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November 30th, 2009
Trusting scientists RT (2 comments)
for the denial nutcase that hanges out here eek (24)
Is there anyone here who doesn't use unit testing? Billy the Fish (58)
WH party crashers xampl (iPhone) (6)
UEA: we erased all the original data. you can't have it CC (31)
November 29th, 2009
Are More People Going to Snap? The Wild Wild West! (22)
Hacker News escapee programmer (6)
How to want very little xampl (14)
The Light Before Christmas Ward (4)
From 70's session muso to defence consultant... wtf??? Bluebeard (15)
November 28th, 2009
worst spelling mistake yet eek (7)
muppet was right! Q (15)
.NET/C# noob DataTable question JT (8)
setting up a new windows box for development .... (11)
Site dedicated to important guy stuff CC (7)
Console-based pseudo-AI xampl (7)
More strange dog behaviors Fan boy (4)
Fruitshow in node.js df (23)
Cheap laptops can be lethal xampl (12)
Ron Paul HR 1207 Traveller Richards (2)
How to store 100GB in 1967 Spaceloid (4)
November 27th, 2009
Palin's new book is #1 best seller Dogma (35)
Random accident or not, Tiger Woods Bot Berlin (30)
Black Friday Fan boy (16)
Candle filters Stephen Jones (13)
This could be the best food blog ever what are you reading for? (1)
November 26th, 2009
demonoid, now mininova :-( x (3)
Thanksgiving sales Fan boy (8)
AIG shenanigans in Kentucky CC (7)
Vintage toys xampl (16)
Only in Louisiana xampl (5)
Who said this? Billy the Fish (19)
Are camels edible? CC (20)
November 25th, 2009
TT day coming up soon CC (5)
Larry King freak-out xampl (5)
Where is the economy heading? Smash (33)
fat dumb happy escapee programmer (3)
Apply Now Buttons ? (9)
60% of japanese males prefer celibacy CC (17)
Should Google apologize? C Dickens (13)
Congress investigating climate change hoax CC (36)
Toronto ETF takes down a deer Biggus Dickus (4)
Did anyone watch WWE Monday Night Raw? Bret Hart (2)
The Muppets do "Bohemian Rhapsody" SaveTheHubble (2)
Withholding bonus works LH (6)
This is so unsanitary muppet (8)
Anyone in Toledo, Ohio? Water Cooler v2 (10)
I understand where they're coming from, but... Wayne (26)
Do you see the illusion? Bot Berlin (2)
November 24th, 2009
Nov 20 - racist attacks against the irish CC (1)
UTF8 CC is stupid (31)
joost sold .. (6)
Microsoft Peaked? American Peaked? US peaked (2)
Egg nog with just a nip of 100 proof Southern Comfort muppet (15)
29 topics in Novermember in Daddy's house. C Dickens (7)
Life sentence for Privacy Advocate Alex C. (17)
34.5 percent of young African American men are unemployed Bot Berlin (7)
bakery escapee from JoS (13)
I'm gonna fuck you guys up the ass and shove my cock down your.. winstein (23)
Amazon vs. WalMart xampl (iPhone) (18)
Help Clay choose a nickname xampl (iPhone) (17)
I can't even imagine what a parent goes through after this muppet (14)
US == Church of Scientology?? FrakBuccaneer (5)
Waiting for teh shiny sucks... FrakBuccaneer (16)
2010: The Year we Make Contact muppet (72)
programs that ... eek (0)
haXe Bluebeard (12)
November 23rd, 2009
Poll: is this story BS? .. (4)
Christmas Tree Season is approaching winstein (9)
New world order trollop (2)
About time, Obama and science education Bot Berlin (5)
The 'Real' Jobless Rate: 17.5% Of Workers Are Unemployed Bot Berlin (6)
New Job! Clay Dowling (20)
well this sucks to be him CC (6)
Has anyone deleted the "Has anyone" threads yet? Guppy (6)
Ward == Horrorwitz? Bot Berlin (14)
Has anyone put up their Christmas tree yet?  (Seriously) Ward (18)
Has anyone deleted horowitz yet? Ward (6)
Has anyone changed careers and become a vet? Ward (14)
Has anyone invented a time-machine and fixed their earlier life? SaveTheHubble (19)
