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September 30th, 2010
My weigh in on death and suicide Bot Berlin (24 comments)
BlackBerry Torch 9800 available in Canada Lovable but somtetimes dumb (3)
Rich Tsang reported from China Rich Tsang (10)
Yay! Can actually sell Android apps on the market now df (3)
The maggots xampl (6)
another homeless engineer dies Weevil (4)
Fisher-Price recalls millions of toys Full name (2)
The $50 Hole: Photojojo’s Body-Cap Pinhole Conversion FrakBuccaneer (2)
StreetView for Antarctica Weevil (1)
what is the longest you would commute to work? Don (28)
Man now I want to go there muppet (18)
Yet more justification for xampl (0)
Why is Alan Dershowitz on my TV trollop (2)
FUCK them muppet (15)
So when did "Asteroids" get added? muppet (2)
RIP Tony Curtis trollop (5)
Lady Java xampl (1)
So, I propose that we simply delete muppet (17)
Multithreaded programming Dr. Horrorwitz (22)
Stay classy, America muppet (8)
Intercourse Trouble With Condoms (Don't Judge Me) Weevil (5)
Naughty Walmart! Bluebeard (20)
Who needs a Mac when you can HAXX0R yourself one? Bluebeard (8)
MSIE8, dumb Weevil (12)
I don't believe it. Rick in BC (7)
google really gone to shit Weevil (7)
girlfriend's cat Weevil (14)
September 29th, 2010
No Ordinary Family xampl (6)
Ebert gave "The social Network" four stars Lovable but somtetimes stupid (5)
House finally hooks up with Cuddy? GTRsM (6)
crime pays in Canada cbmc64 (5)
Dumb girls are fun Weevil (8)
Send a "goodbye" email? xampl (10)
We beat Belgium Attila (0)
Who you calling nigger? Weevil (22)
Most valuable startups Rick in BC (13)
You guys are destroying this place Rick in BC (13)
Mathematics for CS (details) Spaceloid (47)
iphone apps Go Fish! (6)
i hate f-in hierarchical menus Weevil (19)
Sign up to see Joel? Ward (12)
old age thread hoyza (17)
Elizabeth bore her blood test well this morning muppet (6)
Haha xkcd stumble JoC (2)
NIKITA (new TV Series) Kenny (6)
So I bought another guitar MobyDobie (22)
THE EVENT (new TV series) Kenny (11)
Finally, a job that is fun! LH (6)
Fuck all you old farts Bluebeard (20)
What the fuck, man? muppet (2)
Do you know more about God than an atheist? Weevil (48)
I can legally sell my body now! Rick in BC (16)
How many memory chips does a typical solid state drive have? Eric (7)
Are you listening, pig? Weevil (5)
September 28th, 2010
useful bookmarklet app Weevil (11)
My driving is getting worse. Fan boy (8)
Libre Office??? Rick in BC (15)
AOL/TechCrunch - Done Deal hoyza (11)
If you can tolerate subtitles... JoC (5)
Interesting Tiny Animation SaveTheHubble (0)
You fucking slackers JoC (38)
So, for the iPhone, or any smartphone muppet (11)
Hehehe, hehe... LOL FrakBuccaneer (9)
Quit yer bitchin' FrakBuccaneer (17)
Nutrition df (13)
Free meat in your sandwich MobyDobie (21)
Does your pet approve of your dating partners? xampl (23)
Obama to blame for my bad left knee Bluebeard (15)
Obama begins mass clubbing to death of kittens rightwingnutjob (1)
Obama kills American dream rightwingnutjob (2)
Obama prepares to censor internet rightwingnutjob (0)
No shaking at breakfast this morning muppet (9)
The pre-nursing advisor at my school says muppet (0)
Yay! Judge Judy approves gay marriage! Rick in BC (3)
Obama has peaceful anti-strip mining protestors arrested Weevil (6)
Elite Obama sends his children to private school! Rick in BC (16)
AOL closes to buy Techcrunch Rick in BC (4)
sleeping tabs eek (5)
September 27th, 2010
should smart kids be paid to drop out of school? Weevil (16)
North Korea WTF GTRsM (6)
Overclocking Xeon X5680s GTRsM (0)
