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October 31st, 2005
What if Jesus... sharkfish (23 comments)
My colon hurts mupfish (14)
Would you be paranoid if (part 2) sharkfish (14)
what are you listening to Just Asking (36)
I thought the whole point of splitting AT&T up sharkfish (1)
Sharkfish and Muppet: this explains everything Jim Rankin (7)
yeah i like that i want some fuck me i am guy rodney rich (7)
You too can fight terrorism! example (6)
To specialize or not? Short Timer (6)
Worst US President? Idle question (43)
Where's the house update? PangoX (10)
Anyone enjoy watching Sean Kennedy's work? Tayssir John Gabbour (1)
Legal devices for selling child porn Michael B (59)
Baby pictures thompson_gunner (15)
Fuck you Aaron Michael B (34)
New JoS page Möbius Flipside (19)
Here's an excellent (and very scary) article Mark Warner (22)
Dofus MarkTAW (4)
Would this work? Misanthrope (10)
October 30th, 2005
banned ads sharkfish (5)
Sharkfish - this might interest you Mark Warner (15)
ID supporters attacked with baseball bats Jesus H Christ (65)
Tagging Ogami Itto (7)
Feminism sharkfish (49)
Why does go hate amputees? ronk! (24)
IP Speakers? son of parnas (6)
How do I read the serial number off of my USB key? MarkTAW (8)
comic Mark Warner (3)
cross-dressing teachers in classrooms Jesus H Christ (46)
October 29th, 2005
What does "Shooting from the hip" mean? Fred (9)
Change your clocks, Change your batteries Cory Foy (8)
Innocent until proven guilty Mongo (10)
I'm very impressed by the French health system... a cynic writes... (13)
Managing a remote Boss bossman (6)
Masters of War Dan Denman (2)
So who outed Valerie Plame? xava! (5)
Fitzgerald Press Conference xava! (0)
Human sexuality is not binary sharkfish (20)
CVS and Subversion Ogami Itto (10)
Janet Jackson Twisted Transistor (10)
Fav holiday Anon Forver (11)
What do you do with your ideas? Jason T. (13)
October 28th, 2005
Would you be paranoid if... sharkfish (21)
playing Magic: The Gathering online with real cards Mark Warner (12)
Got a new monitor MarkTAW (26)
iTunes question Ogami Itto (4)
Poll: the people want an end to poverty Misanthrope (7)
Developers! Developers! Developers! YTMND fan (1)
I read the sidebar as Mark Warner (10)
Automatically deleting played podcasts from iTunes and iPod Matthew Lock (14)
Go Google! Ogami Itto (10)
What are you giving out this year? example (23)
Have a great weekend, everybody! Aaron F Stanton (3)
Patrick Fitzgerald in 2008 Jason (3)
Friday's random thread about nothing Almost H. Anonymous (12)
Ernst Zundel ,..., (5)
Calligraphy Li-fan Chen (13)
Libby Scoots Simon Lucy (22)
Syria next, then Iran thompson_gunner (21)
Quandry Aaron F Stanton (4)
How goes Sathyaish? Li-fan Chen (10)
Best Halloween costume ever. Flasher T (2)
Sick day policies nathan (18)
Good grief, you stupid Americans Mark Warner (52)
Happy Diwali Independent Indian (18)
Starbucks funds the Homosexual Agenda!!! Mark Warner (57)
Weekly Prayer of the Geek Tayssir John Gabbour (2)
OffTopic Tag SF competition ... Chooser (8)
Penny for the guy...? qwe (18)
Apparently Warner got the cash together. Flasher T (15)
B O R E D Planet Funk (6)
Run batch mode scripts for SQLServer, remote locations Not Berlin (3)
Rental Cars 28/w (13)
October 27th, 2005
Name that Game I am Jack's curious cause (9)
All Hallow's Eve Dennis Forbes (6)
How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days MarkTAW (11)
Friday humor: Examples of people who are full of it Arch-Skeptic (12)
Gustatory olefactory brain meltdown Ian Boys (18)
