Give ne back my hat!

October 20th, 2017
Mind blown Bluebeard (0 comments)
managing managers the great purple (6)
Putin emails - smoking gun Reality Check (1)
question about JQery NPQ (4)
Consequences of a Facebook War on Fake News X (3)
Does Trump call every gold star family? X (4)
GW Bush and Obama SuperDuper AI (4)
John Kelly in the press room X (35)
Robbing the Drunks X (4)
Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh Io (17)
October 19th, 2017
Company I interviewed with got back to me after FOUR months.... . (16)
Early retirement HOWTO Wabi-sabi (43)
Best looking and user friendly application Lee (17)
You don't need to be a programmer to make it in tech field. SuperDuper AI (9)
So so sad for smart people who work at this company. SuperDuper AI (15)
Challenge to CoT MBAers: SuperDuper AI (10)
zero width spaces - !*#&(*& Reality Check (7)
Question: did this guy win 3 Pulitzer Prizes? (1919, 1940, 1951) X (4)
Spark plugs update UPDATE **UPDATE** Wabi-sabi (7)
Dear Wabi SuperDuper AI (37)
More child trafficking rings broken up Newsboy (1)
Trump X (5)
October 18th, 2017
Furnace with a mysterious water pump UPDATE Wabi-sabi (12)
NFL X (9)
Language puzzle Shylock (18)
Giant fighting robots xampl9 (0)
I think the French are getting serious Shylock (6)
Did trump say it? Ralph (0)
Fox News Simulacrum (11)
He just forgot to send the check to the gold star father X (6)
Now this is sweet Shylock (7)
Wow.  Cosplay excellence SaveTheHubble (0)
Since Tristin won't show his date picture for us to comment. SuperDuper AI (7)
Canada is so embarrassing. SuperDuper AI (11)
Spark plugs update UPDATE Wabi-sabi (15)
Javascript endless scrolling Competent Developer (1)
Javascript endless scrolling Smart Developer (6)
UI Designer Lee (11)
WildRivel: How did you learn options training? NPR (35)
Reinforcement Learning X (3)
Valerie Solanas died for your sins Reality Check (18)
Mr Robot Simulacrum (3)
new Amazon HQ xampl9 (7)
Javascript endless scrolling Dumb Coder (5)
Bureaucrats/regulators JJ (3)
Shooting yourself in the foot Shylock (10)
October 17th, 2017
Go go go Rk (3)
Zuidlaarderbol Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
I just took some lasagna out of the freezer Simulacrum (10)
Too picky? Tristin (12)
What do you do about people that refuse to open tickets? Grunt (22)
Manager is another departments wants to meet to discuss project Grunt (19)
Unlabeled circuit in my breaker box Wabi-sabi (28)
Did Obama call John Kelly when his son died? X (20)
Sheeesh. Computer is so cheap now. SuperDuper AI (6)
I knew it! Hillary Clinton will go to prison. SuperDuper AI (9)
wow, the groupon guy made it? SuperDuper AI (3)
Tyranny Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Generalization in Deep Learning [pdf] ( X (3)
Calling good star families X (0)
Even being a web programmer, you still have to pick the stack SuperDuper AI (4)
What technical knowledge should a developer have? SuperDuper AI (18)
Niger attack X (6)
Tire blown, should I replace one tire or two? Tom (10)
How many times have you been laid off in your career? SuperDuper AI (13)
Entering ICT Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
October 16th, 2017
Would you apply for work at a company that once laid you off? undecided (19)
It's Tuesday WildRiver Regular Poster (5)
Shitbox in a valued area or great house in a so-so area? Bluebeard (12)
Spark plugs latest news update Wabi-sabi (21)
Before Tufte Shylock (0)
Machine Learning Pt 2 Simulacrum (3)
Obama didn't call families of fallen soldiers X (7)
Your company's 401K contribution. SuperDuper AI (28)
What a shit show xampl9 (14)
(Spoiler) Star Trek Discovery ripping off... Bored Bystander (1)
Interesting story on Amazon. SuperDuper AI (1)
Donald Trump Jr speaks out against sexual assault X (0)
EV cars reduce oil use? SuperDuper AI (36)
The Danger of President Pence Bunker (7)
Here's trouble ... tablet trollop (3)
October 15th, 2017
Anyone ever change spark plugs? Wabi-sabi (41)
