RIP Philo

November 30th, 2005
How the hell do you coax feedback Hendrix wannabe (2 comments)
are you guys ever amazed by the free code you can get? Kenny (42)
Should I tell the boss? sharkfish (48)
TGIT Planet Funkilicious Baby! (11)
opera 8.5 vs firefox 1.5 anon (14)
Where's Aaron? (27)
Pennsylvania 9/11 Memorial example (7)
The biggest little hotel in North Korea Phil (23)
Getting into Law Stephen Caldwell (28)
graphs, colors, labels, hashes Jesus H Christ (38)
Fun with lists Stephen Caldwell (1)
Social networks (24)
I want to start my own town. Stephen Caldwell (23)
"Get more street cred" Mat Hall (9)
Human species may not be divded into races Rick Tang (0)
One molecule responsible for love Colm O'Connor (16)
Most Useless Law Ever Phil (11)
Another curiosity satisfied Mark Warner (26)
Should I be shocked Simon Lucy (28)
bush says we must win on every battlefield son of parnas (8)
Beep (9)
RIAA bans friends from telling friends about songs Mark Warner (15)
Son of McKinstry Mark Warner (52)
Poll: My massive, empty toolshed Mark Warner (61)
Errr... is Rummy just completely out of touch Mark Warner (41)
No pull out from Iraq without victory, says Bush Mark Warner (13)
Mat (or Colm?) I remembered why USB wireless adapters won't work Mark Warner (21)
For Thursday's Game MarkTAW (16)
November 29th, 2005
Who cares about Christmas? StephenC (51)
Rice defends detaining innocent people for indefinite periods Jesus H Christ (23)
lcd power usage lcd_dude (2)
Need spammer address (8)
Pimping my browser Str8 pimpin' (1)
Who is Ron Miller? Rhys Keepence (6)
Florida Yoey (2)
Mark Warner Save USA! Chris McKinstry (11)
Poker Bots sharkfish (71)
A very interesting read Dan Denman (13)
Excessive consumption of tea tea totaller (39)
My phone is charged Mark Warner (9)
It is my considered opinion Mark Warner (59)
Soldier suicide sharkfish (54)
This is why the Democrats "never" win the presidency LinuxOrBust (35)
The couple across the street from us Mark Warner (27)
teaching evolution in church son of parnas (26) Mark Warner (12)
Opera 9 (5)
JavaScript Question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
And it was Good. Phil (19)
Think this will catch on? Flasher T (5)
When do threads drop off the bottom? Just curious, really (7)
America needs to reinstate the draft Philo (33)
Forty more required, or so. Simon Lucy (1)
November 28th, 2005
@$$#&*^ Gmail! Planet Funk (5)
I have a friend.... Friend of a friend (9)
Piglet Booted off the Island (That is the UK) QuicherBichin (34)
Longer needles needed example (7)
Warm & Fuzzy ... PNII (10)
Jeb Bush/Cheney 2008! ,..., (34)
Quick Question I am Jack's quick question (9)
Two threads on non competes disappeared? Bored Bystander (9)
has anyone read Dan (14)
Bitter, angry flame wars/arguments. MarkTAW (54)
Elevator Probabilities 3 son of parnas (9)
Managed to get top spot on Google Stephen Caldwell (3)
Spoof signs. Flasher T (4)
No internet access at the house yet Mark Warner (20)
LMFAO Mark Warner (32)
Pink, No Pink, No Biddee, No Laughee, No Ebay Simon Lucy (38)
I am Jack's Poker Thursdays MarkTAW (15)
November 27th, 2005
Are we stupid? Burnt wick (35)
Holy shit! I can't believe this Dana (4)
What a shit Business Week mag is... sharkfish (4)
What's with the spam today? MarkTAW (4)
Rats! It's coming... Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Thanksgiving day Dan Denman (8)
November 26th, 2005
CONDI For President! QuicherBichin (19)
JOSIdiots (30)
I don't wanna work. I just wanna bang on the drum all day. sharkfish (93)
