Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

October 31st, 2012
Where Is Enterprise? SaveTheHubble (2 comments)
Watching Prometheus right now Crisis of Salad (49)
Obama is a great President, yes great Bot Berlin (2)
Obama's wars reviewed Quant (14)
They Live hoyza (6)
Gmail down? Morons (3)
Kanaki product review Dan (1)
Romney Relief Imbroglio Idiot (4)
I watched Bill Maher for the first time last night muppet (63)
The war in Syria Dan (18)
Day 3 of the Hurricane Shylock, not Denman (13)
Husband sues wife for being ugly Rich Tsang (3)
What do you use your iPad for? Flasher T (24)
They are going to eliminate my land Lodewijk (19)
October 30th, 2012
"There was no Hurricane" Idiot (11)
hurricane destroys new york Idiot (1)
Disney buys Lucas Idiot (18)
Speech-to-Text fail xampl9 (6)
FogCreek is a bunch of smelly pants liars df (22)
Nitroglycerin on Polish President plane wreckage Idiot (14)
I miss the seventy's Fan boy (25)
Offshoring gone wild: Check out a tidbit from an internal memo Home Despot (16)
Being Great at Your Job Can Be a Dangerous Thing Marginalized (18)
The number three Fan boy (8)
October 29th, 2012
Mitt Zomney Bored Bystander (13)
settled in for the hurricane Idiot (20)
Walmart CircusAttraction (17)
giant death hurricane hits manhattan Idiot (12)
Prince Charles was a sexual harassment enabler Quant (2)
Is muppet in danger? Bot Berlin (17)
New Government Lodewijk. (21)
The war in Syria Dan (10)
joe the plumber the great purple (11)
ohmygod xampl9 (14)
Hurricane reminds me of one of the coolest magazine projects df (1)
Excited about Hurricane Idiot (36)
October 28th, 2012
How do they make any money? xampl9 (38)
Gangnam style, official anthem for CoT Bot Berlin (8)
Mcdonlads fries with a little twist Dan (13)
weird new US citizenship program Idiot (8)
Germany pushes EU into revoking sovereignty xampl9 (62)
Republican banned from Romney events for being gay Idiot (6)
taking bets? hoyza (11)
October 27th, 2012
Let's just agree Bot Berlin (1)
During Benghazi Attack: Asked for help, and Told "No" Morons (25)
Obama Buying Ohio Votes with free Cell Phones Morons (0)
Hubble censoring political posts again Idiot (10)
don't forget to vote! hippie (1)
How much time do you spend researching when you code? . (18)
rust belt claimed to be most sinful Idiot (7)
Libertarian TV show Crisis of Salad (1)
October 26th, 2012
You go after Facebook, you go to jail Bot Berlin (6)
Ron Paul won the primaries Idiot (14)
Why you should develop for windows 8 Idiot (2)
Weather forecasters getting excited Shylock, not Denman (12)
How the government saved AIG and made a profit Colm (21)
Leave Iran Alone: Hardliner Ex-head of Mossad Colm (65)
George Bush a cannibal? WTF. Idiot (9)
Browsers df (22)
Facebook vs Ceglia Idiot (6)
Romney supporter pays guy to put tatoo on his face LOL (4)
Is drudge trying prop up Romney that he is winning Bot Berlin (12)
203 mph xampl9 (15)
How government saved AIG and made a profit Quant (17)
October 25th, 2012
Cloud Atlas is teh gay Mëtäl Ümläüt (4)
Windows 8 brone (7)
"Frankenstorm" to hit NYC xampl9 (9)
Obama to Romney: 'We Also Have Fewer Horses And Bayonets' Dan 01 (9)
So how careless are programmers with vital stuff? Troglodyte (12)
Texas will arrest OSCE observers Lodewijk. (12)
Online begging site raises $10m Morons (2)
CoT Gaming, any games you want coming up Bot Berlin (17)
violentacrez pulls a "muppet" Quant (25)
Being an introvert in an extroverted company limey (19)
This Shit with Benghazi just keeps getting worse and worse... Morons (6)
October 24th, 2012
Good Eats! Bored Bystander (6)
oh facebook lemonhead (15)
Recycling from private people must improve Dan (7)
The war in Syria Dan (11)
If you're a woman of childbearing age, do not vote for Mitt Quant (8)
Plywood Joist - how company makes money Rich Tsang (8)
Another H1-B Example Article SaveTheHubble (16)
Windows 8 / Microsoft Surface / iPad Mini df (13)
Facebook shares up 20% Kenny (18)
