Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

November 30th, 2011
TMax df (5 comments)
working with women Doug (16)
So I went into IT so I didn't have to work with people very much Big Mama Joe (6)
Were you beaten by your parents? Rick Tang (21)
McCain, Senate guts 4th amendment Idiot (34)
key witness in bank fraud case, dead at 43 Idiot (10)
Defkalion also selling e-cats in 2012 Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
Drones cleared for domestic use across the US MS (17)
secret identities Idiot (11)
Verdict on Herman Cain? Bored Bystander (34)
Following a crazy diet the last 9 months, AMA Michael B (36)
beating babies the great purple (33)
Police State vs JoC JoC (13)
Hacking Uptick? Morons (6)
All smartphones send all your shit to the NSA Dr. Horrorwitz (51)
So I lost 8 pounds in the last 23 days... MobyDobie (24)
Do you have a monthly routine? Bob. (14)
US supporting Egyptian military Idiot (9)
JVM languagues Rick Tang (21)
November 29th, 2011
Unlimited H1B legislated Idiot (27)
Gamechanger trollop (4)
gum makes you smarter and no one knows why Idiot (22)
SOPA case study Idiot (6)
1%, 10% Problem Bot Berlin (19)
Children made hungry by Halloween avoider make requests for 2012 Bob. (10)
Potheads safer drivers pt 2 Idiot (10)
Australian Table Wines Idiot (11)
Linux distro popularity chart Idiot (5)
Oops. SaveTheHubble (43)
stop using external javascript APIs Idiot (16)
Functionality, Programming languages not copyrightable Troglodyte (5)
Just over a year remaining xampl9 (36)
Guys in your 30's, I have some bad news Bob. (16)
Horrornooze bulletin Dr. Horrorwitz (20)
Recruiters (yet again) xampl9 (9)
Michael Jackson's doctor sentenced xampl9 (8)
remote fire attack Idiot (5)
Interesting perspective on Paul Shylock (10)
Does anyone hear voices while they're falling asleep? Michael B (29)
Managed dedicated hosting Dr. Horrorwitz (24)
Surveillance society xampl (iPhone) (10)
Belligerent teen: "No I won't apologize to the sucky governor" Idiot (5)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (1)
Arizona SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times Anonymous II (26)
Coding is the new Latin Quant (1)
Hey assholes, it's tuesday. Retrohipster (2)
Ron Paul ads Idiot (2)
Sleep Michael B (16)
What I learned interviewing at Google hoyza (11)
Being used as a pawn in a feud between managers Cliff (16)
November 28th, 2011
Tactical Flashlights Fan boy (9)
Information Science vs. Computer Science ? (7)
7.8 Trillion Dollars xampl9 (6)
Svetlana Alliluyeva el (5)
Judge rejects Citibank settlement Idiot (5)
For how meany more years? Morons (18)
Lennon talking to a crazy guy Idiot (0)
51 years old Idiot (9)
News fast Michael B (28)
This is 1999 bubble era dumb Colm (32)
turkey trot the great purple (3)
Talking Points JoC (44)
We like Pi! Troglodyte (11)
Barney Frank Quits Morons (1)
The Dilbert Raise has gone mainstream. Morons (23)
open letter to 53% guy eek (12)
Do you find Skype reliable? Bob. (5)
Just found out that I have arthritis and I'm in my mid 30s Anonymous this time (18)
November 27th, 2011
The Tingler Fan boy (7)
Anyone else dread going back to work after a long weekend? . (8)
Drugs to Jack Your Brain/IQ ? (10)
Why Everyone Hates the IT Department Cliff (22)
Mock boy band attracts real clueless fans Idiot (1)
Etymology of Idiot Idiot (3)
How are you preparing for death? Dumbo (17)
Wolfe on OWS eek (7)
November 26th, 2011
Today I'm 50 Shylock (27)
Are there still countries where Michael B (7)
Mars Science Lab is Launched! SaveTheHubble (10)
religious fanatics opposed to science Idiot (10)
Black Friday's a pretty boring Michael B (0)
November 25th, 2011
Scanning receipts xampl9 (17)
So let's say that you write a movie while employed.... dude (11)
Happy Christmas! Anon for this one (5)
Buggy MS SQL Server MARS "Feature" NotGeekyEnoughIGuess (2)
