel like shit. Should I call in sick? NPR (12)
Yo!  Where the fuck is everybody at? President of Brice Fan Club (6)
TRUMP: Jeb Bush should 'absolutely' drop out Business Insider (1)
November 3rd, 2015
dying Friday (5)
fuck the police -- harassing the wrong guy for the wrong reason Bob Baden (4)
Kotlin v1.0 Beta is out Indie Dev Too (2)
Objective C to Swift rewrite Indie Dev Too (7)
Fuel efficient car brone (7)
Very interesting JoS thread Indie Dev Too (8)
Apple is the admiring company! WildRiver (5)
Interesting point of view Io (5)
Windows 10 blue screen of death! WildRiver (6)
This is the kind of people who run our gov? Scarely shit. WildRiver (5)
white man's oppression harming students Regular Poster (6)
I learned the hard way that you've got to keep your emotions out .. (11)
Interesting dispute over unauthorized buyout NPR (5)
EM Drive xampl9 (11)
What's color is your parachute? WildRiver (4)
I am the Jesse Ventura of COT President of Brice Fan Club (4)
man lights firecracker at walmart Regular Poster (2)
Intelligent Topic Posting Brice Richard (36)
Can you give me some career advice? Dazed and Confused (15)
Western allies Quant (0)
Religious practices Rk (0)
just how stupid and lazy are COT posters? President of Brice Fan Club (5)
November 2nd, 2015
just how stupid and lazy are HN posters? R (3)
Lessig out! R (13)
the drugs are killing you Walter (0)
fuck the police  -- TIFU Halloween Edition Bob Baden (1)
global warming is a fraud! Walter (5)
Best Buy xampl9 (9)
Who is hiring? Jobs (6)
Mountain_Dewd where you at? hoyza (7)
a very CoT-y blog post hoyza (24)
Step by step, China will take over the world. WildRiver (10)
iPad Drops WiFi While Sleeping Random CoT Dude (8)
HP split xampl9 (6)
So any of you alphas here ever raise hell with a car dealer? car owner (11)
New Star Trek series coming in 2017 xampl9 (4)
Staying current vs Side project to pivot to different directions WildRiver (20)
Screw finding your passion Vince (17)
Boo Australia Ralph (0)
Hurray Australia Quant (15)
christian fanatics murdering refugee children Regular Poster (1)
how to run a successful company Regular Poster (2)
Diary of a religious bigot Quant (36)
30th January should be "Arkhipov Day" eek (7)
November 1st, 2015
serious? Regular Poster (5)
How You'll Know You're Ready to Launch _ (3)
Carly R (9)
You guys recommend entrepreneurship or finding the ideal job? #2 Bored Bystander (22)
92% in the first 3 1/2 years?  still sounds wrong Bob Baden (14)
Development laptop - Le Grande Finale Quant (21)
So you guys recommend entrepreneurship or finding the ideal job? grunt (36)
Conjugate Gradient Bob Baden (3)
Lied to by the car dealership - part 3 car owner (10)
Whatup Anonymous Ninja (3)
OK, so the US is never going to be a major "football" market Shylock (22)
since it's halloween Friday (8)