Some glossy screen remedies trollop (4)
MacBook Air #13 substitutes Rick in BC (1)
Elizabeth took 7 steps tonight muppet (12)
Cable channel "Pink" Go Fish! (0)
Elizabeth has had 5 mild seizures since Friday muppet (25)
Segway company owner drives off cliff, dies SaveTheHubble (9)
UNOOSA appoints "Take me to your leader" official xampl (2)
If you had to pick a political party today, xampl (41)
Why is Grover Norquist on my TV trollop (2)
Feds want to monitor all money sent overseas xampl (34)
Kindle df (11)
American Pie: Beta House muppet (34)
Liberals grow the Tea Party MobyDobie (4)
don't see point of Silverlight Weevil (23)
MaDonal Rick in BC (3)
Netflix.ca!!! Rick in BC (8)
September 26th, 2010
i feel like following up on this one sierra (1)
Outsourced (TV) Weevil (9)
Weevil and Dr Hor., you can win 10M dollars Rick in BC (5)
From billions in the bank to 600€ per month GTRsM (20)
Christine O'Donnell Bot Berlin (17)
Torrent site recommendations GTRsM (11)
new Gaza flotilla Weevil (43)
September 25th, 2010
If Obama is behind this I will be very impressed.. Morons (20)
Memory hogs under Parallels 5 xampl (7)
Jewish trick wins the chess match! Morons (3)
Single letter domain names, or x.com GTRsM (3)
So I sold the laptop to my little brother for $250 muppet (8)
Reprap seems interesting GTRsM (1)
Anyone ever had an IT job that you actually liked? Judd (19)
Now look, I can appreciate haggling as much as the next guy muppet (41)
Obama orders raid on peaceful leftist activists Weevil (7)
Windows 7 is alright GTRsM (32)
Consecutive draws. trollop (10)
Bono - liar and a thief Weevil (13)
Evading taxes using Elance or Rentacoder Rosebud (17)
September 24th, 2010
tea party sierra (7)
Symbian again Rick in BC (6)
The court makes law again! Rick in BC (7)
2000 Florida election rigged xampl (10)
I cannot watch, yet I cannot look away! SaveTheHubble (9)
Things being destroyed, very slowly SaveTheHubble (0)
Deja Vu SaveTheHubble (7)
posting an entire article in a comment Nerdtree (7)
Amazon and shipping df (7)
Anybody want a contract free iPhone 3G? muppet (13)
Netflix thinks ur stoopid redux FrakBuccaneer (0)
So is China still considered a communist country? df (17)
Blockbuster declares chapter 11 xampl (0)
North America should we just give up and gorge @ the buffet? cbmc64 (19)
Colorado Rockies pitching lorb (0)
September 23rd, 2010
SuiteMates Weevil (3)
angelgate Weevil (1)
The Office season premier Fan boy (14)
Smartphone pricing xampl (9)
Kate and Leopold JoC (9)
Mackenzie for JoS creating controversy again Weevil (17)
google vs bing math off Weevil (10)
girl blogs II Bluebeard (1)
Port 53 traffic Weevil (3)
Netflix thinks ur stoopid FrakBuccaneer (6)
Videoing burning a Koran: A crime in England rightwingnutjob (14)
AAPL at 290 Kenny (3)
Like I said earlier, we punish our stupid... FrakBuccaneer (4)
will blockbuster survive? cbmc64 (28)
What a rising poverty rate looks like xampl (9)
How did I not know that Canadians are subjects muppet (48)
EU funds Io (6)
So, everybody told me that "2012" sucked muppet (42)
Salacious Katy Perry rompes with naked male co-star (SFW) trollop (24)
October 2001 - New "Key Fob" memory stick Ward (3)
Running Wilde - pilot Weevil (2)
girl blogs Scott (14)
September 22nd, 2010
Work hardware bought with my own money Fan boy (13)
IT and music sierra (3)
minecraft dude up to $250k/day Weevil (4)
inside muppet Bluebeard (3)
NHibernate xampl (6)
Gotta love fark muppet (2)
OK Wayne, seriously muppet (8)
The only way to contact Burger King corporate muppet (26)
Civ5 Kenny (16)
WPF the great purple (31)
