Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

September 30th, 2014
massive numbers of bash attacks ongoing n/a (8 comments)
Windows 10 -- Microsoft tempting fate Q (15)
Date #4 Professor Gladhands (11)
I'm trying to introduce this amazing technology at home Shylock (20)
Today's Jokes FSK (6)
Walking into the White House past security Bot Berlin (6)
Welcome to our new overlords n/a (18)
"The problem with the Micro ISV business model" from 2006 Bored Bystander (13)
Why would one query run _so_ much slower? Shylock (33)
I don't want to be a manager! Grunt (8)
Religion on the field df (8)
The federal reserve's reason for its existence: WildRiver (13)
Pictures of loading of Little Boy SaveTheHubble (15)
Awesome! 3.2 TB SSD goes into production Bluebeard (9)
MSSQL Monitoring Tools Shylock (2)
So most of the effort to reign in NSA was fake Quant (36)
Natural tobacco healthier search results Michael B (7)
Dutch Intelligence service identifies who is really behind ISIL MobyDobie (9)
if I was in the southern US in Oct eek (0)
September 29th, 2014
George and Amal Le Monde (0)
anyone hasn't patched bash yet? Regular Poster (14)
Actual Conversation From Work Today FSK (11)
Pulling off fingernails, buying SQL Server Developer's edition Shylock (2)
You have GOT to be Kidding Me... Brice Richard (54)
What is smoking like Michael B (14)
Just got a nasty email muppet (12)
Serving two masters? Mitch (1)
UK police can't tell drugs from breakfast cereal Quant (3)
Look out - Amelia is coming Bill42x (7)
mr. purple has some mysterious plague the great purple (28)
Terrible interviewers emailed back, want an in person interview muppet (41)
Great article about "sharing economy" Quant (6)
Now that I've done a bit of LINQ Bluebeard (3)
September 28th, 2014
cool ghost video! n/a (9)
this weekend at Amy's Baking Company n/a (11)
respect. eek (17)
J.J. Astor n/a (8)
Quora Walter (7)
At least 42% of the cost of Pfizer's drugs are profit Michael B (25)
anti-pattern: bait and switch registration n/a (10)
chinese don't have freedoms we take for granted n/a (3)
foster care n/a (8)
Does this woman live on our planet? Bill42x (16)
Poll: n/a is more trustworthy than Idiot Rick Tsang (4)
September 27th, 2014
We hunt df (25)
"This would be a good place to work." zed (15)
geeking out with 84TB at home n/a (11)
Police didn't/don't know to send rape kits in for DNA testing Michael B (21)
Time for a new home router xampl9 (Windows Phone) (20)
Obama's Hair Cosmic Bob (1)
Cool short film Wayne (1)
September 26th, 2014
If you've ever been human Michael B (18)
More Work Foolishness FSK (39)
hn on health care Cosmic Bob (4)
How to make more money? WildRiver (12)
well that was disappointing muppet (29)
Salary negotiation :/ muppet (30)
Ways of Programming - EXTENDED THOUGHTS Brice Richard (35)
Religious extremists hijack a plane, delaying flight for 11h Quant (33)
Laser-delousing of salmon NN (2)
Where can I sign up to shoot these fucks? Michael B (6)
Ways of programming Io (13)
Climate Science is Settled! Former cot (16)
September 25th, 2014
i checked the age of my tap water and got surprising results n/a (9)
Izzy drew Mickey Mouse with her crayons while I was cooking muppet (10)
col database in hn 2 Bot Berlin (3)
fuck the police Bot Berlin (12)
drinks? Think you drink a lot? 10 drinks per day. hn reporter (16)
Harvest swap meets df (10)
Time to feel bad because you don't know emacs Michael B (15)
Thank you for restoring my posts Dr. Horr (Swedish proxy) (5)
bash Michael B (6)
Engineering is a shit field... Engineer (3)
Great to see you guys taking action Tom (2)
American tax code Quant (1)
Yay for academic freedom Quant (0)
Finnish Video on online discussion boards Walter (0)
"Made in Palestine" MobyDobie (22)
Shell shock Quant (16)
September 24th, 2014
Gillette razor margins xampl9 (8)
Name the guy! Trivia pursuit. WildRiver (4)
Game plugs JoC (7)
COT Opinion Requested Brice Richard (28)
How many hours do you work per day? Bill (17)
Huge iPhone lines df (13)
CAN-SPAM act xampl9 (1)
Interviewing skills muppet (42)
Doesn't pay to be a whistleblower Quant (9)
On company chat Quant (64)