Has anyone stopped working full time to go back to school? Scott (12)
has anyone invested in real estate? .. (9)
retirement the great purple (13)
What a slapper! (sfw) Bluebeard (1)
If I'm unemployable at 39 for IT, is accounting good for me? Leroy (14)
Brice RICHARD is on COT Brice Richard (39)
Unicode => retard Clay Dowling (34)
mac mini memory upgrade the great purple (16)
one window, full screen caper (8)
I lost a word; yawn-uhrr is its sound. Water Cooler v2 (10)
November 22nd, 2009
Covering up a pollie's polished rocket trollop (5)
I dont think these gentlemen have a clue... winstein (4)
150 entries for "Barack Obama" in database winstein (5)
Remember me Bot Berlin (2)
Is the board on JOS.com is dead? Otter Creek (5)
Has anyone changed their career? Jim (19)
Let's bring the wrath of the faithful down on CoT Guppy (3)
Is income tax legal? Bot Berlin (14)
Race, black women don't marry Bot Berlin (18)
November 21st, 2009
Does anyone have $35 000 for me because I really want to... Bluebeard (7)
respect for women in islam CC (16)
The other bad thing about apartment living xampl (8)
Health & Safety culture have gone too far xampl (9)
Jokes xampl (4)
So Did Obama Have a Gay Lover? trouse (8)
loaded santa escapee programmer (21)
LHC restarted Guppy (9)
Major kink on SG-U (Spoilers) Bored Bystander (16)
November 20th, 2009
Atheists and the Puritan Work Ethic X (23)
global warming conspiracy CC (73)
Canadian => Suspicious Clay Dowling (6)
Google Chrome slower than Firefox of my shitty old laptop Wayne (8)
HR1207 has passed (audit the fed) CC (18)
Speaking of Google what are you reading for? (3)
European startups need to work as hard as Valley ones what are you reading for? (18)
Google has become useless for programming and medical questions muppet (72)
two g/fs eek (35)
California students hit with 32% hike in tuition OUCH!!! (25)
Call in for tamiflu Fan boy (3)
Third hand smoke Fan boy (3)
November 19th, 2009
Not a swear word Fan boy (19)
Keep that think off the bench! Fan boy (8)
This is America Bot Berlin (4)
Interview tales xampl (7)
Is it really *The* Brice Richards from JoS? Ward (8)
Very educational stackoverflow.com thread Kenny (4)
Google Chrome LH (7)
My wish completed, Linux backend, New frontend Bot Berlin (9)
high cost of interruptions CC (2)
Thinking traps exposed Bot Berlin (4)
Mom calls 911 over child's temper tantrum CC (13)
Whoaaa! Guppy (0)
boobage escapee from JoS (5)
Have fun with this trick Bot Berlin (6)
Marriage illegal in Texas Aaron (22)
MSI Wind Top Kenny (3)
Rent vs Buy Kenny (111)
Child abuse, of the geek kind FrakBuccaneer (17)
fascinating theory eek-o-tourist (6)
Why are IT geeks taken advantage of so much? Code Monkey (10)
study shows alcoholism is healthy CC (11)
November 18th, 2009
The Coming 2nd Dip/Crash And Your 401K? ۞ (32)
I want to trip Bot Berlin (10)
How do you get someone a job at your company Bot Berlin (5)
More socialist gesture RT (1)
Cage is in financial trouble RT (6)
Does 120 Hz auto motion plus worth a CAD200 RT (7)
Windows Azure xampl (2)
More support for Bot's "we are the same" RT (0)
Chrome Thursday RT (1)
Google Chrome Sandbox Safety Ward (11)
Women should bare 40 per cent of their bodies to attract men Wayne (14)
eBay "A broken business" xampl (iPhone) (6)
IE9 Wayne (10)
dos 'cd -' eek-o-tourist (8)
elizabeth disciplines her sheep muppet (7)
Topics likely to get a lot of responses xampl (iPhone) (7)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 xampl (iPhone) (7)
Good books race and culture Bot Berlin (21)
Philosophical Question: Obama and Asia Bot Berlin (19)
Hit my Bitch, no really what are you reading for? (3)
In-Vitro Meat Wayne (21)
Google's less than free business model Wayne (15)
November 17th, 2009
