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November 30th, 2010
interpol: "Assange is the most dangerous terrorist in the world" Weevil (15 comments)
gates on wikileaks my new fucking nickname (1)
More wikileaks about Bank of America Bot Berlin (6)
It's still Tuesday! Pat Downs (4)
The Inner life of a Cell SaveTheHubble (1)
Earthquake near NYC not CC (7)
DAEK al qaeda publishes a magazine? Weevil (11)
What happened to the TSA? Attila (10)
LMFAO to the story and the first comment muppet (2)
The Yes Men Fix the World Jack's left leaners (2)
Is it time to annoy... Pat Downs (1)
NEW SSL Google! Beta Morons (3)
Last night I found out Sarah was IM'ing online with a boy muppet (29)
earphone tired (11)
Are they going to print this article out on flyers muppet (28)
cute kids song the great purple (10)
Dear Wayne muppet (8)
has anyone seen this? (SFW) no fat chicks (10)
November 29th, 2010
Back to tax cuts again formerly known as Nerdtree (27)
Programmers are way overpaid formerly known as NerdtreeBot (13)
best stephen harper's cartoon Just Sayin' (0)
CoT Hash and IP? formerly known as Nerdtree (4)
Cast a critical eye on this photo Palmer Eldritch (6)
On North Korea and wikleaks formerly known as Nerdtree (5)
Fuck Flasher T formerly known as Nerdtree (8)
Where is Julian Assange from? formerly known as NerdTree (6)
The evil subculture of Lolcats just won't die Bluebeard (3)
What in the wikileaks is damaging? formerly known as NerdBot (7)
More UK student protests expected Pat Downs (3)
Tariq Aziz spared second death sentence Pat Downs (0)
For your listening pleasure.... Bluebeard (6)
It's Confirmed: Israel Shut down Iran's enrichment program Morons (12)
North Korea Weevil (29)
Verity Stob on SCRUM Serverside Troglodyte (7)
About the wikileaks df (9)
The assassinations Continue... Morons (24)
ray ozzie's goodbye speech: hoyza (8)
Freedom Fondles xampl (1)
Hello muppet... Bluebeard (16)
google brain drain Weevil (21)
November 28th, 2010
Fucking insurance Full name: Remember me (8)
fucking your cofounder Bot paging Nerdtree (4)
Well, there it is, wikileaks dump is coming Bot Berlin (15)
This is just so very, very wrong Pat Downs (19)
Engineering Club Banned by Highschool, assets seized Weevil (11)
Chanuka does not start with an H not CC (33)
Why is it called wikileaks Pat Downs (5)
Russia and China to trade using their own currencies! Rick in BC (5)
1st test at the Gabba, redux eek (32)
Sarah Palin book tour Bot paging Nerdtree (10)
Trying to find your alias Kepala Kelapa (1)
My hash is 4145f7d6 known as Nerdtree is a Moron (3)
November 27th, 2010
seeded my refugium with copepods tonight. muppet (7)
University of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? xampl (12)
Chandra Levy, media is dumb Bot Berlin (16)
"In Pictures: Russia's pretty gangsters" Pat Downs (6)
perl scalars references and strings Weevil (33)
Convert them by the Sword Weevil (8)
November 26th, 2010
Homeland Security takes over copyright control Weevil (17)
Pope and condom Just Sayin' (3)
Learning anything on the break? Bot Berlin (9)
Paul Auster Just Sayin' (0)
Repo man says work is up xampl (12)
Response to wikileaks, how will government respond Bot Berlin (25)
Living in the cloud df (6)
Just Sayin' Palmer Eldritch (3)
The best cheese... Pat Downs (16)
November 25th, 2010
The Blind Side Fan boy (33)
Rich, overpriced SAP consultants are scared Bot Berlin (7)
More Child Deaths due to Richard Dawkins fanaticism Weevil (26)