Do you believe ISIS wants to establish Islamic state? Lee (11)
Happy new year to the Jews LeMonDe (3)
My day Legion (9)
September 23rd, 2014
At this point, I'd rather see them in The Sunshine Boys Shylock (4)
The coding system you build an application in... # (17)
Who are the liberal, conservative, libertarian, or anarchist? WildRiver (8)
Deep thought for today WildRiver (2)
The CSR at the bank who "helped" me yesterday muppet (7)
Car shopping sites xampl9 (14)
So I've got a phone interview friday muppet (46)
Both funny and tragic Quant (9)
Fuck {Freddie,Sallie} Mae Michael B (19)
Obama build new nukes Quant (15)
Liberals are so miserable they don't even like each other Jack (9)
September 22nd, 2014
NASA Continues Search For Planet Capable Of Supporting NASA Bored Bystander (1)
Prayer :::::::::::::::::::::::: (4)
Is it really not possible to remove the Safari icon from the doc dave (8)
The Debt Resistor's Operations Manual Michael B (40)
Afghan trainees are going AWOL in the US. Gotta Stop this! WildRiver (0)
the new iphones are pretty hot, huh ... eek (6)
Hahaha, I need a laugh! WildRiver (7)
Sushi xampl9 (23)
So, evidently BoA closed our second mortgage account without muppet (38)
solar wins Regular Poster (15)
Do you have enough money to retire? WildRiver (18)
September 21st, 2014
The Dark Net Rico Suave (4)
The poor in the US vs the poor in 3rd world! WildRiver (3)
People you dont see for a long time Pango (4)
PSA: the US does not have the highest standard of living Michael B (33)
September 20th, 2014
When did American workers become disposable? WildRiver (19)
Obama on the golf course Legion (3)
2001 A Space Odyssey still looks futuristic xampl9 (16)
September 19th, 2014
Any extjs devs here? dave (8)
serious critics of israel losing facebook accounts n/a (18)
The "ALL" Acronym of Social Relationships Brice Richard (4)
Now this is scary Shylock (6)
Col DB in ycomb Bot Berlin (5)
Question for the English Shylock (22)
ugh.  school fundraisers the great purple (11)
downfall parody contract law Hic Cup (1)
September 18th, 2014
Startups Shylock (43)
Larry Ellison steps down xampl9 (5)
Reached a milestone today muppet (9)
How Does Anywone Ever Get Hired? FSK (48)
MongoDB Is Trash FSK (19)
Scotland df (25)
How are you constructing your web forms in .net? Rick (13)
Fuck Sallie Mae Michael B (12)
The computer industry has created jobs for many of us! WildRiver (18)
Do you focus enough on... GottaHaveMyPops (1)
Do you focus enough on your family? SaveTheHubble (5)
Do you focus enough on your career? commuter (6)
My hobby is placing spiders into jars and letting them fight Spider Man (5)
It's time for peace between Israel and Palestine LeMonDe (11)
We have no balls to be innovative in financial domain. WildRiver (11)
My New Consulting Website Brice Richard (6)
5 assignments in 5 weeks Hic Cup (2)
Rational actors across US choose obesity Michael B (38)
Why the Death of Small Town America is a Good Thing Joe (28)
September 17th, 2014
Interesting observation about current state of tech giants. WildRiver (37)
how to tell an employed programmer n/a (12)
Obama to send 3000 troops to Africa to help fighting Ebola? WildRiver (23)
ORM again.  I came to conclusion that I rather use Dapper.NET WildRiver (20)
The fed keeps low interest rate policy for a long time to come. WildRiver (10)
Microsoft is laying off 18K people next month. WildRiver (13)
That Kx thing and APL Trog (17)
Hepatitis C drug in India to cost 1% of the US price Michael B (12)
The Internet Is Broken df (12)
Assholes get ripped off by even bigger asshole Michael B (10)
Shylock, your nic is offensive to some! WildRiver (10)
Fake Canadians Shylock (2)
Javascript replacing Applescript n/a (0)
Grrr... according to the Gini coefficient Michael B (10)
Basic? Bah. Learn COBOL! Quant (23)
To my COT friend Brice LeMonDe (6)
Retirement projections Michael B (20)
To the forum bullies that are picking on Brice President of Brice Fan Club (12)
September 16th, 2014
Obama gives out too many speeches too often. WildRiver (8)
Visual Studio...what happened??? dave (24)
South African pop curiosities Bluebeard (1)
Geopolitical Prediction Brice Richard (20)