Why are topics abandoned so quickly? . (21)
Getting the new Playgirl? CC (8)
H1N1 vaccine the great purple (6)
dorm story: correlation is not causation CC (11)
Computer table? Kenny (19)
Public health care success story CC (30)
Some nut job running for president Bot Berlin (26)
Tax Havens xampl (iPhone) (10)
2012 (spoilers) xampl (iPhone) (7)
We are going to die!!! RT (11)
Man, I love idiotic opinion "journalists" muppet (6)
Apple is so awesome! df (34)
Meetings are pointless, according to 37signals guy Bot Berlin (10)
So I forgot to upload the video of the contractor muppet (20)
Misreading the tagline Guppy (21)
November 16th, 2009
obama bows. and i dig it. argv[0] (48)
bitter law graduates escapee programmer (8)
independent citizens capable of making their own decisions CC (24)
OK, I was wrong, Modern Warefare 2 is controversial. Bot Berlin (6)
Boys and girls RT (10)
Vacuous fool realises he has no intrinsic opinions of his own... winstein (12)
Sick of waiting for the Job market to Pick up.. Morons (4)
Molly (and my fence that needs staining (also redoing) muppet (7)
QOTD Full name (0)
Seriously, deleted AND purged? muppet (56)
Triplewood is dead :-( Guppy (3)
2112 xampl (iPhone) (11)
So, Tamiflu 2 hours after onset of symptoms muppet (24)
MS Project Argghhhh! (5)
November 15th, 2009
The Prisoner xampl (iPhone) (6)
To those of you who are complaining about your career.... Dan (19)
anyone ever have a job where you can wear shorts and flip flops? dude (17)
Video Clips with Ads Bot Berlin (3)
Why a career in computer programming sucks . (12)
no wii hd in 2010? .. (1)
another PhD lady who worked as a call girl CC (36)
tonights posts suck sierra mist (5)
November 14th, 2009
Jon and Kate, how stupid do you have to be? CC (1)
Maj Hassan is not a terrorist Bot Berlin (11)
9/11 suspects to be tried in New York Bot Berlin (8)
Modern Warfare 2, more than just a game Bot Berlin (43)
FlashForward is cooler than V x (9)
Fox News Report: Water on the moon Bot Berlin (2)
One difference between single people and married people xampl (3)
The French are crazy Guppy (4)
bow legged models are in CC (3)
meep is a 4 letter word. meep meep meep CC (9)
Mneme, Mime and Meme Attila (3)
"24" - The unaired 1994 pilot Full name (0)
Michael B and Adderall HELP :-/ (4)
Having My Fun The Dog (2)
November 13th, 2009
Typical Oracle guy Fan boy (4)
You Tube xampl (6)
Update Michael B (17)
CoT Server Migration Wayne (7)
Hello friends........ I'm back.... LeMoNdE (7)
Flash RIA applications Bot Berlin (3)
netbooks Full name (4)
Narcotics and Crohn's LeftWingPharisee (3)
T-SQL question sql newbie (19)
Books about Language what are you reading for? (23)
2 former Madoff programmers arrested xampl (iPhone) (8)
One way to different yourself from other dating sites Bluebeard (17)
Some more NoSQL morons for Wayne to grizzle about Bluebeard (11)
Need to Find a Better Career Path ? (16)
rnc health careplan includes elective abortions argv[0] (6)
November 12th, 2009
Redwings Beat Vancouver! Clay Dowling (4)
Overdraft fees at ATM? RT (9)
fat movie stars CC (4)
Sarah's got H1N1 symptoms muppet (16)
I hate Linux networking!! Wayne (13)
You know your product is broken xampl (5)
law school, redux dave (3)
Three-parent babies Spaceloid (23)
Why pot hasn't been legalized yet xampl (6)
silly windows q eek-o-tourist (23)
The Oil Price Scam SaveTheHubble (31)
Reliable FOSS for disk copying/backup? Herald Guppy (12)
phpbb database, how it keeps up with read messages Bot Berlin (55)
crazy idea-thinking of getting a degree in Fitness and Nutrition dude (11)
November 11th, 2009
Linux VM can get DHCP address, can't ping anything... Wayne (5)
Judge Wapner is coming back to 'People's Court' this week! Rusty (1)
My response to the American post Bot Berlin (35)