Isn't it embarrassing Simon Lucy (22)
Sorry AllanL5 me too (3)
Thursdays are now... MarkTAW (32)
Spade, Club, Heart, Diamond AllanL5 (45)
I still find Dan Denman (9)
♠♣♥♦ Kenny (19)
Cheap n' easy last-minute costume ideas bionicroach (25)
Coffee Fest Ward Bush (5)
Random thread about nothing MarkTAW (118)
Name That Sci-Fi Flasher T (28)
Muppet...er..Warner...would you wear this for me? Chris McKinstry (9)
Ford monitors bathroom breaks Cory Foy (20)
Miers Steps Down Simon Lucy (32)
Violence in Computer Games Redux qwe (3)
Here we go Mark Warner (15)
Feast of Cana at 1pm, Scourging at 3:30, Crucifixion at 4:30 Simon Lucy (4)
It is a cross now! Anon Forever (11)
Fog Creek Software Management Training Program Möbius Flipside (4)
I object to the sidebar icon. Flasher T (16)
Just handed in my notice and I feel good! Planet Funk (10)
I'm not slacking! I'm sick Honu (1)
October 26th, 2005
Play video games for a living. MarkTAW (9)
OK, so here's what I'll do Mark Warner (72)
Calculating interest Mark Warner (7)
Note to self Aaron F Stanton (21)
You know what small business makes a ton of money... MarkTAW (48)
Poll of Iraqi population thompson_gunner (9)
Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways to Cut Employee Benefit Costs Dan Denman (30)
some real jerry spring action (19)
Pimping firefox Alex K (5)
Rosa Parks on Dan Denman (10)
Well someone doesn't agree with you naysayers Mark Warner (60)
I've been BoingBoinged! Mat Hall (21)
Dems as a force for good. xava! (5)
Aaaw... Mat Hall (6)
Customer service voice recognition example (2)
Child's play: muppets house a2800276 (5)
OK well, I have a week to raise $5,000 Mark Warner (85)
The White House Cabal Andrew Hurst (20)
Installing the dot NET framework like some kind of fairy Michael B (9)
Some sisters not so weird. Simon Lucy (9)
Next step for AI...? Kenny (18)
Between Iraq and a Hard Place Dana (34)
BIG TIME interest in Whispers in the Dark!!! Mark Warner (15)
Mental... Mat Hall (21)
My theory of employment (4)
Aaron is this you? anon (28)
Rosa Parks has died. Flasher T (28)
My monitor has started... MarkTAW (15)
A few words from Bill Moyers Misanthrope (1)
October 25th, 2005
wow, JoS main forumers are *mean* Jesus H Christ (14)
Miss Rice Dan Denman (2)
GoogleBase Jeff Barton (5)
Indictments Coming Tomorrow; Targets Received Letters Today xava! (14)
Omega 3 fatty acid Dan Denman (13)
where in the world is philo? Jesus H Christ (4)
My theory of employment Michael B (7)
Green Walmart Jim Rankin (25)
80% travel Cory Foy (17)
Secret Codes in Printers May Allow Government Tracking (10)
Joel mentions MBAs, compare Apprentice captain damage (2)
Who likes Jamba Juice!!? Dave B. (20)
Complexity Aaaargh! (4)
What is Anon Forever (19)
Hmm I think the ROM updater just crashed on my Thera Mark Warner (11)
My head asplode! Mat Hall (14)
Bizarre Perspective Distruptor (11)
Recommended app to convert WM/ Real to mp3 mp3 (2)
October 24th, 2005
I am totally broke, any suggestions? (47)
How is .COM domain name important in todays web? Alex K (15)
Why do software? sharkfish (48)
Programmers are horrible at negotiating? Not Berlin (7)
Queen of the Damned Born Again Jim Rankin (7)
Do you have an online doppelganger? qwe (34)
My theory of employment hoser (15)
Dag nab it Dave B. (12)
Halloween decorations example (2)
Still no loan Mark Warner (79)
Civ4! Civ4! Civ4! Kenny (9)
AAAAGH! Mat Hall (27)
I think this is funny some guy (14)
October 23rd, 2005
Har har. Back Street Boys sharkfish (5)
Have a good monday!! Not Berlin (36)