Curdling milk story trollop (6)
Client from hell? I must be getting old... (1)
I like kids, but... xampl (3)
Hired help vs Getting sued ? (6)
4 vs 8 Gb of RAM Io (8)
Pol Pot studied electrical engineering dumbasswhackjob (4)
Hitler was a vegetarian rightwingnutjob (13)
Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC) df (3)
Facebook tracking Weevil (11)
Quantitative Easing Explained Fan boy (6)
Pop Christmas Song remakes suck Ward (6)
how a real man cooks his steak Weevil (6)
UK to make internet porn opt-in only rightwingnutjob (9)
New baby! Fan boy (15)
November 24th, 2010
Haha, Howzat! trollop (7)
Be careful when hitching rides from strangers xampl (2)
Thanksgiving SaveTheHubble (16)
Internet Driver License Rick Tang (8)
Backing up to blu-ray df (3)
Change our domain to CrazyFace.com Rick in BC (5)
Future Queen Reveals (almost) All rightwingnutjob (10)
TSA: Two by two, hands of blue Bored Bystander (1)
Did you know there's an NPR rap-song? SaveTheHubble (4)
Who Are We? SaveTheHubble (3)
Fantasia Kills her baby. Morons (13)
Adam Savage - WTF TSA? hoyza (0)
good news, TSA xray scanners coming to all buses, train and boat Weevil (2)
Tim Taylor'ed my snow blower Fan boy (3)
November 23rd, 2010
I want more terrorism and terrorist attacks Zangor (8)
Bountiful BC Just Sayin' (27)
TSA: Tits, Schlong and Ass Just Sayin' (1)
Any reputable online college programs? EG (9)
Fish are in muppet (4)
North Korea and WWIII ! (22)
civil liberties: important for white men the great purple (8)
Daughter arrested df (4)
April 29 Royal Wedding Weevil (20)
finally messed with a kindle Weevil (19)
The Walking Dead Kenny (10)
Drugs? Just ask. trollop (5)
Compromised or joe-jobbed? xampl (5)
Never judge a book by its cover - except maybe this one Bluebeard (5)
This bugs me Colm (24)
Damaged Airbus 380 may have to be scrapped Ward (8)
November 22nd, 2010
Android iPad reviewed Weevil (6)
DO NOT click on this muppet (9)
forgot to take pics of the tank today while the lights were on muppet (16)
what if you cum during the patdown? Just Sayin' (10)
Which is better: MW2 or COD Black Ops? Andrew (16)
VAT Oh... fish! (1)
What Obamacare is doing for you Jack's ... (9)
Consolation Prize Jack's ... (0)
Solved! Oh... fish! (10)
Stupid brown people Oh... fish! (12)
Stupid white people Oh... fish! (3)
Important Servers? what are you reading for? (7)
Heroic anti-TSA screeds df (25)
Nothing New, but good Jack's programming post (6)
Heard in status meeting today xampl (iPhone) (20)
One could argue that Just Sayin' (10)
guy with flat head Weevil (12)
Some police will charge TSA with felony sexual assault Weevil (0)
November 21st, 2010
Seems to be a big democrat vs republican divide on the TSA Bored Bystander (43)
Enough snow to shovel Fan boy (2)
TSA really pissing off tea-baggers Zangor (7)
"TSA Agents Absolutely Hate New Pat Downs..." Bored Bystander (17)
ipv6 format is not a good design Weevil (17)
reddit is so much better than this place formerly known as Nerdtree (1)
The retards at Amazon get it wrong. Again. Oh... fish! (1)
pocket pussy troubles Weevil (0)
November 20th, 2010
fucking your cofounder formerly known as Nerdtree (7)
TSA strip searching small children Weevil (11)
Still waiting for salt and sand to settle muppet (16)
Please, make it stop! Fan boy (16)
Pope says condoms OK xampl (18)
More pickled egg stuff Oh... fish! (4)
The retards at Amazon Amazon get it wrong. Again. Oh... fish! (13)
