Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

October 31st, 2011
Riga, Latvia PigPen (10 comments)
Lethal mistake Rick Tang (10)
November 1st xampl9 (7)
No more Mac Pro? Rick Tang (22)
Latest from the Libyan democratic secular revolution- new flag! MobyDobie (4)
I think Rossi's full of shit Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
Brian Josephson on Rossi etc. Troglodyte (45)
We're refugees Shylock (9)
hard headed comments on Rossi eek (23)
Daily mail article fisked by the subject Colm (1)
Puss In Boots -- Movie Review SaveTheHubble (4)
Keeping young employees continually underpaid and overworked.... . (15)
Calling bullshit on Rossi PigPen (103)
Costumes? xampl9 (7)
Can't get ISBN numbers for my books Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
How big are the two wars we are fighting? Fan boy (24)
October 30th, 2011
Thought excercise:: Assuming Rossi is right PigPen (13)
Yay. Summer's on its way. trollop (0)
Governments shouldn't operate at deficits Kenny (38)
J. K. Rowling vs Charles Dickens Rick Tang (20)
Rossi is right Dr. Horrorwitz (23)
Stats and poverty Bot (7)
What did you have for breakfast today? df (18)
First class blows Michael B (22)
Portland is your friend Idiot (0)
obsessive compulsive middle eastern guy helps FBI Idiot (5)
Question for those of you who telecommute or run an ISV Code Monkey (51)
October 29th, 2011
Politics in America is funny Bot (2)
An American kid was killed by American drone strike Bot (52)
The real thing doesn't need you Michael B (32)
How much do you weigh? weight asker (20)
Who's got a tattoo? Michael B (33)
You are the 1% MobyDobie (16)
Вий  - Russian Clasic scary movie Fan boy (4)
Open mic Michael B (8)
OWC romance Idiot (6)
October 28th, 2011
cheap home fusion reactors now available Idiot (37)
How much do you think this job pays? PigPen (5)
Angela is a Nazi PigPen (21)
What can I do to get on the Gartner Magic Quadrant? Rick Tang (5)
People with worthless degrees end up as programmers.... Dirk (32)
Tivoli? What is that? Rick Tang (8)
Does anybody here telecommute? Mike (18)
Stolen Organs xampl9 (21)
Best way to learn Project Management skills Tom (14)
Beavis and Butthead is BACK! Beavis (21)
Teach your kids xampl9 (4)
Black men, white chicks PigPen (25)
Dallas is coming back PigPen (5)
Yay! Effiant Gov't! It knows to Stop fraud! Morons (5)
Hard drive prices increase due to Thai flooding... Bob. (2)
Microsoft collects license fees on 50% of Android devices - WTF? Bluebeard (0)
I got nothing done today! Rick Tang (3)
YES!!! 99% owned Bot (33)
October 27th, 2011
Yay! HP PCs are back! Rick Tang (5)
Another reason to be proud of my country (New Zealand) Bob. (6)
Android updates Idiot (15)
Hitler trending on twitter... MobyDobie (0)
Funny name xampl9 (6)
What a modern civil war in the US might look like Bot Berlin (10)
This was a first Shylock (3)
Why are they called "web" services? Shylock (13)
Wayne.. Troglodyte (9)
HTPC Wayne (1)
Polyandry in India Idiot (15)
Shooting a thief df (34)
The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff is on strike. Morons (9)
How well do Americans know Tintin?" Bluebeard (21)
October 26th, 2011
Desktop Type Apps on your portal Bot (3)
Serviceman down Idiot (12)
Firefox with Bing Wayne (10)
Ping Jack's boiled blood (3)
This woman is a legend PigPen (5)
Global variables, web edition xampl9 (39)
Geekettes xampl9 (8)
What's that nonsense term? jings (8)
Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning, gee that's a surprise.. Bluebeard (7)
Anyone do side work outside of your FT job? Dirk (9)
Sick Days Kenny (29)
Happy Diwali Purple! Shylock (9)
How are your jobs structured?  Are you "just" a developer... . (45)
word from the local mom's board the great purple (10)
Facebook moves business to northern Sweden for the climate Troglodyte (25)