Lady Parts not CC (5)
Just for the record muppet (4)
Impeach Obama? rightwingnutjob (33)
raising hope Weevil (14)
apparently im gay... muppet (19)
Obama: warrants not needed for searches outside your home Weevil (22)
Hawaii Five-0 -- too real Fan boy (4)
September 21st, 2010
Karma 1000 xampl (1)
Harvard prof ripped to shreds after islamic comment Weevil (20)
Chuck Weevil (9)
Poor guy Rick in BC (25)
Salary increase Fan boy (9)
Longevity or Actuarial Escape Velocity GTRsM (2)
Republicans say no to gays in the military, again GTRsM (15)
Dylan Ratigan and Glenn Greenwald smoke the Israel lobby agent Joe (0)
Haunted Houses and other bullshit GTRsM (39)
AT&T customers are locked into iPhone 4 2-years plans! Rick in BC (5)
Education costs xampl (9)
Best Stack Overflow question EVAH brone (6)
Lines, jokes, tips, harassment JoC (14)
"More women than men got PhDs last year" Rick in BC (6)
Your C++ homework for tonight Bluebeard (7)
Waiting for superman GTRsM (14)
Worms on twitter Kirk (14)
Weevil, I returned the WDTV live Wayne (17)
Wayne did you up the requirements for community moderation? muppet (2)
Football Week (weak?) 3 MobyDobie (13)
I am never going to the toilet again MobyDobie (21)
Fucking stupid neighbors muppet (15)
Somehow ended up at the 4chan archive. xampl (1)
This is shit, but I'll comment anyway fu! (5)
US doesn't value innovation Scott (9)
Castle Fan boy (6)
+1 China -1 India Rick in BC (15)
September 20th, 2010
UX antipatterns fuckiedi fuck fuck fook (2)
Iceland Army wtf? GTRsM (12)
So our idiot new neighbors are upset at me muppet (32)
Shazam! xampl (0)
Leonard Skinner's dead not CC (1)
Adam Savage -- Rock Star xampl (0)
Wishful thinking Rick in BC (3)
Data analytics news xampl (7)
Regarding Christine O'Donnell rightwingnutjob (18)
The whole "pay $50 to unlock your processor debacle" df (32)
Knights no longer allowed to have swords Weevil (17)
September 19th, 2010
fucking google Weevil (17)
Guardians of Ga'Hoole Ward (0)
Who's right? Steve Jobs or the jounalism student? Rick in BC (16)
obliviate Rick in BC (11)
Childe Abyoos trollop (11)
today's dilbert Weevil (6)
The future of search.... Bluebeard (5)
missing fractions forcing adoption of decimals Weevil (28)
Pope fuckiedi fuck fuck fook (1)
Accepting payments on your website 101 Water Cooler v2 (13)
Has sharky left this forum? Water Cooler v2 (7)
Agalmatophilia Weevil (3)
fool the customer patterns Weevil (9)
I agree with Jeremy Clarkson Go Fish (18)
COT tagline zed (6)
Back to the Future Marty McFly (21)
September 18th, 2010
Infinite Universe Fan boy (32)
Bewitched Weevil (14)
return of the commodore 64 Weevil (8)
why the kindle isn't worth the paper it's, um Weevil (9)
Any good recent software design books? Weevil (10)
"Am I really going to hijack my own plane?" Weevil (2)
video of farmboy choking his chicken Weevil (1)
How Google Search will be conquered df (19)
Come on, kids Go Fish (1)
C#/.NET Books MovNOn (2)
Mediterranean Fan boy (15)
September 17th, 2010
power(the electric one) out sierra (4)
Korans on every plane Ward (7)
android apps market sierra (4)
My verdcit on Weevil vs STH Rick in BC (1)
The verdict on Columnar Databases not CC (3)
Wishful Thinking JoC (14)
Purdue hires crossing guards to help confused collegiates Weevil (0)
Poor Novell Rick in BC (9)
What a retarded douche bag JoC (12)
The Arab guy with Jewish girl rape case Weevil (41)
Molly has a growth on her face muppet (14)
The commercial Apple doesn't want you to see Wayne (4)
Everyone agrees that US government needs a shakeup not CC (40)
Lego Gripe df (27)
Comp Sci programs xampl (46)
