Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

November 30th, 2014
Swiss gold vote fails Craggie (2 comments)
Business dwindled Reader (2)
The process Io (13)
Shots fired Gunbot 2.0 (10)
GOP Bot Berlin (11)
Darren Wilson resigned / doesn't want to put anyone at risk Bot Berlin (9)
Gaming the System hoyZa (13)
Good news! This domain is available! xampl9 (8)
One of life's sweet moments Shylock (7)
Dear English. What's wrong with you PigPen (20)
Obama girls Frank (28)
Constant demands for raises just price yourself out of a job manager (9)
CoT has a Google PageRank of 4 - not bad Bluebeard (9)
November 29th, 2014
Espn wtf? Curt shilling wtf? Evolution Reddit reports, YOU decide! (8)
Hey trollop. Dead kid Walter (8)
can't you fuckers discuss any interesting topics? yo (19)
Whitefeather exposed as a fake Legion (27)
War on suicide Frank (8)
Giuliani channelling df Frank (18)
@HN Observer n/a (3)
getting investigated by FCC over equipment emissions? eek (18)
Colorado man arrested after pointing banana at officers Frank (9)
HN gets worse HN observer (0)
Dr H : fight me WildRiver (6)
Swiss referendum Toke Cup (20)
Alice Toke Cup (2)
Civil forfeiture xampl9 (2)
Santa was good to me this year Quant (6)
crap in a box - a new trend n/a (18)
Mean people fail? reddit reports, you decide! (12)
reorganising Win7 partitions on a Lenovo eek (16)
Yen signs in the MRU list trollop (9)
Management vs. Technical Track Joe (18)
On the Sunny Side of the Street Q (4)
Stop dreaming and start DOING. Yo (4)
November 28th, 2014
The culture of techie gizmos and their fanboys Bored Bystander (13)
Buying music dilemma Q (11)
PAIN! Bored Bystander (9)
How to feel really dumb... Leaf (10)
Tonight in beer brone (7)
Wilson's inconsistency. NJNP Bot Berlin (2)
Is there any better employment scam than "IT Contracting"? . (6)
I am a dev, this sales job gives me chills dev (7)
depression Friday (14)
Ferguson Bowl Party Night 5: Black Friday & No One Cares PorkiousMaximus (0)
android database eek (10)
Got him Craggie (2)
Low end laptop Craggie (30)
Beer test Lodewijk (6)
Annoying Chevrolet wi-fi ad Q (2)
Any purchases today? Kenny the Robot (12)
Friday puzzle (easy) Trog (11)
Piano in the staion hall Lodewijk (7)
Friday puzzle MobyDobie (4)
November 27th, 2014
Darren Wilson/ferguson Reddit reports, you decide (25)
ok here goes Friday (13)
lost in the noise Saint Lucy (4)
europe at al. Friday (8)
Climate change, bitches. trollop (20)
Drones df (2)
realities of music business -touring eek (5)
pigtronix looper eek (4)
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade SUCKS!!!!!!!!! ElastoMan (3)
Ferguson Bowl Party Night 4: Thanksgiving Night Fights! ChristopherWalkin (5)
How long did your IT career last? At what age did it end? IT guy (6)
Severed Heads Toke Cup (1)
Sex crimes Bot Berlin (7)
No justice no Peace Bot Berlin (6)
90 Euro/hour for an MDM Architect Shylock (11)
Wonder what Joel's net worth is now? Bluebeard (8)
So I went to the one-on-one with boss's boss curious (1)
Thanksgiving Friday (4)
November 26th, 2014
macbook Friday (13)
Someone else calling Wilson on his bullshit Bot Berlin (39)
Ferguson Bowl Party Night 3: Whoa, Black Betty! Snooker Jay and duh Boyz (6)
Kind of relevant Bot Berlin (1)
Old programmers among us? WildRiver (35)
To muppet Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
What does an intelligent and well educated black person... WildRiver (5)
November 25th, 2014
ello Friday (2)
Ferguson Bowl Party Night 2: Back in Black! BatheHerAndBringHerToMe (19)
Is programming still a rational career choice? Rick (37)
Holiday weeks xampl9 (4)
Wilson's Unbelievable Story df (61)
Ferguson - Black Monday with 100% discount WildRiver (7)
Thoughts on AI and Interstellar Bot Berlin (6)
Do you have experience with any of these JS libraries? Quant (1)
Working with clients with a "consensus" style is tedious/risky Consultant (6)
What is the point of object oriented programming? J (40)
Why should we give the slightest fuck about this Ferguson shit? Balls Mahoney (17)
November 24th, 2014
do we have a moral imperitive to report pedophilia? Regular (5)
Ferguson has gone insane!!!!!!!!!!1 Jax Teller (15)
Time to do 'shrooms Shylock (9)
Ferguson Bowl Party!zzz PartyBoy (tm) (9)
