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October 31st, 2008
I WANT ONE whistle (5 comments)
awesome headmaster why the fuck would she do that? (6)
palin - popular polls (4)
Happy Halloween, bitches muppet (20)
Love a musician but never buy their record? sharkfish (4)
These 3rd party candidates are way bettter lorb (18)
Nice post from Dan Rick Tang (3)
Trick or treaters xampl (5)
My last post to CoT from work Ward (2)
Nice gadget Rick Tang (1)
Almost forget that Rick Tang (6)
How likely do you think we are to have a female president? buzza (13)
Unplug your laptop batteries, is this a good practice or not? Teach me Master..please Master.. (3)
OK help: Metric to Imperial muppet (7)
Learn from the Black Rick Tang (11)
In defense of lorb Bot Berlin (13)
software patents go bye-bye whistle (11)
Hello, CoT Marvin (6)
I'm easy sharkfish (10)
Doomedbook df (3)
a few facts about obama Colm (22)
Consultant === David Berg? Clay Dowling (3)
Australians want cake, eat it too. xampl (12)
Bush creating last minute new regulations Consultant (7)
Slow or Fast xampl (15)
Microsoft kills Linq Bot Berlin (4)
I just realized the great purple (50)
Ayers blew up the fucking pentagon with a BOMB. whistle (8)
In Love whistle (7)
Who was Al Gore's running mate again? Bot Berlin (2)
October 30th, 2008
1 million businesses on google's clould Bot Berlin (1)
Khalidi's PLO membership Consultant (11)
Four More Days! trollop (4)
The Republicans have nothing to lose by stealing the election Aaron (1)
Halloween Trampsign trollop (1)
Obama v McCain: as fathers sharkfish (9)
To people new to this forum sharkfish (2)
ayers a terrorist? hardly. arg! (13)
Zack and Miri Make a Rick Tang (2)
I just want to highlight how stupid people on COT are bozza (16)
Less than a week to go Dan Denman (4)
dammit. LinkedIn sharkfish (2)
Ubuntu is poor! Rick Tang (0)
Shocking! xampl (5)
My favorite site, fact check Bot Berlin (2)
Mobil-Exxon has largest profit - of anyone, ever xampl (6)
If I vote for McCain would that piss you off? Bot Berlin (46)
I voted Aaron (4)
I love The Onion Aaron (18)
political ads on Maddow sharkfish (6)
Micro SD cards xampl (10)
hp 2133 mini-note notebook Ward (17)
New Knuth drafts Consultant (4)
Dear Republicans and Neocons GForce (0)
libffi Aaron (1)
HD-DVD for the win! df (12)
Compiled cross platform language? Aaron (30)
Westside!? avast (9)
the problem with urls on cot Colm (10)
obamamercial (6)
"dr." phil is fucking sleaze of the earth Discuss! (4)
the desire to write a spreadsheet has been... whistle (7)
Windows 7 looks pretty good whistle (14)
Sharkfish and Orgies Plan 9 from my pants (1)
October 29th, 2008
Nice, so turns me on Bot Berlin (8)
Harvard Law Prof: Copyright penalties are unconstitutional Consultant (0)
Blu-Ray is Dead Consultant (4)
<pre>question. arg! (2)
Fallout 3 Kepala Kelapa (2)
The Beatles sharkfish (6)
Anyone install xp sp3? any issues? Dom Navarra (15)
Meaningless support emails xampl (1)
Obamercial sharkfish (17)
factor bob (3)
Some Republican Supporters Ward (20)
Michael B's open source project sharkfish (8)
I have jings (0)
I just got called sweetheart jings (4)
oh my god. How did they let me in sharkfish (37)
Anybody want to buy an AlphaServer? Ward (12)
How is Blah doing? Rick Tang (10)
Help me find this article on MSDN jings (12)
Why american president can't be socialist ? Teach me Master..please Master.. (13)
Off the books waste vs. building America Bushwacked (16)
Projected Electoral Votes Bot Berlin (15)
Safari Books now on iPhone xampl (1)
General Motors announces plan to become Bank Consultant (4)
heh Colm (2)
OpenVMS Rick Tang (17)
Awright. I take back what I said sharkfish (7)
Where da white wimmen at? Obama (2)
FxCop 1.36 jings (1)
Tested my LG CU515, and it will record video for over an hour muppet (17)
Oh my goodness, Google's V8 JavaScript engine kicks ass Lombrado (7)
so, um. the great purple (28)
Short sellers get it in the shorts Soup Dragon (4)
C# 4 going weirder and more dynamic Lombrado (7)
Religious girls are easy but have VD Consultant (3)
October 28th, 2008
I might have to break down and buy a Macbook Michael B (13)
America and social democracy Dan Denman (17)
deadlocked in indy politico (2)
Most of us Rick Tang (17)
ahh, vicarious violent payback sharkfish (7)
Just bought gas Aaron (9)
God help the state Bot Berlin (0)
Attracted to Rick Tang (9)
I got Fallout 3 Bot Berlin (0)
Sunni viewpoint lorb (3)
While I disagreed a lot with Consultant, Rick Tang (4)
Obama wins among...pretty much everyone Bot Berlin (6)
joe the plumber is a fucking moron arg! (13)
Effigy of Sarah Palin hanging by a noose, that isn't good. Bot Berlin (9)
DTV conversion xampl (2)
Yay!  DJIA up 10%, at 9,000 points! SaveTheHubble (7)
A Well Runnable Software Company for sale in Dubai! SaveTheHubble (7)
Poor sharkfish Rick Tang (7)