DOJ Google wage collusion Weevil (9)
creating a gmail account now requires a phone call Weevil (11)
September 16th, 2010
Do we know this guy from JoS? Bot Berlin (13)
Market segmentation xampl (7)
Zucker used as a verb trollop (3)
Why are some Firefox extensions not uninstallable? Wayne (5)
John Spedan Lewis el (3)
Quality Reporting! xampl (4)
Natural language search df (21)
So, Chrome is pretty fast muppet (5)
Tricky waters trollop (7)
OK Wayne I goofed.  Can we go one further muppet (17)
Which of these 10 cities in the US would you want to live in? Kenny (18)
Climbing a 1768ft tower xampl (35)
Legalization & taxation xampl (10)
ball of mud still #1 Weevil (12)
It's rude to laugh trollop (4)
Hilarious Whitening Toothpaste commercial df (7)
Christine O'Donnell Weevil (29)
September 15th, 2010
IE 9 is quick and more standard compliant! Rick in BC (4)
Daten In het Donker not CC (13)
Muppet vs STH nude wrestling Joe (17)
Party A vs. Party B Wayne (13)
Google counter offers thread with googlers Weevil (5)
Is a CEO worth 169 Average Canadian? Rick in BC (0)
Election Primary Analysis SaveTheHubble (15)
Torchwood muppet (4)
Why'd they completely refactor the nano? muppet (8)
The biggest thing I hate about "lifestyle" shows df (11)
Mexico xampl (22)
AAPL hoyza (13)
Colm's Hero Noam Chomsky: Obama Is a war criminal Morons (22)
Wayne you've got to give back my super moderator status muppet (17)
the election results Weevil (12)
HFCS renamed to "Healthful Corn Sugars" Weevil (30)
Nokia smartphones Sleepy (0)
September 14th, 2010
What's with all the links? Bob (7)
facebook values your privacy Weevil (0)
chase web site Nerdtree (0)
New cat toy! xampl (2)
Vote you bastards!  Vote! SaveTheHubble (11)
Kowtowing is a verb! Rick in BC (24)
brutal pornography not good for you Rick in BC (12)
Universities: ObamaCare to Kill low cost insurance offerings Morons (8)
Berlusconi Hitler joke rightwingnutjob (2)
Insane complexity of chip manufacture Bluebeard (24)
buying new toner Weevil (8)
digital library Weevil (2)
working with people who don't understand pedobear Weevil (0)
working with people who don't understand programming .. (27)
September 13th, 2010
Water heater flooding Fan boy (7)
I may camp outside of gamestop to play halo reach Bot Berlin (0)
Looks like sharkfish is having fun. Rick in BC (11)
Illegal Immigrants in China Rich Tsang (7)
Africa will be the breadbasket of China in the future Bluebeard (18)
Austin #1 for sex xampl (6)
Weevil Bluebeard (1)
Minecraft Kenny (5)
Obama is yapping again Morons (9)
LOL, tailgaters... FrakBuccaneer (18)
Evil Overlords of the Economy xampl (5)
Back to the Future df (3)
Set top box software SUCKS! not CC (14)
Make me an egg sandwich Weevil (10)
Do not criticize the president. Weevil (26)
Obama is a cracker Rich Tsang (6)
Netflix streaming is MUCH more reliable on iPhone 3G muppet (0)
Table for one? xampl (12)
We're #1 at Poverty! Weevil (11)
September 12th, 2010
Links here don't change colour Ward (7)
Columnar databases not CC (8)
What happened to Jump the Shark? Ward (5)
Compilation of reporters getting owned Full name (4)
"The server is down" Full name (14)
Sherlock Ward (on my old Palm T5) (5)
Group guilt Rick in BC (1)
converting my video library Weevil (13)
AK47 dude Weevil (6)
Tori Spelling Weevil (2)
So it turns out Terry FUCKING Jones has always been an aspiring Joe (13)
September 11th, 2010
the rest of your life sierra (15)
CoT HFT Lenny (0)
Best cs school in europe? dengue (11)
Assange rape details Weevil (5)
Let the burning commence Weevil (30)
computer fan noise Weevil (5)