The Crying Game: The only-trick Democrat's can do well! QuicherBichin (8)
Product Wiki MarkTAW (7)
So the greatest English speaking stand up comedians? Wannabe comedian (48)
Recommendations? Flasher T (12)
Iraq is not Vietnam--it is far worse son of parnas (15)
Boneheaded Hillary Misanthrope (24)
November 25th, 2005
Vital Reshearch. trollop (7)
HowZat. trollop (12)
Cordless drill wall adapter nathan (19)
I am Jack's Poker Party MarkTAW (25)
Anonymity on the web Erik Springelkamp (5)
global warming - we are now *definitely* all going to die Jesus H Christ (4)
in lieu of housewarming gifts Mark Warner (3)
Peanut Allergies Dennis Forbes (8)
Cool software Honu (1)
Pimping a colleague... Mat Hall (15)
I suppose it's childish and wrong Mark Warner (14)
ID Version 2.0 Simon Lucy (8)
Bibble: ?off word of the day, for no better reason than I say so (4)
OK so who all is helping us move tomorrow? Mark Warner (5)
The latest addition to the realm of WTF??? Flasher T (10)
November 24th, 2005
What was that Google look-alike? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
3 more and... Masiosare (0)
Stemming the Torrent Simon Lucy (14)
"Best 'enters final hours'" (5)
2 inches of snow and falling steadily Mark Warner (24)
Encarta Answers. KayJay (4)
Happy Surrealistic Foul Festing Frenzy Thursday MarkTAW (13)
Steve Pavlina's latest article Thomas (6)
Why is it so anyway? Flasher T (15)
Pakistan begins to dismantle England Simon Lucy (11)
November 23rd, 2005
Chinese Chernobyl? trollop (8)
gnuwin32. wtf! sharkfish (7)
On blogs and ghost writers Ogami Itto (16)
We closed on the house 3 hours ago Mark Warner (57)
Refactoring Tool Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Scott Adams summarizes ?off Jim Rankin (12)
Completely and Utterly Unmotivated... Literally Bored Senseless (22)
So are our faces 7-dimensional, too? Mat Hall (Still feeling decidedly queasy.) (8)
Deep and Arrogant Evil Arrested Again Chris McKinstry (17)
this would make an awesome opera John Haren (7)
Damned Americans Ward Bush (33)
I put a red tater in its place I am Jack's meta meat (3)
Games, Movies and Other Corruptions in Society Yoey (14)
This is the best thing ever Mark Warner (10)
More US News Cory Foy (24)
Jesus H Christ Mark Warner (4)
Anyone who thinks that men don't suffer from periods (18)
Bush planned to bomb Qatar har har har to your freedom of press! (1)
Morning News for the USA Simon Lucy (33)
November 22nd, 2005
So....How do I put this? Not Germany (32)
Run like hell Dan Denman (2)
Stock photos suck SomeBody (10)
C# book recommendation Let's pray y'all (6)
Notepad, a great project for a microsoft intern Not Berlin (49)
wi-fi network anon (5)
American Independence revoked Jesus H Christ (30)
I put a redstater in his place sharkfish (7)
become a bigger man now! Jesus H Christ (14)
uncanny similarities between Enron and the US Dan Denman (10)
I can't comprehend... Stephen Caldwell (9)
Who stayed up all night... Cory Foy (8)
Trajectories in high dimensional spaces... Chris McKinstry (11)
I think I may take a road trip.. Phil (4)
Looking for a Great book on OOP principles PurposeMaker (3)
Heaven or Hell? Jeff Barton (7)
Spam resurgence? John C. (10)
Shrub's exit strategy thompson_gunner (1)
Down With Kansas Stephen Caldwell (86)
Did I miss the house thread? PangoX (1)
Kid picks poor flight path.. Kenny (7)
a friend of mine has an emotional disorder (7)
How NOT to do your own Reloads AllanL5 (10)
Right-wing governments and the PMs that don't love them John Haren (9)