Germany bound Namibia bomb.. wasn't Oh... fish! (1)
Amazon get it wrong. Again. Oh... fish! (6)
My soon-to-be-ex-wife's maintenance demands Bluebeard (12)
WTF? What *is* this Oh... fish! (5)
Snow! Ward (10)
Classico Spaghetti Sauce Jars Ward (8)
November 19th, 2010
Arrested for playing chess lorb (5)
Shotgun Standoff Weevil (2)
The A-Team Ward (3)
The Fog of War Kenny (9)
immunizations the great purple (20)
This is sad and funny... Wayne (6)
I need my own plane Ward (9)
Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows, Part 1 released SaveTheHubble (12)
Uhm... So the point is? Jack's phone phail (10)
IPAD is now $399 at TJ Max Rich Tsang (16)
Facebook for Bill Collectors Morons (14)
Quite a night out! Full name: Remember me (5)
Bye, Bye, Birdie Fan boy (11)
November 18th, 2010
Too to retire Premier Gordon Campbell spat on Bill Benett Rick Tang (1)
State of Mozilla, one year before Rick Tang (1)
X37 robot makes modifications to enemy satellites Weevil (10)
prudes unhappy with nude wanking during prime time Weevil (6)
How much soda do you drink? xampl (iPhone) (36)
LOL people are ripping on Joel's BOS forum Rodney (4)
Font Creation Software not CC (10)
Woz Stabs Jobs in the back Morons (7)
Gift cards Fan boy (46)
I have run out of things to say on the internet muppet (9)
I'm so proud of little Chana Leah not CC (2)
What the fuck?  MSNBC? muppet (8)
I didn't know you cared. Flasher T (9)
Okay. Which fuckwit decided... Oh... fish! (24)
TV this week: Castle and The Good Wife Fan boy (7)
November 17th, 2010
Ron Paul on TSA Bot Berlin (8)
VMWare buys Spring (java project) Bot Berlin (3)
Any starcraft II players here? Wayne (8)
The slowing pace of CPU inflation df (11)
Wp7 app deployed Jack's self amusement (5)
Jack's dumb joke Jack's self amusement (4)
How to launch your boat Ward (12)
Job quirks that bug you Somebody (16)
Green Lantern Trailer Me, myself and I (13)
Not a single post for the last hour and a quarter? muppet (11)
The XBox Kinect Anonymous Lurker (19)
Damn liberal Nanny State not CC (6)
New toy Flasher T (17)
Evil Dictators rightwingnutjob (14)
Obama claims authority to execute US citizens w/o trial Weevil (13)
November 16th, 2010
101 body scans leaked!!!! Just Sayin' (5)
It's tuba practice night again next door xampl (11)
Yet another DA playing whack a mole not CC (4)
Fail, fail, fail... Jack's sanity string (4)
Again, where's the Tuesday special? not CC (3)
Hubble's Dog (the one killed by the Tea Party) Morons (3)
The domain business is getting silly xampl (4)
TSA TSA TSA Kenny (1)
Kate Middleton, place your predictions here Weevil (18)
Sitting Bull was terrorist says Fox Weevil (4)
Bloodline Champions Jack's tentative timewaster (4)
Israelification not CC (40)
Andy Carroll Oh... fish! (0)
"Smash a window, lose the argument" Oh... fish! (16)
I want gov't health care, but screw the rest of you the great purple (16)
QE2 Morons (18)
Extraordinary sexism df (13)
If you are British, You are stupid. Morons (18)
So you go to a top tire School and pay top dollar because? Morons (17)
Manager duties & responsibilities xampl (13)
muppet is my stepbrother Bluebeard (5)
float endian shocker Weevil (3)
Spam from places I've bought stuff Weevil (2)
TSA and sex toys Just Sayin' (3)
November 15th, 2010
Folks, flying is not a right! Just Sayin' (8)
TSA controversy based business idea, free for the taking Bored Bystander (4)
TSA lubricant brand? Just Sayin' (6)
Are you a stepfather? Barbarossa (35)