Excelent article about developing a product Ogami Itto (6)
Get yourself off Google's index Ogami Itto (5)
Anyone for Risk? jz (3)
Help (4)
Sunday Anon Forever (21)
XP House Flasher T (0)
MP3 tool Ogami Itto (3)
October 22nd, 2005
Speaking of "get r done" sharkfish (22)
Thinkpad, please, an honest review? thanks (28)
Project Management Tools Ogami Itto (4)
Damn I love the New Zealand people....Illegal Iraq war.. Jesus H Christ (17)
Who loves you baby? (49)
email sigs sig boy (2)
Need a man bag Mark Warner (25)
Quake 4... Mat Hall (22)
Harriet Miers: The Bright Side Jim Rankin (2)
Simon Lucy xava! (2)
October 21st, 2005
democrat judges Jesus H Christ (23)
Has there ever been a post on ?off about... Dave B. (6)
Color printers suck. MarkTAW (10)
The Guillotine Andy (33)
jews occupy the upper echelons of society (25)
I just wrote an essay in which I compare... MarkTAW (23)
Blu-Ray Yoey (5)
You're still at work! Michael B (19)
Go down, Aaron! Eric Debois (11)
Lethal Weapons Packin Heat (18)
Well, I've been fired Mark Warner (27)
Marriage at Empire State Building Tying the knot (18)
Important news from my hometown... Jim Rankin (14)
Neat AJAX client-side storage solution Mat Hall (22)
Remember? "Bill Gates dumps dollar for euro" Toppy (10)
Quick and small contract for Flash developer Simon Lucy (1)
Know any honest tech commentators? Tayssir John Gabbour (12)
What are your goals? Not Berlin (22)
Question about connecting a DVD to a VCR Anonymous coward (22)
October 20th, 2005
Just as well we can grow our own food ... trollop (3)
My theory of employment sharkfish (39)
European of the Year - vote for no patents Stephen Jones (5)
shipping a car 28/w (7)
a conversation had today Mark Warner (14)
Malcolm Gladwell talk where he talks about Aeron chairs MarkTAW (7)
nice pic of Tom - (4)
Ever have your client do you QA for you? Kenny (5)
So the boss just sent me a meeting request for tomorrow Mark Warner (70)
McKinstry lowers himself to meager web programming Mark Warner (32)
The joke of the day. Masiosare (18)
?off moves to Radio 4 Ian Boys (4)
The combined idiocy of otherwise intelligent folk Simon Lucy (32)
must.. not.. chew.. through.. own.. arm.. Mark Warner (14)
Home Server DSL - can hit the website, cant PING Not Berlin (11)
The consequences of teaching kids that free-will is an illusion Chooser (23)
Time Waster Planet Funk (2)
4 games per week MarkTAW (16)
Job opportunity Dan Denman (5)
October 19th, 2005
Fall Foliage Yo (16)
Partial differential equations in one word: cool Ward Bush (12)
The appraisal (of course) is still up in the air Mark Warner (43)
This is awesome Mark Warner (8)
Check your I-9 forms example (20)
WCT - What I don't get Distruptor (54)
Monitoring running services on Win2k Mark Warner (5)
Choice & free-will - myth or what? Chooser (64)
A good, customizable javascript calendar control Mark Warner (4)
Damn you, Mark Warner Aaron F Stanton (27)
Florida in trouble - again Cory Foy (14)
A Google search for 'Crazy Asian Lady' Mark Warner (25)
I've decided that Joan Rivers is cool Simon Lucy (9)
Complex Math in one word, awesome Not Berlin (15)
October 18th, 2005
Looking for a "Suite" deal James (4)
Another first... Misanthrope (2)
What is meta search worth? sharkfish (17)
How's the job market in Canada? Ogami Itto (16)
Windows Patch Management bionicroach (1)
Kill Bill soundtrack Aaron F Stanton (7)
I get it sharkfish (16)
Calculus in one word: Michael B (70)
Potential to get out of my rut sharkfish (33)
What's the deal with choosing judges for the Supremes? Fred (14)
