Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

October 31st, 2009
right wing version of cot argv[0] (6 comments)
Zombies are part of the American Zeitgeist xampl (13)
IBM fires Moffat xampl (3)
I got STDs Herald Guppy (6)
I got google wave invites! . (3)
Public service announcement Aaron (2)
Net Neutrality, I am against it Bot Berlin (44)
Bad working conditions: Finally a new job Fan boy (4)
Xbox Live - Robbing People one Auto Renewal At A Time df (9)
Google Wave Invites R1ch (28)
October 30th, 2009
Pakistan lorb (9)
The difference between Apple and Motorola Wayne (40)
No more false web IDs Stephen Jones (2)
You sound very angry df. Is something wrong? . (3)
Meme site ideas df (8)
Costume Idea JoC (0)
The Toronto Star - Inciting Panic df (28)
Why don't they bring back Night Court? xampl (iPhone) (5)
Droid df (5)
Dressing up for Halloween Fan boy (10)
Inefficient ways Fan boy (12)
Another foot found in Canada SaveTheHubble (9)
Seriously... JoC (0)
How do dogs eat like they do? Fan boy (12)
Bad working conditions: A nice place Fan boy (3)
Ferreting out other CoT posters' real-life identities Palmer Eldritch (24)
October 29th, 2009
Apple fanboys df (37)
Cost of living, now versus then Bot Berlin (53)
OMFG, Cash for Clunkers, did you see this? Bot Berlin (8)
Boston anarchist? JoC (3)
FWIW, I think this was a mistake. I believe they weren't really JoC (3)
Flu State of Emergency, the smart choice CC (16)
Motorola's atypical CEO df (4)
snuggie sutra the great purple (4)
Economy experiences a slight uptick for two months muppet (34)
How did I get on the critical path? xampl (iPhone) (25)
df -h weirdness eek-o-tourist (22)
intermittent faults eek-o-tourist (16)
Cash for Clunkers was really expensive xampl (iPhone) (6)
Bad working conditions: A collection of bad places Fan boy (11)
"Did you mean:" Herald Guppy (4)
zimbra eek-o-tourist (17)
""The bishop's discomfort with honour should never rob... winstein (4)
Dubbed Movies Suck Ward (9)
October 28th, 2009
"Bloatware free" PC RT (1)
Hate crimes law provides more protection Fan boy (6)
Discussions for Canadians RT (13)
CNN.com redesign JoC (8)
Would you vote RT (17)
Ares 1X flight a success! SaveTheHubble (16)
Verizon Droid / Motorola Sholes Part 2 df (11)
Obama's SSN CC (54)
Weird PS from amazon CC (7)
Torchlight JoC (0)
Schwartzanegger's response to AB1176. CC (17)
Bad working conditions: The land of the enemy Fan boy (10)
Amazon were listening to our NoSQL bashing it seems :) Clouseau (1)
Next, Geeky Jew from Melbourne goes blackface in Chicago trollop (5)
October 27th, 2009
Microsoft BPOS Q (1)
Thought I lost my cell phone Full name (6)
4pm, Yay! RT (3)
Just added 5 years to my life xampl (8)
Bias on Fox News helps to NOT get Republicans elected Bot Berlin (29)
Borderlands JoC (7)
I need to get more organized the great purple (4)
"Did anyone here take any kind of philosphy or free thinking RT (10)
<pre>bored. argv[0] (15)
hpv vaccine not worth it the great purple (15)
Reddit creators, leaving Bot Berlin (10)
So there's finally a swine flu clinic available in my area muppet (12)
CNN drops to last place Bot Berlin (14)
Bush and religion, there it is. Bot Berlin (3)
Bad working conditions: Who needs Fan boy? Fan boy (17)
Is Glen Beck Back On Drugs? fog (24)
Me on Fox News is not News Bot Berlin (20)
American Women World (13)
October 26th, 2009
Big Bang Theory xampl (9)
You know what, not this crap again Bot Berlin (20)
pilots passing the airport argv[0] (15)
tax question the great purple (15)
interesting, fox news and bias argv[0] (11)
Where is waldo with the issue Bot Berlin (3)
Verizon Droid / Motorola Sholes df (19)
At the point that you're buying this thing for Rockband muppet (20)
Silly Apache 2.2 / PHP Question what are you reading for? (18)