Jews responsible for the 1917 revolution, after all Quant (19)
Have you people "given up" on this field? crazy (58)
Republicans are the pseudo-conservative party SaveTheHubble (3)
The ultimate example of American democracy gone awry df (6)
What's wrong with apologizing, anyways? Shylock, not Denman (27)
Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts trollop (1)
October 23rd, 2012
food 50 years ago lemonhead (2)
third party debate starting NOW Idiot (29)
Do presidential debates matter? Fan boy (18)
I'm going on the Record and Predicting a Romney Win. Morons (14)
call me maybe (hebrew version) Dan (0)
Romney say's he's winning SaveTheHubble (6)
The United States of America Shylock, not Denman (8)
Do you work to live or live to work? dude (10)
Republicans all over the internet now screaming that muppet (13)
What is the best way to transfer into self employment? . (18)
Dallas, which one? Dan (14)
We have these things called aircraft carriers. Planes can land muppet (16)
24yo picks up four teens in the space of 15 months Fake Idiot (19)
People unclear on the concept He's still an asshole, though. (0)
Democrats defend hard-working bankers Quant (3)
"2016" by Dinesh D'Souza? Mëtäl Ümläüt (10)
October 22nd, 2012
Final debate was shit Bot Berlin (1)
I keep waiting for the steam to Blow out of Obama ears Morons (4)
Romney:China wants world "to be free and open" Morons (3)
Fuck Romney.. Morons (8)
Romney turns Foregn Policy Debate into one on the Economy Morons (19)
Why Did Bush-II Win In 2004? SaveTheHubble (24)
Nation of Islam: "Yes to Ron Paul" Idiot (1)
SaveTheHubble, Lodewijk and Quant censoring political posts Idiot (22)
Jimmy Kimmel Polls for Reactions to the First Ladies Debate Bored Bystander (0)
Amazon EC2 partially down xampl9 (14)
geologists who didn't predict quake convicted Idiot (9)
Pussy Riot placed in Siberian Gulag camps Idiot (3)
Tabs vs. Spaces xampl9 (20)
911 truther placed on No-Fly list Idiot (6)
As an aging programmer,... Kenny (45)
Armstrong titles stripped Miles (34)
Boss keeps telling me he can't pay me what I'm worth work to live (11)
October 21st, 2012
Is Mr donuts the same as dunkin donuts? Dan (22)
Mass shooting at salon near Brookfield Square Mall, Wisconsin live reports (10)
Torn between Computer Programming vs Accounting Ryback (30)
The war in Syria Dan (1)
Sledging in Chess(J.Polgar vs Carlsen) Matchu (1)
Why is Romney obsessed with buying voting machines? Idiot (12)
OK my hacker skills are shit now Bot Berlin (1)
violent acres VA (4)
October 20th, 2012
Armstrong's ex-wife implicates him less is more (36)
Simple VPN Router for home use Morons (7)
Why the Euro Will Survive Quant (46)
Ballooning Lodewijk. (1)
passwds lemonhead (10)
Obama's 1984 Bot Berlin (14)
I have verizon, can I get an iphone Bot Berlin (7)
October 19th, 2012
Very rare vehicle for sale trollop (0)
Documentary on Quant and IO Matchu (3)
How not to implement regulation Quant (14)
The most narrow house in the world Quant (7)
Deer crossings xampl9 (10)
$790 for a pair of hiking boots? xampl9 (30)
Police arrest wrong man after an inappropriate use of force muppet (18)
Trolls Bot Berlin (18)
Will Newsweek survive? Scrooge McDuck (10)
Sad South Africa Bluebeard (17)
trading suspended after stock rises 9% Idiot (23)
Romney got 15.3 million from bailout Idiot (0)
Republican arrested for voter tampering Idiot (13)
October 18th, 2012
iSorry Wayne (4)
OpenGL demos with dubstep background Bot Berlin (6)
Why do people Lie to reporters? Morons (2)
The war in Syria Dan (0)
Hinckaertshuis Lodewijk. (2)
New Chromebook soon xampl9 (6)
Good Article on the continuing US Civil War Shylock (34)
"No Difference Between Parties"? SaveTheHubble (19)
The decline of print journalism, episode 54353 Quant (3)
best US bank for foreigner? eek (11)
Yet more Yank TV T(M)akeovers trollop (0)
The war in Syria Dan (14)
October 17th, 2012
Romney getting tough on China Idiot (18)
U. Phoenix in trouble Idiot (12)
armstrong sucks lemonaids (0)