How to get rich in software Idiot (20)
How to destroy customer goodwill df (4)
How not to apologize df (12)
Black Friday: Egyptian love Story Rich Tsang (2)
6 years old sued for sex offense Io (16)
Happy Thanks! rightwingnutjob (20)
Henry Rollins 5 years back eek (1)
November 24th, 2011
Iraq veterans redeployed against OWS Idiot (4)
female ejaculation Michael B (19)
Note to Idiot Q (6)
Kansas Governor Battling Teen Skeptic Idiot (22)
Friday Amusement: Forget to pay water bill Rich Tsang (1)
What's exciting in general IT? hoyza (15)
Unsubscribe Michael B (10)
Do you guys invest with prosper or lending club? Michael B (6)
Climagegate 2.0 PigPen (19)
See, anyone can call themself a programmer PigPen (10)
Picked up this Jewish bird last night MobyDobie (9)
Just another day in the House trollop (10)
November 23rd, 2011
Top places to live Idiot (21)
Tax filing loopholes Idiot (5)
Overtime to be banned for programmmers! Idiot (19)
Job ads again - must be fluent in all systems Idiot (8)
Google: "That solar stuff we were investing in is BS, sorry" Idiot (0)
How to parse XML with regex Idiot (13)
David Frum and the US right df (15)
The Verge df (5)
Nobel prize winner for physics in 1973 asks Rossi for a favor Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Obama Steals Mans Tuna. Morons (5)
Groupon plunge Idiot (11)
"There is no such thing as so-called 'good polygamy'" Rick Tang (32)
Icicle of Doom Idiot (12)
One Terabyte RAM Attila (39)
zeo sleep monitor eek (3)
A Saturday in NYC in December df (23)
Google Wave, Gears dead Troglodyte (2)
Forbes on Rossi Bluebeard (3)
Who are the Kardashians? Fan boy (5)
Global warming denier PigPen (60)
Rossi? Pah... try Lutec! Bluebeard (0)
Rossi visiting US gov officials today and meeting with MIT staff Dr. Horrorwitz (21)
google today eek (6)
Why do companies like mixing tech people with non techies? Gonzo (15)
November 22nd, 2011
defeating the 50 cent army Idiot (6)
Sealed in a room with no air Fan boy (15)
The Walking Dead (spoilers) xampl9 (3)
F U Fund, Part III hoyza (14)
people arrested in bank Idiot (8)
Flu Michael B (9)
Drag-Net Network Idiot (4)
Pwned: Legal Mumbo Jumbo CircusAttraction (14)
Suicide a risk for startups Idiot (8)
WindowsXP free in 2012 Bot Berlin (19)
Office mini-fridges xampl9 (20)
Why education startups don't succeed xampl9 (36)
Canada police stimulates G20 voilence (again) Rich Tsang (0)
Ross's taking pre-orders for home units Dr. Horrorwitz (31)
As I said, Mr. Knuth can't progam himself out of a wet paper bag Dr. Horrorwitz (34)
GM moving forward Idiot (0)
UC davis protest aerial photo Idiot (3)
Seattle Cops murder baby Idiot (7)
November 21st, 2011
Silent protest at UC Davis Michael B (2)
Learning is about growth, self actualization.... forThis.Anon (14)
"truth has become an inconvenience and a dangerous threat" Idiot (2)
when email is just not adequate the great purple (31)
FU Fund, Part II hoyza (9)
What do you tell people when they ask what you do for a living? Cliff (20)
Statisticians can prove almost anything df (5)
email from recruiter xampl9 (4)
Market Down 2.5% SaveTheHubble (32)
You Have Exactly Three Passwords, Don't You? Michael B (15)
Monday morning amusement Retrohipster (1)
Any of you taken Adderall or Ritaling to finish a project? OneWhoKnows (10)
its finally happened worldsSmallestViolin (12)
Latest OWS video Idiot (8)
Cigarette plain packaging laws pass Parliament less is more (13)
November 20th, 2011
Median sex partners (redux) Michael B (16)
Fat bird approached me in the pub today MobyDobie (18)
violence by bankers Idiot (3)
Should weird names be grounds for losing custody? Idiot (9)
Twilight movie xampl (iPhone) (9)
Advice God meme Michael B (4)
Raymond Lewis, Captain America Idiot (1)
American Banking Association Idiot (1)
Moving up the ladder vs. staying put dot (12)
November 19th, 2011