Older women suck, but not literally CC (13)
Bad working conditions: Working in a meat freezer Fan boy (3)
Lily Allen quits twatter etc ... eek-o-tourist (6)
satellite emergency beacon abuse CC (22)
James Hunter eek-o-tourist (0)
Great Stuff Clouseau (1)
reefer man eek-o-tourist (0)
Blah Update? RT (13)
Watching the British House of Commons Sessions, wtf Bot Berlin (12)
October 25th, 2009
Net Neutral Bot Berlin (24)
Full version of Myst on the iPhone for 5 bucks muppet (11)
working on my resume...any suggestions for skills matrix? winstein (25)
Job loss/gains infographic xampl (8)
Nick Griffin attacked by own party, praised by Muslim Herald Guppy (1)
"Is there a market for memorable signage.. winstein (5)
Kuwait proposing to cancel all citizens debts Spaceloid (11)
photo of Jaycee as adult CC (9)
Why you should never talk to the police Bot Berlin (5)
Bad working conditions: I won't go to any more of your meetings Fan boy (6)
October 24th, 2009
Don't suspect a neighbor xampl (9)
Connections xampl (9)
Need to find something truly unique to work on borrrring (4)
Obama declares martial law, this is a good thing CC (14)
My life time goal Jeorge (5)
Las Vegas has subterranean postapocalyptic city CC (3)
What was going on with that Minneapolis airplane? CC (4)
Bad working conditions: I need water Fan boy (11)
Combining DLAN and normal 10/100 Herald Guppy (4)
October 23rd, 2009
searching the car park winstein (14)
lock and load NecroFile (2)
Casetteboy V Nick Griffin what are you reading for? (2)
All boys schools may come to Toronto Unoriginal and Useless (15)
Japanese claymation CC (2)
PS that shithead developer's houses still haven't sold muppet (11)
Why am I in Canada. At least in Taiwan I am not back. (10)
That tricked out iMac and its Core i5 processor CC (7)
How do you say... (regional differences) xampl (iPhone) (21)
I'm so tired the great purple (22)
Bad working conditions: Working with the Mouse Fan boy (13)
customers suing over fraudulent marketing claims CC (7)
Happy 50th anniversary Asterix le Monde (18)
Obama poll number drop Bot Berlin (45)
SimpleDB Sucks. winstein (16)
October 22nd, 2009
twitter key-value storing twits winstein (10)
"That was played in the key of F demented" Q (0)
I am so young. I am not back. (12)
What should Oracle do with MySQL? I am not back. (17)
NoSQL misconceptions winstein (39)
Killer robots in the sky xampl (iPhone) (9)
Bunch o' morons outside the BBC Q (7)
Nokia suing Apple Herald Guppy (5)
You may continue to use Craiglist I am not back. (6)
At last, modern Anti-Blasphemy Laws CC (29)
another rape victim recants CC (5)
Where The Wild Things Are: Redux, Spoilers SaveTheHubble (4)
My iphone app Bot Berlin (2)
overconsumption of health care the great purple (19)
US military happily pays $400 a gallon for gas CC (22)
Bad working conditions: New position, language, OS, and boss Fan boy (7)
I would buy this gyroscopic unicycle CC (5)
insurance: rape is a preexisting condition CC (6)
nature pics eek-o-tourist (0)
Bobbit worm eek-o-tourist (2)
nice post winstein (1)
October 21st, 2009
What goes into an IQ test? ObamaStopHandingMoney2WallStreet (23)
successful petitions... NecroFile (1)
You will laugh your ass off muppet (4)
Oh come on, can't we blame some stuff on Congress, and the WH Bot Berlin (17)
What's your IQ? I am not back. (25)
Pissing people off in forums Bot Berlin (28)
If this happens for drugs, why not for vaccines? FrakBuccaneer (6)
Bad working conditions: Alas, the Red River Valley Fan boy (13)
Have you heard of "My Monkey Baby" CC (20)
How MS Windows used to look Spaceloid (17)
china green tower eek-o-tourist (0)
excellent story about a dropped iPod CC (17)
October 20th, 2009
This is the coolest thing you'll ever see muppet (13)
