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September 30th, 2009
sharkfish... NecroFile (4 comments)
Blindness sharkfish (1)
gay prostituting penguins sharkfish (8)
what am I gonna do when sharkfish (15)
guess I better start networking in earnest sharkfish (6)
ooh. Do me. sharkfish (24)
Stargate Universe CC (7)
Narcissists CC (11)
"I swear, I thought they'd jump right out" winstein (9)
Apologies to DF Moshe Van Koskesh (9)
"Surrogates" film: your opinions?  Also, Final Destination #4 .. Palmer Eldritch (9)
NetBSD lorb (5)
Cot in top 1000 sub-reddits? xampl (9)
Wayne - Stop this shit from going to Google df (26)
So, Amazon shipped all of my Rock Band/Guitar Hero Instruments muppet (20)
JK Rowling slighted by Bushies SaveTheHubble (13)
Cloud accounting (Sharky biznews) Spaceloid (6)
dial-tone quality Spaceloid (2)
Still One More Expert Comes Around to The Fact of Deflation! Discuss... (8)
September 29th, 2009
Google Wave does seem pretty impressive Wayne (10)
MichaelB has been arrested QC (1)
War on Drugs has another success! xampl (8)
Inglorious Basterds Moshe Van Koskesh (17)
should libraries offer balanced views? CC (14)
Wear your wedding ring when on the prowl CC (5)
Public Option - Denied. Bot Berlin (6)
Argv and STH want to pay more taxes to kill Bot Berlin (19)
Catching Exceptions Just To Rethrow Them lappy (16)
This is how the rich think Bot Berlin (34)
That Canadian stranded in Kenya df (8)
If you make 70k, should you pay more taxes Bot Berlin (18)
Laptop audio not working lappy (4)
filmmakers have to import trees to central park CC (2)
Death from vaccine df (40)
What if .. You won the lottery? xampl (iPhone) (29)
Possibility for everyone in the US to be well off Bot Berlin (52)
Lucy in the Sky dies xampl (iPhone) (2)
do animals feel hate sharkfish (12)
"I didn't "conform" according to my mother's wishes..." Wayne (6)
September 28th, 2009
corporate strikes back sharkfish (6)
I take my insult back sharkfish (17)
software that requires the user to have knowledge sharkfish (13)
Marine Industry Ward (6)
"Windows is like the faint smell of piss in a subway" Wayne (30)
Role of epigentics on standard genome Bot Berlin (2)
USB thumb drive engineering fail Q (21)
For those who love Hockey, or Pulp Fiction Clay Dowling (2)
CoT goes down, God smites the heathans! Wayne (8)
"I just think religion...causes people to turn off their brains" I am not back. (46)
Cash Wayne (37)
So, planning my exit interview well in advance... muppet (15)
Cooking makes us human I am not back. (5)
Got a Netbook yesterday Wayne (31)
The biggest problem with Far Cry 2 muppet (18)
Wow, silence fell SaveTheHubble (13)
STH, what is your religion? save the boobies (62)
Hitler is alive! FrakBuccaneer (9)
Anybody else think LeftWingPharisee is a little pathetic? Colm (12)
Microsoft's grinning robots or the Brotherhood of the Mac. Stephen Jones (13)
Advertising Industry electric (5)
September 27th, 2009
Fondant is cheating xampl (6)
Awesome quote Aaron (5)
Your 401K and the Coming 2nd Dip (The Big One) Good Luck 2 All (17)
Might buy new gym membership Fan boy (3)
cuteness explosion... NecroFile (1)
My first iTunes music purchase xampl (3)
Was today a good day for you? Palmer Eldritch (11)
FUCK THE UK OH YEAH Romani Shahways (6)
The Day of Atonement arrives one day early LeftWingPharisee (18)
To all those who think that religion will fade away LeftWingPharisee (39)
The Internet Owning Mainstream Media LH (2)
Religion and Working Yourself to Death Discuss (8)
Happy birthday to me sierra mist (10)
Your 401K ? (10)
September 26th, 2009
Welcome to woman hating weekends on CoT sharkfish (3)
great guy sharkfish (10)
Watch out for turkeys xampl (6)
Worthy of a Darwin Award Attila (3)
American Women: angry, hostile, and selfish Bot Berlin (16)
Real political website Bot Berlin (3)
.NET Question About Controls NewToDotNet (4)
Castrating Pedophiles CC (17)
Wierd news is weird. Peter (7)
Radio while driving Toshihiro (15)
In the womb lorb (15)
Good night, molecules I am not back. (5)
Latina Ass Woody (3)
September 25th, 2009
design patterns in python for a tokenizer sharkfish (34)
G20 cops xampl (5)
damn damn damn damn sharkfish (12)
G20 Protestors df (14)
this religion thing Angel of Death (3)