Vocation Attila (4)
I guess all those lives and money spent fighting for our freedum Rosebud (11)
Seeking opinions on financial risk management IT triple-dot (9)
Victory Mosque Rick in BC (7)
September 10th, 2010
First grader's lunch Fan boy (18)
Parents worry about the wrong thing. Rick in BC (8)
The Florida pastor lorb (83)
financiers: college is a poor investment Weevil (14)
What will the Turkish choose? Rick in BC (1)
Obama Cleveland speech Weevil (3)
Indie games developers make how much? Weevil (14)
first photo of koran burning! Weevil (2)
Last incandescent bulb factory in US to close xampl (7)
You know, if I was a young soldier in Afghanistan muppet (2)
top german banker: arab/turk muslims are genetically inferior Weevil (10)
troops open fire on koran protesters Weevil (1)
Macbook users in the US Not living in the US (7)
Official Iranian State Response to Koran Controversy Weevil (6)
Black and white thinking Rick in BC (4)
Pastor Jones on Chris Mathews Aug 26 Weevil (17)
SaveTheHubble, the voice of Christian reason... Bluebeard (18)
September 9th, 2010
Trump's offer to buy mosque site Weevil (11)
The verdict is in: Black are more god-fearing Rick in BC (1)
Koran Burning is Back ON!!! Weevil (27)
Twits on Twitter R (6)
Weevil, please advise. Rick in BC (13)
Eid Mubarak Moslem on COT (9)
"Victory Mosque" Rick in BC (7)
What to do with all these korans? Weevil (12)
Che Guevera's daughter is marine vet working at dolphin land Weevil (5)
Rackmount took down hate sites! Rick in BC (25)
I think I am always bright. Rick in BC (1)
3rd party dev tools allowed again. Rick in BC (12)
Obama: no one can question our torture Weevil (2)
Otis Redding eek (3)
The Brian Woods Memorial Trust df (4)
sex eek (3)
Skype, supernodes, P2P df (13)
Tax the rich Kenny (41)
Human evolution df (4)
Japan is a strange place xampl (4)
Execution for treasspass M (3)
Anyone doing mathematics research? Bob (6)
Crazy on tap newcomer speaks New user (18)
every little thing she does Gordon (5)
Ron Paul on Koran Burning Weevil (29)
September 8th, 2010
Old Navy, where 36 inches = 41 inches R (3)
Soul food ... seriously??? R (2)
Excellent non-topical T shirt site Bored Bystander (6)
win 7 question eek (3)
Anyone speak Polish? Ward (4)
Fired for NoSQL, or just for being dumb? R (24)
California xampl (7)
oh wow, haha no fat chicks (6)
Furniture moving made easy Ward (8)
Facebook and narcisstists Rick in BC (2)
Why Dubai??? Rick in BC (7)
Google instant search and other stories R (5)
Wifi Hack Software Rich Tsang (13)
HP ex-CEO now joins Oracle Rick in BC (7)
Another Divorce Story Morons (2)
Patriot system has 0% success rate - software errors Dr. Horrorwitz (31)
Wow. Really Cool. Rick in BC (14)
I don't want to do the Jim Henson thing Fan boy (6)
September 7th, 2010
Stop HR 5034 Q (13)
WTC column installed at Ground Zero xampl (0)
Microfibre cleaning cloth Ward (5)
COT Defect Morons (0)
plans for 9/11 anniversary? cbmc64 (36)
Damn Google's annoying today! Q (1)
Foreclosure company xampl (7)
Machete SaveTheHubble (6)
Went and checked out the iPhone 4 today muppet (7)
Brain on drugs Bluebeard (6)
I'd just like to say that my marriage is very happy muppet (36)
Olympia Go Fish (3)
Email hosting 10X Go Fish (44)
What.  The.  Fuck? muppet (11)
Just Cause 2 -- best game ever? muppet (5)
Went to IKEA yesterday for baby furniture muppet (14)
copilot eek (7)
it's OK to hire north korean coders Weevil (22)
Website hosting 101 Water Cooler v2 (13)
September 6th, 2010
All geek, all the time? ZitFace (8)
Precocious Fan boy (18)
1 inch = 2.4 centimeters Weevil (12)