a conservative changed my mind today sharkfish (25)
Education:  Obama vs. Palin sharkfish (5)
Tried stackoverflow yet? Bot Berlin (15)
Job security.. but only for COBOL programmers Soup Dragon (21)
Logitech Harmony remote = sex muppet (15)
Putting money into Iceland? Gerald Hoppy (14)
"Pocket Nerd" xampl (17)
So, as cheaply as possible, I need to set up a Windows box muppet (32)
Second Life df (6)
Worst job in the world trollop (1)
Rick Tang, what about all the inmates in the U.S. Lombrado (5)
ant & grasshopper Consultant (6)
Ruby1.9 and Python2.5 lil comparison Lombrado (23)
best tv station Consultant (2)
Palin as VP Rick Tang (16)
Economic guru predicts worst is yet to come Bluebeard (6)
enjoy - free engineering courses from Stanford sharkfish (8)
what is cloud computing? what is azure? Bluebeard (5)
October 27th, 2008
If you are voting for McCain/Palin sharkfish (30)
Stephen Hawking to be fired bon vivant (1)
the black guy sharkfish (22)
Why can't we have a TV show sharkfish (6)
farking fark sharkfish (8)
The pendulum swings towards regulation By Lawrence Summers (1)
troubling productivity maven (3)
US Citizen Rick Tang (26)
Windows Azure xampl (4)
Dogs Michael B (12)
Tattoo ideas Gerald Hoppy (12)
Sidebar Bot Berlin (4)
Well, that isn't good Bot Berlin (29)
Developer made a point of driving down the street muppet (14)
Redditors are into pay for sex Bot Berlin (2)
Does a midnight release make any sense for a game? Bot Berlin (7)
I heard about this, but xampl (1)
My comment on school child pictures Bot Berlin (13)
So, the developer razed two lots across the street muppet (21)
Holy Fucking Christ, Au Bon Pain muppet (15)
Precalc exam 2 Michael B (iPhone) (6)
On "Why Heros Blows Goats" Clay Dowling (10)
7 days til Election. Mr. Blank (17)
Obama not a fan of the Constitution Bot Berlin (8)
Cot up? Down? Up? Down? SaveTheHubble (6)
Sarah Palin as a President would be a placebo Lombrado (5)
Wall Street Bonuses Boosted Consultant (24)
interesting Apple economics Consultant (7)
October 26th, 2008
how often do you have sex sharkfish (56)
$2.299 Aaron (13)
fuck me, this rocks. whistle (5)
we don't compete with hulu, we have different shows hAHAHAHHAHA! (1)
native americans for palin todd's mom (5)
heh.  about time too.  fuck syria. whistle (13)
Discuss Ed (15)
Cindy McCain Interview Consultant (1)
Thought this was kind of funny Bot Berlin (16)
ah, another "talent not matter" article sharkfish (1)
Oh Bot--Greenspan: Tax cuts for the wealthy.  BAD! sharkfish (12)
Jump you fucker jump sharkfish (7)
Conspicuous Consumption xampl (7)
elderly porn stars Consultant (10)
McCain's Black Family (29)
I like the gays Bot Berlin (5)
george takai vs. captain kirk brit fuck (9)
lorb? have you decided who to vote for (10)
Council on Foreign Relations Michael B (2)
Dan is now advising the Republicans son of parnas (1)
dreamhost - they suck? Ed (9)
Ward's mental defect Ed (1)
292 Billion on .... railways? trollop (3)
opengl and color whistle (1)
Ruling - judge says Obama's Kenyan birth not relevant to voters Consultant (25)
October 25th, 2008
Republicans attacking, mutilating Obama supporters Consultant (4)
sharkfish is... Bluebeard (8)
-1 sharkfish (14)
here they come sharkfish (7)
Bill Clinton to Campaign With Obama delivering Florida & Pa. (7)
Reduce corporate tax-rate from 35% to 25% lorb (20)
I am hoping for some kind of Palin disaster bob (20)
Obama; the financial crissi sharkfish (6)
November 4th trollop (0)
Idea of a Jewish People Invented, Says Historian Dan Denman (17)
bankers admit they will not use the bailout to loan Consultant (7)
October 24th, 2008
Gay Barney Frank wants to cut defense spending Bot Berlin (4)
mccain on  taxes _____(8)(8)________ (5)
elections may be cancelled due to bin laden threat Consultant (5)
Chicago, murder capital of the US and Jen Hudson shot Bot Berlin (4)
october surprise: Obama is a registered socialist, with proof Consultant (11)
.NET lovers, get ready to bust a nut Bot Berlin (13)
Naruto beats all american product not young anymore (2)
Some people weren't so happy about the US bank bailout, huh? Gerald Hoppy (1)
Are you an OOPs/Design Pattern zealot? jings (14)
Which country is this? jings (4)
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head probably possibly (10)
My afternoon has been ruined muppet (6)
Amendment 28 Consultant (9)
This made me think jings (6)
Kenny would be happy Rick Tang (7)
"Change means ... BLACK!" (McCain dirty trick) probably possibly (2)
Palin is a strong chess player 'cause Russia is right over there Lombrado (5)
Democrats attacking, mutilating McCain supporters? Consultant (23)
I don't know what to do at times like these jings (1)
botnodetoolkit Bot Berlin (1)
Wayne, maybe it is time to upgrade the 486 webserver Bot Berlin (4)
Depression Soup Dragon (16)
leftist plot to control the White House! Gerald Hoppy (5)