Murderous teens and the women who love them Stephen Caldwell (29)
Sathyaish (Mary) Mark Warner (3)
Have you ever had that dream Mark Warner (11)
CNN is completely unbiased. KC (42)
Am I the second one to have dreamt of muppet? Anon for obvious reasons!! (9)
Taxpayers' money. Lucifer's Lawyer. KayJay (45)
Abortion Dan Denman (25)
November 21st, 2005
Proud to be Dutch PangoX (9)
Kennedy on Wal-Mart Dan Denman (26)
Self improvement books and Stephen R Covey Dan Denman (4)
muppet, explain! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
Books on psychology Ogami Itto (12)
Update on the progress of the war in Iran. thompson_gunner (19)
Holiday time of year! Phil (20)
Building a Sane and Ethical Society II AllanL5 (28)
He's showing resistance... Mark Warner (7)
how many pounds have you gained as a programmer? (59)
Trying to find a (mac?) font Ward Bush (3)
Liberal Hollywood Politicians? Jason (9)
Google goes gurgle? (12)
More referrer goodness. Flasher T (5)
On the floor this morning... Cory Foy (36)
Bush Presidential Library destroyed by flood Mark Warner (2)
I always had an objection to dying (5)
Saving the Net sharkfish (26)
Scary. Flasher T (4)
Building a sane and effective society Tayssir John Gabbour (105)
November 20th, 2005
Murtha says President Bush did not mislead the public. QuicherBichin (39)
what number of software programmers are the gay? (67)
Robert X Cringeley Ogami Itto (14)
What's up with the gmail spam filter lately? Mark Warner (16)
Harry Potter Move Comments -- Part 2 AllanL5 (40)
Why Use Google God Boxes? son of parnas (26)
Ready Launch Tour 2005 Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
Lost article Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Heh, a spammer who's concerned about standards compliance Mark Warner (4)
Self Improvement books.... Another poster... (39)
November 19th, 2005
Death Row Quentin (23)
Speaking of Coca Cola MarkTAW (16)
Best P2P software / Network? Almost H. Anonymous (6)
The Top 10 Reasons Dan Denman Hates America One Trick Pony (25)
No troop pullout. Liberals duped again by the boogey man. QuicherBichin (51)
Someone just pulled the fire alarms in all the buildings here Mark Warner (16)
Bald as a coot... Mat Hall (11)
software evolution considered harmful Jesus H Christ (5)
November 18th, 2005
Green Day some random modafucka (0)
Windows Spam Blocker Spam'd! (2)
Speech from Iraqi histage takers Jesus H Christ (14)
You made me paranoid Ogami Itto (20)
Joel article "Price As Signal" Dana (17)
David Mamet sums it up Dan Denman (15)
JOS is slashdotted..where are the hordes? Eric Debois (7)
Yo mama John Haren (32)
It came from Alibaba Phil (1)
Yay Ikea!! Stephen Caldwell (23)
Hey, I liked that song Old Rocker (3)
The most bad ass thing ever. Phil (21)
Question for SharkFish QuicherBichin (30)
Friday Poll : Best Kung Fu Movie Ever Snark (33)
Swastika, Hinduism and Nazis JD (24)
A couple of stocking stuffers for the CHRISTmas season QuicherBichin (13)
Fair-Weather, Cover-Your-Ass, Liberal Hypocrites QuicherBichin (50)
Mercedes guy got the scratch buffed and the car waxed Mark Warner (12)
City of Villains I am Jack's villainous volume (2)
Harry Potter example (23)
What counts as hitting another car? Chooser (19)
Thanksgiving and bird flu Mark Warner (27)
I met the Mercedes guy this morning Mark Warner (8)
Cheeses of Nazareth Chris McKinstry (28)
Did you ever feel like just jumping somebody in the elevator? going crazy, very soon (50)
Non Reality TV, who's fooling whom Simon Lucy (14)