Finally, Google Video search turned up something good bionicroach (2)
challenge engineer (17)
nice nyc image prakash s (23)
Almost Anonymous (PHP question) Mark Warner (8)
New York City Distruptor (4)
Sharkfish and anger ,..., (17)
PHB needs BS with razzmataz engineer (7)
Norway #1?? Ireland #2???? Kenny (40)
Advice on Ireland? ghostbuster (9)
What's wrong with the picture of girls? S.C. (14)
This is not Simon Lucy (49)
Elevator Probablities 2 son of parnas (15)
Dirty Tricks, Martha Mitchell Simon Lucy (0)
Abusing men - womenly Dennis Forbes (9)
Where Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
WTF Sathyaish Chakravarthy (23)
Abusing women = manly jz (21)
AV software MarkTAW (10)
%&$%(*&)@Q#$(*^# professors MarkTAW (18)
Difference between Thinkpad R50e and R51? some guy (4)
Loud Cell Phones ,..., (10)
340' PowerKong MarkTAW (7)
October 17th, 2005
If you had six months sharkfish (28)
survey Middle-Aged Deviant (11)
O'Reilly Redux, Jessica's Law 25 years to life Not Berlin (2)
Spazz sharkfish (9)
Giving up. sharkfish (52)
Java peeve sharkfish (27)
In his laps VS. on his lap? Fred (17)
Fsck the condos sharkfish (39)
Ouch Colm O'Connor (4)
Nuke Iran thompson_gunner (20)
FogBugz mentioned in meeting Not Berlin (6)
I'm trying once again to learn Ruby on Rails Mark Warner (15)
A man obsessed Mark Warner (8)
Office deserves to die a slow painful death Colm O'Connor (33)
Broken Foot, don't feel like going to the doctor Not Berlin (32)
Cell Phone Walkie Talkie's Monday Morning Ranter (11)
Anyone used one of these? Mat Hall (11)
Smoking Kills Flasher T (4)
Monday Joke Mark Warner (6)
Empire building Colm O'Connor (14)
October 16th, 2005
Miers Dan Denman (13)
Many people die everyday Rick Tang (26)
$340 million dollar Powerball Dave B. (26)
Well, I've just finished polishing/shining/mink oiling my Mark Warner (9)
Google search box Flasher T (13)
Graham's start-up school sharkfish (27)
Pulp fiction anon (8)
I'm rewriting the Genesis script for my space strat game Mark Warner (13)
I need a crash course in VBA Mark Warner (9)
October 15th, 2005
How-to write a successfull program Ogami Itto (2)
Condoleeza Rice, umarried; what does she do on the weekend? Not Berlin (22)
More log goodness. Flasher T (6)
Any of you guys seen this? wmw? (0)
NAV doesn't load on start up Problems (2)
The Open Source War son of parnas (4)
Why retire in the first place? Flasher T (22)
Remote backup of a home machine? John Aitken (2)
"Save your way to freedom" Toppy (6)
More Katrina relief turned away. (6)
Morons MarkTAW (29)
October 14th, 2005
Making money with open source sharkfish (6)
How to f--k your employer anon this time (10)
?Off Censorship Actively Disengaged (8)
Moral of the story : Snark (2)
A country obsessed Dan Denman (16)
please help Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
best blog ever XD (27)
Hey Disengaged Activation, guy, sir... Mark Warner (18)
Security model to avoid saving password and user Not Berlin (16)
..I'll show you mine ... trollop (3)
Revolver Flasher T (2)
Sympathy reply. (12)
Levees were bombed example (13)
The sellers offered $2,500 toward the repairs Mark Warner (16)
QotD Mark Warner (9)
Help me test the counter plugin I've installed? Mark Warner (21)
The Shop Talk Of Amateurs & Professionals Tayssir John Gabbour (5)
Hypocritical bastard won't be here much longer (7)
She's so purdy! Planet Funk (8)
So I was doing a briefing on Project Server today... Philo (8)
October 13th, 2005
So you hate your job... Planet Funk (12)