Vacation to Las Vegas Fan boy (14)
50 Android phones! I am not back. (37)
How reliable do you think 2.5" hard drives are? Ward (15)
Game for muppet and other gamers, Borderlands Bot Berlin (3)
Serious lunatic loose in Bradenton, Fla. Clay Dowling (6)
The new Macs are out xampl (iPhone) (17)
Here's a ridiculous, condescending article muppet (80)
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaatoooooooooon! Kenny (12)
Free pdf reader? Herald Guppy (9)
DJIA above 10000 xampl (iPhone) (6)
Aw, shoot, NASA in the news again SaveTheHubble (5)
Bad working conditions: Hartford Hell Fan boy (6)
October 19th, 2009
This is bound to happen I am not back. (0)
http://www.crazyontap.com/parentin g/ I am not back. (22)
Countdown 59 hours, 55 minutes I am not back. (12)
Good Outsourcing news SaveTheHubble (11)
In other news, a Very Unhappy Cat SaveTheHubble (1)
Australia Pisses Off Disney SaveTheHubble (24)
Best sci-fi space action book, 1999+ Bot Berlin (17)
Slow long distance, marathon runners Bot Berlin (4)
Sigh. I am not back. (5)
I don't know if I want to be a parent Kenny (38)
Where The Wild Things Are Clay Dowling (15)
Bad working conditions: Traveling man Fan boy (5)
Going for Pie in New Zealand CC (10)
October 18th, 2009
Fringe is horrible, horrible Bot Berlin (13)
Banking, wtf Bot Berlin (12)
balloon family faces felony charges, prison terms, loss of kids CC (5)
How many tomato varieties are stocked in your local supermarket? Palmer Eldritch (10)
YUI 3 xampl (5)
wonder how he's doing now? looks like he had some real estate... . (4)
muppet video What's Happening?! (2)
Food steamers xampl (12)
Oh noes! Gerald Huppy (11)
14 mile run Bot Berlin (22)
News from Detroit xampl (4)
some technical people can't have civil disagreements? . (11)
Coffee JoC (15)
Bad working conditions: Who needs oxygen? Fan boy (5)
Holy shit, can these NoSQL people get dumber Wayne (22)
October 17th, 2009
Lance Reddick of Fringe/Lost/Wire is a bad ass Bot Berlin (5)
child protective services will investigate science families CC (14)
Zombieland (Spoilers) xampl (7)
standardized testing CC (11)
Think Tanks . (4)
If my last name was Phelps xampl (7)
Bad working conditions: The dungeon Fan boy (3)
I had missed the news about CCTV in homes in the UK CC (13)
fun with C++ CC (9)
Modern man a wimp says anthropologist lorb (20)
teh eek-o-tourist (3)
October 16th, 2009
I meant to follow up on this sierra mist (5)
Obama taking bank reform seriously CC (4)
OUR Primer Minister can play Piano I am not back. (13)
Chicago school 1/7 pregnant Bot Berlin (12)
What are you good at in IT/Software Bot Berlin (18)
Wow muppet (8)
"He knows .Net and SQL … not missile launchers" FrakBuccaneer (2)
health care anecdote CC (2)
pheromones on humans in modern society Bot Berlin (30)
which coffee is best, Starbucks, McD, Dunkin? CC (46)
how to play the drums ... eek-o-tourist (4)
C puzzle site CC (29)
QOTD Bored Developer (11)
child prostitutes needed for US contractors CC (2)
Bad working conditions: My first job Fan boy (16)
October 15th, 2009
And now for something completely different trollop (4)
Irony, two Paul's in office Bot Berlin (1)
Finally LWP moved Say yeah to Aliyah Motherfuckaz (0)
Washington DC area, pretty competitive Bot Berlin (16)
Solaris, a lost course? I am not back. (13)
Check out the realism df (6)
Politics is Funny, listening to Rep Rohrabacher on Cspan Bot Berlin (3)
Incommunicado John Aitken (13)
Lottery winner buys town new winter coats CC (3)
Interracial couple denied marriage license. Bot Berlin (26)
foolish parents loose child in balloon CC (26)
Freakin at the Freakers Ball Clay Dowling (1)
Google wave not meant for geeks LH (1)
wheat penny argv[0] (10)
Another Czar, under fire Bot Berlin (3)
IntelliJ is open source Bot Berlin (3)