Sparkles on cookies xampl9 (5)
Herman Cain 2012 Bluebeard (8)
sysadmins what's hot? what are you reading for? (17)
mp3 tagging is broken eek (11)
Parenthood sounds awesome Michael B (34)
How much space would all of your wordly possessions take? Michael B (11)
Is node.js(tm) a piece of shit, or merely total crap? Idiot (3)
Theft victim, again. Fan boy (15)
October 25th, 2011
Libya enters civil war Idiot (6)
What is the average salary for an experienced programmer? . (21)
Hot blond chick named CEO of IBM Idiot (17)
CoT still slow? Wayne (15)
Steve Jobs - Worse than Hitler. Idiot (54)
College is not necessary for most people PigPen (8)
Why do people rake leaves? Shylock (22)
Cheating - A Feminist Act MobyDobie (114)
The True Cost of Commuting Commuter (10)
Powerful article Shylock (2)
Attn Beer Connoisseurs Bored Bystander (9)
What is the most disgusting thing you touched today? Idiot (3)
Don't ever be an IT manager? dude (7)
Dungeon Defenders Jack's distinct difference (0)
Anyone finding CoT slow today? Wayne (9)
I'm quitting my job today! OneWhoKnows (15)
How do I find one because they're all slackers, damn them all.. Bluebeard (31)
Issue tracking software df (24)
Hay Colm! I found the source of your "problem". Morons (7)
The value of bees Troglodyte (11)
WPF and drop-ins/plug-ins ? (7)
Credit Card companies want to track you and serve ads Idiot (1)
youtube and browsing history Idiot (2)
October 24th, 2011
Middle aged goths maintaining identity Idiot (4)
Duck Corpse Fucking a Growing Problem Idiot (6)
What the heck is configuration management? Rick Tang (9)
Toothbrushes Fan boy (10)
Thanks netflix Bot Berlin (7)
how do you fuck up quoting the declaration of independence? fucking idiot god bothers (15)
Are battlefield 3 access free for playstation Bot Berlin (0)
John McCarthy dead (father of LISP) PigPen (8)
This has Mike B written all over it Bot Berlin (6)
Here's your 99% Bluebeard (26)
Why does nobody in the US mainstream PigPen (18)
That one river in Egypt... Jack's distinct difference (17)
YouTube and search df (9)
Department is restructuring....what should I do? Cliff (16)
Pratical Ethics Rick Tang (22)
Live broadcast, interrupted. xampl9 (6)
TV to CoT ad forward Jack's distinct difference (2)
Obama declares himself Emperor of the Republic Idiot (7)
I imagine heaven as a kind of library what are you reading for? (3)
Banksters behind Libyan invasion Dr. Horrorwitz (23)
October 23rd, 2011
something for the apple fanboi's line noise (10)
Man Utd  1 - 6  Man City PigPen (8)
Short term project opportunity for COT embedded developers Shylock (6)
Latest news from Arab secular spring - Tunisia MobyDobie (19)
@Attila Morons (112)
Jobs: Android stole the innards of the iPhone ! (7)
Should Qaddhafi have been tried in a court? Shylock (10)
All weathermen are going to hell Fan boy (8)
Abortion, Birth Control, Condoms Bot Berlin (22)
How many times can you shoot an unarmed man? Idiot (21)
unwanted children Idiot (13)
causality Idiot (22)
All you Brice bashers should stop and learn a thing or two from Morons (58)
Dems: Job's bill is about more Gov't, private sector is fine. Morons (24)
Predictions of the future Io (11)
Superhero movement Idiot (15)
Most promiscuous people, ranked by profession Idiot (4)
Evidentials Attila (24)
WC final eek (3)
OWS is CIA cointelpro operation created by think tanks Idiot (1)
Why is Brice Richard afraid to argue with Bored Bystander? Sam I Am (17)
October 22nd, 2011
Abortion, why is it wrong? Bot Berlin (28)
Turned on by women...in clothing Bot Berlin (12)
Keating interview has some interesting insights less is more (10)
There you go, smart guy Bot Berlin (4)
The rich not getting richer PigPen (39)
Phone resolution WTF? PigPen (2)
America's foreign policy in three words Sad ass Obama (0)
Innocent for sure df (17)