TSA related question Bored Bystander (13)
Is this treason? Just Sayin' (18)
TSA = Total Sexual Assault Weevil (19)
GM IPO Rick Tang (4)
Stupid member of a "copwatch" group Palmer Eldritch (4)
The Netherlands and Holland Attila (14)
Should they teach analog clocks in school? df (56)
What to get granny for Christmas Oh... fish! (5)
Exempt employees and timesheets Salaryman (22)
Technology is everywhere xampl (6)
English or British? Fan boy (52)
Lame Duck In Session! SaveTheHubble (1)
Sikh warrior arrested Weevil (7)
November 14th, 2010
Shaun the Sheep Fan boy (10)
Dawkins on faith and the black community Bot Berlin (9)
Why must we drink? Weevil (18)
Tumblr Destroys 4Chan Nerdtree (10)
Only 2% are gifted Weevil (21)
Scala debate Weevil (52)
I easily fixed the budget Nerdtree (16)
android market eek (3)
Merging print jobs Oh... fish! (7)
the value of education Weevil (2)
Beer vs. Whisky mmmm (15)
November 13th, 2010
So we went to war (world war II) to steal German scientist not Just Sayin' (2)
COT vs reddit Nerdtree (3)
Good video on Strong AI Bot Berlin (2)
TSA: $10,000 fine for those refusing to be molested Weevil (10)
Norwegian train trip xampl (9)
Austin Comic Con xampl (iPhone) (0)
geek finishes OS after 7 years coding Weevil (37)
#IAmSpartacus Oh... fish! (0)
ground zero mosque project was financed by CIA Weevil (7)
Republican Gay Rights Group? Oh... fish! (1)
Dirty old man heaven Ward (12)
November 12th, 2010
so, the tea party is over sierra (2)
This cauldron of feculence is the most spamfree place on the net Bored Bystander (4)
OMG Sharkfish beat someone with a dildo! Jack's dildo diorama (9)
Do what you love and starve . (1)
Human depravity df (22)
new video demonstrates TSA screening procedures Weevil (0)
Is Randi a girls name or a boys name Weevil (6)
The Black Guys Did It df (6)
tips for getting through security Weevil (22)
HS sweetheart Sort of Anon for This (30)
I hate dealing with sales df (12)
Tel Aviv University Bomb Sniffer SaveTheHubble (3)
You're not helping muppet (68)
You know, I'm no expert on the Middle East muppet (60)
Would there be kiddies watching this? trollop (3)
See, this is why you shouldn't blow shit up Q (10)
Why is Pet Sounds the second greatest album of all time? Bluebeard (14)
November 11th, 2010
summary of bush years in his own words (via taiwan news) Weevil (3)
peer reviewed study shows ESP is real Weevil (6)
Neighbor fun xampl (8)
value of google staff engineer: $3.5 million Weevil (2)
US soldiers power gone to heads, military dictatorship coming Weevil (9)
American really is not English... Bluebeard (21)
Non ironic, non meta election post not CC (2)
Recomendation for web-farm friendly xampl (iPhone) (3)
My scorpion suckers came Jack's scrunched scorpion snack (14)
Know Anyone Persecuted Out of this field? Tom (41)
It turns out there are racial differences not CC (30)
The Alaska is Situation is insane. Morons (25)
So I got an email from North Korea today... rightwingnutjob (6)
HTC Desire Z Flasher T (10)
Fable 3 sucks balls Full name: Remember me (0)
David Gray eek (1)
Hawaii attacks continental US Ward (14)
Minecraft CPU Weevil (8)
Are there any forums that compare to the old JOS forum? Larry (4)
Gmail not beta Ward (5)
November 10th, 2010
Thanks, Jack! Fan boy (5)
Bill Gates cited for hit and run Nerdtree (8)
rejection therapy? wtf Nerdtree (10)
Really how can you take this country Just Sayin' (3)
Wonder how this will go down in Peoria? trollop (0)