outgrowing things sharkfish (27)
Linux Baby Rocker Rick Again (3)
Sonia Sotomayor should be impeached I am not back. (20)
latest 128 byte demo CC (0)
worth reading if you care about the women in your life sharkfish (24)
Question Asked and Answered about religion Bot Berlin (4)
Bank savings rates xampl (15)
I got my stupid flu shot muppet (5)
So, my wife's grandmother knitted Elizabeth this.... muppet (5)
NASA conspiracy to hide extra terrestrial life Fan boy (12)
Salary question (NYC). triple-dot (24)
Where the Wild Things Are Ward (2)
I think (at least my wife tells me so) I did good sierra mist (8)
October 14th, 2009
La Raza - Want Southwest U.S. land Fan boy (20)
Email during meetings Fan boy (12)
Java and relevance, still on top Bot Berlin (5)
client specifications: you fill in the details CC (1)
Halloween seems extra large this year df (3)
so CoT... argv[0] (8)
no person shall smoke tobacco or hold lighted tobacco in any enc CC (5)
We are close: Dow Jones hits 10,000 during the day I am not back. (3)
How good are you at finding the center of a circle Bot Berlin (13)
why breastfeeding is hard the great purple (15)
I need to hack office politics I am not back. (5)
Company Hierachy I am not back. (1)
"language peeve: integer division and modulus" I am not back. (15)
russia itching CC (0)
Turkey Attila (12)
SCO Attila (15)
government: bankers might have pulled a fast one CC (7)
Email Server Question Bot Berlin (7)
Good psychology forums Bot Berlin (3)
Saudi Demands CC (29)
should parents be allowed to kill apostasizing teens? CC (5)
October 13th, 2009
I am done with Ron Paul Bot Berlin (14)
IT Project failures: $6.2 Trillion annually xampl (10)
Life on mars: Bear marks! Fan boy (4)
goat fuckers winstein (6)
Halloween costume? xampl (iPhone) (5)
not the cosbys (NSFW, wherever you are ...) eek-o-tourist (9)
Let me be clear CC (4)
Old news Herald Guppy (3)
hey muppet - wireless camera questions F. U. Cotter (2)
Putting the Old Spark Back In Your Obscene Telephone Calls! Clay Dowling (3)
Here's another middle 20 bum what are you reading for? (7)
What would you do what are you reading for? (39)
persistent php question ... eek-o-tourist (5)
creepy ads eek-o-tourist (5)
highway hifi eek-o-tourist (1)
Soldiers in Afghanistan winter lorb (19)
example of how europeans are more relaxed about the body eek-o-tourist (7)
physicists: time travelers from the future ruined our experiment CC (17)
UN racist report Bot Berlin (3)
October 12th, 2009
Communicating the complexity of your code-base xampl (10)
fox news is not news says fox news argv[0] (13)
% of students suspended per year, by city CC (16)
Monster Snow Leopard Bug CC (6)
Elizabeth already waves hello back to me muppet (4)
Catch 22 at the office today Clay Dowling (9)
people less peaceful than obama CC (1)
first day of day care the great purple (8)
Gmail thief writes back muppet (20)
Back on the ServerFault treadmill... Ward (0)
Bibliomania lorb (19)
October 11th, 2009
Extreme Makeover Home Edition - creepy host Fan boy (3)
Korean web designer tired of being #2 popular person globally CC (3)
TV Peeves Ward (3)
Cooking Rules - part 2 Bot Berlin (13)
Table tennis LeMonDe (6)
finding people on the internet, comparison by class CC (4)
Maury covers entrepreneurship of America's youth CC (5)
October 10th, 2009
insightful article about mental stacks CC (4)
Scala OK (4)
All my Bot Berlin (14)
command-line double-entry accounting sharkfish (5)
internalized skills sharkfish (11)
Argv and the phlegm Spaceloid (1)
Marge Simpson poses for Playboy Spaceloid (7)
My Dear Peter of CoT I am not back. (4)
Obama Peace Prize Ward (14)
Another cop soon to be cleared on all charges CC (5)
October 9th, 2009
End of an era in London Q (2)
wayne sierra mist (3)