java code worth reading .. (6)
Love my mac part 2 Bot Berlin (31)
My Linux/Firewall server just died Wayne (7)
chose law school? escapee from JoS (14)
Apple iPhone division more profitable than Nokia Wayne (23)
shift you prefer to work if juggling a FT gig with an ISV . (8)
Let's keep the unneeded and confusing feature Fan boy (18)
LOL, Google don't know how to use Google (or are evil!) Clouseau (7)
not sure which direction to take my career greetings (21)
November 10th, 2009
So is this like a rip off of the joelonsoftware forum? greetings (50)
college Caplan (39)
Hilarious Bot Berlin (10)
Kids on Facebook Ward (18)
Surreal, funeral and the alive FT Hood killer Bot Berlin (6)
Obama's Justice Department probing for online info Bot Berlin (9)
President on Jail Time, wtf Bot Berlin (20)
unemployed suffering under fewer lattes and manicures CC (4)
See if you can JoC (3)
this girl is hot CC (2)
Poor Glenn Beck RT (15)
US & Japan - can go to jail if too fat CC (6)
Gov Kaine not staying execution of DC sniper xampl (iPhone) (28)
Another glance at my gmail spam box Colm (12)
i like this dude. argv[0] (24)
exclusively breastfed babies the great purple (30)
The Recovery Continues! :-/ (8)
November 9th, 2009
political opposition: when you can stop taking them seriously argv[0] (41)
HR lunacy Fan boy (16)
my boss .. (11)
Five years of Firefox RT (24)
Video Clips with Ads trollop (3)
Denmark, Happiness, Cannabis CC (8)
selling old books eek-o-tourist (4)
Scared of buying a house Kenny (73)
Poking the bear again Clay Dowling (18)
Can't decide who to support Herald Guppy (8)
5 years in prison for not buying heath insurance? CC (30)
Any shell scripters in the house? Herald "puzzled" Guppy (11)
I'm so sick of IT, I can't do it anymore Lousy (45)
Anyone ever use Fortify? xampl (iPhone) (0)
This one is worth passing along muppet (9)
November 8th, 2009
its all apple's fault! winstein (10)
How many female abortion doctors are there in the US? CC (11)
let the joel bashing commence new new new new cot low (3)
Going for new new new CoT low xampl (1)
Infrared viewer xampl (1)
A bit of culture Q (7)
NCLB means some states have lowered standards xampl (6)
Why do dogs eat as they do? Fan boy (9)
facebook and politics. noob question. argv[0] (5)
My neighbors in the complex have hung out lights xampl (12)
heheh .. (3)
Women in the 1970's xampl (21)
I wonder how his wife feels Colm (15)
Steven Tyler, at 61, wants a solo career Wayne (10)
How fast is PHP? ? (15)
AI wars Wayne (18)
Wikipedia X (3)
November 7th, 2009
Health Care Reform Opposition, House Bill Bot Berlin (7)
interrupted the great purple (6)
The Semantic Web ? (19)
The Muslim Mafia Ster (2)
Mr Goldman Sachs: 'I am doing God's work` </America> (5)
You mean "CC" is NOT Horrorwitz? SaveTheHubble (9)
UK ambassador - "Bush had people boiled alive" CC (24)
Golly, how did they get away with this one? SaveTheHubble (8)
Daddy's House taken over by Zombies . (54)
Paranormal Activity review Kenny (0)
Anyone thinking the theory about LHC is wrong... Herald Guppy (11)
Dolphins: not just pretty smiling faces Herald Guppy (18)
November 6th, 2009
Becareful with job boards proxy (20)
Muslims Discuss... (19)
The Israeli Accent . (11)
Too big to fail = too big to exist! Peter (9)
Make Better Software, only $400, by Joel Spolsky malpenis (10)
Guaranteed to put yo ass in traction! xampl (1)
Google Dashboard RT (0)
UFC champion St. Pierre signed contract to promote Underwear! RT (3)
Why.. Herald Guppy (15)
"Trying hard not to call people idiot." RT (5)
Anne Frank's Diary banned - is racist against muslims CC (13)
Why can't I own a Canadian FrakBuccaneer (4)
DJIA Hits 10,000! SaveTheHubble (1)
Congratus, Steve, CEO of the last decade! RT (2)
