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October 31st, 2014
Magic mushrooms Walter (3 comments)
Whitehouse hack .... PigPen (5)
Spaceship Three Lodewijk (7)
Coffee to put a smile on your face Trog (3)
Would you rather work where you want, live where you want, or... Grunt (18)
What brings people here? WildRiver (23)
creative destructive - how fast things change! WildRiver (2)
Anyone who reads this forum and doesn't scream in horror Michael B (25)
"The tyrrany of the rocket equation" SaveTheHubble (2)
USA, Land of Freedom Shylock (21)
Bottom-feeding cold-calling agency staff brone (12)
Fatties on the war path PigPen (39)
Folk hero captured by pigs. MS (5)
Llc., or Corp C, definitely not S Friday (29)
October 30th, 2014
Why there are so many useless software companies? WildRiver (4)
Dealerships don't want to sell cars or is there a lot of demand? Matt (16)
Wallops Island Faciligy, post explosion SaveTheHubble (3)
In the DUHHH Dept.  Tim Cook is gay...no really? ? (9)
Microsoft Band xampl9 (Windows Phone) (17)
Spy vs. Spy Shylock (9)
Russell  Brand  : socialism is just like christianity eek (6)
No justice, no peace Bot Berlin (0)
Most illegal drugs are excellent medicines Michael B (7)
Psilocybin mushrooms create "hyperconnected brain" Michael B (5)
PSA: libertarianism only exists in the US Michael B (22)
Recent patriarchy videos n/a (5)
October 29th, 2014
Now leasing Legion (1)
If you tell kids not to do it, they won't PigPen (17)
World Presidents PigPen (3)
CDC: "Yeah, I guess ebola can be airborne, but so?" ebola (4)
Yet another reason to have a prenup PigPen (12)
Ebola is over Ducknald Don (18)
for shylock n/a (13)
On a recent trip to San Francisco... Michael B (27)
A neighbor said he has mold in his house . (19)
No raises this year and possible bankruptcy.... Chris (23)
Criminal record df (11)
Lone Survivor df (7)
Radio App for Android Shylock (18)
Something for Brice Ducknald Don (6)
October 28th, 2014
Failure of the imagination HN reporter (9)
3/4 hour ago n/a (36)
100 worst album covers xampl9 (21)
Is a condo ever a good investment? Lance (29)
While they're roasting in Australia... Shylock (18)
Cops being held accountable Shylock (1)
Do I have to give trick or treaters candy if they're poor? Concerned 1%er (14)
October 27th, 2014
Do you calculate your eon inflation, pigpen? Craggie (16)
Why is Amazon copying every other company in other fields Bot Berlin (8)
Fat Girl Costumes n/a (5)
Does GPA matter? n/a (9)
What are your favorite tech job boards/websites? dude (32)
the drop eek (3)
Online purchases: Charge more based on address Legion (7)
This is good to know Shylock (8)
Netropolitian Club forThis.Anon (8)
October 26th, 2014
this is a sad sad song about losing happy joe (0)
two interesting articles zed (1)
Reagan white house Walter (8)
They say that IT people should change jobs every few years... Code Monkey (36)
October 25th, 2014
Nurse pissed because U.S. forcing quarantine. Legion (29)
hn bullshiter Craggie (9)
do you think this would help aspies? hoyZa (11)
Heat (1995) df (5)
terrorism in Kansas City n/a (1)
Alpha House season 2 is up on Amazon video xampl9 (0)
October 24th, 2014
Sulu reviews a LOT of products on Amazon n/a (2)
google vice president makes record space jump n/a (17)
Black Sea Lodewijk (1)
Dr. H., please stop Shylock (15)
Porcupines NPR (2)
Ready for success df (0)
Interesting article about Poland Shylock (4)
Would you guys date a chick taller than you? dude (21)
This is pretty awesome Shylock (9)
man in the middle bin patching n/a (10)
Muppet Bill42x (21)
The Truth About Executive Compensation Cappy Cap (14)
October 23rd, 2014
Feds will charge any stupid thing Walter (9)
Ebola hits Manhattan ebola (15)
Some serious clarinet Shylock (17)
The story of a journey Shylock (4)
Bay Area company paying Indian workers $1.21/hr QADude (3)
ISIS and their oil refineries n/a (20)
Chick canceled on me because of my height NPR (36)
akai amp rebuild eek (0)
I can't bear listening to classic rock any more Shylock (22)