Drive-thru sandwich shop lorb (16)
music copyrights sierra mist (5)
Virtulization is great I am not back. (6)
HELP, URGENT - I want to win Ward (16)
Why don't we just automagically Herald Guppy (13)
You know what really grinds my gears? df (26)
Berlusconi "I have spent €200 million on [...] judges" Herald Guppy (5)
The Playboy Club rides again! Clay Dowling (9)
now *this* is a piece of software in Scheme ... eek-o-tourist (18)
My "Michael Feltman" gmail account has been stolen muppet (36)
I just finished my 12 week anabolic steroid cycle .. not bad Roider (7)
Obama gets Nobel Peace Prize for attitude Clouseau (45)
Apple twisted, shaken and stirred. trollop (0)
Norton is a speed demon trollop (2)
I have sinned. Fan boy (15)
can't let go of old videos sierra mist (1)
October 8th, 2009
Fried fish recipe (even Bot could do it) Q (7)
OK, this is weird Q (2)
CC is the new lorb I am not back. (7)
neighbors and rough sex Abas Dana (4)
useful metacoding tips CC (0)
Bracelet fail xampl (5)
ignint rednecks in atlanta CC (10)
Puzzling I am not back. (3)
They almost didn't make it out of Alabama... FrakBuccaneer (12)
Memory Stick xampl (6)
"Shares of large health insurers slumped on Thursday I am not back. (2)
muppet will puke:... FrakBuccaneer (2)
df will puke: real time updates! I am not back. (3)
Genius. Envy them? I am not back. (5)
Now THIS is some quality trolling muppet (2)
The Origin of Vibrators what are you reading for? (12)
sharkfish will puke: Don Draper, I am not back. (11)
Terminator TV series killed (old news for 'Muricans in 'Murica) Palmer Eldritch (17)
But yeah, guns make you safe... FrakBuccaneer (95)
piracy fail ... eek-o-tourist (13)
Brother, can you spare $15,000 (or maybe $16,000) Ward (10)
latest final health care bill that you will accept CC (18)
Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control CC (10)
college textbook design CC (14)
Younger and more Innocent <<<< Ignorant trollop (0)
What's Black and White and Red all over? trollop (0)
October 7th, 2009
nice post, dennis winstein (8)
How stupid do they think we are? Ms. winstein (4)
should cops beat the shit out of special needs kids at school? CC (3)
I dreamed my work PC was stolen Fan boy (1)
awesome article on programmer labor abuse CC (3)
bill collector calling me to get to a neighbor sharkfish (18)
10 minutes homework per night per grade? I am not back. (6)
They hate their studs in Saudi Arabia I am not back. (8)
not a good night for hate crimes against transexuals CC (9)
You must have the (relatively) latest Microsoft versions lorb (5)
Uncle Bob is a deranged TDD zealot triple-dot (8)
Another ring around Saturn Herald Guppy (4)
It's not about money I am not back. (3)
Oops. As a Canadian I'll shut up about US Politics I am not back. (2)
We like our whores in Canada. FrakBuccaneer (0)
This guy's crazy SaveTheHubble (2)
I hate working. BILLY (11)
Is this a good MIT entry essay? I am not back. (11)
Cooking fried fish Bot Berlin (25)
Yes, yes, and yes muppet (59)
God is a squirrel? muppet (29)
mailing list manager eek-o-tourist (4)
Scathing moron gets scathed JoC (11)
Happy Bar Code Day CC (11)
October 6th, 2009
"Please list the ways Hillary is a cunt." I am not back. (11)
So. STUPID Pro US millitary people include I am not back. (10)
Constitution says Hillary can not be Sec. State CC (14)
modern liberalism: more than just a fad? NecroFile (9)
Use Javascript, CSS or Flash? You're in patent violation CC (6)
Bell Canada and Telus to offer iPhone in November I am not back. (1)
Obama "aspires" that lobbyists will not run government CC (14)
strawberry perl eek-o-tourist (7)
Delphi is a steaming pile of crap Clay Dowling (15)
Italian Scientist reproduces the Shroud of Turin SaveTheHubble (14)
Muppet Bot Berlin (8)
