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October 20th, 2018
Ever get the guilt trip for taking EARNED vacation time? Joe (12 comments)
lock her up Trump Admin Crimes (12)
Khashoggi Conspiracy Theory FSK (5)
No Megamillions winner this time xampl9 (7)
Should Govt funded orgs make political donations? Go Trump (5)
Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse BeebBot (1)
Making sense of Star Trek strangeness ,ndo (7)
Suck_My_Dick is gaming post count ,ndo (0)
Midterms - Blue wave or Red? Grumpy (4)
October 19th, 2018
Saudis Call Out Rest Of World For Being Idiots FSK (7)
Soros' Honduran invasion force is violent rampaging mob McCain's Tumor (4)
Plot idea GSK (4)
Jon Luc Picard returns ,ndo (1)
The strangest thing I've seen all month xampl9 (4)
Hey Bored Bystander, have you seen The Conners? President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
At what point do you buy a new computer? Joe (10)
Amish up to their usual tricks ,ndo (3)
Windows circling dots of death Grumpy (7)
Powerful Video Response Rebuttal to NPC Bored Bystander (10)
October 18th, 2018
Pelosi in Miami McCain's Tumor (6)
Migrant caravan is Soros funded fraud McCain's Tumor (7)
The Mayor of Atlanta got woke NPC Wstch (3)
Megamillions lottery at $970mm xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
I heard that once RC goes Hispanic, he doesn't mind Burito dish. Dr. Pepper (10)
Crime massively increased in the UK BeebBot (5)
Kleenex got woke BeebBot (4)
"Legalization Hurts the Poor" - CNN McCain's Tumor (9)
BBC Religious programs BeebBot (2)
October 17th, 2018
Another migrant caravan is heading for America Build the Wall (5)
Dem Stacey Abrams caught out Go Trump (0)
Binge shopping problem. Dr. Pepper (3)
RC, I told you not to go out with weirdo. You never learn. Dr. Pepper (4)
Did Warrens parents really have to elope? Tinfoil Hat (5)
The NYT is full of NPCs NPC Watch (3)
Euro Greens calling for a meat tax xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
Sheffield gangs "grooming 10-year-olds", police say BeebBot (1)
Canada becomes second country to legalise recreational marijuana BeebBot (2)
October 16th, 2018
"I Catfished My Kid", hit show on TLC Pestilent Satanist 666 (3)
Millions invested, and you get xampl9 (2)
Did Warren put 'Native American' on her Harvard application? Pink Flamingo (1)
Stormy Daniels went into a bar... Bill Gates (2)
8 year old boy murdered in Berlin Der Spiegel (4)
Paul Allen never married and have no children! It is sad. Dr. Pepper (10)
"Going After Horseface" Pestilent Satanist 666 (8)
15 yr old girl set on fire in cologne Julian Assange (5)
Veritas just won the Senate Zaperoony (6)
Clean your room and feed the cat Pestilent Satanist 666 (8)
Binaural beats Zaperoony (2)
RIP Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan in Blake's 7) ,ndo (0)
A Warrenth Winston Churchill (0)
Creepy porn lawyer loses Winston Churchill (11)
October 15th, 2018
Paul Allen died. Dr. Pepper (2)
This may prove something, or not Bored Bystander (3)
Are new accusations against Bryan Singer about to break? Rumour Bot (2)
Twitter is going nuts banning NPC memes NPC Warrior (5)
NPCs are now targeting Anime Edith Diodotus (5)
Peter Jackson restored archive footage with modern computers YouTubeBot (1)
Microsoft is fucking it up again! This is why I am glad I don't Dr. Pepper (4)
Christina Basham has broken up with Scott Adams Fat Freddy (1)
Warren is a Cherokee after all Whitefeather (19)
RIP Sears xampl9 (Moto phone) (4)
SJWs are NPCs Go Trump (6)
October 14th, 2018
Trump on 60 Minutes Legion (4)
Does he need to brag about his kids to make the point? Obama's Nose Mole (3)
Simple programmer R (1)
How it feels to learn javascript in 2016 Johnny Ekstrom (17)
RIP - William Coors (102) Brewer The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Massive voter fraud in Fort Worth MAGA (0)
Disney is racist! Lord of Woke (1)
ABC got woke Lord of Woke (2)
The Left - Unhinged Mob Tinfoil Hat (7)
October 13th, 2018
Sweet Echo Legion (4)
AntiFa are pussies Proud Boys (1)
Hillary doctor dead? RumourBot (6)
Trump just killed the DNC in the midterms Scott Adams (8)
Another march in London the BBC will hide from view BeebBot (9)
The stages of wokeness John Henry (5)
October 12th, 2018
Abolish Federal Reserve! Dr. Pepper (5)
Chuck Wendig got woke Egor (3)
Hidden Tribes - the report everyone is talking about DataBot (1)
Let say we will have civil war in 10 years. Dr. Pepper (10)
Muhammad Ali yarn ,ndo (0)
Build your own iPhone YouTubeBot (5)
Flawless F35 program passes another milestone ,ndo (4)