Should I let my cousin arrange my MBA? Bill42x (7)
Car brand survey WildRiver (35)
should feeding the hungry be illegal? n/a (7)
I'm pissed off by an incident at McDonalds Tom (17)
dealing with management politics just a grunt (11)
Recently lost job, should I try freelancing or get another job? unemployed (11)
should I get an MBA n/a (20)
I don't understand ppl who don't repair a fully deprecated car dude (30)
How did you know it was time to quit? Regular (12)
Anyone using a vpn? Wick (9)
Teresa Ramos, Ashoka Mupko, Amber Vinson cured ebola (1)
OS X Yosemite xampl9 (27)
48 years ago eek (1)
For the adventurous Bored Bystander (5)
October 22nd, 2014
4+ hour exercise to get 2nd interview hoyZa (24)
What a fucking day in Ottawa Canned Gods Inc. (20)
Google cars Shylock (20)
Sometimes, there is justice in this world Shylock (2)
Didn't get the job xampl9 (10)
Playing phone tag Tony (21)
What exactly is an mISV and has anyone has had any success? corporate stooge (41)
the joys of being a session musician eek (5)
October 21st, 2014
Looking for a reason df (6)
greatest porn vid titles eek (9)
We are closing Lodewijk (11)
BBC website is a ghetto PigPen (17)
Job application rant. brone (1)
My meals today NPR (3)
so the stock market is just a rigged system! WildRiver (46)
My man in Sardinia ... PigPen (9)
Google's 404 page PigPen (9)
CoT personality cults I Bolieve In Brice (19)
PigPen, what do you call a system where WildRiver (20)
How the Crimea was won Quant (10)
Get over it, or why I don't get angy about historic events PigPen (67)
In defense of PigPen Jack (39)
October 20th, 2014
"And of COURSE he's not going to SHARE your point of view" worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Reporting Bias: No Love for Real Low-Carb Research NPR (4)
Im Schmerz geboren Lodewijk (2)
What really happened to these old-timers? I Bolieve In Brice (23)
Sublime Text .... I don't get it. PigPen (19)
Myth of the self made man and other non stories PigPen (54)
Poking the media bear JoC (6)
too lazy to do reseach, come here to ask COTers...;-) WildRiver (49)
YO!  I need some advice! Tony (12)
JTR not Kosminski? Shylock (7)
Anyone doing Android development? More Tech Questions (11)
Affirmative Consent Shylock (14)
Lifetime Earnings by major Craggie (7)
When the fuck is McGhee coming back? Jack (25)
October 19th, 2014
Getting frustrated with VS.NET 2013 xampl9 (6)
The Invasion of Vermont Shylock (0)
I want to make one of these. eek (37)
refrigerator smells Regular (30)
The are a bunch of murderers working at GM Walter (27)
VB6 - the perfect language Reality Check (27)
I think I found the case where Waterfall makes sense Shylock (19)
Virtual People xampl9 (3)
For Michael B, Forum Registeration forThis.Anon (6)
October 18th, 2014
C++ templates are hard to understand Wayne (33)
What do you think of minimalism? Code Monkey (23)
When you call someone and it takes them 2 weeks to call back Tony (11)
Finished GTA V df (8)
Question for Ozzies Shylock (11)
Pat on the head Legion (15)
How is the costume coming along, Muppet? xampl9 (11)
badly behaved goodreaders Woodward (7)
Learning from Autism Frank (5)
Windows Security Essentials df (3)
Auto-promoting ints to bignums Michael B (14)
Ebola - quarantine may need to be increased above 21 days Bill42x (1)
Joel has obviously internalized this idea Michael B (9)
October 17th, 2014
i didn't sign up for this Regular (8)
Hoyza who owns the fed Walter (35)
Osteoporosis Michael B (8)
Obama is an incompetent asshole! WildRiver (7)
The Rocky Balboa of New Zealand . (4)
simple reverse proxy for development on windows,?  How to? dave (2)
ebola in context hoyZa (12)
open letter to wayne hoyZa (51)
Human Farming/"New Normal": What to do about it hoyZa (17)
ebola nurses gone wild ebola (15)
Punking Today's Youth Brice Richard (17)
LOL Bluebeard (0)
While Tony Abbott talks, Mark Rutte walks The Truth (0)
October 16th, 2014
Great to see PigPen make a return to the forum Jack (11)
#endthefed Walter (28)
Looking for a hobby but I hate everything Bot Berlin (30)
Bitcoin technology Lodewijk (4)