Ruseman --- wtf He's one angry dude (15)
A Hurricane in Ireland? Shylock (11)
trumpet fight reddit reporter (4)
NPR's Bush vote still killing kids today Bunker (9)
Canadian guy definitely nuts Reality Check (4)
Lujan Zoo near Buenos Aires Reality Check (2)
Blossom's controversial op-ed Reality Check (1)
Austria to side with Hungary, Czechia, Slowakia, Poland Lotti Fuehrscheim (12)
CHIP: did your representative vote against this? X (0)
Liberals have failed on the topic of theocracy Bluebeard (11)
October 14th, 2017
Star Blecch Bored Bystander (4)
"Maybe if you're a stupid Democrat shithead" (ruseman) X (3)
How many kids whomyou raise as a taliban hostage? X (7)
Trump Twitter First Amendment X (24)
HN comment: china dystopian futue X (10)
PR 90% without power X (20)
Baseline optimism (state of the world) X (5)
Tesla Lotti Fuehrscheim (7)
People trust trump on the economy X (21)
if you bought $2000 worth of Bitcoin in 2011... Bluebeard (17)
NFL X (61)
Just saw the new Bladerunner. I was disappointed.. Home Despot (10)
October 13th, 2017
What does your car know? Reality Check (3)
Quadcopter police bike in Dubai , Cup (4)
NYC Teacher's Union X (14)
Is Melania Trump really fluent in five languages? X (4)
Yo, fake news and BS liberals got the answer from General Kelly blah (2)
Shoot the Women First Wikipedian (0)
machine learning is available everywhere. However is it useful? blah (23)
Don't we have enough problem in this country? blah (2)
Clojure keynote X (0)
This is the real "Kurdish" Spring in the Middle East blah (0)
Under Prez Trump, we will act strongly. blah (3)
Beirut grafitti Lotti Fuehrscheim (2)
Running the Presidency like a business? X (17)
Alexis Bloomer : millennial rant X (0)
No bra day JJ (2)
Millennial International: Sponsor a Millennial Today Io (10)
Houston X (1)
October 12th, 2017
from WAMP to LAMP Beller (6)
Asteroid Alert! xampl9 (13)
Reply All xampl9 (7)
FEMA X (5)
Pythons are Go! , Cup (5)
Life in Congo Reality Check (12)
You will use the Corp portal Legion (5)
Roman Empire GDP Per Capita Map Io (21)
October 11th, 2017
Vegas X (8)
Sec of defense X (2)
Ze Frank goodbye Ze (2)
Is it possible to put your entire home on a UPS? Wabi-sabi (17)
Catalan: "Has anyone seen our balls?" Reality Check (24)
Kangaroos are good swimmers , Cup (5)
Submariner serial killer , Cup (6)
Astronomer invents potato rings in spare time , Cup (1)
Quantopian screws it's users Io (4)
Fake news Nz (14)
Bill hates Hillary Legion (16)
Body Fat % MobyDobie (17)
October 10th, 2017
News Rk (17)
WTF?  Trump's new recent minimum Tristan (26)
RC, did you leave this plan unprotected? We want your security Done That (2)
Why does my furnace have a pump? Wabi-sabi (36)
what is CoT members opinion about Fat Boy (3)
Liddle Corker Simulacrum (4)
More news from Abu Dali, Syria The Intelligence (0)
No water coming out of outside faucet Mike (31)
Ozymandian Reality Check (4)
Employer contract question Booblicker (2)
You don't need R to do machine learning. You can do it in Done That (4)
Carl's Jr. begs Amazon to buy it Fat Boy (1)
October 9th, 2017
I can only hope, sir Nz (0)
Men's style: Tight pants on lower legs Legion (19)
The 2 Russians caught in Syria on their way (to die?) The Intelligence (0)
Google fired a shot at Amazon. Done That (9)
Germany, France, United Kingdom and Russia against Trump Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Can someone look you up if you give them your first name? Chad (40)
Bladerunner 2049 xampl9 (12)
Spacex launch in 15 minutes Qaz (10)
Al Nusra take over Abu Dali town in Syria The Intelligence (1)
Game of Thrones is an oversimplification Io (3)
Scripting language survey , Cup (39)
October 8th, 2017
PR Nz (4)
Boss was bitching that we aren't closing tickets fast enough Just a grunt (35)
public declaration from Mueller? Seems unlikely Nz (1)
NFL Nz (7)
Happy Tuesday Wildriver! Regular Poster (6)
encrypted suicide note Reality Check (5)
Nasty old man Blah (0)
Truly creative people are extremely rare X (6)