Who's your Apprentice ? anon (0)
Another reason Dan Denman (5)
Racism ,..., (32)
how do I get my girlfriend off the phone? please help (39)
November 17th, 2005
Top 30 sharkfish facts Ward Bush (31)
Why the obsession sharkfish (30)
I got carded at Office Depot today Mark Warner (37)
Sony OhNo .. trollop (2)
The dude whose Mercedes I tapped this morning Mark Warner (28)
Is this illegal sharkfish (18)
DMV SysAdmins Are Morons bionicroach (13)
Brak for President Mark Warner (3)
Well, I sold the car. Flasher T (10)
top thirty chris mckinstry facts (64)
The Avengers, tonight (17/11) (16)
I wish it was a week from now Aaron F Stanton (26)
top thirty chuck norris facts Kenny (5)
Qt question Ogami Itto (4)
Google and public service Flasher T (11)
I guess it's just because of my own 'lens' Mark Warner (30)
Once again, my boss scheduled a meeting past my quitting time Mark Warner (30)
Qt and Mozilla Ogami Itto (10)
To: DOGPMS Re: "Stunner" Aaron F Stanton (2)
"We are a government and we are responsible for protecting you." Mark Warner (15)
Well I began the morning by backing into somebody's Mark Warner (51)
Lets waste Dan Denman Ogami Itto (10)
So what happened with the house, Mark? (12)
Gotta love it Dan Denman (17)
November 16th, 2005
Where do you want to go today? Ward Bush (25) sionstation.html MarkTAW (18)
Sharkfish for moderator Not Berlin (39)
Is this a valid definition of science? Jim Rankin (41)
The Sith Apprentice MarkTAW (0)
Questionable internal routing codes Mark Warner (6)
Today's office email sharkfish (24)
I love Sharky! John Aitken (37)
New and exciting ways to kill people and destroy infrastructure Mark Warner (41)
Music Deaf Leppard (15)
Who has this? Colm O'Connor (5)
A Theory of God - Circa 1995 Chris McKinstry (12)
Cheap flight? Phil (4)
Cobblers who manufacture custom shoes Mark Warner (9)
You know, I think I've finally figured Bush out Mark Warner (12)
Suck it, all you foreigners Mark Warner (7)
Google network drive, see I am right Not Berlin (22)
Hmmm. Handy. Ogami Itto (11)
extreme lack of focus. am I getting ADD? (16)
shoes Dan Denman (85)
Laura, Mom, Condi, and Karen Jim Rankin (10)
November 15th, 2005
O'Reilly, to publish list of enemies Dan Denman (14)
acceptable racism? Oleg (30)
well then... Mark Warner (19)
If I was smart... sharkfish (71)
Toward Human Air Traffic Control Chris McKinstry (31)
Well I like Metropolis and all Simon Lucy (23)
Psychedelic Rock example (14)
Basic skills lost? Phil (36)
Tin Foil Hats Snark (5)
Arrives today, so only tell me good things I am Jack's laptop lust (15)
Re the rioting in France... Misanthrope (31)
Is this for real? Mat Hall (5)
The biter bit Simon Lucy (48)
Smile at a stranger (14)
Crazy thought: GUIDs traceable back to MACs? Alex (9)
November 14th, 2005
The forum has become overrun with trolls (7)
Dumbass Amerikans Nad Mendan (10)
DNS, Web Hosting & Marriage Planet Funk (8)
HUGE Dating Dilemma... Sleepless in Internet Dating (41)
media bias arg! (14)
actually buying stuff from spam. (14)
Stranger and potential serial killer? sharkfish (46)
Domains By Proxy sharkfish (10)
Moderate Democrats. Can it be? QuicherBichin (17)
Repentant Republican thompson_gunner (5)
Offended Phil (91)
Ahh...being a lead developer Not Germany (8)
NYC Rental Agency (4)
Buddhist Tradition Thickens Parts of the Brain son of parnas (26)
Is programming akin to Kung-Fu? Not Berlin (9)
Unfortunate function/class/structure names (5)
November 13th, 2005
What's this song? Ebert (12)
Who is the last guy on the trailer? MFH (1)