Enterprise dev team: need some ideas Need some ideas (11)
"the new normal" hoyZa (28)
The Human Farm hoyZa (29)
Hangovers feel like death Bot Berlin (9)
Apple - incrementalism vs. Steve Jobs Bill42x (14)
What bottlenecks programmers? Michael B (43)
Please Stop Begging for Higher Rates of Return Cappy Cap (8)
People told to evacuate Dallas Texas Bot Berlin (3)
I had a post with some kind words for Muppet... Bo Dallas (2)
I am not a real programmer Rick (20)
ideas for a company intranet portal Tom (10)
Bill Gates: Why Inequality Matters Michael B (8)
10 years sicne Jon Stewart eek (7)
How not to write a job spec Quant (40)
Nigeria vs Ebola Quant (1)
If you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola Bored Bystander (19)
October 15th, 2014
2500 years ago Frank (4)
Lockheed Martin releases an e-cat killer Walter (6)
For you .NET and C# experts out there....a question. WildRiver (8)
Galcon worldsSmallestViolin (1)
How much documentation and refactoring do you do? ? (12)
The last surviving programming languages for anything serious Bot Berlin (31)
Prepper cat owners are prepared xampl9 (1)
Lutjewijtwerd Lodewijk (0)
companies paying to freeze eggs? the great purple (11)
What happens to good documentation on technology stack??? WildRiver (10)
Can we talk about something besides ebola and the drama queens.. Jack (19)
Courtesy PhotoShop services Shylock (8)
On the other news... WildRiver (4)
Competition for E-Cat? Bill42x (6)
The message from team Obumer and Democrats about Ebola WildRiver (6)
why are shylock and hubble deleting wayne's posts? CoT Monitor (26)
Revisiting Java df (24)
University of Kansas Hospital - ebola ebola (3)
Tactical drone catcher df (4)
2nd US Ebola transmission Frank (11)
UK MPs supporting recognition of the state of Palestine Rick Tsang (7)
UN dire warning on ebola ebola (0)
LOL Muppet accused Walter of being Idiot.... Jack (7)
October 14th, 2014
I can we please not be dicks here Wayne (36)
Streaming media reduces conspicuous consumption Walter (3)
Muppet stages magical recovery Somebody else (3)
Sacrifice = awesome df (9)
The boyfriend is systematic Bot Berlin (1)
Calories at lunch Bot Berlin (15)
Why are whole oats and steel cut healthier than quick oats? ?? (19)
Ideas for ebola movies NPR (11)
Buy a new car, or fix the old one? Matt (22)
Why doesn't n/a and Muppet post here anymore? Jack (9)
why do threads here only last a day or two? Jack (0)
why do threads here only last a day or two? Jack (11)
Poland, the war of 1920 and robots Quant (12)
What kind of spiders are these? Bored Bystander (46)
October 13th, 2014
and  as if that wasn't enough good news eek (1)
The Rise of the Geeks xampl9 (15)
Ebola nurse Bubba (4)
Nice job. eek (6)
ebola experts say CDC director is incompetent ebola (1)
No justice no peace Bot Berlin (1)
odd server issues eek (4)
Random subreddit button Walter (1)
Smoke alarm low-battery chirp xampl9 (6)
Another Stupid Ad FSK (8)
Columbus Day link Shylock (22)
"Good knowledge of UNIX" brone (12)
We should ban all flights from Africa!  It is time to do it! WildRiver (19)
TSQL is a strange bird Shylock (12)
Buying a car from someone you know (part 2) Tony (11)
Ukraine Lodewijk (1)
House of Cards xampl9 (25)
Internet invades our privacy and Google is very evil Quant (1)
Tony Abbott promises to shirtfront Vladimir Putin The Truth (6)
LOL so the last 6 threads have zero replies Jack (27)
sex in America eek (10)
What happened to n/a? Jack (9)
They Break Out of Terminus, No Deaths Walking Dead Spoiler A-Hole (2)
October 12th, 2014
NBC crew violates quarantine ebola (2)
making vinyl eek (0)
Who gave you this medal? don giovanni (9)
Today's WTF Shylock (4)
Proposal: require a Facebook/G+ account to post Michael B (35)
Urbanisation Lodewijk (49)
No justice, no peace Bot Berlin (1)
Kobani still holds. Lodewijk (15)
Mah gold lemonhead (9)
Terasi Lodewijk (3)
Is this economy the new normal? Mitch (21)
Seasonal depression ? (4)
Singles Dance Experience Brice Richard (19)
new wrinkle in MH17 n/a (8)
bizarre trends  ... eek (7)