ALERT! JUST IN! Ferguson Grand Jury files no charges against cop Automated Security System (25)
Boss's boss scheduling one on ones curious (11)
Where the fuck has Brice been? President of Brice Fan Club (7)
Hedge fund manager rage . (11)
November 23rd, 2014
Surviving in prison Anonymous Broham (8)
Ferguson BigBallsBilleDee (17)
Cops shoot a 12 year-old carrying a fake gun Bill42x (22)
Hey, bros Anonymous Broham (2)
You know you're in a sketchy neighborhood when... xampl9 (Windows Phone) (13)
IT Programmer vs Software Enigneer JustAnotherCodeJanitor (19)
more quarantines n/a (3)
Airline industry redux PigPen (36)
Is it better to be self employed or work for the man? .. (18)
Has anyone seen the movie Bloodsport? Frank Dux (9)
should we put the future behind us? n/a (3)
highway at night, javascript n/a (10)
Things I can't do online . (0)
A hacked sshd sat in a honeypot and saved passwords for a year Michael B (5)
November 22nd, 2014
That reminds me Michael B (9)
42o correcting compulsive liars (6)
Agile Business Secrets of the Pharaohs Michael B (0)
On why I come to CoT hoyZa (22)
Lodewijk Michael B (3)
Leadership vs Playing Politics Bored Bystander (29)
I don't see the point in learning new technologies... Jim (15)
So hoyza starts a great fucking thread below... . (21)
Holy crap! Obama does something right! Legion (4)
This thread on reddit Friday (1)
The Interstellar Questions for CoT Bot Berlin (11)
Interstellar review (immediate spoiler warning) Michael B (12)
Calvanistic bias against playing with your brain chemistry Michael B (21)
Portrait in Wood Lodewijk (8)
Hello CoT dear friends LeMonDe (8)
What countries/geo locations Friday (12)
November 21st, 2014
Sex on Crack Leroy B (3)
rape update Regular (7)
Will Obama now be impeached? TurkeySoup (17)
A leadership secret hoyZa (9)
House Intel Panel Debunks Many Benghazi Theories This space for rent. Call owner. (4)
New technology fail Shylock (16)
Update on the daughter Shylock (15)
Done with this field, getting a CDL ex-programmer (21)
Puzzle Friday - Easy Puzzle (for thick people) MobyDobie (4)
Puzzle Friday - Medium Puzzle MobyDobie (8)
Website with interactive animations Quant (9)
Puzzle Friday MobyDobie (4)
The Secret Life of Passwords Shylock (6)
airline fares Friday (28)
November 20th, 2014
25 years Legion (14)
Time for a change? Could use some advice (11)
Whatup? SD (1)
Today's WTF Shylock (2)
Sex on cocaine Michael B (11)
SSD df (8)
Javascript people...explain this function. WildRiver (8)
I think WildRiver is being raped by his wife or teacher... Kenny the Robot (1)
Honest question for you guys (male only).... WildRiver (6)
Your wife can accuse you of rape! WildRiver (6)
This is brilliant Shylock (9)
Asian Burka: Coming your way soon Legion (5)
Why is there some lost boy in your bed Toke Cup (9)
my pet hate as a  musician eek (41)
November 19th, 2014
Grandmas smoking weed xampl9 (3)
GoPro and mustangs xampl9 (3)
Recruiter call xampl9 (8)
𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕠𝕗 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕥𝕚ng Does this work? (1)
HASH function in MSSQL Shylock (8)
Bill Cosby Michael B (32)
Barbie book tells girls they can't be developers - boys do that Bluebeard (2)
Russia buying gold like it's going out of fashion... Kenny the Robot (4)
Are You Too Old to Work in Tech? IT's Midlife Crisis dude (6)
Cool ideas that never worked out xampl9 (12)
𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕠𝕗 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕥𝕚 expressive poster (7)
DOS in Android Regular (16)
cutting edge telemarketing robots Regular (5)
asymptomatic human carrier of ebola ebola (4)
November 18th, 2014
Programmers get thrown away Craggie (12)
Almost 2 meters of snow Shylock (25)
MongoDB Still Sucks FSK (14)
Lootie meme and Ferguson Anonymous Coward (3)
Uber: "our plan to blackmail journalists wasn't serious" n/a (12)
Pedo parties for the powerful n/a (4)
another ebola DEATH in the US today ebola (5)
Quit Faking it, and we're all faking it hoyZa (22)
November 17th, 2014
Pissed off ebola nurse is still pissed off Legion (8)
Garage Door Opener Legion (18)
Furthering the cultural hegemony of China Bored Bystander (13)
It's a gray Monday...so I want to warm up COT WildRiver (4)
