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September 30th, 2011
So how do you make and keep a network of contacts? . (9 comments)
Wacky C++ Q (34)
Occupy Wall Street photos Idiot (63)
The Soulfishery Attila (14)
What makes a developer good? Michael B (33)
Carousel Jack's linked lift (17)
Silk Jack's linked lift (3)
Looking at the job boards, a lot of companies want developers... . (38)
Big stink on Reddit by Anderson Cooper Kenny (16)
China launched space station Dr. Horrorwitz (26)
Forbidden to examine Apollo landing sites.. Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
nail polish LemOnde (2)
Why do people even get married anymore? .dot (20)
September 29th, 2011
Elon Musk's SpaceX doing crazy shit. Idiot (22)
No gays on Southwest Idiot (3)
skipping the article for the comments to debunk Idiot (5)
paying by time saved Idiot (1)
Why do people throw huge weddings? Michael B (42)
oracle brings out the handbags brone (5)
Battlefield 3 Jack's linked lift (3)
BofA to charge $5 a month for debit card use xampl9 (17)
Herman Cain for President Idiot (26)
Silicon Valley coming to everywhere Idiot (26)
Microsoft still f**king sucks Bot Berlin (23)
Large scale location of Milky Way identified less is more (2)
New fashion statement: the rise of the mono-breast NSFW? Bob. (2)
The hypocrisy of Ron Paul Idiot (2)
September 28th, 2011
Completeness in Codee Bot Berlin (16)
Ukraine xampl9 (13)
Not the 9 o'clock neutrinos less is more (0)
Happy New Year Shylock (21)
Should relationships start with a kiss/makeout Bot Berlin (19)
Dating profile privacy Idiot (1)
women should be barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen LemOnde (3)
Logitech support xampl9 (3)
Kindle Fire df (23)
Singapore Colm (10)
Liberty – pest and hunger Attila (6)
Sudoku Solver Source Idiot (1)
stupid windows issue eek (20)
Kindle blah blah Idiot (12)
I love racist bake sales Idiot (6)
Obama to make Long Term unemployment even longer Morons (2)
Should rape victims be executed? Idiot (12)
effective method for learning chemistry Idiot (4)
Canada passes tough cigarette packaging laws less is more (30)
Scrum: Delivering broken software since 1991 xampl9 (16)
Music Wednesday Matchu (2)
The far right Colm (18)
Obama's Elf resigns Io (1)
The 7 Laws of Leanness - from the orange guy LemOnde (36)
Android Development? MobyDobie (3)
Iranian Navy approaching eastern seaboard Idiot (4)
September 27th, 2011
sth sierra (1)
Google Gaydar Idiot (3)
Is it better to re-hook up with an ex Michael B (14)
I'm new here from JOS David K (9)
Happy Birthday, Muppet! Fan boy (5)
As seen on: Crazy on Tap xampl9 (4)
24-year-old Justin Stouder should get LIFE IN PRISON Cock Sucker (10)
How do you test if a result is NaN? Idiot (10)
Anonymous Analytics! Idiot (0)
For all the Morons out there Shylock (5)
Battlefield 3 Beta Jack's better business (0)
So what will happen when the Euro falls? Shylock (40)
A safe bet: Greece government bonds Io (17)
In other series news Jack's bad business (4)
How do you deal with passive aggressive co-workers? . (25)
“These guys are a bunch of clowns" LH (14)
One reason to hate boost Io (31)
September 26th, 2011
Terra Nova Kenny (35)
Happy Birthday Google PigPen (5)
Apparently, scammers don't consider themselves intelligent Bob. (3)
Stop using my Gmail address ... BITCH! </pinkman> Bored Bystander (10)
Ron Paul for a hour Bot Berlin (14)
What is the worst... Jack's linked lift (3)
Weird Gmail Jack's linked lift (3)
Bing really sucks! Shylock (11)
Comic book heroes inherit wealth, villains earn it Colm (2)
Cuby Attila (0)
Am I the only person that thinks the neutrino/speed of light Wayne (30)
Steering Kids Away from IT Lance (17)
What would be your dream work schedule? . (9)
Why threads only last a day or two here? . (19)
Stop buying big CPUs xampl9 (25)