Old ward on a treo 700p (13)
Electoral College Voting Pool! Consultant (16)
Orson Scott Card: Democratic Congress caused the mortgage crisis Ward (18)
hate sharkfish (6)
Uninsured don't use the ER. Well! Consultant (9)
turns out i dont just write code... whistle (2)
Police Prepare for Riots after McCain elected Consultant (4)
October 23rd, 2008
Google Chrome Lombrado (6)
Politics for gamers the great purple (4)
Greenspan:  Yes dear, the free market is not all knowing sharkfish (25)
Might have to git me this sharkfish (6)
The verdict is in Dan Denman (3)
Madonna and Kabala Dan Denman (6)
Guy in my precalc class asked me for help today Michael B (iPhone) (26)
Just a thought jings (7)
Question about the banner text jings (7)
Serious question, female anatomy. Bot Berlin (14)
This seems stupid to me.  Your thoughts? ed (5)
Palin's not releasing her medical records LeftWingPharisee (8)
Which album currently popular amongst teenagers ... probably possibly (6)
Shark jings (3)
"For stubbornly defending this belief, Rick Tang (3)
Apparently they want me to get married Rick Tang (26)
Google knows what they are doing Bot Berlin (10)
Japanese tow truck transformers! Consultant (5)
I may have to go to this Aaron (3)
There are people in dark overcoats, carrying Rosary beads muppet (8)
I want to be moderator Bot Berlin (9)
I don't want to be a moderator xampl (18)
Obama rally Aaron (17)
Opranise trollop (15)
Taking the 'chair' out of chairperson Bluebeard (1)
Congratulations! You can save 13000 pounds of CO2. muppet (7)
Just watched "Next" last night muppet (15)
Miss Teen Busted el (9)
This might void your warranty Stephen Jones (9)
V12 racing car engine to be used to power land speed attempt Gerald Hoppy (3)
Female developers Gerald Hoppy (17)
October 22nd, 2008
pimp sharkfish (9)
supporting un-Christian nations the great purple (65)
Michael B sharkfish (8)
having friends is overrated sharkfish (12)
Bot? bob (17)
small things sharkfish (3)
long distance relationships sharkfish (6)
Dammit.  I want my grades. sharkfish (6)
Is Michael B rich? Bot Berlin (23)
I used to ignore Bot Rick Tang (4)
Join my subreddit, codeprojects Bot Berlin (2)
Congrats! 50th anniversary of Smurfs! Rick Tang (4)
Do they have cable in Alaska? lorb (17)
Mutli processes tabs? Rick Tang (4)
Who's the dad? xampl (3)
In a MVC, server side driven web application; what is it? Bot Berlin (2)
Pick Three not Two, duh! Consultant (9)
Teh win JoC (1)
New GURPS book Clay Dowling (11)
$150,000 of lipstick on a pig. still a pig? arg! (18)
My parents will probably get a tax increase Bot Berlin (39)
Those Nefarious Call of Duty 4 Clans! df (3)
$2.469 Aaron (14)
Kirk Kerkorian sells Ford shares Lombrado (8)
Interesting Gadget Ward (8)
Chinese Bunny Suicide Copycats Consultant (5)
Bill Maher dated a pornstar, awesome Bot Berlin (3)
October 21st, 2008
"If we didn't know the differences between..." Rick Tang (0)
New MacBooks xampl (10)
The Best Bond Girl Ward (13)
I should go work out right now but sharkfish (7)
The best James Bond is sharkfish (15)
trollop is a girl Rick Tang (3)
Joost's New Service Fails bob (9)
For Michael, real life use of logic programming Rick Tang (18)
Most wicked campaign Rick Tang (25)
McCain sez: Aaron (9)
Why don't I have these controls? jings (1)
Oh noes! Not the cheesecake! JoC (6)
Translation notation Michael B (iPhone) (22)
i wonder if... Colm (33)
obama suspending campaign - going to hawaii what will cokie roberts say? (23)
lol jingy (4)
For muppet Soup Dragon (1)
Silverlight 2 jingy (2)
October 20th, 2008
Rick McTang sharkfish (5)
My vote is for Peter Norvig Bot Berlin (3)
The bailout won't work Ward (11)
sad shark sharkfish (2)
Political play, now what does McCain do? Bot Berlin (65)
Slavery Lombrado (48)
I've started talking to the anti-Christ xampl (10)
For Michael, use of Prolog/Logic programming in the real world Bot Berlin (8)
Slava Pestov on Ruby Bot Berlin (6)
Factor has a database library Bot Berlin (0)
International horizon Rick Tang (12)
Cool marble toy Clay Dowling (9)
Did lorb get a job Rick Tang (7)
I am reading the employee handbook sharkfish (23)
Afghanistan is a waste of money lorb (59)
Breaking news: Dion resigned Rick Tang (20)
Open Source (8)
Woa, poor guy gets nobel prize Bot Berlin (6)
OK so who solders/brazes with MAP gas or acetylene? muppet (25)
Mongol and Genghis Khan, slavery, self doubt Bot Berlin (10)
And now it's time for the brokers with hands on their faces.. Bluebeard (7)
The American Dream Gerald Hoppy for President! (8)
Is it time Gerald Hoppy for President! (16)
Crazies on File Gerald Hoppy For President! (0)
Beyond a joke Gerald Hoppy For President! (3)
Obama Raises $150 Million In September Lombrado (9)
October 19th, 2008
Ruby is not slow sharkfish (53)
Bot's review of "W" 6.8/10 (some spoilers) Bot Berlin (13)