Wisconsin bus driver Idiot (7)
armstrong evidence lemonhead (19)
Trek abandons Armstrong less is more (3)
Romney and Obama arrest Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate Idiot (8)
FDA and medical devices - malware an issue Idiot (9)
2006 patent on linked lists Idiot (2)
Reddit's Risk df (33)
CNN is rerunning the debate xampl9 (0)
Peanut Butter Recall SaveTheHubble (13)
Nike reckons Armstrong is a drug cheat less is more (17)
Question about recruiter etiquette Anon for this one (13)
Who do we know in Atlanta? Flasher T (1)
vaccinations are a CIA plot Idiot (20)
October 16th, 2012
Debate Thread Bot Berlin (3)
gook fights for US of A Anonymoose (3)
WTF is going on with this place Bot Berlin (0)
WTF is going on with this place Bot Berlin (0)
Sorry 'bout that.. ran out of disk space Wayne (15)
US admits to supporting al qaeda Idiot (10)
Do you "Desk Check" your code? CircusAttraction (6)
bricklaying Idiot (1)
Modern-day equivalent to Fucked Company? NPR (13)
islamic surprise - bathhouse sex Idiot (8)
Teacher Evaluation Idiot (6)
"Christians should support bullying" Idiot (13)
IBM H1-B illegality SaveTheHubble (2)
Actions have consequences -- who knew? SaveTheHubble (22)
US Presidential Debate hoyza (34)
Bumpittybump, clickettyclack on the bumper trollop (5)
Dr H ... SEO, Panda update and other things that may affect you Bluebeard (62)
Why do you "waste" your time? Dr. Horrorwitz (27)
October 15th, 2012
Hot find - quadrisolar planet Idiot (5)
Red Bull df (6)
I guess I'm old now xampl9 (11)
With Paul down, Romney targets Gary Johnson Idiot (4)
Bullying df (37)
Mauritanian president shot by mistake Io (3)
October 14th, 2012
Fox News: "Romney is insane, I guess... vote Obama" Idiot (8)
Australian cycling legend 'witnessed Armstrong bribe' less is more (10)
New England in the Fall Fan boy (15)
Scientific American Fan boy (13)
The war in Syria Dan (2)
start ups to blame for unemployment Idiot (4)
An electric car from 1835 Lodewijk (3)
Facebook is just creepy xampl9 (46)
Stratospheric jump 14:30 UTC less is more (56)
Updated my Galaxy Note to ICS, no more Flash :-( Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Dumb movers can't move big objects Idiot (11)
Should Facebook out gays? Idiot (2)
October 13th, 2012
I live in the most sexually active city Bot Berlin (9)
The war in Syria Dan (4)
Romney in bed with Communist Chinese Idiot (12)
another cyber bullying death Idiot (6)
China invasion Idiot (69)
Viability check Io (31)
Aussie rider falls on his sword less is more (0)
C# Exceptions Lodewijk (19)
In comes PayPal's new boss.. Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
October 12th, 2012
corp-to-corp payment for contractor NPR (23)
What the worst watchable sci-fi you can think of? Kenny (35)
GroupOn Unsubscribe hilarity Morons (4)
There's never enough time!! CircusAttraction (8)
Documentary on Paul Erdos(mathematician) Matchu (6)
I successfully quit drinking NPR (29)
Using transfusions to beat doping tests less is more (3)
Are atheists tolerated in America? Quant (48)
Rock throwing border incident SaveTheHubble (12)
Saw American Reunion muppet (28)
Is amazon down Bot Berlin (27)
Modestly, about me Io (66)
Our October surprise trollop (14)
Kiyosaki files for bankruptcy less is more (7)
October 11th, 2012
VP debate lemonhead (8)
Should the Feds help the poor more? Idiot (23)
How about this, a sex MUD or rogue like game? Bot Berlin (4)
Prometheus is on DVD Bot Berlin (28)
Dudes like to play with fire Shylock (0)
Another Honey Boo Boo round... Dan (0)
Silly joke Io (5)
The Prince of Sealand dies at 91 SaveTheHubble (1)
DotCom levels up Idiot (4)
Armstrong is dead. Not Neil, Lance.... Bluebeard (29)
Children are Wall Street's biggest victims Quant (3)
October 10th, 2012
Pluto's Sweater Morons (20)
The war in Syria Dan (1)
Honey Boo Boo Idiot (6)
Mongo's dead Shylock (9)
Windows 8 interface Idiot (4)
Don't be lulled in to false thought... Dan (3)
The most logical explanation Wayne (41)