Best game-irl tie-in ever Michael B (2)
Federal Reserve plans to assasinate dissenters Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
Worst piece of advice for picking up women: Kenny (14)
WSDL Help Shylock (7)
NASA: "actually no, there's no global warming" Idiot (6)
Amazon next in line to commit ritual suicide against Apple Idiot (7)
September 25th, 2011
Let Me Make My Software Development Position Clear... Brice Richard (24)
Every move you make, trollop (0)
Gotta Share this Story... Idiot (8)
Developer has entertaining bitter meltdown Idiot (12)
Ask CoT: Varying Ethnic Criteria for Delectability Bored Bystander (15)
My next blog entry Bot Berlin (7)
Barefoot running Michael B (24)
Handy Tip - Tips on Attracting Women Brice Richard (74)
Find out Facebook's data on you Idiot (6)
Neutrino Brakes the Spead of light-Speed Limit Law Morons (7)
... Dude Bot Berlin (3)
iPad[2] simulator/emulator what are you reading for? (14)
Gotta Share This Story... Brice Richard (70)
Greed of boomers led us to a total bust less is more (19)
Madelaine Stowe ... (5)
anyone sql sierra (2)
karate kid sierra (8)
peta.xxx Idiot (8)
September 24th, 2011
Wine & cheese party xampl9 (3)
Calling all GeekXXs trollop (10)
Are we going to argue politics until Nov 2012? Idiot (10)
Do doctors live longer than the average person? Michael B (25)
On money PigPen (10)
America's Best Cities for Foodies - make a comment... LemOnde (1)
Seems about right Colm (22)
Why you should be glad you are a developer Colm (6)
4status (0)
September 23rd, 2011
Is it wrong to hate a certain race? Idiot (15)
The Office Idiot (9)
Gold and Silver taking a beating Kenny (12)
Ralph Nader: "I'm voting for Ron Paul, the only Progressive" Idiot (38)
new tool for terrorist interrogation Idiot (4)
Why is this kid complaining? Idiot (16)
HP xampl9 (2)
People who go to work sick . (22)
Chinese immigrant walks across US barefoot Idiot (16)
I'm considering driving across the street the great purple (34)
dude graduates age 22 with FIVE degrees Idiot (21)
Do you have the guts to enter this cinema? Io (2)
Prices in Mallorca Io (9)
I'd like to talk T-SQL with her Bluebeard (3)
September 22nd, 2011
company hires only autistics for software work Idiot (16)
speed of light passé Idiot (34)
Down down 438 Kenny (12)
We live in sick world/ Morons (2)
US Formula 1 xampl9 (2)
010101 means snake. trollop (11)
Should filthy coons be swarming a white woman? Idiot (15)
September 21st, 2011
Youtube gets lots of 500's tonight xampl9 (2)
Music: R.E.M breaks up Lee (11)
VS 2010 TFS Question Q (13)
Meg Whitaker to be HP CEO Idiot (17)
So what are you guys doing to advance your career? developer (19)
email concerning criminal activity is being blocked. Idiot (2)
Design by "TEARAT"??? Philip (0)
Hotmail's new feature xampl9 (2)
September 20th, 2011
This isn't good for the whole Linux Bot Berlin (13)
Hm. Google Wallet is also available Rick Tang (0)
Shocker: Al Jazeera run by CIA! Idiot (7)
Google+ opens to public EOM Still Anonymous (4)
What is it, CoT df (19)
muppet df (2)
Christina Hendricks as Wonder Woman? xampl9 (5)
What's your $EDITOR? Michael B (22)
Oh look, the US "justice" system... el (45)
Siemens withdraws 1/2 billion from French bank Serverside Troglodyte (3)
Pizza. A proper American food. rightwingnutjob (4)
Canadians must now pay US income tax Idiot (10)
Are the Irish descendants from Aliens? Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
I lost 10 kilo (22 lbs) in 3 months, AMA Dr. Horrorwitz (41)
What size monitor do you guys use for coding? Cliff (14)
September 19th, 2011
ideeli porn Q (1)
Avast, me hearties! xampl9 (2)
Palestination State & the Jews MobyDobie (7)
Peace in the Middle East Shylock (33)
NextStep libraries/Objective C Vexed Programmer (21)
Exchange is a pile of poo xampl9 (25)