Android's 800% market share increase!!! Rick Tang (8)
terrible news story of the day the great purple (16)
Robert Kiyosaki hoyza (13)
In other news... Jack's impending ignition (4)
Enough of Hubble abuse Rick Tang (1)
Not all of these songs have been condemned to hell not CC (1)
More Hubble abuse! Ward (9)
Lily Allen's record company seems to be mad at her Weevil (8)
body scanners useless says security expert Weevil (10)
Win 7 Phone Jack's electric ecstasy (22)
Swinglet-Cam -- Aerial Photography SaveTheHubble (6)
I guess i was wrong.. you guys where right, FOX IS EVIL! Morons (7)
Long Bets Weevil (0)
OMG! Bush was right! not CC (6)
The new Zune marketplace on XBOX Live muppet (4)
"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Bored Bystander (0)
CoT word cloud Bored Bystander (12)
Don't mess with poppies df (23)
Joel takes over Ask.com Morons (3)
Sovereignty of the People Attila (6)
Can someone please muppet (100)
I would really like to try using this Colm (17)
November 9th, 2010
Google's latest update with hover image previews Weevil (1)
My cure for all things black Bot Berlin (9)
the black education thread Weevil (26)
Canadian companies are dumb. Rick Tang (6)
Pelosi should go. Rick Tang (12)
Chinese sub launches missile off LA coastline Weevil (17)
Paypal runs a scam business Rich Tsang (13)
Black Friday Fan boy (18)
Can liberalism save capitalism from conservatism? FrakBuccaneer (21)
MacBook Pro 15" hoyza (6)
The iPod Touch df (31)
Regulatory Capture is the Rule of Law Weevil (5)
November 8th, 2010
Project canceled Fan boy (2)
Turtle harvest email Fan boy (8)
The iPhone is the clue df (3)
Michael Jackson's Debut Song - BREAKING NEWS Brice Richard (3)
Who is the Donald Trump of IT? ? (11)
Owning Rental Property ... (16)
What a surprise! not CC (10)
Am I missing something? Oh... fish! (2)
women now in the hockey hall of fame cbmc64 (6)
Female German spy allowed and encouraged to visit front line muppet (20)
W -- still lying not CC (2)
Comic: Who needs Government oversight? SaveTheHubble (30)
Watts Humphrey died SaveTheHubble (13)
The United Banana Rebpublic muppet (13)
The Walking Dead xampl (8)
It's snowing muppet (7)
November 7th, 2010
Not sure what to make of this not CC (5)
Well I never knew that Oh... fish! (6)
are you backed up? Weevil (14)
ashes thread number 0 eek (6)
Tory logic Oh... fish! (17)
should churches become nightclubs to attract youth? Weevil (3)
Backscatter airport xrays NOT safe say experts Weevil (19)
McDonald's Characters Ward (4)
Crazy Traffic-Directing Woman Ward (5)
November 6th, 2010
my 5y old daughter sierra (9)
Cat Stevens really is an islamic terrorist Weevil (7)
Pelosi says xampl (3)
court rules that the wealthy should not be convicted of crimes Weevil (3)
René Redzepi: the outsider what are you reading for? (2)
Obama helping offshore jobs to India Bot's Other Bro (17)
All you can eat pancakes xampl (iPhone) (1)
So if they ban the Happy Meal Bot Berlin (19)
November 5th, 2010
DC for work? Bot Berlin (20)
"take a loan,buy LOTS of stuff,sell it,make a profit and pay the Rick Tang (5)
yet another drunken post Io (3)
Muslim terrorists against muslims Rick Tang (8)
Wow. Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones writes well. Just, wow... Bluebeard (8)
Spelling Mnemonics Ward (13)
outsourcing and the dumbing down of IT . for this (32)
words that appear too often on "The apprentice" part II hoyza (3)
Compromise Q (8)
Rick? Colm (2)