Give ne back my hat! X (12)
Deaths due to terrorism in the UK libtard_uk (4)
Harel 1980 , Cup (0)
October 7th, 2017
Fed Nz (2)
Political Compromise X (1)
Elisabeth Samson Lotti Fuehrscheim (4)
Candidate Drive Job Market X (15)
Debunker: free energy devices Hack my news, ba-by. (1)
interview with 2017 Nobel laureate Reality Check (1)
October 6th, 2017
Get a piece of the action: invest in autonomous security robots NPR (2)
Maybe we have a new government Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
America and guns libtard_uk (25)
Star Trek Discovery Ep 3 Reality Check (15)
More Vegas gunman. He was just a weirdo. Done That (13)
This company is as phony as Hillary! Done That (0)
Tillerson out? X (16)
Machine learning Mark Edward (0)
Cy Vance X (2)
October 5th, 2017
Tech security with grandpa X (3)
R-PA full of shit X (1)
Should automatic rifles be banned in all cases? Reality Check (12)
Brice, can you give us a summary of your investing/retirement Done That (6)
So the pussy hat wearer Ashley Judd preached feminism? Done That (8)
introverts X (0)
Brice how's R going? X (22)
So Brice Richard graces our presence for the 2nd time in MONTHS President of the Brice Fan Club (5)
Crowdsourcing Archaeology Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
LAN party Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Senate interim Russia news conference X (2)
Follow Up to "Subscription Model for Desktop Software" Brice Richard (10)
Work smarter not harder Lotti Fuehrscheim (8)
How do you hide code from your boss for job sec Coding Dick (18)
Storm Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
drugs and tumors - role in shooting? Reality Check (3)
October 4th, 2017
The Indian offshoring firm (part 2) Los Pepes (56)
Subscription Model for Desktop Software - WTF? Brice Richard (10)
Free Falling Bluebeard (6)
Can a woman be a wanker? Shylock's Phone (8)
Static typing - a mature analysis Trog (10)
Literally can't even see it Simulacrum (25)
Yahoo breech: was all 3 billion accounts Reality Check (9)
October 3rd, 2017
Not all the news was bad today Shylock (2)
Shooter targetted other concerts first Reality Check (5)
Car shite, part II brone (18)
Vegas security sucks. Done That (2)
Updated on Vegas... Done That (17)
Hmmm, interesting... Done That (7)
Dutch Defence Minister and the Head of the Armed forces resign Lotti Fuehrscheim (15)
Tweet X (9)
The True Cost of Gun Violence in America libtard_uk (9)
Hey Yoda Shylock's Phone (6)
Best way to sign a condolence card anon (14)
Things more heavily regulated than buying a gun in the united st libtartd_uk (11)
Challenge to AI developers. Done That (9)
Mark Zuckerberg running for president in 2020 Io (25)
10,000 rounds in 15 minutes , Cup (17) Presidential Historian (5)
Gunman girlfriend's travels Reality Check (3)
Australia's gun laws stopped mass shootings and reduced homicide libtard_uk (30)
October 2nd, 2017
Javanka email X (2)
Righteous Convert Shylock (1)
Las Vegas Conspiracy Theory FSK (14)
Children’s Health Insurance Program X (4)
See something, say something! WildRiver (2)
Hillary and Silencers Qaz (26)
Gender Reassignment Surgery Reality Check (18)
Rip Tom Petty Morons (15)
Manchester, UK The Intelligence (1)
50 dead tablet trollop (109)
Brave NYPD police Yoda (8)
October 1st, 2017
Treasury sec: 1.5 trillion debt increase X (5)
Black Lives Matter was Russian campaign Reality Check (8)
Christine Lagarde sees potential for virtual currencies , Cup (8)
Blade Runner 2 2049 this Friday xampl9 (8)
Treasury removes technical paper from website X (0)
why put this legal crap on your website? X (12)
Will Trump get a second term? Tristin (33)
Lies, damn lies and Elon Musk Yoda (11)
hello joe (4)
Amazon to acquire Carrefour Io (7)
PR Media coverage visualized X (0)
Time to ban assault truck in Canada? WildRiver (0)
Is it time to ban assault knife in France? WildRiver (0)
Maverick developer vs. developing on a team Developer (9)
Nothing but respect for my president X (3)