Wreck Beach full of clothed people Rick in BC (7)
Kicked out by wife? Check. Walking away? Uhmmm??? R (21)
My speakers are picking up AM Radio not CC (18)
Full Michael B (3)
Burning Man was soaked in sex and drugs Michael B (8)
happy divorce story eek (9)
Promotion of a childless experience Bobby Browne (20)
Alimony Wayne (9)
Divorce parties Wayne (10)
Web 3.0 Commercial Weevil (1)
fall in New England sierra (7)
September 5th, 2010
Chip+PIN is coming to the US xampl (8)
Question for all you married or ex-married people R (28)
catholic cardinal protects child molester gee (0)
The American xampl (3)
smells like _team_ spirit gee (9)
Marriage is a load of shit Bluebeard (26)
Unemployment is decreasing xampl (23)
Friend kicked out by the missus R (33)
September 4th, 2010
The perfect movie analogy for my project not CC (1)
Metroid Other M Karellen (7)
Now craigslist adult service section is gone Rick in BC (2)
Belgium and the Netherlands fail to form governments Attila (10)
Debt Girls Weevil (29)
Duke Nukem finished, coming out 2011 Weevil (3)
shoe fetishist caught by betel nut seller Weevil (0)
September 3rd, 2010
Can I build a monolithic .NET app w/ DLLs K (8)
steady paycheck ... days numbered? T (31)
So that's why I don't get invited out any more T (10)
Double-blarrgh Full name (2)
Anybody know how to setup IGMP in Linux? Wayne (3)
muslim 911 victims being harassed by non-911 victims Weevil (4)
Whoops! WSV gets wobbled? Q (3)
Sex in porn... Kenny (6)
So APPL? hoyza (5)
Why can't we change the sidebar and headline Rick in BC (1)
Hurricane Earl SaveTheHubble (13)
convertible notes Weevil (53)
September 2nd, 2010
scientific proof of alien invasion Weevil (2)
Awesome the in-flight WiFi isn't filtered Michael B (8)
AppleTV is retarded Weevil (31)
The Human Toilet Full name (2)
How It's Made xampl (5)
Since the natural world is not Michael B (19)
How do they get away with it? Q (5)
US has flat tax rate: 40% Weevil (34)
Impulse sale JoC (2)
Some good XBOX360 games not CC (7)
Samsung Galaxy Pad - everything the iPad should be Horrorwitz' ghost (10)
Bord Bystander Hates the world Morons (11)
Bonjour, Happy Lion! SaveTheHubble (0)
Oh no, not again! not CC (2)
Annoying ads in hotmail + yahoo email MobyDobie (1)
"God didn't make Universe" God Fish (16)
iTunes Ping xampl (3)
What's wrong with a judge with a whip? df (13)
Men: the new underclass Michael B (18)
Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? SaveTheHubble (3)
Do Canadians have electric blankets? Bobby Browne (11)
Free training from Google Rick in BC (0)
news traffic Weevil (0)
“They don’t want amateur hour.” Rick in BC (27)
Brilliant! Go Fish (6)
don't drink and tweet Weevil (3)
typical developer salaries Weevil (6)
study shows 23% of population not mentally ill Weevil (12)
Crackshack or mansion II Wayne (14)
September 1st, 2010
What's your theory the world will never understand? Bobby Browne (28)
Discovery Gunman demands list Weevil (32)
Sweden: "Assange was a rapist afterall. Maybe." Weevil (7)
is this a bad dream? Weevil (4)
vacation Ward (3)
Working directory xampl (8)
Elite Media cat fight not CC (9)
-1 Wikipedia Rick in BC (4)
Call a spade a spade with class JoC (10)
vacation the great purple (10)
Monogamy (in humans) Michael B (55)
Sat in the back of the Routan for awhile muppet (5)
Woman breaks into boyfriends home. Gets stuck in chimney. Dies T (20)
It's A Big Ad SaveTheHubble (2)
People do the weirdest things Go Fish (2)
3 more weeks for new Chuck muppet (13)
2009 federal mosque seizure cases Weevil (7)
Sitting on a seesaw trollop (13)
First time Michael B (19)