October 11th, 2014
Where's idiot? NPR (8)
Partied in SF NPR (12)
Bike helmets: good for catastrophic impact protection. Craggie (11)
the good cop Sappy Joe (0)
Movie Props xampl9 (2)
Stop telling people to lose weight Michael B (63)
Trolls Walter (13)
thought provoking paintings eek (2)
Why The South is the Worst Place to Live NPR (22)
muppet: is there anything we can do to help? Michael B (13)
AND, I'm pretty sure that I'm permanently disabled now muppet (10)
Women are only as loyal as their options President of Brice Fan Club (12)
October 10th, 2014
And Bit-Coin looked like it wasn't a fraud for a long, long time Case (12)
Doh! n/a (21)
This is so true!  What are we going to do about it? WildRiver (32)
Amanda Bynes, this is fun to watch Bot Berlin (5)
Why are they making another Rocky movie? Coop (14)
So I had some brake work done the other day Coop (17)
Human existential question. WildRiver (20)
It is hard getting low fat, low bmi Bot Berlin (29)
Correlation is not causation Bill42x (4)
Marriage is not a good fit for gay people’s lifestyles muckraker (14)
This guy has balls! WildRiver (8)
Obama's birthday n/a (1)
You shouldn't shout 'Fire!' in a theater SaveTheHubble (7)
A new classic XKCD SaveTheHubble (0)
Microsoft CEO says workers should not ask for raises Quant (30)
Remember the E-Cat? Bill42x (46)
More Jews needed to settle Palestine Quant (8)
You Only Have A Limited Number Of Prime,Productive Hours In Life Coop (47)
Ebola - sheriff cleared Bill42x (3)
October 9th, 2014
No Justice, No Peace Bot Berlin (5)
Here is my prediction for the stock market. WildRiver (5)
Dow down 334 points today Kenny the Robot (8)
Cavemen Lodewijk (17)
Is it a good idea to buy/sell a car to someone you know? Tony (24)
Writing vs. coding, which is potentially more profitable? Techie (8)
Two stupid NFL things you're going to see a lot of this month df (13)
Accountability? What accountability? Quant (14)
How empires go bankrupt Quant (32)
Yahoo cuts 400, one third of its jobs in Banglore. Matchu (2)
I regret my EE CS degree every day Coop (18)
best places to live in US n/a (14)
October 8th, 2014
kooky preppers ready for ebolacalypse n/a (24)
how to find out you have ebola n/a (0)
correct handling of ebola n/a (2)
101.4F, so good to go missions (1)
Anybody interested in some freelance cryptocoin work? brone (4)
Seals Lodewijk (11)
about our buddy Dallas Judge Jenkins - what's your take? n/a (4)
Dallas Deputy Sheriff diagnosed with Ebola n/a (4)
all code is suspect n/a (26)
Question for electronics engineer WildRiver (17)
dead n/a (6)
NDA for on-site interview xampl9 (27)
An even bigger con than cycling Quant (12)
Alas, it's cloudy and rainy this morning Shylock (1)
When I die... NPR (3)
October 7th, 2014
so my spine is fractured in multiple places muppet (33)
Steven Jay Russell wikipedian (4)
For Quant Shylock (9)
Ebola - someone finally says it like it is Bill42x (0)
Ebola - best article so far? Bill42x (0)
MSSQL ownership chaining JoC (3)
Ebola - Spanish nurse was handled by staff with no precautions Bill42x (0)
Humanely farmed eggs lies we tell ourselves Michael B (38)
fun PeTA protest n/a (19)
Reddit forcing telecommuting workers to move to the bay area... Jack (11)
Innovate or do just enough to get by? confused (14)
Starting a new book series xampl9 (3)
FOLLOW-UP: Job Interview - The Brice Richard Experience Brice Richard (6)
U.N. Official Blames Palestinian Domestic Violence on…Israel Gyllos (6)
How the PC world died df (28)
Say what you want about C++ Shylock (46)
Third of jobs gone by 2025 Bill42x (25)
Ebola - research link Bill42x (36)
Ebola - vagrant put into custody Bill42x (5)
October 6th, 2014
Same sex marriage now legal for majority of the US Craggie (11)
Read it motherfuckers of COT Craggie (13)
ebola nytimes reporter (2)
Ebola - step daughter of Dalla guy released from quarantine Bill42x (3)
Today I fucked up (reddit) Craggie (15)
so, having osteoporosis because of Crohns muppet (3)
DRTX NPR $$$ Moneybags $$$ (6)
reddit drama Craggie (14)
Quiet Day At Work FSK (16)