Reinventing myself Toshihiro (9)
Kapparot action next Monday Moshe Van Koskesh (4)
Darfur and Iraq Bot Berlin (13)
Another valid point Bot Berlin (2)
STH makes a good point Bot Berlin (13)
No after life ** Toshihiro (7)
Again, are we done? I am not back. (28)
"the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence" Q (12)
Belief systems Kenny (58)
Observer over a network jings (4)
I'd just like to say JoC (4)
Are we done Bot Berlin (8)
So, I've been intrigued by Beatles Rock Band muppet (12)
"I have no hope of you turning into a decent human being" I am not back. (2)
Iran's nuke facility CC (19)
Porn "addiction" I am not back. (19)
With all of the shit that it's possible to buy Palmer Eldritch (25)
G20 vs. Tea Party xampl (iPhone) (3)
Ribbon I am not back. (2)
Capitalism: A Love Story Kenny (37)
Chuck Norris Welcome to Leave Clay Dowling (13)
The worst Microsoft ads of all time Stephen Jones (3)
More Bot-isms Bot Berlin (13)
Religion, deranged Bot Berlin (193)
god, that is beautiful. winstein (19)
US military abducting US citizens at G20 protests CC (42)
September 24th, 2009
Weirded me out Fan boy (11)
I got a call from my local unemployment office sharkfish (11)
AutoTune Carl Sagan xampl (2)
O.J. Simpson: Murderer or innocent? Fan boy (10)
I never want to be a Master Programmer FrakBuccaneer (10)
wtf NecroFile (4)
Lily Allen - being a rock star sucks, won't do it no more CC (31)
Blast from the Past df (18)
Castle Fan boy (2)
The nanny state Colm (14)
Alternative career Toshihiro (11)
Cougar Town CC (15)
Falling Salaries AudioWarez (23)
September 23rd, 2009
Hot new paradigms? Ondas (10)
Water on the Moon? SaveTheHubble (18)
This would totally get me into gaming sharkfish (3)
what do i have to do to take 2 years off sharkfish (31)
Do somkers get sick more often? Fan boy (22)
Mackenzie Phillips tells Oprah she fucks her father - ?! CC (16)
Linus said linux is bloated and huge I am not back. (12)
It sucks when I am not back. (7)
"Brown Noser (28.6 per cent) I am not back. (6)
Qadhafi lorb (28)
.NET configuration files lulu (8)
Sweet Jesus on a Pogo Stick Clay Dowling (5)
Risen and Stalker: CoP NecroFile (9)
No Internet home or at work Bot Berlin (6)
Halo ODST Bot Berlin (7)
Neil DeGrasse on "intelligent design" sharkfish (11)
How's this for a design? LeftWingPharisee (24)
You be the judge<<<ry. trollop (1)
So, we've got a new consultant, started yesterday muppet (19)
Parents, clear this one up for me Colm (20)
holy cow eek-o-tourist (3)
ozzie con scam eek-o-tourist (5)
September 22nd, 2009
Indian Women Sure Get Fat Fast! TheWind (20)
drunk driver in my block sharkfish (23)
straight pr0n makes you teh ghey argv[0] (21)
Meg Whitman to run for Cali Governor sharkfish (17)
multi-accent sharkfish (16)
news sites are infected sharkfish (4)
sugar causes high cholesterol, not fat sharkfish (8)
Electrolysis xampl (iPhone) (17)
We're getting overrun by fatasses... FrakBuccaneer (23)
You know you're using a broken technology when... Colm (28)
wish i could draw like that eek-o-tourist (18)
September 21st, 2009
Bigger models.See for yourself, side x side with the super-thin sharkfish (18)
Dear Bank sharkfish (46)
Netflix movie algorithm sharkfish (7)
Totally Tasteless Tattoo #312 sharkfish (6)
On muppet's nursing career sharkfish (19)
Please explain the difference between sharkfish (30)
Spending a long time away from your home xampl (14)
Scribblenauts muppet (10)
How to break the Fast tonight? LeftWingPharisee (14)
The Game YouJustLostTheGame (7)
AIG can't pay us back CC (8)
Another opinion on why affluent black students fall short sharkfish (111)
For Writing Software, a Buddy System Palmer Eldritch (11)
happy birthday ... eek-o-tourist (1)
September 20th, 2009
Funny thing about nudie beaches... Q (8)
Programming Languages Discuss... (21)
remove white cells from blood sample, plop in DNA from hair root sharkfish (5)
arguing with dumbasses CC (56)
Speed of sites df (18)
Mexico upset at USA xampl (14)
NHS patient's log xampl (12)
this is a fantastic artform winstein (5)
Alien lizards behind all Jewish conspiracies... Bluebeard (18)
post ashes blues eek-o-tourist (1)
Wah. I am not back. (6)
The kids on the bus are charged, Bot Berlin (12)