What the hell is Obama doing? SaveTheHubble (13)
The logic behind Republican opposition SaveTheHubble (1)
Silverlight sucks redux Bluebeard (3)
Every single American citizen, regardless of party muppet (16)
Hospitals across the country are losing millions each year muppet (35)
November 4th, 2010
With all these Obama/Nazi comparisons, I thought... Bluebeard (18)
A weird side effect of the midterms not CC (4)
So, we have a re-org coming up of our entire IS department muppet (26)
Oops xampl (iPhone) (15)
My next project, bot with biological computing Bot Berlin (5)
when you work for bad management politics suck (12)
Cosplay - wow, they're dedicated Ward (8)
November 3rd, 2010
Fed announcement propels AUD past parity less is more (17)
Prop 19 in California Rejected by voters Fan boy (16)
Iraq - Obama's Fault rightwingnutjob (5)
Whoops Jack's marked misfortune (0)
Rand and Ron Paul serving at same time Bot Berlin (56)
SQL server WTF xampl (iPhone) (7)
WSV, what the FUCK is wrong with your country? muppet (11)
Joe Conason's got it right not CC (40)
New instant noodle flavors! rightwingnutjob (9)
Go forth and multiply, o mobile developer horde... Bluebeard (8)
Election Over -- Now the fun begins SaveTheHubble (66)
2012 Election Poster rightwingnutjob (5)
Ronald Reagan is responsible for more deaths than Adolf Hitler. Rick in BC (2)
Not only softies professors have no deep thoughts Rick in BC (11)
Why does it spin? Q (4)
NSFW? Is this woman a stereotype or is this woman a stereotype? Andrew (22)
What is the hardest subject to study at university? Andrew (41)
Calif pot legalization Weevil (0)
Local spins cancel trollop (1)
republican racial hysteria Weevil (1)
November 2nd, 2010
Texas keeps GOP governor xampl (0)
Does Silverlight have a future? Rick Tang (7)
Best seller for the 2010 Christmas season: Bush Memoir! Rick Tang (2)
Republicans took over Just Sayin' (2)
The witch probably won't be selected. Rick Tang (9)
Voting today Fan boy (2)
What I learned today Rick Tang (24)
stupid election Weevil (4)
Whatever happened to the Tuesday special? not CC (4)
Stacktrace or.... Bluebeard (1)
Wisdom from Berlusconi not CC (12)
Online backup for Mysql? xampl (iPhone) (1)
So let me see... Cameron is a fuckwit (5)
ISP raising rates Weevil (15)
Steve Jobs xampl (iPhone) (8)
That would be so bizarre Jack's surprising sinkhole (9)
Technological optimism (nuke,fusion,green) caused global warming df (43)
The fighter jets that escorted that Emirites flight into NY df (5)
Truth on Reddit! No, really!! FrakBuccaneer (8)
I got my sticker the great purple (9)
Facebook for Foetuses rightwingnutjob (3)
Terrorist-related Stabbing, or Peace Activist Turns Violent? rightwingnutjob (0)
The Singing Policeman! rightwingnutjob (0)
Americain wins ze hearse race trollop (7)
November 1st, 2010
Suggested Image Viewer Software? Ward (7)
USB Stick glory hole! Bluebeard (6)
Argument against ID Jack's monday madness (2)
Crowdsource Jack's monday madness (4)
Evidence Jack's inappropriate incognito (1)
US bans horses, claims they are firearms Weevil (11)
"Serenity" preview, done like "Inception" SaveTheHubble (1)
Oops, you found an error SaveTheHubble (20)
When mainframes hurt not CC (12)
Albanian Muslims Saved Jews from Nazis Jack's forgotten friend (11)
Errrr.. muppet (6)
The social media fad is ending xampl (8)
Halloween muppet (20)
Another terrorist incident on Obama's watch rightwingnutjob (22)
Linux supports Communism rightwingnutjob (12)