Plan to phase out government school programs? Not Berlin (8)
So if a... Planet Funk (5)
Russia invaded Jesus H Christ (24)
Well I've just been told that the sellers are cranky about Mark Warner (26)
What would you do sharkfish (31)
Wanna bet Rove will... (9)
Peeve of the day... Philo (8)
Nice to live in a civilized country Eric Debois (18)
Recover deleted .svn directory XYZZY (2)
Fully Automatic GAS Quick Water Heater... Another poster... (24)
Critique my website Alex Chernavsky (5)
Something a smart guy should be able to figure out Mark Warner (51)
Documenting stored procedures Scott (14)
RentaCoder.com Mark Warner (20)
Thanks for the advice Cory Foy (8)
I hate IE and its broken fucking CSS rendering Mark Warner (26)
If the US is so Wealthy why is its poor so Poor Simon Lucy (87)
So, I had a run in with 12 fine officers ....not really german city, name... (5)
October 12th, 2005
go china! Jesus H Christ (23)
Ideal Christmas present for muppet (9)
For Mark, the brain and pattern recognition and programming Berlin (16)
Phone Phishing Stephen Caldwell (4)
Heating the house will be expensive this winter example (23)
iPod Video Jeff Barton (46)
Here ya go Aaron F Stanton (9)
Little plastic Finn declares war on behemoth American Simon Lucy (52)
About to be booted from an office digging in my heels (13)
Well I got my answer back on my increase. Mark Warner (11)
Linux/Unix server, what do I setup on the server end for domain Berlin Brown (13)
The Myth of Cultural Stereotypes a cynic writes... (9)
Pronunciation: Agnostic Misanthrope (13)
Wow, Aaron, that's uh... pretty... swell? Mark Warner (6)
Operation Eden Mr. Wumpus (3)
The Real Deal trollop (12)
Isn't it getting much, much worse if Mark Warner (4)
ASF converter? Flasher T (1)
Free speech or free travel Flasher T (5)
source for good free classical music mp3s? son of parnas (8)
October 11th, 2005
Why is the US wealthy? Aaron F Stanton (58)
Another example of Windows FUBAR UI hoser (6)
Does child protective services ever do things right? Philo (7)
Link Whores Planet Funk (7)
Contest: Ugliest Blog/Personal site sharkfish (12)
Kevin Mitnick is hot sharkfish (22)
I aced my exams MarkTAW (17)
Where's the jingo? Jim Rankin (24)
Google map-ish map of the moon Eric Debois (7)
Hey Dan Denman Aaron F Stanton (18)
So I'm sitting here at Panera Aaron F Stanton (23)
Google Home Page Weather Mark Warner (1)
Check out my Subaru! Flasher T (3)
Interesting... Aaron F Stanton (35)
Patent Office fucktards Mr. Wumpus (13)
Panhandling for a charitable cause... Mat Hall (16)
Is Level3 v Cogent a Good Thing or a Bad Thing Simon Lucy (5)
Man arrested for running a porn site Flasher T (41)
Apocalypse Redux Flasher T (5)
UNICEF bombs smurfs Ward (12)
Who was looking to upgrade their video card? Philo (5)
Mmmmm, tryptophan Ward (8)
October 10th, 2005
Since I dug it out for my other site Mark Warner (22)
Oregon, live sex? Opening the floodgates Berlin Brown (15)
So what's the market like dial-a-lover.com (10)
US training program for Iraqi terrorists working well Jesus H Christ (27)
UK residents, don't forget... Mat Hall (14)
Don't you just love Japanese cars? Flasher T (19)
Cheapest registrar? Flasher T (40)
A moment of silence Mark B Warner (26)
Well I know why the shower was leaking. MarkTAW (38)
Exiting Iraq, and other good ideas Misanthrope (11)
Redux redux a cynic writes... (4)
Completely unfathomable Mark B Warner (17)
Dinner for Fictional Five Philo (18)
Blackjack reduxe MarkTAW (7)
Dinner for Five redux Ward (10)
Let it die hoser (18)