Holy crap, a hard part of changing jobs... Ward (17)
NATO warships arrive to deter Somali pirates arg! (21)
Google Appengine will support Java.  Java dies and ressurects Bot Berlin (2)
sharkfish moves to "super liberal" nutjob category with Colm Bot Berlin (15)
Anyone seen W yet? Bot Berlin (5)
What are the requirements for setting up a etrade account? Bot Berlin (10)
How to set up a threesome? (16)
heh. Just re-read the syllabus sharkfish (2)
Panama Ethiopia Ghana Ireland sharkfish (10)
Left v. Right bias? (5)
The parties in general are indistinguishable. voter (13)
football hacking sharkfish (3)
What would happen... WhiteManGuilt (14)
Integrating FxCop with VS 2005 Professional Edition Water Cooler v2 (4)
Why is Jerry Yang still running this company? wow (5)
MPG wow (8)
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama (10)
Silly Voters, Computers Don't Make Mistakes Consultant (0)
Palin on SNL Consultant (2)
October 18th, 2008
Rape Tips for Girls Consultant (11)
fear sharkfish (21)
nsfw - atlanta video is nsfw (3)
Still an unanswered question: Dan Denman (6)
Posse Comitatus Obama Consultant (2)
Palin for President xampl (0)
Obama still will win in a landslide Consultant (2)
Logic programming Michael B (13)
"liquidity" crisis lorb (13)
Sudden plan to withdraw from Iraq lorb (45)
powell endorsement? politicasm (12)
Hedge fund manager: my colleagues are idiots, traders are stupid Gerald Hoppy (2)
Chinese TV Shows Ward (2)
Time to stop watching TV? Sergio Flores (1)
October 17th, 2008
processor penalties sharkfish (1)
mccain , ayers = robo 202-863-8500 (4)
The Lisp guy sharkfish (6)
campusbuddy sharkfish (0)
Textbooktorrents sharkfish (3)
dickhead sharkfish (4)
If I ever run for office, I am pretty safe Bot Berlin (13)
office theft sharkfish (4)
State fair food xampl (2)
Chicago Tribune endorses Obama sharkfish (0)
can musgrove take the senate in mississippi? politico (0)
programmable remote controls sharkfish (6)
enjoyed the first Wall Street update bob (2)
dammit will smart people just stop blogging stupid shit sharkfish (5)
It hurts at first then you get used to it and like it sharkfish (14)
This is why they don't let "us" in sharkfish (5)
Orkut Makes Money - Challenging a Chain Mail? forThis.Anon (8)
It's for the children xampl (3)
Cuba may have as much oil as USA, LOL Soup Dragon (3)
@arg!  what is up Bot Berlin (8)
I think Colm and Sharkfish remind of Obama Bot Berlin (16)
Suggestion, when you slander me... Bot Berlin (10)
U.S. Supreme Court says GOP "voter fraud" allegations are bogus Lombrado (7)
Since I am on anxiety meds Bot Berlin (15)
Videosurf. Kind of a scam? LH (0)
That is pushing it...far right wing; abort Obama Bot Berlin (1)
Bomb-chucking nutjobs in Canuckistan too Clay Dowling (1)
Arrest Joe the Plumber Consultant (36)
Wow, denied by Aaron on Facebook muppet (31)
Bush is Cartman sharkfish (2)
Other free anti-virus to AVG Stephen Jones (18)
Attention: please talk down to bot from now on Colm (12)
I can't believe how crazy the Obama slander is Me (13)
Game Postmortems whistle (2)
October 16th, 2008
Tom Green again Bot Berlin (0)
Underachieving Michael B (17)
My ability to drag in inappropriate content for your delectation trollop (1)
FSM at rest trollop (11)
American Dreams fans Dan Denman (1)
McCain's fans Dan Denman (3)
Michelle Obama's fan Dan Denman (1)
Obama's fans Dan Denman (5)
C#/.NET people.  I am entering your world with mono Bot Berlin (7)
mccain and obama roast each other arg! (9)
Rep. Dennis Kucinich on The Bailout Bot Berlin (0)
end to radical partisanship, return to the center arg! (4)
Obama whining over Fox News Lombrado (13)
It's officially Windows 7/11 Steve (2)
You can add multiple inheritance... and other goodies to Java Bot Berlin (2)
+100000000 bob (7)
Ruby code sharkfish (19)
OMG. My SO made me go to Best Buy sharkfish (4)
OMG, I'm so shallow! xampl (5)
"pappazan cart" arg! (4)
Joe the Plumber (8)
sudo & security xampl (8)
My View Points, what are your yours Bot Berlin (11)
Photos from the next Star Trek movie are out. xampl (5)
how liberals saw the debate the great purple (6)
canadian elections the great purple (15)
The Bailout Clay Dowling (0)
Public Service Announcment sharkfish (5)
Political Affiliations on CoT Bot Berlin (55)
I am watching sharkfish (0)
i am amused sharkfish (0)
Microsoft deleted my Passport/Live account Ward (2)
Getting out the vote df (32)
how to keep your husband happy the great purple (9)
Wow joc (0)
Connection Issue, any suggestions what are you reading for? (7)
What's the capital of Iceland? Gerald Hoppy (2)
Old computers Soup Dragon (11)
just finished watching the debate whistle (5)
Japan's PM says US bank bailout is 'insufficient' Lombrado (7)
::sniff:  this is what makes america great whistle (3)
The other Palin Ward (2)
President Palin Bluebeard (4)
Obama and Ayers AlmostAnon (3)
October 15th, 2008