Ikea founder former Nazi Idiot (15)
Give this guy a medal PigPen (18)
Tin foil hats for Thursday PigPen (13)
September 18th, 2011
Funny thing about the Microsoft BUILD conference Q (7)
Smoking in porn Bill42x (9)
Offering stuff for free df (20)
Apple's thoughtful attention to usability Idiot (7)
Read on the news Io (59)
Idiot Bluebeard (2)
In Soviet Russia, we elect the Latvians PigPen (6)
Obama raising taxes on upper middle class? Idiot (13)
just finished Thor sierra (6)
Reduced tax rates or complete exemption only for one group Penthouse letters editor (2)
September 17th, 2011
Characters in Star Trek Fan boy (50)
Hendricks in Drive Idiot (5)
Age in Star Trek Bot Berlin (2)
Race in Star Trek Idiot (28)
How dare someone mention Christmas in September? Q (3)
@Trollop PigPen (2)
Dent repair scammers xampl9 (6)
Idiot Kenny (6)
I wish my life was this easy PigPen (8)
People need their hero df (26)
1 billion $$$ Io (12)
Back again on the cancer research subject Io (6)
Brad Pitt Issues an Apology Over Jennifer Aniston LemOnde (7)
Christina Hendricks had big boobies back when she was slim Bob. (18)
Private Eye turns 50 trollop (1)
Bing, yahoo, et al Search engine orgy (5)
grooveshark sierra (0)
So I've been browsing some job ads on some of the job sites... Ted (32)
har har har to you freedom - Rick Perry edition lorb (2)
September 16th, 2011
Weird ass anti-physicist terrorist group emerges Idiot (9)
who the fuck is Chuck Testa PigPen (3)
"A Developer Dad’s Manifesto" Rick Tang (10)
the hated white race LemOnde (22)
FBI: Anonymous is terrorist group that plans to kill americans Idiot (4)
California earthquake xampl9 (6)
Shipping Children Idiot (2)
Would you take this cruise ship? Idiot (5)
Brands and Globalisation Attila (16)
stupid UIs Idiot (4)
do white people live in NYC? Idiot (20)
The colonial Golden Carriage of the Queen Attila (26)
Scumbag Logitech df (3)
You need a girlfriend Shylock (0)
spencer tunick project, go or no? LemOnde (2)
Awesome Ugandan phrase Obama is shit (5)
I'm going to tell mom .... PigPen (4)
PigPen's first rule of riot control .... PigPen (22)
Oh noes ... miners trapped PigPen (0)
doesn't eat meat, doesn't drink. FAIL PigPen (9)
Anyone been at the Microsoft BUILD conference this week? Q (22)
September 15th, 2011
Script kiddies PigPen (4)
Interesting 9/11 video Idiot (9)
Young, stupid and just cost PigPen (14)
Job offer of the day Idiot (13)
OMFG. Urkel + House PigPen (1)
Augusta, hot or not? Attila (12)
January Jones - now thats a hot woman... LemOnde (9)
Teambuilding Kepala Kelapa (10)
Where's Barry PigPen (14)
Carville offers Obama reasonable plan Idiot (7)
Idiot attends York and is a Girl! df (25)
Back on the cancer research subject Io (3)
about Jennifer Aniston .... LemOnde (9)
Does your employer drug test? Michael B (32)
What's for lunch? Some dude on the 'net (15)
non-competes enforced in Massachusetts Idiot (33)
Rising manufacturing costs in China xampl9 (9)
What is the best way to deal with a passive aggressive manager? anon for this (28)
What is your most favorite meat part/recipe? LemOnde (18)
Any ideas for improving my department manager? One of the old-timers (9)
Let's ban meat eating MobyDobie (23)
Wall Street Rick Reamer (16)
HP, IBM, history, and bloggin' hoyza (5)
Top 20 by 2020 PigPen (9)
Oil boom and crash Bill42x (46)
Tongue el (6)
Kirstie Alley - hot or not? LemOnde (33)
September 14th, 2011
euphemisms: from real estate to tech ads Idiot (3)
Interesting how every last VC firm is making dumb shit Idiot (24)
How Notch codes Rick Tang (5)
are white women contaminated by sex with black men? Idiot (33)
NASA wants to go to Mars again Idiot (13)
Chomsky: "Paul is only truthful candidate" Idiot (19)
Germany Kenny (25)
Come visit Ireland, we built crap 100 years ago Fan boy (23)
Crohnology __monty__ (5)
Shock and Awe MobyDobie (26)