Did Democrats lie about the Iraq war too? QuicherBichin (40)
News Flash! QuicherBichin (2)
Help a geek out of a rut (long) proto-hermit (27)
Polls Dan Denman (2)
Yeah ok this place is spent Mark Warner (9)
the failure of democratic idealism son of parnas (7)
cs 101 newsgroups Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
The coalistion of willing Dan Denman (0)
John Edwards: “I Was Wrong…It Was A Mistake To Vote Dan Denman (19)
Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader tell the NFL where to stick it Cory Foy (20)
Chomsky champions Malignant Design Tayssir John Gabbour (2)
book review bookworm (2)
Nuke Iran -- setting the stage thompson_gunner (20)
Microsoft to use XP... McKinstry. (10)
Private Healthcare Systems Inc McKinstry. (9)
Pay-as-you-go software Flasher T (6)
BBC "The Experiment" MarkTAW (16)
troops (0)
November 12th, 2005
ann coulter Dan Denman (17)
Country listed with only 45 people? Not Berlin (15)
Where is Not Berlin and Movie concepts Not Berlin (16)
this forum fucking suckkkkkkkkkkks! xava! (13)
so I saw some odd activity in my log today... Mark Warner (17)
The Universe is Two Dimensional Kint McChristry (16)
Array of bools as int Eric Debois (25)
Nesweek: Bush at 36% xava! (11)
self-hating sharkfish (9)
Why democracy and capitalism are flawed: Kenny (45)
Pakistan v England Simon Lucy (9)
podcasts xava! (8)
November 11th, 2005
Trade your way to financial freedom. (0)
One of the guys I work with could have written this sharkfish (20)
until June 2005 I lived sharkfish (31)
Music video technology sharkfish (0)
War mongers in this forum Dan Denman (15)
Finally a decent explanation for the riots in France sharkfish (5)
Another gem from ?joel MarkTAW (30)
Where's a progressive when you need one? Misanthrope (19)
Bush tells it like it is... PangoX (45)
Picking kids up from school Cory Foy (39)
Uh-oh! Mat Hall (6)
muppet video -- (2)
Whoa... Down Syndrome detectable KC (27)
OK seriously Mark Warner (20)
If this is not related to nothing in particular... Cory Foy (17)
Whats that song... Phil (15)
Unfortunate website names. Flasher T (3)
stupid joke shittyjoker (7)
FOX NEWS - 36% approval for Bush. xava! (70)
gingers sharkfish (37)
November 10th, 2005
Bush to send in Marines example (70)
Lame Riddle MarkTAW (14)
Works by Jews on the Holocaust Ogami Itto (22)
frozen food sharkfish (33)
Deathmatch game without scary monsters MarkTAW (4)
Salvage a Shift+Del file Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Your blog,, is worth $0.00 MarkTAW (21)
One of those days... Mat Hall (23)
GUI Development Ogami Itto (9)
Just for you, Warner, Flasher T (5)
But why is the Universe Red and Green? Simon Lucy (10)
Jerry Falwell the Scientist son of parnas (14)
Gravitational Theory Wrong - No Gravity Waves! Chris McKinstry (54)
LMFAO!! USA Today links to my blog. Accidentally Mark Warner (15)
Halloween Sushi Chris McKinstry (12)
Let's not forget... Cory Foy (27)
You're all purple. (17)
Sidebar (5)
Personalized Google Flasher T (13)
November 9th, 2005
End Moderation. xava! (38)
PNII Mark Warner (18)
The Reagan Template Tayssir John Gabbour (8)
Culture Q: Asking a favor, You owe me, etc Asian gal (37)
oil companies say 'bite us' to senate Jesus H Christ (15)
Curious... Mat Hall (83)
gaynose John Haren (5)
Save a couple bucks on Apple stuff Phil (3)
Ahrnold Loses AllanL5 (29)
Gmail Drive Alex (15)
So this morning on my way to work, in the sky over the highway Mark Warner (25)
This kneeling chair is a piece of shiate Mark Warner (57)