Has McCain been crying, teary eyed through the debate? Bot Berlin (2)
mccain is destroying obama arg! (13)
Debate on CNN Lombrado (16)
Icelanders now face starvation Consultant (6)
disappointed in Indiana, but watch North Dakota old pollster (0)
What is it about California? xampl (11)
Misconceptions of Obama fuel Republican campaign (video) Lombrado (1)
Donald Trump: I wanted Bush impeached Lombrado (3)
the jig is up, folks sharkfish (20)
shame thread, mccain on ayers arg! (3)
WTF visitors are really stupid you know Consultant (3)
sub-prime, banks, and now...... *drum roll* .... Bluebeard (4)
Banks to Paulson - thanks for that cash. We'll sit on it. Consultant (5)
Republicans Really Hate America son of parnas (20)
Code generation xampl (2)
Good at computer games? Gerald Hoppy (12)
The Story of Obama and The Plumber whistle (16)
Arse to mouth indeed Gerald Hoppy (14)
Have you forgotten the face of your Father? Kepala Kelapa (2)
October 14th, 2008
Unminced words trollop (1)
Hustling Huskies! WooHoo! (2)
Day two at my new job on Wall Street Michael B (iPhone) (3)
Lube it up conservatives Dan Denman (5)
I can tell sharkfish (16)
bajinga sharkfish (1)
"I've actually worked in hedge funds risk management." bob (24)
sorry Philo (19)
Whose words are these? your mother (4)
Whose words are these? Bluebeard (3)
Worse Than A Divorce; Lost Half My Money & I Still Have A Wife Lombrado (0)
The Old Horse Fat df (7)
Win, in image form muppet (5)
For java developers (and sharkfish), bytecode development Bot Berlin (9)
nobel prize winner on why english food is so bad Colm (20)
B00bies! Gerald Hoppy (7)
Can we start the revolution now? Clay Dowling (22)
The markets are crazy right now, making some very rich methinks Kenny (15)
John Cleese on the other Palin el (18)
What's up with these Packistani's lorb (2)
This just in: Christina Hendricks is hot! Clay Dowling (15)
Kenny's latest TV recommendation: Chuck Kenny (8)
Is that last graph right? joc (23)
Mark Cuban is an idiot, on financial markets anyway Tapiwa (47)
Financial crisis solutions lorb (31)
Eyz on the thighz wanna wrestle? (2)
We're lazy Gerald Hoppy (0)
israeli girls are hot - part II Bluebeard (9)
October 13th, 2008
consultant = dumb, muppet = smart obammy (13)
the only thing I disagree with obama about Sara "C" (57)
israeli girls are hot Colm (16)
Missouri polls obammy (0)
If you are over 25 sharkfish (32)
Really bad movies according to critics Bot Berlin (2)
Not gonna be working there xampl (3)
Market up over 900 (6)
Muppet does rap Bot Berlin (2)
The truly disgusting thing about Sarah Palin Bluebeard (2)
Should Christians have their houses burned down? Consultant (13)
try #4 the great purple (32)
best way to scrub a laptop sharkfish (16)
Computer Camp xampl (1)
It's that horrible Tina Fey's Fault Clay Dowling (5)
Maximal Strength Development son of parnas (2)
Paul Krugman Wins Economics Nobel Lombrado (4)
Wow. I mean it. Gerald Hoppy (2)
More U.S. financial socialism lorb (9)
Semi nude balancing on a purple yoga ball Locutus (4)
Progressive magazine's latest cover Dan Denman (2)
October 12th, 2008
palin's yahoo email, cont'd arg! (1)
polls put obama up by 7% yes we can (4)
mccain lies -  or changes mind - about social security privatiza l (0)
Re. EU inter-bank guarantees Clouseau (1)
Sharepoint question xampl (7)
Offshore banking - no deposit guarantees Soup Dragon (1)
"Australia has enough sun on a summer's day Gerald Hoppy (30)
I favor McCain as a straight-talker facts (13)
Under New Management Lombrado (5)
Obama's economic advisers Consultant (15)
Farewell Jörg Haider Gerald Hoppy (6)
A-hole rich people...paying all those taxes Bot Berlin (25)
Coincidence? sharkfish (23)
pot pollution thinker (2)
not everything has a simple explanation guess worker (4)
obama guess worker (8)
1st article that truly understands the real problem sharkfish (23)
Two Things Design Experts Do That Novices Don’t son of parnas (7)
October 11th, 2008
retirement? no, according to Scott Adams sharkfish (11)
After a long hard day at work... sharkfish (6)
Great Purple? (NSFW) muppet (4)
Did anyone else know that Barry Jennings had died. William Cooper (3)
cot discusses.... because we are stupid (1)
why all the disco biscuit hate? mm-bop (3)
lol the disco biscuits (1)
Haiku sharkfish (4)
I argue that sharkfish (5)
My $99 Sony DVD player just died sharkfish (6)
myopic vision, setting sites too low sharkfish (16)
talk about SEO sharkfish (9)
Not my favorite South Park episode sharkfish (14)
Being a good boy today Bot Berlin (2)
Why do we only eat eggs for breakfast? Bot Berlin (7)
Obama is an arab, at least they don't get that from McCain Bot Berlin (2)
fist bump to Clay sharkfish (4)
can the democrats take 60? politico (2)
Motivation secrets xampl (14)
Ever have a boss that... Michael B (12)
October 10th, 2008