egyptian swine flu hysteria reaction -> unintended consequences CC (8)
September 19th, 2009
Pain Ward (6)
iPhone television, will never need a dvd player again winstein (12)
House, MD Ward (26)
Difference between drink culture and drug culture Bot Berlin (8)
Going to leather bar Bot Berlin (25)
Roku sharkfish (4)
Entourage sharkfish (12)
they don't believe a granny could do it sharkfish (11)
US DOJ objects to massive © transfer to Google CC (29)
I think I love Python sharkfish (9)
child free sharkfish (39)
ever since I pulled my upper back muscle sharkfish (6)
Ahhrrr!  Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey! Pirate on CoT (5)
Eid Mubarak 1430 H Moslem on COT (1)
Justice in America CC (3)
human lcd sharkfish (8)
September 18th, 2009
Perl vs C vs C++ CC (12)
search engines based on telepathic communication winstein (3)
Coldest spot Fan boy (19)
The Next Generation Bends Over sharkfish (19)
Iran getting unstable CC (12)
A Happy, Healthy New Year to all LeftWingPharisee (3)
Which song is this? jingalala jingalala™ (25)
CoT is a microcosm of America Q (6)
Israelis try to break up interracial dating Colm (27)
"Chrysler is worse than we thought" xampl (iPhone) (19)
Another theory of mine Bot Berlin (12)
stock tip: join congress CC (7)
September 17th, 2009
Group Dynamics and Politics Bot Berlin (31)
Buy mo gold Bot Berlin (14)
Black people pissed off in the media, this week Bot Berlin (6)
Mr T and Wikipedia wtf Toshihiro (1)
giant leap backwards argv[0] (31)
Half Life Sounds, replaced with person's voice DropDead (0)
Flight of the Conchords Bluebeard (0)
Low budget movies and music Toshihiro (3)
Well, I had a nice milkshake for lunch muppet (10)
Useful idiots muppet (30)
American English's #1 contribution to the world: xampl (iPhone) (17)
Mary Travers dead Clay Dowling (8)
is that it? eek-o-tourist (1)
adriano calcanhoto eek-o-tourist (4)
"Jesus H Christ taunt him. " winstein (2)
blacks say District 9 is a racist movie CC (6)
Ghost fleet... Peter (16)
Health insurance costs $13,375 on average in US CC (4)
September 16th, 2009
test your civics knowledge CC (25)
Co-worker trash talking online Fan boy (9)
Verizon - 5gig limit Bot Berlin (5)
you can't believe evrything you read on the internet argv[0] (1)
An epiphany - Joel doesn't matter as much as we think he does Rednatsyb Derob (13)
What is the point of the "semantic web" LeftWingPharisee (20)
Barbie programmer needs help sharkfish (4)
criticism sharkfish (11)
going in drag to your best mate's funeral CC (4)
for fucks sake, people, stop deleting.. winstein (31)
Wired magazine covers the start of CoT winstein (14)
orly taitz smackdown. sad day for birthers. argv[0] (20)
365 days of exercise in 36 seconds Bluebeard (8)
Nice map Spaceloid (5)
Blah I am not back. (9)
Death Watch : Carter Bot Berlin (4)
10 Experiments that changed the world SaveTheHubble (3)
my female side sharkfish (11)
this is kind of scary eek-o-tourist (4)
one windows thing I REALLY hate ... eek-o-tourist (17)
c++ quiz, finding the next multiple of 2 higher than n winstein (44)
Bored Fog Creek developer? triple-dot (37)
Google Chrome version 3.0 released.. Wayne (4)
September 15th, 2009
The Dead Yale Chick ! (10)
this woman is being put in to a position she is not prepared for argv[0] (26)
Apple Convert, message 2.0 Bot Berlin (12)
just cremate me sharkfish (15)
Cops catching on, the craigslist prostitution Bot Berlin (3)
Obama Calls Kanye a Jackass Morons (2)
Obama - we will continue to monitor your library records CC (11)
Haha. This is not I am not back. (3)
God is jealous I am not back. (0)
Stew! Ward (28)
Keith Floyd also bought the farm today Bluebeard (4)
school bus fight video CC (6)
Maryland man kills intruder CC (40)
question/advice needed sharkfish (15)
More lunatics with guns Clay Dowling (3)
Cool geek woodworking toy Clay Dowling (7)
Interesting analysis of why we don't have decent healthcare LeftWingPharisee (47)
Jay Leno show premere Fan boy (1)
old linus post on proggit sharkfish (8)
September 14th, 2009
I have fucked up my neck sharkfish (14)
First Patrick Swayze...Next Steve Jobs! ... (5)
First anti-abortionist killed sharkfish (13)
Mint acquired sharkfish (3)
People of Wal-Mart blog Bored Bystander (35)