So. Pro US millitary people include I am not back. (36)
Well, I have two reactions to this... muppet (8)
Most assuredly awesome JoC (9)
iConscious argv[0] (7)
google "worst cockney accent" eek-o-tourist (4)
US, Russia, and China Engineering WWIII? Here we go again... (4)
As much cherry pie as possible Fan boy (3)
October 5th, 2009
Letterman's girlfriends surfacing CC (14)
gotta love the South sharkfish (51)
Molly, assistant Mommy muppet (5)
Health Insurance questions Bot Berlin (22)
wow.  white women are racist sharkfish (13)
Scott Adams on the Ass Bomber SaveTheHubble (3)
Script out Sql Server database xampl (iPhone) (10)
Recession nearly over, just a few countries still to collapse Spaceloid (0)
Sicko posts deleted? I am not back. (15)
Rock Band 2 is sort of neat, also I bought Williams Pinball Hall muppet (16)
Gaga before she was Gaga was Good CC (2)
Afghanistan attack lorb (20)
Conspicuous Consumption Ward (29)
October 4th, 2009
So is it Mid-West or Midwest? Q (5)
OS X is least secure operating system CC (1)
Lovely country Colm (8)
Hulahooper required trollop (1)
corps bitching poor employees but unemployment skyrockets CC (9)
thinking of quitting and moving CC (12)
Returning veterans enrolling in university xampl (56)
gaming health reform CC (0)
Sarah needs your help trollop (3)
"Recession is Over!" says corporate controlled media CC (14)
Fringe (tv show) CC (14)
"W" ruined Chicago's chances to host Olympics 2016 sharkfish (21)
October 3rd, 2009
Leo Laporte Makes $1.5 Million Per Year from Podcasting LH (1)
"men" who are beaten by their wives CC (4)
Captlism movie, OMFG what a good movie Bot Berlin (19)
Two Hubble stunners Bluebeard (4)
Dream of a dream Ward (12)
Applied retroactively?!?! JoC (4)
Guess the Car Company df (13)
Truth stranger than fiction: Ahmadinejad jewish Spaceloid (9)
Stargate Universe Bored Bystander (8)
Does Obama really think Cohen brothers (4)
Yet Still Another UNEMPLOYED iPhone "Developer" X (7)
October 2nd, 2009
who didn't get any (preferably sex) tonight? sierra mist (32)
Dirt 2 / Need for Speed: Shift df (1)
Beatles Rock Band muppet (4)
Glasses or no glasses Fan boy (4)
Healthcare solution Bot Berlin (15)
Bot's self deprecating thread, life sucks Bot Berlin (2)
open thread argv[0] (15)
See you in Rio in 2016! I am not back. (7)
We post much less frequently now I am not back. (9)
Believe in punani->have fun sharkfish (8)
Beleive in God -> Be smarter FrakBuccaneer (7)
mi-goreng (original flavor) NecroFile (4)
People just need to politicize everything Attila (2)
cool Mad Men Quote Don Draper fan (6)
What's the idiom? One lie a liar thousand lies a hero? I am not back. (2)
Spinning my wheels Clay Dowling (2)
Bot almost gets some...here is how it went. Bot Berlin (7)
These kids nowadays and their spelling CC (21)
letterman confronts blackmailer CC (26)
not invented here: software engineering comic strip CC (6)
October 1st, 2009
awww, not a special snowflake... sharkfish (12)
banished from the living room sharkfish (14)
Muppet, did you get my great advice? Fan boy (1)
People using Telectroscope to keep up with friends and relatives CC (3)
C vs F I am not back. (15)
Sexiling!? I am not back. (17)
Google Wave Invite Bot Berlin (14)
Obama did not do his homework. I am not back. (18)
hot waitress chick wants argv? argv[0] (23)
The Wall St. Programmer lorb (5)
We must give the Taliban jobs lorb (8)
Man circumsizes self & sons at home xampl (iPhone) (3)
Wikipedia rejects el (2)
Robotic Pancake Stackers SaveTheHubble (20)
Microsoft Shill Article of the day SaveTheHubble (7)
Of the whole subreddit thread muppet (6)
Google makes it easier to find forum posts. LH (3)
Cancer jab in the clear Zaphod Beeblebrox (29)
win 7 eek-o-tourist (14)
the 5 reasons you will catch the Wave (tm) CC (24)