AIDS caused by western doctors doing experiments in africa Idiot (7)
You are all dead PigPen (10)
No rich self made women PigPen (21)
Google finally gets .Net Fan boy (4)
So, I picked a girl up last night Michael B (27)
study proves only racists support space exploration Idiot (4)
All time bozoism at Google PigPen (19)
Leave the onions in there PigPen (4)
Ugly pair of legs down under PigPen (7)
dr pepper ten line noise (21)
Apple now claims all images of apples Attila (15)
October 21st, 2011
Frustrated working with others Bot Berlin (16)
Friday night PigPen (4)
Khadaffi Ice Cream Idiot (13)
$529 million car company grant Idiot (8)
Yegge on Bezos ... this time a lot kinder PigPen (3)
So I was invited to this gathering.... . for this (17)
Putin (running) for president Io (6)
72% understand views of OWC protestors Idiot (7)
What are some signs that it is time to change job? . (18)
The Capitalist Network That Runs The World Bluebeard (13)
US Troops out of Iraq by end of year xampl9 (29)
The first "A" in AJAX xampl9 (4)
Anyone else having trouble accessing the JOS forums? dude (2)
Richer than God Idiot (8)
got my manager evaluations the great purple (28)
you can't have it both ways the great purple (36)
RWC bronze trollop (2)
I switched to DuckDuckGo €Colm (2)
Measuring radiation levels Io (16)
Ten trillion neutrinos walk into a bar Michael B (3)
October 20th, 2011
Don't try this either. Rick Tang (0)
don't try this at home Idiot (6)
FBI can't cope, wants to start over with new officialnet trollop (3)
Don't Google and be evil Q (1)
Google and Don't be evil Rick Tang (3)
judge: only the president can declare war, not congress Idiot (19)
The barman says "We don't serve neutrinos in here" MobyDobie (2)
middle america's squelchers - poison to creativity Idiot (62)
random group of folks no one heard of achieves suborbital flight Idiot (4)
Congress wants citizenship for all foreign home buyers Idiot (2)
US Proposes to sell Green Cards for 500K each Rich Tsang (4)
Signs you are a bad programmer xampl9 (23)
Printer ratio at your office Lazy chinese (15)
Obama issues assasination orders against children Idiot (3)
Gaddafi captured Michael B (36)
Occupy Wall Street: an insider's view €Colm (23)
Westerners need to be less lazy - more like Chinese €Colm (9)
Is it just me, or is groupon a load of shit? MobyDobie (14)
Capitalist economy centrally planned €Colm (9)
BoA's move earlier today Idiot (10)
Coal Miners, Rock Stars, Rick Tang (3)
October 19th, 2011
IT Workers as coal miners, Part II hoyza (21)
Killing 18 Bengal Tigers Idiot (37)
Why or how do you think that Google can use tech Bot Berlin (5)
Buy Ron's House! Bot Berlin (7)
Starbucks creating community lending banks Idiot (7)
Steve Yegge again Rick Tang (3)
Political forum for Tuesday Idiot (2)
SteveBallmer:“You need to be a computr scientist to use Androi Rick Tang (6)
LOL University of University of Phoenix Rick Tang (3)
Continuation of useless studies Rick Tang (15)
what percent are you? the great purple (27)
Drunkorexia Kenny (18)
Paypal, WTF is their problem? LH (14)
The Bottom line is.. We have a spending problem ~~ Morons PigPen (59)
Greeks striking Kenny (35)
What a disappointment Rick Tang (17)
How many hours would it take to add Post Preview to Fruitshow? Bob. (22)
Bifocals Fan boy (13)
October 18th, 2011
Are IT Workers the coal miners of the 21st Century? hoyza (14)
Has anyone joined the bitcoin craze? Bot Berlin (5)
9 digits purchase refused Rick Tang (16)
To put and end to the 250k Debate.. Morons (54)
Anyone here had a parent who died? Bob. (10)
But LISTAGG saves the day! Shylock (0)
Cellphone roaming scam Bob. (11)
Icecream Sandwich Rick Tang (4)
I've got to do VBA for Excel Shylock (27)
Lion, iOS 5 failures point to Apple bankruptcy Idiot (7)
Speaking of studies df (11)
Do what?! Jack's better business (38)