how much code do you write? n/a (45)
So, I had this lovely barbecued steak Shylock (40)
What happens to Muppet's job interview? WildRiver (6)
Rental Real Estate vs. Stocks and Bonds .. (21)
It's not just Americans who are fat Shylock (26)
The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities n/a (8)
November 16th, 2014
Interstellar (spoilers) xampl9 (10)
"Evil Stick" Bored Bystander (13)
here is a seminar for you guys to consider bick (0)
Let's stop watching football Shylock (30)
The power of coding... Shylock (8)
Is Pot legal where you live? 4:20 Nation (6)
November 15th, 2014
Putting your hand in front of the LHC beam xampl9 (1)
Can Money Buy You Happiness? . (3)
comet n/a (29)
Is that scumbag Muppet gone yet? Morons (21)
Always buy my software activation product. Wyatt O'Spooge (11)
"I AM actually building a company that will bankrup Google." DrH ( . )( . ) (10)
I love crazy on tap because Wick (5)
Glen Larson died *MinistryOfSillyPosts; (7)
Rewiring That "Reset" Button LeMonDe (10)
door to door vacuum sales Honu (14)
Whatever happened to... It's a mystery (5)
Son wants to join a software startup Steve (23)
91 year old speaks at the Labour Party Conference in the UK eek (7)
Good luck with that... Brone (6)
no backup bills case n/a (3)
am i going insane n/a (2)
latest hero video n/a (8)
CalTech professor commits suicide n/a (9)
November 14th, 2014
fuck you fund Friday (11)
Wondering Legion (4)
Dealing with H Legion (3)
Save Dr. Roeland van der Marel Lodewijk (2)
Puzzle Friday - Second 2nd Puzzle Trog (11)
Putty and Security df (6)
Windows 7 and Service Packs df (10)
Puzzle Friday, 2nd puzzle MobyDobie (22)
Thundersnow Shylock (5)
Clusterfuck at work, how should I handle? Grunt (11)
November 13th, 2014
RIP Just Another Moron (11)
Reddit CEO df (7)
The House of Lies df (1)
place you called home Ray (11)
What is reality? WildRiver (35)
Badmouthing coworkers Kenny the Robot (29)
Channel 4 Economics Editor ... eek (0)
TTIP eek (6)
Proximity of developers to business/system analyst and user Pardon my english (5)
People that call IT directly instead of openng a ticket IT guy (17)
November 12th, 2014
Did you know iDevices have hi-fi audio? Q (13)
So, bill collectors are calling my house Shylock (30)
Cuban Raft People, 20 years later... Shylock (5)
community version of Visual Studio WildRiver (29)
read this, and tell  me ... eek (4)
I can't tell who's shitting whom... Shylock (6)
Why no robotic window washer?  Calling Japan..Calling Japan WildRiver (6)
Why we lost Shylock (57)
Missouri building unified military police state apparatus n/a (2)
Some local news MS (2)
hospital billing n/a (16)
Philae has landed Lodewijk (8)
awesome TED talk eek (5)
more chabad street harassment! n/a (6)
November 11th, 2014
Kids + film cameras xampl9 (6)
hilarious board fix n/a (17)
Pet peeve: 'Principle Developer' dave (8)
Fuck PayPal df (12)
How Unequal Can America Get? Markowitch (12)
OOK... OOK... Water (9)
Develop mobil app for both iOS and Android WildRiver (5)
You guys make monkey sound all wrong! WildRiver (13)
more evidence of street rape n/a (6)
How hard for le monkey to confuse between "loser" and "looser" WildRiver (4)
Listen up MONKEYS... Lemonde fan club (7)
new crazy asian lady video n/a (6)
Neat Hack PigPen (11)
A little fun this morning... JoC (4)
Friends... I need your help LeMonDe (18)
Dell these days Shylock (21)
is midday 12am or 12pm? eek (33)
and Smokey nails it too ... eek (0)
Glenn Beck really WAS brain damaged SaveTheHubble (7)
nails it indeed eek (18)
November 10th, 2014
70's TV xampl9 (0)
This stupid CTO got flamed for his stupid article in comments. WildRiver (14)
PARKLIFE! Rebecca Tucker (7)
Do these air purifiers really work? Tom (20)
So I bought two new tires the other day.... dude (12)
More Yosemite fun xampl9 (2)
If money doesn't make you happy, you're spending it wrong (2010) HN reporter (18)
November 9th, 2014
Did you like Interstellar Bot Berlin (7)
made a poll Friday (1)
Leaving IT Full name (14)
How 'Okay' took over the world xampl9 (8)
time to get an MBA? n/a (22)
your thoughts on important matters n/a (2)
Brilliant parody of young adult movies Bored Bystander (3)
fluoride is poison, says israeli rightwinger n/a (9)