Have I told you how much I hate gift cards? Fan boy (17)
tuesday Idiot (4)
Are you a foodie?  Or do you just not care? Bob. (12)
ecat.com online Dr. Horrorwitz (48)
War of the Worlds xampl9 (1)
"That Morgan Sherlock dude gets all the chicks" Bored Bystander (3)
Who's working today? Some dude on the 'Net (9)
Goodby Dolly :( Troglodyte (4)
great vid on OWS eek (7)
High Michael B says... Michael B (3)
November 18th, 2011
Which country has the least attractive women? Bob. (12)
Do Asians own the Internet Bot Berlin (8)
9 yr old dies. Heart Attack. Food induced PigPen (16)
Job Hunting at Work CircusAttraction (9)
Happened again this morning... Retrohipster (23)
Angry english teacher Matchu (1)
So THAT's what the military is working on... SaveTheHubble (7)
So are there any hardcore nerds here? Charlie (11)
Does anyone else hate needles? dude (12)
Slider phones df (13)
Beautiful football LeMonDe (5)
shark doing well Janus (15)
November 17th, 2011
faster than light confirmed by second team Idiot (7)
Does anyone live around fracking activity? Bored Bystander (19)
Mutual defense agreement df (15)
Hammer, Nail, Head JoC (17)
which linux? Idiot (52)
Breaking Bad df (9)
waterboarding how to video Idiot (1)
Pilot locked in lavatory causes terror scare Morons (3)
Pigpen and Tapiwa are similar Anon (4)
Duggers pragnant again! Idiot (0)
November 16th, 2011
Perry attacking Obama Idiot (7)
OWS for vacation? Bot Berlin (5)
Penn State judge recused Idiot (19)
Why didn't XML databases succeed? Shylock (43)
But is this really working without pay Idiot (13)
Puss In Boots -- Review SaveTheHubble (5)
Gordon Ramsey talking dirty xampl9 (9)
Gun control analogy in CNN comment df (39)
Bot MIA Rick Tang (11)
So I met this Thai bird in a club last night MobyDobie (5)
Immortals -- Review SaveTheHubble (21)
Jeopardy study app Wayne (1)
Tebow and Christianity df (63)
To troll a predator Retrohipster (27)
Changing from Dev and Architecture to Sales? BoredWithIT (12)
November 15th, 2011
Comparison Australia vs US less is more (12)
Do most jobs tend to suck? dude (22)
Had a good laugh this afternoon Attila (3)
ORM loses once again Shylock (42)
Well, I found the problem xampl9 (12)
Social Psychology Attila (1)
Gathering job references and responding to job ads J (5)
The Best SQL JoC (17)
Fuck you, Sean. Really. CircusAttraction (9)
"we're the next facebook for sheep fanciers" Idiot (0)
co-workers being replaced by people willing to work long hours . (12)
For those who missed the + in Google search Troglodyte (2)
Russians... Retrohipster (5)
talking points in action - from Penn State Idiot (35)
Russians don't care about snow Idiot (25)
sex with underage dutch girls Idiot (26)
teaching coding in high schools Idiot (16)
einstein quote Idiot (25)
Tuesday boobies xampl9 (12)
for michael Idiot (20)
November 14th, 2011
What have I done? Fan boy (14)
Ronin review Lurker (13)
Creepy old guy continued Rick Tang (0)
Blah is blocked at work because of "Adult Content" Rick Tang (42)
Walking Dead (lots of spoilers) xampl9 (4)
black folk who need their big macs Idiot (12)
follow up on ohio animal bloodbath Idiot (5)
SQL Foo el (11)
Fake reviews df (4)
new magazines Idiot (13)
Normally I hate this guy but... JoC (6)
Ice Cream Sandwich doesn't like your ugly face Retrohipster (8)
Capitalism Io (42)
Brain teasers Io (18)
Lag df (16)
Women and tatoos Joe (14)
Blu-ray sucks df (25)
Hot or not? Rick Tang (12)
Ice tea and metabolism MobyDobie (17)
"I stalked Steve Jobs" xampl9 (11)
Apple replacing 1st gen iPod Nanos xampl9 (3)
Bank of America: "China needs more financial responsibility" Idiot (2)
November 13th, 2011
Strange Amazon recommendation xampl9 (6)
New boat Fan boy (14)
Java on Stack overflow Bill42x (26)
Qaddafi way ahead of his time PigPen (6)
Shit, the boat just blue screened... Shylock (7)
Flying while terrorist PigPen (4)