October 9th, 2012
The war in Syria Dan (8)
More of SSDs and Flash df (0)
I'm bored at work xampl9 (7)
45 years ago Lodewijk. (4)
Programmin​g as a New Career Path in the US Mike (43)
Developed software and executive found a bug Tom (7)
Lenova building in the US df (9)
My answer to cable sales people Dan (11)
I don't like aggressive salespeople df (17)
Jump from the edge of space Io (5)
Memory without brain Quant (5)
Should I switch from VB.NET to C#? anon for this (17)
GM is hiring Scrooge McDuck (10)
October 8th, 2012
Message from Your Future President Mitt Romney (7)
1950s saucer sightings were actually US thingy Idiot (4)
A most revolting mass murder Quant (7)
rocket explodes Idiot (12)
Success for private industry Bot Berlin (4)
Crash a plane .. for Science! xampl9 (5)
October 7th, 2012
another win for collectivity and equality Idiot (6)
For Idiot and smart people Bot Berlin (14)
romney debates himself lemonhead (2)
Israel shot down drone SaveTheHubble (11)
Anyone watching Homeland? Shylock (1)
Republicans are evolving... el (0)
October 6th, 2012
I will not vote for Romney. Dan (3)
I will not vote for Obama.. Dan (1)
Apple's slaves on a rampage Idiot (3)
October 5th, 2012
Obama supporters Bot Berlin (4)
What is the legal argument for funding PBS? Bot Berlin (32)
new facebook TV ad Idiot (0)
$4 smart cell phone Idiot (8)
Who celebrated Customer Service Appreciation Week? CircusAttraction (10)
Romney pivots again Idiot (7)
ARC Electronics - We build our business around you! Quant (5)
Trickle-Down Government SaveTheHubble (5)
Unemployment: 7.8% SaveTheHubble (13)
Ever use WiX? Fan boy (8)
Why Obama was so dispirited during the debate: the war Quant (4)
Liberal media not immune to racism Quant (19)
1 year anniversary of death of Jobs Idiot (5)
October 4th, 2012
Australia property bubble? NPR (10)
Are dating sites full of fake profiles? NPR (13)
Should Level 85 Orcs be eligible for political office? Idiot (7)
Hey Americanos, how fast did you forget scar face... Dan (1)
Obama has some interesting insights about impersonators Idiot (8)
Turkish Parliament authorizes war actions Idiot (14)
Promotions are so overrated. CircusAttraction (19)
Who CAN you trust? hoyza (6)
Economy in Argentina xampl9 (9)
War at Daddy's MobyDobie (16)
And last one... Dan (1)
Vote Romney... Dan (1)
if you vote for president Meat Romani, that what you get... Dan (0)
CoT employees are reminded xampl9 (41)
Purple halo in photos taken on iPhone 5 is perfectly normal! Bluebeard (7)
Crazy Lego Contraption! Bluebeard (3)
October 3rd, 2012
Review of debate on the candidates Bot Berlin (21)
Jim Lehar has lost total control over the debate... Morons (13)
Dilithium engine contract Idiot (5)
Would you give Facebook you phone number? Dan (8)
My route around South America Colm (22)
Samsung verdict foreman Idiot (8)
Army/Marines Gang... ??? Dan (15)
Template metaprogramming = Rube Goldberg machine Wayne (33)
October 2nd, 2012
Former Arizona Governor constantly arrested for being Mexican Idiot (10)
Made in USA computers Idiot (19)
running compression sleeves/socks Dan (0)
President Ahmadinejad meets jewish relatives in NYC Idiot (2)
How not to do Jewish Outreach Idiot (13)
Apple: "You want all your photos to have purple smears" Idiot (24)
Reasonable intellectual property contract Io (24)
Someone emailed me about a "glitch" in my software Code Monkey (19)
more outsourcing problems Idiot (8)
Natural treatment for migraine Io (3)
Why is Johnson running as a Libertarian anyway? Idiot (11)
Information Dieting JoC (2)
Dude gets sued for $3 million for an anonymous comment Fan boy (2)
October 1st, 2012
Zuckerberg in Russia Rick -- idiot version (6)
Half of US Adults own either a Tablet or Smartphone Rick -- idiot version (6)
"Savings" df (53)
The growth of memory df (40)
rock stars NPR (7)
Looper SaveTheHubble (14)
Guy lashes out at driverless cars Quant (18)
what car to buy Tech Wiz (10)
discussion of sandwiches banned in Portland schools Idiot (14)