HN becoming more like reddit? Say it ain't so! Breaking News Llama (1)
puritanical thinking 2 Saint Lucy (1)
a bit of reddit behavior reaches HN hn reporter (0)
Hello friends... Missed you... LeMonDe (17)
Gore on Wheels (spoilers)... barf Bored Bystander (9)
November 8th, 2014
have you ever identified with song lyrics Friday (2)
New has value, old does not xampl9 (10)
Mormon Soaking xampl9 (18)
All about that base xampl9 (8)
how you are being played eek (13)
feeling smug n/a (17)
Shifting your career from pure IT/Software to Marketing & Sales IT guy (30)
Since most of you fuckers are too lazy to scroll down Jack (7)
MS, your input badly needed at that other place You know (2)
Puritanical thought 101 Bot J. Baden (9)
23 things redditers always say Bot J. Baden (1)
November 7th, 2014
I know a guy who works as a programmer at a factory . (20)
Dead End Legion (14)
Saw this and thought of CoT PigPen (10)
Awesome (MS Songsmith) df (7)
Ton of new competitor companies... WildRiver (7)
Spamming from COT - likely some asshole on here WildRiver (20)
question about humidifiers.... Tom (15)
Weird business diversification Legion (5)
New CoT tradition: Puzzle Friday MobyDobie (18)
Idea for a start up Wick (10)
You blokes should do a law degree Book Cup (20)
For Michael Shylock (2)
Insert delete trollop (1)
AMERICA Michael B (8)
November 6th, 2014
times like these Friday (4)
Thinking of reverting to Mavericks xampl9 (7)
politics and ebola ebola (26)
IAP df (3)
Entertain me, dammit xampl9 (Windows Phone) (7)
Steam reviews plus hours played brone (3)
kids these days ... eek (2)
November 5th, 2014
Save the multiverse xampl9 (11)
backup strategy eek (31)
Idaho primaries n/a (3)
Time tracking Kenny the Robot (22)
IT guy looking to become software developer IT guy (54)
Building a fence df (0)
Busy number Wick (12)
Microsoft Shylock (27)
The #1 problem with consulting df (45)
Ask for work Michael B (18)
Want to make more money? . (3)
November 4th, 2014
EMV cards xampl9 (7)
Before you make any software product/service. Do research. WildRiver (16)
Damn smokers made me fat Legion (0)
Does anyone feel good about their work? Michael B (32)
November 3rd, 2014
ebola nurse agrees to some things ebola (3)
Bar Mitzvahs have gotten out of hand Shylock (29)
Bzzzzz  ..  bzzzzzzzzzzzz xampl9 (2)
Tom Magliozzi, of Click and Clack, dies at 77. SaveTheHubble (3)
Now that's clever SaveTheHubble (1)
Seen on the NFL network df (0)
Today's WTF Shylock (4)
My business offer LeMonDe (7)
What do you think of the recent Lena Dunham news Bot Berlin (23)
The average Joe doesn't want to pay for software glad I didn't quit my day job (30)
If you just had a heart attack ... Ducknald Don (4)
structuring eek (7)
What are some good warm weather cities to live in? Joe (40)
November 2nd, 2014
Good article on Lockheed fusion Bill42x (1)
Lack of privacy today is scary Q (8)
how to sing eek (1)
Unsere Schamhund Shylock (2)
followup: how did this turn out? Bot J. Baden (8)
Now, if I were to get a Mac Shylock (23)
I just caused a big round of PC-bashing on Hacker News... Wayne (4)
CoT POLL: "There's a small core of truly heinous people who post worldsSmallestViolin (24)
Mac OS X - Multi Threaded Finder worldsSmallestViolin (19)
for people that like to tar ... eek (12)
Christopher Welch xampl9 (0)
USB SSD df (5)
We encourage after work hours team-building... Joe (8)
The asteroids minigame xampl9 (1)
Honey garlic sausages are the best sausages... Kenny the Robot (2)
Gained an hour today... Kenny the Robot (2)
November 1st, 2014
My daughter got married yesterday, and I got to be there. GD (13)
ebola in portland ebola (7)
a picture Friday (5)
Spaceship Two was an accident waiting to happen Fuck Cup (24)
November Lodewijk (8)
Chuck palahniuk Craggie (0)
fatal plane crash n/a (1)
Healthy nurse not quarantined Bot J. Baden (9)
Gold at 4 year low Craggie (10)
What's up with all this deleting lately Friday (36)
Hello CoT friends LeMonDe (8)
I fucked up mousetrap (6)
Hake Lodewijk (3)
REMINDER: Thanks for doing your part Michael B (28)
I put an old mower up for sale on Craigslist dude (16)
"My wife is sick. I'm staying home today." Legion (12)
If I owned this place Legion (9)
Another fatty on the warpath PegPin (6)
Dejan Lazić pulls a Streisand Regular (2)
a picture Friday (6)