October 9th, 2005
Look at this and tell me what you see? Ian Boys (20)
Am I in the wrong industry? Maybe I should try out for American Idol (8)
Second Opinion Cory Foy (22)
Darpa Grand Challenge Results AllanL5 (10)
To My ?off Friends Dennis Forbes (8)
Apprentice new daddy - WTF?!?! Philo (14)
Why don't TV's have automatic level control? Philo (27)
Parental Property... Another poster... (24)
Muppet's apple pies Mark Warner (25)
Five people sharkfish (50)
How do you open a file in VLC? Flasher T (11)
Tech prejudices? Vent here. Tayssir John Gabbour (32)
Serenity (redux) Ian Boys (1)
20th dimension hyperspheres. MarkTAW (2)
My name is still etched into the basement floor Mark Warner (11)
October 8th, 2005
Amusing misspellings Ben Atkin (5)
... this just in ... PNII (5)
Awwww, he empathized sharkfish (6)
Anyone care Joe homeless (3)
Single malt whiskey anon because my wife wants me to avoid publicity! (14)
bush describes his fantasy world in greater detail Jesus H Christ (6)
Do all right-wing nuts carry guns? Berlin Brown (11)
Good night, and good luck Misanthrope (0)
Blackjack sharkfish (25)
Bill Nye MarkTAW (9)
NSS? America's 'secret police'? sharkfish (8)
Discovery-type radio broadcasts on the net? some guy (3)
Election systems Flasher T (13)
Amazon.com chokes on my email address Mark Warner (15)
National Debt and GDP RM (7)
Unbelievable ,..., (23)
Libertarians thompson_gunner (16)
I won the lotto!! Mark B Warner (26)
Gladwell takes a swipe at Harvard and Yale idiotic admission Dan Denman (4)
Did muppet get the house? xava! (11)
October 7th, 2005
Rack-mounted UPS Philo (7)
Moral obligation to pay taxes? Ward (24)
Yes, yet another new thing from Google Mat Hall (14)
Here's a goood one Mark B Warner (11)
Im moving to florida... Jesus H Christ (16)
So this is why so many people voted for W KayCee (24)
Under $100? Jim Rankin (24)
“No Kumbayah crap” Jim Rankin (2)
For muppet and others who have kids JD (10)
So I called my mortgage broker today for a status Mark B Warner (28)
Robot Love Simon Lucy (1)
Office Parade }i{ (9)
Broken Boxes noideawhatsoever (8)
Why I'm learning Russian sharkfish (34)
bush poll #s - new low (CBS) x (11)
Tony Blair Andy (24)
telecom company goes mad Jesus H Christ (1)
It's funny Mark B Warner (38)
Training users Planet Funk (6)
October 6th, 2005
Oh yeah! Dan Denman (7)
dotcom names sharkfish (26)
Here's some background Sathyaish Chakravarthy (19)
scalability of MySQL Mark B Warner (56)
polite term for 'fixed another person's crap code' arg! (3)
Foxit PDF Reader Planet Funk (3)
The United States needs to torture to control those people Sen. Ted Stevens (R) of Alaska (8)
George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq' Actively Disengaged (9)
GoToMyPC - Advertising Idiocy PNII (9)
Seems like it would be easy to catch some Virus writers Berlin Brown (6)
I can't focus on work Aaron F Stanton (25)
Yet another reason to boycott Wal-Mart (12)
Elevator Probablities son of parnas (30)
Blues Brothers redux: Bush's War (11)
Bush Presidency over Jim Rankin (28)
The Daily Show - has anyone attended a taping? Jason (10)
PC recycling example (16)
I knew it Aaron F Stanton (24)
Fire, baby! Jim Rankin (44)
Java Math ed lanyard (23)
Knights that go Ning Simon Lucy (9)
Vicar needs Heart tablets, Head needs a Life Simon Lucy (9)
The new Archbishop of York... a cynic writes... (21)
Weird Daily Show Tayssir John Gabbour (21)
Mold MarkTAW (31)
Broadwater Farm, Tottenham (2005) Ian Boys (2)
Martha Stewart Apprentice - affectations Philo (2)