What is your philosophy on work? Do you do what you love... dude (16)
LibreOffice3 Idiot (3)
What did I do before I discovered Reddit? xampl9 (2)
November 12th, 2011
XSLT function syntax Idiot (20)
I just heard jings (8)
shocking violence against innocent police in Dallas Idiot (1)
Types of boredom Io (4)
November 11th, 2011
Adobe decision explained Rick Tang (8)
"Eat my pussy, or I’m going to cut your fucking throat." Idiot (14)
Computer repairs and security Bob. (13)
America's hidden majority PigPen (14)
2 years of Go and version 1 is almost ready!!! Rick Tang (2)
"Every TV set we make loses money" Rick Tang (8)
Web Services vs. Stored Procedures Shylock (16)
It's 11/11/11. Io (14)
SF officials: "holding hands is an act of violent terrorism" Idiot (43)
Misconceptions about the past Attila (2)
good music coming soon! Idiot (5)
About bond yields... Kenny (8)
Oakland shooting Idiot (10)
Bored of my colleague Sleepyhead (20)
Marcus Pinkus df (1)
Gingrich xampl9 (10)
Overheard in Men's Restroom CircusAttraction (11)
Wow, a Republican doing the right thing Shylock (6)
Remarkable comment on Telegraph article Troglodyte (15)
Interesting article on the history of currencies Colm (13)
November 10th, 2011
hacknews news news2??? Rick Tang (1)
taking stock Idiot (25)
Rick Perry melts down xampl9 (8)
flying rhinos the great purple (10)
dick fucking over a pussy Idiot (2)
Would you accept an honorary degree? PigPen (22)
Nice Hair Fan boy (2)
Heat of the moment df (12)
The market has bipolar disorder Kenny (9)
2**6-1 Day less is more (10)
Remembrance Day less is more (6)
Bye Bye JoePa Some vato on the 'Net (26)
Plain cigarette packaging bill passes Aus Senate but... less is more (37)
Solaris 11 -- the world's first Cloud OS Rick Tang (2)
Anyone here run an ISV? Joe (12)
November 9th, 2011
tracking u 4 profit Idiot (4)
Water from thin air less is more (0)
why would any business use FB as its primary site? Idiot (22)
Your F U Fund hoyza (11)
I won't wear poppy! War on poppies (8)
Adobe capitulates to HTML5 trollop (9)
Melbourne storm photos trollop (7)
Software company with 50% female developers Idiot (25)
Russian Mars mission becomes toxic death bomb Idiot (15)
Accurate topographical map of a private property df (44)
Bye Bye G-Pap what are you reading for? (7)
Dow down 2% xampl9 (20)
Good tool to test Windows Applications? Fan boy (10)
November 8th, 2011
windows update ... eek (12)
What does a spider bite look like? Fan boy (3)
memory techniques line noise (8)
What is tomorrow's TEL? Jack's distinct difference (6)
Timeframe for a development project TardFace (21)
Bye bye Silvio PigPen (18)
Has anyone successfully converted from a FT employee to consulta anon (35)
Waking up really tired and feeling lethargic lately dude (21)
I guess he used Agile methodology Shylock (2)
Voting today the great purple (34)
Obama is the real-life George Costanza xampl9 (28)
Eclipse Xtext Rick Tang (0)
November 7th, 2011
Just watched The Thing - spoiler Bob. (11)
I want to fuck on the floor and break shit xampl9 (25)
ETS passes Australian Senate less is more (3)
Google+ Pages Rick Tang (1)
ClearType. Goddamn. brone (6)
Cold Showers & Metabolism MobyDobie (30)
MILF Monday xampl9 (6)
Well here are the stats on careers and college Bot Berlin (9)
hard drive situation Idiot (9)
Sweet Jesus, no wonder this industry is so shitty Troglodyte (19)
Insanely Great? That's half right. Idiot (14)
real id web tracking Idiot (20)
Question for those with an FU fund dude (13)
Speech recognition isn't quite there xampl9 (7)
American accents in fantasy based movies and tv shows Kenny (3)
Wanker at the Home Depot df (16)
November 6th, 2011
Anyone live in Reston, Va? Bot Berlin (16)
Stupidity as a fundamental force of the universe Peter (12)
Best device for reading technical pdfs Bill42x (7)
Condoleezza-crush xampl9 (15)
autoplay videos that can't be stopped Idiot (13)