Role of Meth US in Women's Collegiate Soccer CC (10)
I'm speechless Herald Guppy (7)
Ann Coulter trying to sell a book SaveTheHubble (49)
Got my wave invite muppet (9)
November 5th, 2009
Remember, remember Aaron (8)
wtf .... eek-o-tourist (10)
Comedy gold... FrakBuccaneer (13)
Follow Me! CC (14)
On Maternity Leave et al df (26)
Stack Overflow Careers Morons (6)
Saudi Arabia finally declares war on someone CC (12)
Netherlands still has lowest rates of pot smoking CC (11)
So, I think that my plan going forward is to inject melatonin muppet (31)
website templates eek-o-tourist (7)
smalltown USA eek-o-tourist (2)
way to go ... or not to go ... eek-o-tourist (4)
wSV will need two PCs... Ward (2)
Let me count the ports on my laptop... Q (7)
November 4th, 2009
More liberal bashing RT (4)
Conservative rant against the 'liberals' RT (25)
This is why I like Italians RT (3)
This is why I love Canada muppet (12)
Word for today: Zoonotic xampl (iPhone) (10)
I'll set up a new political party RT (6)
Anyone bought books from betterworldbooks.com? Rick Tsang (2)
Too fat to serve... FrakBuccaneer (17)
Republicans get NJ and VA Bot Berlin (29)
I got my suit Herald Guppy (8)
How do people eat like they do? Fan boy (21)
why are Anericans so angry? eek-o-tourist (26)
Thank you to the lady in xampl (iPhone) (37)
Google Wave Invites what are you reading for? (14)
Americans are united RT (6)
November 3rd, 2009
Mr and Ms wSV are proud to annouce... winstein (27)
Opaque objects xampl (11)
Everything's amazing & nobody's happy xampl (2)
Where can we find sharkfish? RT (3)
glenn beck nails it winstein (12)
"How to build a Universe that doesn't fall apart..." SaveTheHubble (1)
Rather be happy than right? CC (6)
Microsoft Ad Campaign Crashing TVs el (4)
Ford (and Nissan) numbers improve again RT (0)
Anybody here ever screw around with Flash panoramas? muppet (1)
My new toy Clay Dowling (11)
How long do you think I'd get Herald Guppy (22)
So, after peak oil and the apocalypse and all that muppet (17)
buffet is smart eek-o-tourist (8)
Dog show Fan boy (23)
Must-have utilities? Bluebeard (5)
So, my car was vandalized Sunday muppet (22)
California Withholding SaveTheHubble (18)
LinkedIn: do you use it?  If so, how?  How often? Palmer Eldritch (5)
Maybe this time it'll work RT (2)
5 home runs in 5 games in a World Series RT (3)
November 2nd, 2009
Touch screen Fan boy (5)
Droid and net neutrality in one post df (3)
worthwhile article on complexity of software design CC (5)
Didn't expect this from Apple (if it's true) RT (11)
The world is becoming a more boring place RT (2)
NZ is off my list of countries to be an expatriate in xampl (8)
Hedge fund manager farewell letter RT (5)
Crazy right wing nut, more to fear from health care reform Bot Berlin (12)
Obama invites Klan to whitehouse! CC (5)
Don't donate organs! CC (5)
STH kicks ass here RT (3)
discrimination against gypsy practices CC (15)
IQ redux FrakBuccaneer (42)
nice summary from Reagan's Treasury Secretary CC (5)
Ford is profitable again RT (16)
Dear Fan Boy, winstein (7)
AstroBoy movie review SaveTheHubble (1)
Michael Jackson film RikiKiki (3)
Bad working conditions: Old, then new again Fan boy (7)
It's 2010 CC (8)
Oh XKCD, how I love you muppet (6)
Bored Bystander would love this one Sin-Wat (23)
"Apple's lock-in is good for the company. Android's openness... winstein (31)
November 1st, 2009
How to peel a pineapple in French Q (2)
Tired and Sore Clay Dowling (5)
Kosovo puts up giant statue of Bill Clinton xampl (6)
Aspergers at work xampl (23)
new to macs... NecroFile (4)
calling your loved one ... eek-o-tourist (14)
Why? Herald Guppy (3)
LOL muppet (1)
Hulu Desktop Fan boy (3)
Bad working conditions: Severance Fan boy (0)