Edgar Allan Poe A-nony-nony-mous (14)
Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system Planet Funk (6)
October 5th, 2005
Just keep them happy Planet Funk (8)
DELL XP Installation doesn't damn well listen! Planet Funk (13)
US officials brace for decisions in CIA leak case x (2)
My approach to Senate confirmation hearings... Philo (14)
who me? HIV positive? nah. Jesus H Christ (13)
personal software projects Jesus H Christ (53)
Lying, no-good forum Nate Silva (12)
Your Not-So-Private Future Begins in New Songdo... Chris McKinstry (7)
Wow Aaron F Stanton (9)
Google doesn't support Opera. Why? Ogami Itto (16)
Hmmmm Flasher T (29)
So, do I want to be a total bastard? Mark B Warner (41)
What's the deal with heart scans? Philo (34)
HA HA! Mat Hall (20)
Today's Quote (12)
Marvelously appropriate Flasher T (2)
Question for Sys Admins Real Some Guy (36)
So what do you do Mark B Warner (40)
Lemmings. Flasher T (20)
More from our Cricket Service Simon Lucy (15)
Pet Peeve #368 - hyphenating long words across lines. MarkTAW (17)
Network Question Cory Foy (4)
October 4th, 2005
Mouse review Ian Boys (28)
Q about how actors recite dialogue Tayssir John Gabbour (6)
Hey - I made CNN! Philo (17)
Cool name thread Andy (15)
The man who beat Karl Rove Jim Rankin (3)
1999 called Jim Rankin (7)
Latest plank in the Beer Party platform Philo (33)
Don't be stupid. Philo (32)
NY? Travel (11)
Gold Digger / George Bush Don't Like Black People (Remix) sharkfish (1)
Where to find porn for couples? Almost H. Anonymous (20)
About bleedin' time... Mat Hall (16)
Today's Quote (22)
The Kia dealership here Mark B Warner (18)
haha. Funny code. sharkfish (10)
opengl code Jesus H Christ (18)
The music industry is forcing me to become a criminal! Mat Hall (22)
I hope this gets Google cached - IBM Con sharkfish (24)
October 3rd, 2005
VMware ESX Server Planet Funk (0)
hollywood movies dont reflect reality Jesus H Christ (14)
Do Town Halls in the US generally keep plan drawings on file Mark B Warner (11)
Why can't I post to the other Joel boards? sharkfish (13)
Disguised unemployment trollop (48)
George W. Bush nominates can of spam to Supreme Court (2)
I work from home; this is my watercooler talk... Almost H. Anonymous (51)
Copy protection for Mac? Aaron F Stanton (2)
Sex balance sharkfish (26)
Demerol makes me sad and sentimental Mark Warner (39)
Project Leader Good Bye Gift The Development Team (10)
Proof - no spoilers sharkfish (18)
New Judge, errm lawyer for Old Judge Simon Lucy (8)
Who's the most Anon all the way (23)
Google Earth... Another poster... (14)
October 2nd, 2005
Bush involved in Plame Affair? xava! (10)
In another part of the world (Indonesia) sad (11)
SWOT DAMN Analysis Sathyaish Chakravarthy (25)
Sales people at software companies Sathyaish Chakravarthy (35)
Serenity MarkTAW (29)
Goggle censorship Stephen Jones (24)
hand of philo in muppets disapearance xava! (41)
Health Insurance Delay - (13)
Let's abort! sharkfish (57)
I hadn't realised Simon Lucy (10)
MySQL jobb add Eric Debois (11)
Great movies Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
October 1st, 2005
Because religion is important Berlin Brown (54)
Linux foo person (17)
Photos Dennis Forbes (5)
Full collection of Babylon 5 on NTSC VHS... Philo (6)
About User Interfaces Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
It was the dawn of the third age of ?off ... Rednatsyb Derob (7)
Raymond Chen look-alike Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
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