df - right before a 10% move up in the markets LOL (9)
Why all the Philo hate? Michael B (8)
In 1997, Brooksley Born warned in congressional testimony Lombrado (7)
BREAKING NEWS 8:21 PM ET: Panel Finds Palin Abused Power in Firi BREAKING NEWS 8:21 PM ET: Panel (9)
Bigger, Stronger, Faster jingy (4)
microsoft developer types the great purple (15)
Dennis, I guess we miscalcuated Bot Berlin (12)
Please recommend a WordPress host sharkfish (10)
Ripping audio from DVD - Free (as in freedom) software probably possibly (8)
I am assuming I can buy one/two shares of google? Bot Berlin (9)
Does the dow always fluctuate this much? Bot Berlin (13)
Bankers advising government to shut down stock exchanges Consultant (8)
I finally "get" how this financial crisis happened lorb (14)
Obama reacts Bot Berlin (0)
This is the agenda that I have set before my fellow prisoners probably possibly (3)
Will the market end today with a bloodbath like yesterday? df (10)
Reddit, ask a cop. Bot Berlin (5)
Click to summon Aaron (1)
finance.google.com and graphs df (1)
it's ok folks - Bush has it under control! Consultant (15)
Zimbabwe not only country needing extra zeros xampl (1)
Come vacation in Canada! Kenny (11)
Bot - did you buy a Mac laptop? xampl (1)
reckless, willful and arrogant son of parnas (1)
These people scare me son of parnas (5)
I covet the great purple (13)
I don't know about Obama Bot Berlin (10)
I changed my mind the great purple (8)
Anyone want a challenge? Gerald Hoppy (9)
Detroit Mugger not ready for field work Clay Dowling (13)
Read the second to last paragraph Gerald Hoppy (5)
Pump and dump spam Gerald Hoppy (2)
As good as we'll get Gerald Hoppy (13)
Communists welcoming Comrade Bush to Marxist POV Consultant (7)
More weird news from Iceland Consultant (14)
hey, people. let's reciprocate sharkfish (13)
wordpress permalinks sharkfish (12)
should I twitter sharkfish (8)
I'm still up because sharkfish (3)
It's a fact: women need to absorb sperm to keep sane Michael B (14)
Naked yoga ball balancing Michael B (2)
October 9th, 2008
Ender's Game comic book Aaron (14)
Obama buys 30 minutes of air time bob (5)
aka how to make someone look like the majority culture of beauty sharkfish (8)
Asian stock markets going down on Friday Lombrado (5)
Men more scared of Barack Obama than women, I think Lombrado (4)
Sarah Palin's IQ is 83 Lombrado (5)
Microsoft Marketing whistle (3)
I predict a bottom at 6800. whistle (8)
How people on Reddit are feeling the crunch Lombrado (0)
Write java code...without writing java code Bot Berlin (2)
Paramilitary Commandos to evict mortgage owners Consultant (7)
Stock Market df (23)
Notepad++ trick? sharkfish (7)
Atlanta, best city for singles Bot Berlin (6)
consumption, raw, unsustainable arg! (18)
Was listening to "Patriot" radio on my lunch muppet (7)
Web vs. Desktop and the Cool Kids sharkfish (21)
Flat Problem what are you reading for? (14)
Threesome Mr.Blank (5)
Zimbabwe Inflation now (officially) 231 million % Tapiwa (6)
Ruby concern sharkfish (10)
Best Way to Have Two Monitors on a Laptop? son of parnas (14)
Absentee ballots xampl (7)
The I am voting for McCain thread lorb (57)
we are not going to undo the damage Philo caused overnight buh buh republican slime (2)
Donna Brazile Is Not Going To The Back Of The Bus Lombrado (2)
Practical education strategy - choosing high school / college Jens Christian (5)
The McCain-Palin Mob (video) Lombrado (4)
Congress Passes Kerry Measure Demanding End To Wartime Propagand Lombrado (2)
October 8th, 2008
How would Jesus vote? Consultant (33)
Stocks in Asia seem to have started in a positive day Lombrado (7)
Canadian Centre for Policy: Conservatives = white supremacy Dan Denman (0)
in case you didn't know the rich make the rules bob (4)
Republicans catering to the next Tim McVeigh son of parnas (5)
which lip sharkfish (9)
James Bach sharkfish (8)
Saw the witch doctor today Michael B (iPhone) (5)
The Wire has made me more ghetto Bot Berlin (11)
Any problems running 32 bit apps on 64 bit vista? son of parnas (9)
why do people assume sharkfish (19)
Bush: "may cancel elections due to economic crises" Consultant (10)
Now who is laughing?  Gmail Palin hacker indicted Bot Berlin (8)
It is always nice to know sharkfish (16)
Spouse complaining about her job (animal cruelty) Michael B (13)
Pretty good thread sharkfish (2)
I wanna give a shout-out to the moderators sharkfish (5)
Jamie Lynn pregnant again Consultant (30)
US customs now searching papers for copyright violations Consultant (7)
4 million individuals have now donated to the Obama campaign Lombrado (2)
how do you know sharkfish (31)
Brice Richard in "new man" shocker lambada expression (2)
Hey, Michael Aaron (5)
lashing a dinghy to the titanic to prevent it from sinking Colm (33)
Spouse complaining to you about their job probably possibly (17)
Jar Jar Binks JarJarStinks (13)