Sharkfish & Cries for Help RegularLurker (26)
My blog seems to have quite a following in Amsterdam Mark Warner (18)
noise-cancelling headphones John Haren (8)
Blair lost the vote... a cynic writes... (14)
Finally saw Serenity Aaron F Stanton (16)
Venus Probe Phil (15)
There's one born every minute Yoey (11)
if you are going to commit suicide... sharkfish (60)
Nosegay Flasher T (11)
Reminder to the hip fans Dan Denman (3)
November 8th, 2005
buying a dvr/pvr i_want_a_dvr (15)
I love this lady Dan Denman (1)
Kansas strikes again Misanthrope (18)
Lending Tree guy sharkfish (21)
did bush make a MISTAKE and take USA to war, or was it a LIE? (25)
Shoot'em up games without monsters Ogami Itto (13)
Excelent thread on the main forum about Gen Y programmers Ogami Itto (4)
do you think we can expect to see an ?Aardvarkd on December 4th? MarkTAW (15)
I've been up for 48 hours... Stephen Caldwell (25)
Learning LISP Sathyaish Chakravarthy (18)
Okay Californians Jeff Barton (2)
Sounds great Mark Warner (15)
God bless you Sathyaish Chakravarthy (18)
I finally understood table layout Ogami Itto (23)
Joyous Discovery Simon Lucy (11)
High School reunions, massive fountains, and exposed breasts Mark Warner (30)
Question for Sharkfish... (36)
Freedom abroad! Mark Warner (10)
OK, look Mark Warner (34)
RIP Renaults and Citroens. Phil (2)
Wow Mark Warner (10)
What do you call... Flasher T (27)
Hard Stuff trollop (8)
The Occupation of Latveria Comic Book Guy (2)
Knight Ridder qwe (5)
Socrates was a moron MarkTAW (27)
Philo (14)
Evidence Of US Use Of Chemical Weapons On Iraqi Civilians... Dan Denman (72)
November 7th, 2005
Quirkiest interface Misanthrope (8)
straight from the bowels of slashdot....evolution in the bible Jesus H Christ (7)
Anybody watching "Rome" on HBO? Dana (8)
Whee! part 2 Aaron F Stanton (7) Jesus H Christ (10)
Well there's one aspect of pop culture that isn't black... Flasher T (81)
Question about the forum mechanics... Mat Hall (14)
What's the easiest Aaron F Stanton (46)
...stacking dead bodies at the morgue qwe (19)
Architecting an application (5)
Dan Denman Alec Baldwin (3)
Do viruses... Planet Funk (21)
November 6th, 2005
Alec Baldwin Dan Denman (15)
Sunday? Dan (6)
Moronic Question Rick Tang (14)
It's all about the "O" Rednatsyb Derob (8)
November 5th, 2005
It matters bigpussy (0)
Frank Abagnale sharkfish (15)
Dan the frieghtening neighborhood troll hoser (2)
Why can't they assimilate? sharkfish (28)
what are you listening to II MarkTAW (27)
Is a separate DVD CD Player Better? son of parnas (20)
I need to make $8000 by the end of the year and have no job. former software engineer (33)
Great Robert (6)
Smallville (18)
The War in Iraq Phil (72)
November 4th, 2005
Looting in Iraq xava! (2)
53% to 42%, Americans want impeach Bush if he lied about the war xava! (18)
Replacement for PowerDVD (2)
Sony, DRM, and your privacy... George Illes (17)
Cheney-Libby conspiracy: will Cheney resign? (9)
Music Map - useful predictor? sharkfish (18)
Wal-Mart Heirs Donating Millions And Millions And Millions To Co Dan Denman (10)
Need a Muppet Update Jeff Barton (11)
Ellen Feiss gome guy (12)
Why Religious Conservatism? AllanL5 (58)
Fireballs Phil (2)
Mozilla Extension, ActiveX and this forum Ogami Itto (6)
job market in Boston Just Inquiring (8)
Sacral dimples Aaron F Stanton (21)
Asian flu aha! Aaron F Stanton (3)
What XBox game to get, top 20? Not Berlin (10)
Need help with British slang Paulo Caetano (25)
Patents for storylines Chooser (6)
Adult Swim [Boondocks!] Jason T. (2)
November 3rd, 2005