Obama preparing new bailout for Goldman Sachs Idiot (6)
What is going on with WebOS? Wayne (3)
Motorola Razr df (8)
Best cheap web hosting? Wayne (7)
Where there is a management change at work: PART 2 . (5)
Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser? xampl9 (8)
Adland what are you reading for? (3)
"Quantum Locking Magnetic Field" SaveTheHubble (5)
Crowd-sourcing for intel xampl9 (6)
how to solve security breaches Idiot (16)
It's times like this when my country embarrasses me Bob. (20)
The top 1% are dead Bot Berlin (11)
October 17th, 2011
Video Games 2011 Bot Berlin (1)
We are the 99! Bot Berlin (3)
Audition (film, 1999) Bill42x (4)
7 Billion people on Earth xampl9 (8)
You REALLY are probably one of the 99% MobyDobie (16)
My company finally rolls out Windows 7 Rick Tang (13)
GOOG's research czar can't work thru a basic algo w/pen & paper Palmer Eldritch (7)
six myths about sex and gender, busted the great purple (55)
Getting old sucks worse than I thought it would Gettin Old (26)
Mindpixels hit the mainstream xampl9 (3)
I just heard the apple guy is dead MobyDobie (1)
I have a ton of great ideas, but I need a programmer .. IdeasGuy (59)
OWS climate change Communal Prayer! MobyDobie (5)
stupid win 7 bug eek (1)
Infamous MLK Fan boy (11)
October 16th, 2011
Siphons don't rely on atmospheric pressure Bob. (20)
Howard the Duck xampl9 (10)
Brice & Access toadie (8)
Strange Gmail? what are you reading for? (9)
http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opini on/opedcolumnists/obama_perilo Morons (3)
What the hell is this website for, about, what, fuck tttreats (29)
blacks vs wallabies eek (14)
To Brice Serverside Troglodyte (7)
linux input/output error eek (5)
October 15th, 2011
Is this Joel? DanielChein (2)
The froggies won the semi n everybody hatin (rugby) LeMonDe (16)
Hammering on the Brice Brice Richard (34)
China causing inflation over the next 10 years? line noise (15)
What caused the wealth gap? Colm (16)
Discuss! line noise (6)
I think I figured out why the lean startup bugs me hoyza (2)
Palmer can judge all he wants Michael B (5)
October 14th, 2011
Bombing on Healthcare plan Bot Berlin (9)
Programmers don't play golf Lee (10)
90% of software developers are morons Q (31)
Where there is a management change at work . (24)
Obama's new war in Africa SaveTheHubble (37)
"Seems like everyone is having girls" xampl9 (22)
Female Geek Harassment Cory F (13)
Tachyneutrinos allegedly explained Serverside Troglodyte (10)
And he lived happily ever after PigPen (14)
RIP Dennis Ritchie what are you reading for? (17)
Hilarious anti-piracy effort df (10)
when the cosmic fog was lifted less is more (5)
India jings (28)
Wag the dog Obama's edition Sad ass Obama (5)
Meat processing plant fronts for ConAgra/Cargill and gets burned Palmer Eldritch (10)
Stanford online AI class Palmer Eldritch (8)
October 13th, 2011
I think unemployment is so high because... Michael B (13)
Goodbye, "I'm Feeling Lucky" Fan boy (6)
What is up with Amazon? Fan boy (1)
Which eReader? Fan boy (15)
Time, human life is kind of pointless Bot Berlin (21)
Blodgett on Occupy Wall Street Mongo (24)
Sharks Idiot (10)
Ever lived in a war zone? PigPen (5)
Time Michael B (53)
Chinese sick of low quality Chinese goods at WalMart Idiot (12)
Apple Zealots vs Other Zealots Retrohipster (13)
Dealing with shady vendors . (7)
Does anyone else have forward head posture? Igor (7)
Whoops. xampl9 (6)
Paul Graham's Patent Pledge PigPen (25)
Latest news from Libya's secular democratic revolution MobyDobie (13)
Interesting take on steve jobs hoyza (6)
Punish the corporations! (well some of them) MobyDobie (42)
If neutrinos have mass, how can they travel at speed of light? Bob. (18)
October 12th, 2011
Dennis Ritchie, Robert W. Galvin, both gone Idiot (7)
unpaid parking ticket validates sex assault? Idiot (22)