Restoring a Nissen hut has cost $3.6m including $6.5k for grass NewsBot (1)
October 11th, 2018
There will be no escape xampl9 (Moto phone) (0)
Kanye / Haley 2024! John Henry (4)
What company today that has something like ATT Bell Labs of Dr. Pepper (3)
Veritas just nullified Taylor Swift John Henry (6)
1st successful astronaut survival of exploding rocket McCain's Tumor (15)
Windows 10 file deletion fix TechBot (2)
New law in Canada to make rape convictions easier Armchair Lawyer (8)
RIP - Bill Corey (101) One of the last Rats of Tobruk The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Google Admits to "Good" Censorship Obama's Nose Mole (tablet) (9)
October 10th, 2018
Hillary is destroying the DNC Shillary is a cunt (3)
Evergreen have learned nothing Laughing Gnome (0)
Steve Bannon interviewed by Sargon of Akkad Nick Frost (1)
popular vs powerful Reddit Reporter (0)
sears is dead Reddit Reporter (3)
cute kids on yuutuube! Reddit Reporter (1)
I voted. I have a formula Legion (8)
CNN reports on Kanye McCain's Tumor (3)
Stock market dropped 820 points. How are you guys doing? Dr. Pepper (8)
Michael Moore got unwoke! Davy Crockett (4)
Is China the enemy of the USA or not? If she is, we should start Dr. Pepper (7)
Woman spends $21m in 10 years at Harrods ($6k/day) BeebBot (4)
Car fires in Finland are being blamed on electrical faults Nick Frost (1)
Even AIs know that men are better than women NewsBot (8)
British Army got woke Karen Nixon (2)
CoT know more about 'Bellingcat' than the NYT Karen Nixon (0)
Never fuck with Goldman Sachs James Woods (1)
A man cleared of rape has to pay £80,000 BeebBot (5)
October 9th, 2018
James Gunn to direct Suicide Squad 2 Nick Frost (11)
Charlie's Angels got woke Barry Norman's Ghost (10)
Spectrum won't stop calling me xampl9 (Moto phone) (4)
Father arrested for protecting his daughter Chris Escobar (7)
Fuck China and Apple. They deserve each other. Dr. Pepper (8)
Data Science "operationalization" is a nightmare Home Despot (18)
Nikki Haley to resign xampl9 (Moto phone) (9)
Throat cancer speculation Kassidy Zakhar (0)
Genius Bar caught ripping customer off ON CAMERA by CBC News YouTubeBot (11)
Tim Pool exposes AntiFa as the real fascists Nick Frost (15)
October 8th, 2018
Every coding interview ever xampl9 (1)
Retarded SJW of the Day McCain's Tumor (2)
STOP PRESS. China inserts backdoor chips into servers ,ndo (8)
Ohio name change McCain's Tumor (6)
Google+ Grim Reaper FSK (6)
40% of sexual assault charges are false McCain's Tumor (1)
Telling the truth condemned by the BBC as usual BeebBot (1)
Reddit comments xampl9 (Moto phone) (20)
Hubble oh, no SaveTheHubble (8)
Facebook video device xampl9 (Moto phone) (2)
Pharma Bro has mad Excel skills xampl9 (Moto phone) (0)
Good Morning, RC. Please take a break from politics and enjoy Dr. Pepper (1)
The Thirteenth Doctor = not terrible ,ndo (5)
Dissident Journalist Killed inside Saudi Consulate in Turkey Random Lurker (0)
WSJ: Soros is funding a conspiracy to destroy America McCain's Tumor (3)
October 7th, 2018
who leaked the letter? how about who lied to the senate... McConnell is shit (2)
More Kavanaugh Perjury and Witeness Tampering Fuck this Justice (3)
Bizarre livestream on furries Katrina McClusky (4)
Johnson agreed to the drastically reduced plea deal,... old news (2)
Delannoy number math guy (11)
What do you tell people when they want to get into IT? . (25)
how stupid are americans? NAFTA is dead (4)
STOP the PrEsses! Confirm Kavanaugh!! libtard legal services (7)
Republicans hate free speech Harnsrhar harnar to her freedom (20)
Dead Republicans: more Clinton revenge Obama's Nose Mole (0)
1 in 4 chance the Russians maintain control of the house NPR (0)
Republicans are scum Philo (8)
Cool math vid NPR (5)
Kavanaugh should be investigated for false statements too! NPR (0)
Merrick Garland Boredbot (5)
Republicans on eggshells Bored Bystander (0)
Believe Ford Boredbot (11)
Attractive women can no longer get jobs Tinfoil Hat (6)
Pelosi demands release of FBI report McCain's Tumor (1)
Is now the time to indict team Blasey Ford? Armchair Lawyer (48)
An Alien TV series? Rumour Bot (3)
October 6th, 2018
Facebook and 2 factor authentication Legion (15)
Animation showing the changing coastline over 125,000 years ,ndo (6)
Dems refused to help investigations Wagga (2)
Windows-10 update (1809) is deleting files! TechBot (8)
Boeing trying to kill SpaceX? Go Musk (3)
Stupidity of the commie asshole Dems Obama's Nose Mole (1)
Jeff Flake elevator protester revealed DataBot (4)
Cato Trade Deficits NPR (0)