ISS transportation contract xampl9 (10)
American Sniper author Chris Kyle shot dead in Texas Ducknald Don (14)
crazy uniforms...lol WildRiver (1)
Why is IBM still in business? This crappy company should have WildRiver (25)
I'm liking the new Microsoft df (13)
The world deserves you Michael B (3)
Hallmark of a Good Developer Brice Richard (31)
iPhone 6 NFC chip locked down xampl9 (11)
More killer robots Bot Berlin (3)
energy transition eek (1)
It costs $200 to remove a brain tumor in Australia Quant (32)
Worst Data Warehouse Part 2 Home Despot (9)
Executive invites me but not boss to meeting Cube Dweller (16)
September 15th, 2014
U2 Songs of Innocence xampl9 (14)
AMERICA Michael B (14)
you like? CES Maintainer (0)
interest? hoyZa (16)
Software half life. WildRiver (11)
The downfall of BoS...what happened? ? (14)
Does anyone have Idiot-B-Gone working for CoT? Dr. Heywood "Jablowme" Floyd (11)
What if they remade Logan's Run today? xampl9 (1)
Quick Vent on Tipping Hotel Maids Brice Richard (40)
Interesting read about software development field. WildRiver (7)
stocks hoyZa (23)
Robotic bug killers df (9)
Samsung invents ED-209 Killer Robot Bored Bi-Stander (14)
Micro ISV WildRiver (17)
Tech bubble in the last few years WildRiver (15)
good to have what I already thought confirmed ... eek (4)
Would you commute 3 hours to work each way? commuter (16)
September 14th, 2014
Order in the court! Order in the court! n/a (1)
Fed on 9-11 Craggie (7)
Software patents Legion (0)
n/a, just to clear this up Michael B (18)
September 13th, 2014
antipsychotics are needed for all of you n/a (3)
What would it take to replace SQL? Shylock (45)
How to play with scammer? WildRiver (18)
Treasure Hunter Hook (1)
education vs income n/a (14)
Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk: exceptionalism or extremely lucky? WildRiver (9)
It's the same weather pattern as last winter Mike (27)
ok tech wizards eek (16)
My dream girl Nithya Menon mohammedashiqe (9)
September 12th, 2014
Is Coming To Work With A Hangover Good For Your Career? FSK (10)
This also sounds reasonable hoyZa (6)
Millenials are better read than older people Michael B (22)
I'm sure Brice wants one of these! SaveTheHubble (1)
pimp my twitter account (was: branding for nobodies) hoyZa (14)
Lacking Knowledge Creates an Inability to Solve the Problem Brice Richard (25)
Maybe Brice is right after all President of Brice Fan Club (15)
True Love or Pussy Whipped Beyond Explanation Brice Richard (16)
TSQL Question Shylock (10)
September 11th, 2014
It used to keep me awake at night... Legion (4)
Branding for Nobodies Bored Bystander (16)
Driving through CT and MA...and the gas price is WildRiver (14)
Prison break Bot Berlin (4)
Y'All Qaeda Bored Bystander (1)
sad case, south korean escapes to freedom in north, rejected n/a (1)
Strange government site Walter (12)
hands up! don't shoot! Bot Baden (11)
ebola Bot Baden (1)
DELETED > Go fuck yourself, lemon. Bot Baden (8)
More Job Interview Foolishness FSK (21)
Hello friends... Missed you... LeMonDe (4)
Grandpa 6th time Legion (7)
This seemed remarkably reasonable hoyZa (11)
I just saw the worst data warehouse I ever came across Home Despot (44)
September 10th, 2014
from head of DMV to sportscaster? Legend (1)
Next Interviewee: Let me tell you about scoping Legion (31)
TIL I learned I don't know relational databases Shylock (50)
backpacking through asia n/a (9)
Are you obligated to watch this? Bot Berlin (1)
Job is stagnant, what should I do? Bruce (25)
The beginning of the end of the War on Drugs? Shylock (30)
Amateur rhinoplasty muppet (2)
How did this not make headline news? Home Despot (3)
September 9th, 2014
"My old Nokia fits in a pocket and still works." Wayne (21)
Microsoft buys Mojang, Minecraft to be 'Windows Only' news alert! (14)
Idiots in training brone (4)
Memphis teen rioters xampl9 (Windows Phone) (20)
iPhone 6 Plus xampl9 (26)
Amazing df (4)
The next drug hysteria Shylock (31)
CIA raping babies again n/a (0)
Google salaries so low employees are homeless n/a (15)
9th Amendment - Requires ALL businesses tom release ALL source MobyDobie (11)
crime? Bot Baden (9)