Steve Yegge's post about platform Lurker indeed (8)
The Fed and money back to the US government Bot Berlin (9)
bill gates jumps over a chair line noise (1)
Just fired my CEO PigPen (17)
Bummed xampl9 (5)
Going to be in the UK next week Michael B (10)
teacher's unions: "free online classes need to be criminalized" Idiot (23)
The best part of the mobile war df (16)
Streaming music suggestions Shylock (10)
LOL Blackberry. Retrohipster (3)
Genre whiplash xampl9 (10)
iPhone has shipped! xampl9 (25)
Hitler not all bad rightwingnutjob (13)
Encoding Attila (10)
Evicted in Colorado Lurker indeed (31)
Ten years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash .. (1)
October 11th, 2011
Onion on Jobs Idiot (1)
CoT meetup, it is on Bot Berlin (22)
ETS passes Lower House in Oz less is more (2)
How many people on CoT? PigPen (55)
Yet another Gulf of Tonkin by the US government Obama is a joke (22)
Not sent from my blackberry PigPen (10)
Matt Cutts explains why he torched a ycombinator site €Colm (12)
diagnosed with autism Idiot (8)
What will beat the iPhone? Rick Tang (18)
Why don't you... Jack's better business (0)
Libya’s new rulers: Jews Sill not allow in Libya. Morons (14)
Top economists support Occupy Wall Street Idiot (26)
americans moving to communist china to find more freedom Idiot (14)
when you make a mistake at work Mark (20)
Obama Calls for Restraint by Christians being massacred. Morons (7)
Light speed irrelevant issue for interstellar travel Idiot (32)
Fat Tax - A modest proposal MobyDobie (52)
4% of the top 1% are dead or not working Bot Berlin (50)
should children be arrested for blowing up balloons? Idiot (18)
A brief history of time Fan boy (6)
October 10th, 2011
#GusFace Bored Bystander (12)
The Matrix was a remix xampl9 (4)
more on the iphone 4S failure line noise (3)
How should I deal with this miscommunication at work? . for this (24)
Dart language Idiot (7)
AmazonLocal €Colm (0)
photographing your daughter eating ice cream is crime in UK Idiot (27)
Good job for OCDs Idiot (9)
40,000 hits of ecstasy in 9 years Michael B (10)
Fun new game for employees - guess who will be fired next? €Colm (19)
Memristor watch Serverside Troglodyte (3)
Developer fined $2.5m for not fixing a bug Ducknald Don (21)
Handsome Mr. Jobs Girl on COT (5)
101011 -- 100th aniversary of Chinese 1911 Revolution Rick Tang (3)
Today is + Day less is more (7)
October 9th, 2011
We are the 99'ers? Bot Berlin (9)
People judge risk poorly xampl9 (5)
Jobs Worship TheKeyHolder (5)
Corporations and charity Michael B (12)
Because I love you Michael B (9)
Whoever coined the word iTard should get Pulitzer prize Obama is a corrupted pussy (0)
Jobs' commencement speech in 2005 was life-changing Palmer Eldritch (11)
Apple becoming #1 chip designer Idiot (9)
Why do women find pretty eyes so attractive? Shylock (21)
The iPhone 4S was such a failure... Wayne (52)
Groupon PigPen (9)
Final 4 in "It's a knockout". trollop (6)
October 8th, 2011
"the whole thing has gone completely honey badger" Idiot (8)
Jobs and drugs Shylock (51)
So I was fucking my secretary up the arse... MobyDobie (4)
Steve Jobs declared God on Hacker News Dr. Horrorwitz (43)
Working 15 hours per day is bad for your health . (12)
Jobs @ Atari id10t (4)
How do I hide GF III from 1st and 2nd? Grandiose (21)
Study shows Bankers are worse than clinical psychopaths Idi☹t (9)
October 7th, 2011
Meth fueled Amish psychos in inter-amish clan cannibal attacks Idiot ɤ (1)
IT slave contracts causing problems Idiot ɤ (15)
NYT: Steve Jobs was an unimaginative Nazi prick Idiot ɤ (12)
Homeland Security to arrest those likely to commit crime Idiot ɤ (8)
Cyber war begins today Idiot ɤ (6)
Liberalism df (4)
Stupid PowerPoint 2010 bug Q (3)
Apple to release limited edition Steve Jobs memorial iPhone MobyDobie (3)
And lo he has risen! MobyDobie (17)