#RememberKavanaugh Plm (1)
Getting Banksy'd Hampus Clitus (11)
Two men due in court charged with planning Syria terror BeebBot (0)
RIP - Montserrat Caballé (85) Opera singer The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Add "shredder" to the list of things to put out of the reach of ,ndo (1)
October 5th, 2018
October Surprise McCain's Tumor (4)
Palin can see something from her house McCain's Tumor (3)
Tax breaks for black small businesses Plm (8)
Whoopi Goldberg says Trump Jr.'s sons are rapists McCain's Tumor (6)
Shaming China Win Bigly (7)
Trump's Antisemitic again McCain's Tumor (2)
Susan Collins, wow Go Trump (2)
Beer Protest at McConnell's McCain's Tumor (3)
College professors are giving credits for protests Zaperoony (0)
US unemployment rate at 49 year low xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
Was Kaiser leaned on to change her statement? Go Trump (5)
Schumer trivia McCain's Tumor (7)
Interpol chief vanishes on trip to China Random Lurker (3)
Yea 51 Nay 49 for Kavanaugh Cloture Go Trump (3)
Is it really only 8 days since Kavanaugh was nominated? Go Trump (0)
When students pay for coffee with their personal data Random Lurker (6)
FAA: Recreational drone user must register and pass a test Random Lurker (1)
Feinstein fucked it up Rick (1)
Today’s SJWs are the product of Cold War CIA funding Oliver Gunn (5)
Musk gives a new name for the SEC in his tweet Random Lurker (1)
October 4th, 2018
Cologuard Plm (1)
Dems are going insane Alain de Botton (4)
Let burn Google down! They support communist oppressors while Dr. Pepper (3)
Has the DNC destroyed the #metoo movement? Alain de Botton (7)
Pro-choice male hairstylists are such heroes NewsBot (7)
Will Feinstein throw Blasey Ford under the bus? Reginald Dwight (1)
Kavanaugh Policy Issues Obama's Nose Mole (3)
Rape in Norway DataBot (4)
Chocolate covered espresso beans xampl9 (Moto phone) (0)
A new cure for childhood obesity? Leigh Deluca (1)
Kavanaugh's roommate confesses all Kamala Waheeda (1)
Calling all CoT EE engineers. We can go into business together Dr. Pepper (5)
RIP - Peggy Sue (78) muse The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
More EU lunacy Grumpy Old Git (0)
Cloudflare got woke too Random Lurker (1)
Interactive viz about communities in the US Random Lurker (1)
BBC still ignoring Brian Merrick letter on Ford BeebBot (0)
Antifa speculation Hampus Clitus (0)
October 3rd, 2018
DNC plan has totally backfired Reginald Dwight (2)
Elevator Flake attackers are illegal aliens McCain's Tumor (0)
Finance your next Microsoft laptop. Like you do your phone. xampl9 (Moto phone) (7)
MSM ignoring new Blasey Ford evidence Manuel Howard (10)
Media are going frantic trying to distract everyone Armchair Lawyer (5)
Presidential Alert xampl9 (Moto phone) (10)
Meteorologist "weighs in" on Swetnick gangrape claim McCain's Tumor (6)
Blasey Ford totally discredited by ex-boyfriend BeebBot (9)
October 2nd, 2018
Blasey Ford, party girl Zaperoony (4)
Manchester Uni student union has banned clapping Zaperoony (2)
Are you ASMR sensitive? Reginald Dwight (0)
Feds Force Suspect To Unlock An Apple iPhone X With Their Face Sabrina Miller (1)
Ted Cruz connected to White Power movement McCain's Tumor (2)
How to pay for college McCain's Tumor (9)
Hepatitis E - Coming soon in a THOT near you Patroklos Berhane (3)
This story is somehow familiar NewsBot (8)
Cernovitch is claiming the deep state scrubbed Christine Ford Tinfoil Hat (2)
Alex Jones is suing PayPal BeebBot (2)
Star Wars bad reviews were 'Russian trolling' James Griffin (3)
October 1st, 2018
80's parties xampl9 (1)
Libtard Wumaos on Crazyontap Obama's Nose Mole (8)
Crypto-libtard opinion on Kavanaugh case Obama's Nose Mole (7)
Women are now required on company boards Mbeki (7)
Dear Spectrum xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
Canada Folded Go Trump (4)
Scott Adams step-son is dead! Grumpy Old Git (10)
Two new Kavanaugh rape allegations McCain's Tumor (14)
"Tesla shares soar after Musk's resignation" McCain's Tumor (2)
Banned Islamist group using children to sell radical books Manuel Howard (2)
Irish teachers are too Irish Mbeki (5)
Prime Nazi indicator: physical fitness McCain's Tumor (2)
RIP - Charles Aznavour (94) singer (She) The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Mark Waid got woke Hampus Clitus (4)
CA Net Neutrality law opens up new state's rights debate xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
Telling the truth is 'highly offensive' BeebBot (2)
Hey guys, what do you think about the next digital revolution? Dr. Pepper (8)