September 8th, 2014
Does it matter if it is one punch? Bot Berlin (9)
cot twitter Bot Baden (1)
Hell is Michael B (21)
You sure you want self-driving cars? Shylock (8)
Clooney Sudan Bot Baden (2)
Ray Rice Bot Baden (20)
Farm subsidy Walter (3)
Halloween costumes at work xampl9 (4)
Announcing your goals makes you less likely to achieve them Michael B (14)
Animatronics muppet (10)
older dudes and younger women eek (51)
My #1 Kindle Book MobyDobie (17)
September 7th, 2014
Do you agree with this guy? Bot Berlin (7)
VBA Pays better than everything but Rails Ducknald Don (36)
GPL case regarding unofficial Minecraft derivatives n/a (28)
polish fellow n/a (23)
discussing MH370 is not permitted n/a (14)
r/swoleacceptance Michael B (2)
What would lead to better software Trog (10)
September 6th, 2014
Posner on gay marriage Walter (5)
Music criticism is weird Q (11)
This looks like an electric vehicle that could actually work Shylock (6)
Drink up! Walter (21)
Automation in the wild 2.0 ... (7)
Another interviewee, another reject. 2.0 ... (38)
Staplerfahrer Klaus Bored Bystander (4)
microchip eek (21)
CoreOS df (4)
What I'm doing in between batch-adjusting 7.5M worth of muppet (1)
Anyone here see "The Purge" (either movie) Bored Bystander (4)
Who is literally everyone over 30 who posts here? Michael B (8)
Economist reviews book on US slavery Frank (15)
brice and the reddit retards on HN Craggie (3)
"left to right to move forward ..." eek (3)
I want a parameter in the database to limit another parameter Legion (9)
Another interviewee, another reject. Legion (40)
September 5th, 2014
Stay classy, Chan 7 trollop (4)
Language of choice for web apps Luc Cup (15)
Automation in the wild Bot Berlin (14)
Are food / restaurant prices going up? Bot Berlin (11)
The internet is overrated Michael B (18)
massive talent shortage, this time it's global n/a (13)
Iama request: Shylock's daughter Kenny the Robot (2)
How long do you expect to enjoy programming OTJ? Bored Bystander (61)
nothing like having ... eek (8)
If you're kinky like me Shylock (5)
I'm still giggling about this acquisition. Gleefully. muppet (14)
Hello CoT friends LeMonDe (6)
The US is a planned economy Michael B (31)
September 4th, 2014
I'm sorry xampl9 (3)
Worst drivers in U.S. Legion (26)
Antony Flew Colonel McKraken (2)
Joan Rivers RIP FSK (7)
Sia df (4)
Where's your crown, CoT? Michael B (5)
So, I started the daughter off on Java Shylock (32)
documentation Hygg (14)
Moar economics of hiring hoyZa (21)
Austin traffic sucks xampl9 (12)
September 3rd, 2014
Hey socialists.  I pay tax everyday! WildRiver (16)
Why can't a social anarchy work, again? Michael B (35)
Technology that is already popular yet we haven't actually seen Bot Berlin (17)
Now this is dumb Shylock (23)
To the asshole that started the "office gossip" thread dude needs advice (3)
Tony Blair awarded philanphropist of the year Shylock (1)
MSSQL Auditing Fail Shylock (14)
Selling app on Apple store?  Here is a summary. WildRiver (7)
So, I can daisy chain left joins Shylock (24)
Naked celeb pics xampl9 (7)
Lemonde, we love you dude Lemonde fan club (5)
September 2nd, 2014
Whatchya doing? xampl9 (0)
Kia Soul EV xampl9 (7)
Big credit card breaches this week xampl9 (37)
What do you guys think of this? JoC (5)
ExtJs xampl9 (Windows Phone) (9)
What do you guys think of this? WildRiver (3)
I wish we have more of her! Brice, check this out! WildRiver (19)
Why don't you mother fuckers give this guy advice? dude needs advice (10)
Hand blended Chewbacca fur colors muppet (24)
Signs that it's a good place to work? Kenny the Robot (11)
September 1st, 2014
MBA; a dime a dozen! WildRiver (12)
Guns guns guns gunbot (10)
Celeb photo leak Legion (18)
Don't want an MBA!  Want something useful! OpportunityKnocking (8)
Skylock Mr T (4)
Golan heights - -chaos Craggie (5)
2014 project: linear regression. use your intercept! Bot Berlin (0)
So, a young kid, about 9, with one leg Hemlock (2)
Republican states picking up Medicare expansion Craggie (2)
Labor Day SaveTheHubble (13)
Into the Doctor Froc Cup (5)
Foreskins Holy Joe (20)
Regularly posting job ads with no actual open position nugreen (16)