Wanker Love-in MobyDobie (10)
October 6th, 2011
did you know? "threadworms" Idiot ɤ (1)
Fired coworker Michael B (50)
Obama doesn't like pot Bot Berlin (5)
Would you share a doobie with your kids? Shylock (6)
Idiot, what's that flying bird character? Shylock (4)
Organic tobacco Bill42x (14)
Jobs not returning my calls Idiot ɤ (7)
List the recreational drugs that are legal Bot Berlin (24)
WBC to picket Jobs' funeral xampl (iPhone) (10)
Ecstasy found to cure cancer Idiot ɤ (1)
Real estate agents... df (19)
Organized sports & technology df (12)
OK to clone hard drive during routine traffic stops Idiot (7)
Did you hear that Steve Jobs died? df (15)
Wall St Occupation Movement Against Everything =Bunch of Wankers MobyDobie (15)
spelling bee winners - lifetime winners? Idiot (25)
Original Karate Kid Daniel San (5)
Did Steve Jobs' new age ideas contribute to his death? Wayne (63)
October 5th, 2011
iPhone 4S fail + Jobs dead = ? No more reality distortion field (9)
C# Graphics Fan boy (51)
Goodbye, StackOverflow! Fan boy (7)
Why Felicia Day? xampl9 (2)
Steve Jobs has passed away Wayne (22)
1920 x 1080 - Fuck that PigPen (21)
Republicans second major party to support Occupy Wall Street Idiot (7)
Sugar Mama Idiot (6)
check out the new police cars and uniforms Idiot (11)
When is Occupy Wall Street coming to Jersey City? Shylock (0)
YAY! Jack's better business (0)
Idiot's gold prediction Idiot (27)
Password WTF?!?!? PigPen (20)
Apple branding. Idiot (7)
Should digital products be taxed? Kenny (21)
Oh dear. Where's the iPhone 5? What's this 4s crap? Bluebeard (35)
Occupy Wall Street - also against CO2 MobyDobie (16)
Evil Rick Perry MobyDobie (7)
Can anyone make sense out of this situation? dot for this (15)
protests in Saudi with predictable response Idiot (3)
October 4th, 2011
Talked stuff out with my ex-gf Michael B (21)
Herman Cain > Ron Paul Bot Berlin (5)
What I have mostly been playing It came from BEHIND! (8)
The downside of Saudi veils €Colm (12)
Fuck You, Onion It came from BEHIND! (14)
smart ape LemOnde (3)
Weird Kindle bug? Kenny (15)
first lession from MBA trenches... LemOnde (16)
Dalai Lama not welcome in South Africa Idiot (13)
Movie: Drive Kenny (1)
alicia silverstone - hot or not? LemOnde (21)
Dietary indiscretion PigPen (6)
Old news Jack's obvious obliviousness (1)
Info Hoarding... Jack's obvious obliviousness (6)
Meg Whitman devoting herself full time to her new job Idiot (8)
Finally found something useful in Informatica Shylock (0)
Microsoft Arc Mouse xampl9 (0)
Refactoring bad code is like picking at a scab xampl9 (6)
Q to American: the Hampton LeOnde (6)
mean game Idiot (2)
October 3rd, 2011
Really Killer Hotties Idiot (9)
Really Hot Killers Bot Berlin (11)
Network of Contacts Cory F (11)
Google Store It came from BEHIND! (5)
Observations of a former coffee addict Michael B (11)
The sexy killer is free LemOnde (13)
Anybody ever paid for a reproduction? Jack's linked lift (28)
When a co-worker asks you to teach him what you know... dot for this (29)
What.cd invite xampl9 (3)
Obama Fried Chicken Morons (45)
Auto correct MobyDobie (6)
Should I tell someone about a fake FB profile in their name? Bob. (3)
the double standard LemOnde (7)
hot woman LemOnde (3)
I'm almost certain we're part of a multiverse Bob. (6)
October 2nd, 2011
Is JFK the only modern President that most people liked? Bot Berlin (19)
Mad at Wall Street? Bot Berlin (22)
How do you move to Argentina anyway? Idiot (25)
Cougar Town PigPen (9)
Career confusion - what would you do? . for this (16)
More proof that Islam is the disciple of Satan Bob. (14)
October 1st, 2011
US set to be world's largest oil producer Idiot (7)
Psychedelics are wasted on the young Michael B (13)
Gun deaths went down in Chicago Idiot (1)
Obama: Worse than Hitler Idiot (9)
Anwar Awlaki Idiot (11)
Hey you Reddit pedos Idiot (2)