Online dating Dan Denman (17)
Mark do you live here? Dan Denman (6)
Race-O-Rama - Racial Stereotypes QuicherBichin (19)
Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. son of parnas (4)
Race-O-Rama - Interacial Dating QuicherBichin (43)
(thread for random venting. its thursday.) Tayssir John Gabbour (18)
When did you realize you were a "techie"? sharkfish (32)
MarjTAW Ogami Itto (17)
Why is my mouse double clicking everything? procyon (9)
povray is seriously cool Jesus H Christ (1)
And another reason to move to San Francisco MarkTAW (11)
opengl experts Jesus H Christ (10)
My detractors will be glad to know Mark Warner (62)
I called the guy at work... sharkfish (50)
More on race Ogami Itto (35)
tld and dns laws? Aaron F Stanton (3)
It is official, emails contribute to a loss of productivity Not Berlin (24)
Whee! Aaron F Stanton (54)
we can discover more of who God is, by examining that diversity Jesus H Christ (32)
Wait! It's Thursday! Cory Foy (19)
Kansas Evolution Dealy Phil (10)
Mike's emails Full name (22)
Jim and I are waiting for someone else to provide us with data Jesus H Christ (27)
?off is one year old today! Flasher T (8)
Longest sidebar in history? Flasher T (9)
Need to rent a black person PangoX (21)
I am pissed Misanthrope (30)
sharkfish business opportunity Jim Rankin (28)
I killed my router Colm O'Connor (5)
Sorry your Secure Government Email isn't available Simon Lucy (1)
DoS attacks legal in the UK... Mat Hall (2)
Specialist's Court Flasher T (4)
?off is dead. xava! (22)
Affirmative Action KC (36)
whoops. xava! (15)
I'm really annoyed MarkTAW (49)
Is there any company in the world... (8)
Sony RootKit free with purchase. trollop (10)
Over 2,000 'die from NHS errors' Möbius Flipside (9)
Remote Control People BenjiSmith (6)
Pride day. sharkfish (12)
November 2nd, 2005
The Problem With 3rd Party Candidates SomeBody (6)
translate? Mark Warner (10)
Rest in Peace, James Madison Adams Michael Johnson (7)
Bush approval at 35% xava! (20)
Racism/Inequality in American Media QuicherBichin (15)
What will be your next major purchase Not Berlin (35)
feminism, take II hoser (12)
million dollar puppy. ARIEL PUPPINGTON SNAUSAGES III (39)
Don't call 911 Cory Foy (6)
I'm not complaining so much about house prices... Ian Boys (6)
Security flaws... Mat Hall (13)
Democrats resort to racial slurs Jim Rankin (39)
Benioff the new McNealy Jim Rankin (1)
Our recent cricketing coverage... a cynic writes... (8)
Now why didn't I think of this? Mark Warner (12)
Now that I am unemployed Ogami Itto (20)
Garbage software, making a list Not Berlin (29)
This is utterly amazing. Somewhere on the planet trollop (4)
What was the name of that guy... MarkTAW (11)
RFC databank Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Bottomline who's your daddy? (5)
Why would you want a log cabin... Rex Adventure (8)
November 1st, 2005
programmatic pagination in HTML Mark Warner (8)
Haliburton no bid contracts Jesus H Christ (15)
Lisa Randall McKinstry. (13)
I am on Demerol again tonight Mark Warner (7)
Is perjury bad now? Jim Rankin (40)
?off disappoints Michael B (12)
Democrat with a spine... Jim Rankin (31)
Avian Flu Phil (24)
Dover Area School Board is up for reelection Misanthrope (12)
A market you do NOT want to be in Jim Rankin (14)
Quote of the Day (12)
I crashed my car again. :( Flasher T (27)
Fastest PC Processor on the market Dave B. (13)
NINE INCH NAILS KICKED MAJOR ASS I am Jack's concert culmination (12)
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