hungover NPR (4)
The nightmare scenario is already happening! Insider job! WildRiver (0)
Had 3 seizures on Saturday, nearly bit my tongue off muppet (12)
Kerala 90 years agao x-post from reddit Matchu (8)
Ebola - nurse in Spain has caught it from a patient Bill42x (5)
Interesting deleted post Lodewijk (8)
I don't understand how US PC makers can be in business. WildRiver (10)
how the fuck eek (4)
A very good idea!  I like anything that fight against the power! WildRiver (3)
Java df (12)
Mr. Purple Legion (4)
Factory farming morality thread on reddit I am Jack's raging bile duct (51)
October 5th, 2014
My new favorite subreddit xampl9 (1)
Fargo, the series Michael B (9)
We need America's bankers to die quickly! WildRiver (5)
Richard Stallman is a... AirborneEbola (3)
Best city to visit 2014 Frank (8)
Relevant parts of the article, since it's paywalled: Frank (0)
Announcement Hungry (7)
democratic protests in mexico n/a (3)
October 4th, 2014
ebola is fault of citizens not trusting government n/a (13)
Complaint Concerned CoT Citizen (4)
Hey STH, stop being a fucking wanker Bill42x (4)
Did Duncan know he had Ebola before leaving? n/a (9)
bruising and swelling to his arm and chest??? bullshit Craggie (1)
I am thinking about learning QT and C++, good idea for a VB6er? Wick (28)
"came to US to marry girlfriend" n/a (6)
Reddit df (18)
Ebola - so far so good Bill42x (1)
.NET webapp design question dave (21)
Google's new porn search engine n/a (6)
PSA: reading scientific studies does not make you informed Michael B (11)
Richard Stallman is awesome Michael B (37)
Fuck art Michael B (5)
Oh wow, trollop (9)
Ebola - suicidal judge? Bill42x (9)
October 3rd, 2014
Ebola branding Bored Bystander (1)
ebola clean up underway n/a (4)
Today's Jokes FSK (13)
Different standards df (5)
PSA: consuming news does not make you informed Michael B (7)
Phone screen: passed xampl9 (5)
Ebola - useful link Bill42x (1)
Web design df (10)
this ebola strain has high infection rate so far n/a (39)
second Dallas family ill n/a (8)
Ebola - how Nigeria got control Bill42x (23)
Comedy iOS 8 bug brone (2)
FrontPage, the Revenge df (2)
OK, this was weird Shylock (7)
CoT corollary xampl9 (3)
Obama is going to give speech in Chicago area about WildRiver (4)
Ebola unlikely to go truly airborne Bill42x (9)
Ebola pressure spray Bill42x (41)
AIDS is much older than I thought Quant (3)
Ebola cameraman Bill42x (8)
Hey guys, Bill Bellechick says we're onto Cincinnati Tom (4)
So this chick I met online asked me what I do for a living.... single (27)
October 2nd, 2014
US workers deliberately spreading Ebola Dr. Hοrrorwitz (53)
Question about Torrent downloading: legal liabilities Bored Bystander (21)
Fuck You worldsSmallestViolin (7)
yom kippur coming up n/a (10)
Google being sued because robots weren't fast Bot Berlin (0)
1000Tb on a DVD Bill42x (8)
"Why are you looking to leave your current position?" Somebody (20)
Building with rich and poor entrance Michael B (20)
What do you think about this political theory? WildRiver (6)
My question for Brice! WildRiver (6)
Software Consulting vs. ISV...which is better? . (11)
It's extremely depressing muppet (18)
I care xampl9 (4)
We made two people happy Quant (4)
Read back my "thanks for the interview email" from yesterday... muppet (18)
SQLs NULL problem Michael B (21)
Eye exams using a PC monitor Bill42x (2)
Ebola - too little, too late? Bill42x (62)
October 1st, 2014
no justice, no peace Bot Berlin (18)
Another Reason Why Internet Employee Screening Tests Are Useless FSK (4)
I think I figured it out Shylock (12)
Marijuana At Work FSK (33)
Office childishness throwaway, sort of (19)
Good luck on the interviews! hoyZa (6)
Despite all early indications, my interview was amazing muppet (42)
Job Interview - The Brice Richard Experience Brice Richard (17)
The distortion field df (11)
Reddit Craggie (6)
But are you Good2Go? df (4)
Back on the trading floor Quant (72)
nothing to see here eek (0)
Ebola guy was sent home Bill42x (10)
What is your idea of success? dude (12)