What is worse?  A fight between two women? Bot Berlin (3)
The economy is messing up move plans Bot Berlin (12)
Software engineer one of the best careers to have in 2011 Bob. (12)
September 13th, 2011
federal job training successes Idiot (12)
another terror attack narrowly averted Idiot (6)
Putin on the Ritz Idiot (13)
Technical Recruiters and work Bot Berlin (3)
Daddy doing well these days Idiot (25)
Lynchings at Yahoo PigPen (11)
Cancer is overrated PigPen (20)
Fatherhood is natural Lee (1)
Nude Haka Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
Taiwan News does it again xampl9 (2)
I am Dr. Horrorwitz - AMA Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Party On Bored Bystander (4)
Ikea's american slave factory Idiot (9)
Ride sharing analysis and senior whore banging Idiot (1)
The good old days when politicians were honest and compassionate Bored Bystander (7)
This forum may be shut down MobyDobie (12)
Volunteer opportunities that cover basic living expenses? Anon for this one (2)
should school bullies be shot in the head at point blank range? Idiot (10)
Grandmother's letter Idiot (0)
Starving Africans fault of Bankers not Dictators Idiot (26)
Dr. King loved his bisexual orgies Idiot (9)
New Zealand Michael B (6)
More Americans live in poverty, Obama 2012! Bot Berlin (29)
Pooled school fundraising? df (15)
To move to the countryside or to stay in the city? df (18)
etx3/FAT32 filenames eek (2)
CEO missing in action reappears after 20 years Bluebeard (2)
I voted for Bob Turner This Morning. Morons (5)
Visual C++ compiler errors Io (0)
Tim Cook Money Vault xampl9 (8)
russian kids having some fun Idiot (7)
Enhanced interogation doesn't work Fan boy (4)
September 12th, 2011
Serena Williams vs. John McEnroe et al hater (5)
Saipan hillbillies hater (14)
Trolling Reddit xampl (12)
Are people starting to hate Google? Fan boy (7)
MLK's main achievement: teaching blacks how to take a beating Colm (9)
Why is Google so web focused? Bot Berlin (5)
Jobs bill is in, end tax cuts Bot Berlin (10)
TV Show: Suits Kenny (1)
Quantum Optimism Io (1)
"no games, no politics, no delays" Rick Tang (2)
When Google buys you Idiot (12)
Scratch Bluebeard (4)
Is that why it was called Grosse Point Blank? Serverside Troglodyte (2)
ycombinator echo chamber/circle jerk brone (11)
Philosophy JoC (14)
OnStar revised privacy policy- df (2)
Explosion in Plutonium factory (France) Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
September 11th, 2011
Michael B, this is for you, Autodidacticism Bot Berlin (5)
Dude on Science Jack's QOTD (4)
On the origin of gravity Attila (36)
Solution to Palestinian issue Idiot (29)
Fukushima in recriticality Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Israel will fund Kurdish terrorists Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
I want to buy a Harley....wife wants an SUV motorcycle dude (21)
Big city vs. small town Duke (14)
Why America is not strong in rugby? Lee (16)
Surra de Bunda for 9/11 Idiot (0)
hanna the movie sierra (19)
Happy 911 everybody! Idiot (16)
Egypt's violent military dictatorship Idiot (2)
September 10th, 2011
Katia's going to the UK? Shylock (5)
I am going to be an asshole around 9/11 Bot Berlin (13)
Off-site backup xampl (19)
Is snooker racist? Just sayin' (2)
Do you feel useless? Michael B (24)
Barack Obama doesn't care about white people. reddit reposting robot (1)
Russia monitoring japanese radiation spread Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
French & Danes beheading civvies in Libya Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Quake Calamity Wakes CoT Coastal Contingent Idiot (3)
Tiger in "love triangle" kills mate at Texas zoo LemOnde (4)
Well, the last episode of Torchwood Miracle Day was good... Q (2)
September 9th, 2011
(metapost) do you think sierra (2)