One language for writing web apps sharkfish (11)
Soundbite! McCain didn't wanna shake hands with Obama at the end Lombrado (3)
oh christ. sharkfish (7)
October 7th, 2008
here's a freebie for you sharkfish (4)
Most boring debate ever Bot Berlin (4)
You know what I want to see? Aaron (5)
Debate Open Thread politico (36)
Obama not eligible to be president Consultant (7)
More gold coins halted as investors seek haven Lombrado (7)
wow. CNN has athe best election "What If" touch screen sharkfish (3)
How much code do you really need sharkfish (16)
Do the Democrats want to win?  What's WRONG WITH THEM Michael B (7)
Why biologists shouldn't knit Clay Dowling (4)
Market plumetting just before close Consultant (6)
Misspellings irk me sharkfish (23)
Psychology of MMORPGS Bob Schmidt (Helmuts cousin) (35)
what i hate in working in a big company anon (5)
shot for wearing Obama t-shirt sharkfish (14)
How to get my SO an office job sharkfish (15)
buying books is my problem sharkfish (6)
Having QA test is stressful Bot Berlin (6)
And to think Gerald Hoppy (2)
Treasury warned about crash in 2006 Tapiwa (4)
Polite Dissent sharkfish (0)
Will you encourage your kids to go to college? sharkfish (43)
I demand a recount sharkfish (9)
Life on Mars sharkfish (7)
F1 Retreats from North America df (8)
my cat attacked the screen sharkfish (11)
Barbara Walters sharkfish (2)
A much deserved beating Clay Dowling (23)
Bad employee sharkfish (22)
gmail's new breathalyzer Consultant (4)
Small Rally - but will it last? Consultant (4)
So, this morning I'm driving to work in my new(ish) station wago muppet (30)
Somewhat Eurocentric financial view Gerald Hoppy (6)
October 6th, 2008
Math specialization Michael B (9)
Fox News on bad with the Republicans Lombrado (6)
waxman? cot? (3)
Bush Just Said No to Killing Bin Laden son of parnas (13)
Next time you  hear Dan Denman (6)
McLobbyist.com Lombrado (1)
factcheck: Palin won the debate Consultant (9)
Moral Hazards and Foreclosures df (14)
Sara C, you wanna hang out tonight?  Maybe meetup Bot Berlin (11)
Beyond absurd, wtf Bot Berlin (5)
Sean Hannity and his anti-Semitic, anti-Obama resource Lombrado (2)
Market collapse is turning into a landslide Consultant (37)
I'm pretty OK at math Michael B (13)
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation stock scams Consultant (3)
I don't know how I am going to eat up 6 hours Bot Berlin (6)
Judge told Track Palin to join the Army or go to jail Lombrado (6)
McCain Had Closest Relationship to Keating. Lombrado (2)
LIBOR rate & liquidity xampl (8)
Stock market crash continues Consultant (17)
Bubba needs a sex change. can you help? sharkfish (6)
Iceland doesn't produce anything Consultant (35)
Google will sue you for photographing them Consultant (4)
So, the new Knight Rider muppet (2)
A serous poll on Stephen Harper Dan Denman (5)
McCain's Keating Five Cost American Taxpayers over $120 billion Lombrado (3)
This credit crisis is not a good poster-case of free markets Michael B (15)
October 5th, 2008
Important news of Palin trollop (5)
What's the proof that "the surge" is working? Michael B (8)
Obama to reveal all about McCain's Keating Five Scandal Lombrado (9)
gmail beta gmail user (0)
The Elite Newspaper of the Future it's called the economist (6)
retail credit disaster or? (3)
Did you like Bill Clinton? xampl (22)
Discussing Bill Ayers is a lose-lose position for Obama Lombrado (1)
Amblyopia Michael B (0)
okay I'm freaking out a little. sharkfish (5)
Excel VBA get currently active control in code -- help please? bon vivant (13)
figure credit card debt umm, pay $1000 a month? WTF (3)
Obama helped total stranger in check-in line get her luggage hom Lombrado (1)
work for google for no pay fuck you billionaires (4)
coming soon: republicans try to block votes in ohio Party on, Republican shitbags (1)
Obama electorate and concrete Lombrado (3)
Ex-IDF, Mossad officials praise Obama Lombrado (5)
palin: vote for me or go to hell fuck you (0)
credit crunch hits McDonald's Mordechai Vanunu (7)
Has sharkfish left because we don't talk tech anymore Bot Berlin (7)
Fact Check: Is Obama 'palling around with terrorists'? Lombrado (21)
Through out the history of the United States Bot Berlin (8)
You do know, it is what they wanted? Bot Berlin (2)
Would Obama really be the first Black president? HardDrive (3)
t boone pickens, coward fuck him (4)
October 4th, 2008
LOL @ Forbsey guess worker (4)
obama in a landside guess worker (2)
Philo, face it, your party sucks Son of Bitch (16)
Ron Paul is jesus Bot Berlin (2)
Fewer Wallstreet Executives Clay Dowling (16)
it's getting hard to be rich LOL (10)
The Recession YellowStickyNote (13)
My tax dollars should not cover private speculation losses. son of parnas (17)
Petro Euro Vs Petro Dollar- Good Eye Opener Lombrado (2)
70 yr old Hawaiian charged with domestic terrorism Consultant (4)