do you keep a weapon near your bed at night? Morons (28)
Had a cup of coffee this morning Michael B (25)
tremendous shortage of engineers Idiot (24)
More on the Democratic Revolution in Libya Shylock (1)
November 5th, 2011
Doomsday preacher: Sorry I was wrong, but no refunds Idiot (6)
Band of Brothers Retrohipster (7)
Maybe women don't go into science because they're SMART Michael B (7)
Dumb people complaining they are genius Idiot (27)
Anyone dated a foreigner? Bob. (41)
Voters are dumb PigPen (10)
Do IP addresses change? Fan boy (11)
Blow Rentacoder, here's Kaggle trollop (3)
November 4th, 2011
Grimm vs Once Upon Idiot (11)
bash script question eek (14)
Keystone XL df (12)
Why is Groupon worth $18 million? Idiot (27)
Why do people thinks it's okay to shit at work? :) (33)
Let the pillaging begin PigPen (2)
Is this situation worth trying to fix or is it a hopeless cause? . (39)
Trailing brace semicolons in C and C++ Idiot (40)
If your employer wants to promote you, would they post the job? Jim (4)
My friend wants to become an IT Project Manager Shylock (12)
Why startups are awesome Michael B (26)
Volunteers released after 520 day 'Mars mission' less is more (16)
maybe they've got to many programmers Colm (4)
Too much time spent sitting increases risk of developing cancer doc (7)
Zooey vs Katy Idiot (16)
November 3rd, 2011
Mar-Jun-Sep photos of Japan earthquake less is more (11)
Perry: "If nominated, will badger Obama on birth cert" Idiot (2)
"it's easy to comment!" Idiot (3)
MBA issues... Lemonde (2)
World community moves to contain US led terrorism Idiot (0)
Getting stock options for joining a startup are a terrible deal Michael B (21)
I really have to something more interesting with my life Nuclear Milton (15)
Akons sings in Khan's new movie Matchu (2)
Jumping into the Abyss what are you reading for? (59)
Not a good sign.. Troglodyte (22)
Beware ... your girlfriend *is* out to trap you PigPen (21)
Quck, before it's gone:  Oracle Consulting Rates Troglodyte (17)
16 yr old drug addicts who get killed by their dealer Idiot (4)
Bieber's Baby Idiot (11)
Clarence Thomas changes name? Idiot (2)
If you make yourself irreplaceable, you'll never get promoted Paul (27)
Apple killing OS X Idiot (38)
Pohl's still orbiting Earth, trollop (5)
November 2nd, 2011
How many Kardashians have you been married for? Bluebeard (0)
American Horror Show on FX gerba (2)
The Walking Dead: Season Two (episodes 1 to 3) Kenny (7)
Useful website for travellers Bob. (0)
The Chinese dock with their new Spacestation SaveTheHubble (25)
OWS is over, go home everybody, nothing to see here Idiot (12)
Spread Betting Shylock (2)
There haven't been any good MBA trolls lately dude (4)
Taylor Swift nekkid PigPen (5)
Daylight Saving Time Explained SaveTheHubble (22)
F6 broken in firefox 4 PigPen (10)
Back to the theme of health costs in the US... Bob. (15)
Atilla eek (2)
TSA scanners cause 100+ cancers a year Idiot (5)
WPF/C#/.NET composite application...what to use ? (18)
November 1st, 2011
Stuff df (22)
'Pit bull' of skinheads endures agony to remove tattoos and less is more (4)
A daughter's revenge Idiot (37)
CIA partners with Mexican crime gangs against Anonymous Idiot (1)
Kim's back on the market PigPen (9)
We need a healthcare system like in the UK Bot (15)
School lunches in the US Bob. (13)
When should you shoot a cop? Idiot (13)
Glass Screen Future Concept videos Idiot (7)
May you live in interesting times PigPen (18)
Khan: sheer number of videos Idiot (6)
Letter on Hitler's Stationary now at CIA SaveTheHubble (0)
Thoughts on the Kobo Vox? Wayne (8)
Anyone in Canada got address confirmed in Paypal? Tony Sue (2)
Mon dieu, Papandreou, quel heros Troglodyte (25)
OReilley: OWC is racist and violent Idiot (29)
World Bank Flasher T (12)
Anyone here gambling on the foreign exchange market? Bob. (10)