wtf is this place Confused anon (19)
September 2000 Let's enjoy our delusions (6)
Best flash-mob ever xampl (4)
If yelp allowed prostitute reviews Colm (7)
Abstinence programs should be mandatory in the US Bob. (3)
Four Lions xampl (4)
Blinds.ca/blinds.com hacked? df (14)
Son home sick from daycare... Wayne (7)
Google Dart Rick Tang (7)
Gotta be a Photoshop... Retrohipster (10)
Comic Sans xampl (9)
What is up with Skype? xampl (4)
Tonga Rugby WTF?!!?!? PigPen (0)
Turkey declares war on Isreal PigPen (65)
Interpol issues arrest warrents for Gaddafi and Son PigPen (8)
September 8th, 2011
Obama under the pump, starts pumping trollop (13)
User Interface Guidelines for Fictional Universes Idiot (9)
Australopithecus Sediba Attila (0)
Google buys Zagat xampl (2)
Anyone ever work the 3-11 shift? . (10)
Carpal tunnel syndrome Matchu (26)
Red light domain gets the green light JoC (9)
Perry is violent Idiot (26)
Belated Tuesday less is more (1)
For those who love to try new things in the kitchen (maybe NSFW) Bob. (8)
Childhood obesity part 2: Another fat British kid MobyDobie (42)
more idiots complaining about TSA antiterror patriotism Idiot (1)
September 7th, 2011
Republican debate Some dude on the 'Net (15)
Quad Core Tablets? Rick Tang (6)
Househunting technology df (5)
Experimental proof that the gold standard fails today Shylock (5)
I may donate marrow Shylock (6)
Where is everybody? SaveTheHubble (38)
Moon footprints Fan boy (23)
Boating expenses this season Fan boy (8)
how much do you expect your children to take care of you.. Phil (15)
September 6th, 2011
word processor recommendation for Mac New Mac user (7)
Geert Wilders coming to Australia less is more (9)
Touch Screens Shylock (7)
"Works as written" xampl (15)
Friend's new site xampl (4)
Is the place you live now the best place for you? Michael B (12)
ron paul debating Idiot (30)
Having children makes you unhappier, something you probably knew Bob. (18)
September 5th, 2011
Big demand for software engineers at $35,000 Idiot (20)
Home inventory videos xampl (5)
Safe highs Michael B (18)
More family IT work. Fan boy (15)
Pickling Michael B (10)
Europe French Man Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife for lack of sex Lee (1)
Sarah Palin will get all of this Bot Berlin (7)
What does this thing eat Bot Berlin (14)
Amazon & local booksellers xampl (12)
The Diginotar Fiasco Attila (1)
How it's done trollop (4)
UK: At least a solution to childhood obesity MobyDobie (20)
Capitalism eats its children Serverside Troglodyte (13)
War on terror PigPen (8)
September 4th, 2011
"Social Media Personality" line noise (2)
Another government program in trouble Bot Berlin (10)
Sydney's social essentials summarised trollop (2)
Documentary: Waiting for "Superman" Kenny (5)
Apollo 18 Idiot (7)
Couldn't poor people Bot Berlin (9)
working from home sierra (7)
September 3rd, 2011
Obama arrests famous NASA climatologist for protesting Idiot (3)
dental care in the US Idiot (22)
HP recovering from TouchPad Idiot (11)
September 2nd, 2011
Why those particular states? less is more (22)
Apple paramilitary team raids house, threatens resident Idiot (5)
IQ sierra (9)
Zombie mortgages xampl (11)
Sorry, ladies... xampl (0)
Quick .NET question dude (7)
80% of small girls raped by UN in Ivory Coast Idiot (7)
So what's the real deal with this economy? Dirk (18)
BC Residents df (9)
So I found a VIC-20 MobyDobie (19)
UK Riots- Now proven to be 100% spontaneous uprising by the kids MobyDobie (0)
Rango Bluebeard (2)
September 1st, 2011
US secretly provided Qaddafi help to stay in power Idiot (12)
Prediction 2012 Bot Berlin (12)
Wow. Man bites dog Shylock (0)
Does that book got pictures? JoC (4)
Connecticut: "Falls are painful, so we made gravity illegal" brone (52)
Apple can track your position at all times Idiot (5)