she can have the damn house Fannie Mae (18)
Nokia's new touch phone el (1)
The team colours are yellow and brown. trollop (1)
Ever replied to a spammer? son of parnas (2)
A warning Gerald Hoppy (5)
OJ Verdict lorb (35)
I *rock* whistle (7)
drunk - feel like puking ed (2)
Talking without breathing Fan boy (3)
October 3rd, 2008
The Real Great Depression Lombrado (5)
I want to bone you Bot Berlin (11)
I'd rather have a retarded shemale monkey as a prime minister Dan Denman (11)
So you Americans are eatin Dan Denman (8)
strategery sharkfish (3)
Philo's Party is going to looooose! Larsen (2)
How the financial crisis happened Ward (4)
Evictees committing suicide Consultant (14)
What's the girl equivalent of... Michael B (17)
My list of 5 great science books Ward (2)
Republican is the party of the princes and princesses Lombrado (5)
Flying lesson Michael B (10)
Most-watched debate ever Lombrado (11)
not in on the joke sharkfish (3)
It is done joc (21)
My unusual good deed for the day Ward (18)
US goes gay Colm (5)
Bush threatens martial law Consultant (10)
New ad featuring Biden and Palin on healthcare taxing Lombrado (9)
I am a sex addict Bot Berlin (23)
Programming blogs son of parnas (22)
second thoughts sharkfish (5)
Innocence of Children Clay Dowling (16)
Average US household credit card debt is astounding. trollop (40)
Coding is like sex Gerald Hoppy (11)
One of my coworkers, a VERY hard working dude muppet (16)
WTF Cell phone manufacturers muppet (9)
nothing wrong with bosniaks you dumb cow Cokie Roberts is dubm (1)
Beverley Hills Chihuahua Ward (7)
Brice Richard sighting: Still unethical Fan boy (3)
October 2nd, 2008
MBA vs MS in Management Lun (8)
Palin in the dabate! Fr (30)
public and foriegn policy enactment arg! (6)
lol sharkfish (5)
For good security xampl (4)
Is Hallburton the only contracting firm that could have rebuilt. Bot Berlin (7)
GEB sucked okay. sharkfish (4)
Must be getting bad... joc (3)
George Soros claims the bail-out plan is flawed Lombrado (3)
Wall Street Warriors on Hulu df (1)
Denman, hobby question; how many women have you been with? Bot Berlin (8)
I really really want sharkfish (13)
Vacation with John McCain df (6)
WOOT joc (5)
More on Wachovia xampl (0)
Just great... sharkfish (14)
Palin bumper sticker joc (3)
Bank robber makes daring escape by inner tube Consultant (5)
Here's what the religious wrong cares about son of parnas (16)
I suck at math Michael B (iPhone) (10)
Sarah Palin again, believe it or not Lombrado (21)
I've been using Firefox and Chrome alongside Lombrado (0)
Is it true Gerald Hoppy (13)
Puerto Rican Political Parties Unite Behind Obama Lombrado (1)
Jennifer Granholm helps Joe Biden "Get" Sarah Palin Clay Dowling (0)
So the developer succeeded in getting one permit muppet (26)
Interesting quote Colm (0)
Who woulda thunk it, a number better than 700 billion lorb (15)
"American global leadership is over" Gerald Hoppy (8)
Sock logic puzzle Gerald Hoppy (9)
October surprise came in June Consultant (3)
major flaws in the official 9/11 narative son of parnas (6)
October 1st, 2008
unique blog style sharkfish (2)
Sick individuals Fan boy (4)
Bailout has passed the senate Consultant (13)
Wasn't I just saying this a few days ago sharkfish (12)
we miss u crazy coder chick JOSER BOTTER (5)
Android vs. iPhone tbarker (4)
Michael B has the hots for sharkfish (9)
Philo's guy goes for the record fuck u Philo (2)
Change in florida fuck u Philo (1)
df is an idiot:inertia in rates of change in auto market share stupid fatso (6)
Unreal, bailout bill now includes $850 billion bailout Bot Berlin (2)
People still think this way about investments, how sad. lorb (6)
can this be done in ruby sharkfish (5)
I have often wondered sharkfish (1)
OMG. Canada Elecion sucks! Rick Tang (7)
The rescue bill xampl (6)
Looks like Obama will vote yes Rick Tang (4)
The month of spam xampl (2)
What's the best possible store of wealth Michael B (17)
Intel optimizing compiler load in shorts (8)
So, shary. jingy (3)
Warhammer joc (5)
Drop In Auto Sales df (19)
Obama and McCain exchanged love letters Lombrado (3)
I'm bored. sharkfish (8)
Here's an interview that seemed to please Sarah Palin more Lombrado (26)
omfg.  .NET 4 is here sharkfish (14)
Scroll lock sharkfish (1)
if you have every thought about consulting sharkfish (4)
a new bar in my hood sharkfish (8)
Black people sure are aggressive Bot Berlin (17)
If McCain can't bomb them, no one will Lombrado (8)
Hey Michael B! what are you reading for? (1)
Kathleen Parker introduces herself in CoT fashion Lombrado (3)
jesus christ you christians are stupid Bluebeard (3)
the tax cut chart, for example discuss! (0)
omigod, people are *stupid* the problem isn't the subprime... whistle (30)
Sons of Anarchy son of parnas (4)
Bot's review of "the wire" 8.5/10 Bot Berlin (17)