My world: Oprah vs. Whitney sharkfish (2)
Life isn't fair sharkfish (20)
RIP, Patrick Swayze sharkfish (12)
How stupid was the NY Times? LeftWingPharisee (2)
How's your coffee shop *idea*, I am not back. (2)
:) muppet (6)
iPhone, ZuneHD df (12)
It is amazing Bot Berlin (22)
Nick Dowell Bot Berlin (4)
What is a good example of an open source license Bot Berlin (7)
What was that thread here about... Bored Bystander (6)
Wasn't it already credibly proven muppet (16)
Anybody used CKEditor? Colm (8)
Carolina Panthers ... Meltdown xampl (iPhone) (5)
1 year anniversary xampl (iPhone) (1)
September 13th, 2009
Ethnic Festivals Ward (5)
Cool new picnic table Clay Dowling (15)
Kanye West?  wtf Bot Berlin (6)
Yea, China is who we need to spark trade war with? Bot Berlin (10)
Disney to remake "Yellow Submarine" xampl (6)
How did you remember 9/11? xampl (15)
So, this is how my laptop was infected LeftWingPharisee (29)
The missing word LeftWingPharisee (14)
Labybird "The Police" eek-o-tourist (1)
incest fun CC (7)
Glen Beck says just get a job and buy your medical insurance! . (9)
Need to see if my employer is spying on me WhatHasEmploymentBecome (15)
September 12th, 2009
Largest group against Obama since he took office Bot Berlin (9)
Hey Cowboy LeftWingPharisee (1)
Joe Wilson kicking ass and taking names CC (55)
not understanding the Oprah hate sharkfish (15)
Derren Brown predicts the lottery and annoys people Q (10)
.NET Monolithic Apps SeniorDroolCup (6)
should public breastfeeding be banned CC (11)
I have the hiccups. trollop (5)
September 11th, 2009
Medical Bill, do you want the government know what you have? Bot Berlin (12)
Working on 400 twitter followers Bot Berlin (2)
Ron Paul Answers your questions Bot Berlin (2)
Slam those keys hard! Fan boy (6)
ok finally figured out the mac keyboard Bot Berlin (2)
Not treated like an idoit! Fan boy (3)
ender's game 2009 argv[0] (7)
Are career women? Bot Berlin (11)
this is *totally* hot... NecroFile (12)
GM restores executive pay Cowboy Coder (23)
9/11/09: dow closes @ 9605 argv[0] (4)
The Dutch are coming, the Dutch are coming LeftWingPharisee (3)
Do you guys know of any *really* sharp technical people who... . (18)
Local Lunatics Clay Dowling (4)
It's sad to see the great ones decline LH (1)
Joining the uninsured Cowboy Coder (9)
2nd favorite part of women's clothing xampl (iPhone) (5)
Too much security LeftWingPharisee (26)
Gordon Brown apologizes to me Colm (5)
Strange formatting problem with Crystal Reports crystal reporter (2)
So long! Herald Guppy (1)
Facebook lite Herald Guppy (1)
I'm looking for idea's to create a cool software.. LeMoNdE (17)
What a coincidence Rick Tang (4)
Music you're listening to now Palmer Eldritch (5)
So long! Rick Tang (9)
Consultant (the CoT poster) Palmer Eldritch (7)
this is *awesome* winstein (6)
September 10th, 2009
So long! Michael B (21)
Caster Semenya LeftWingPharisee (15)
A few kind words Fan boy (4)
No world cup nookie Toshihiro (7)
I'm basically a neocon Michael B (iPhone) (26)
Did google just increase the search input box size Bot Berlin (10)
Capitalism is Evil? Rick Tang (12)
Hello people... LeMoNdE (7)
A Successful Project (tm) LeftWingPharisee (6)
European Cup. England vs. Germany. Gerald Hoppy (8)
"Inappropriate Storytelling" Rick Tang (7)
Infinitely More Terrorism df (11)
Holy shit, good television? muppet (12)
Psychopathic parents Palmer Eldritch (16)
Obama plan, requirement for health coverage? Bot Berlin (22)
I wouldn't mind being a Republican Bot Berlin (18)
Setting and Example df (13)
Aging office workers Michael B (6)
Fuckin' brilliant movie Toshihiro (2)
unseating joe wilson argv[0] (33)
Teacher's Pet (The film, round 3, spoilers) Fan boy (9)
What's faster than broadband? JoC (4)
What's with the sidebar? SaveTheHubble (6)
Now that's how to fix a spiralling deficit Clouseau (2)
Women can't physically compete Toshihiro (12)
I knew it, I just knew it... Bluebeard (7)
China decided to buy the US Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
sex talk without the parts winstein (3)
Ever-Present Loving Homemakers Palmer Eldritch (6)
public health care working well in australia Cowboy Coder (2)
64 bit Windows. Arg! Fan boy (9)
September 9th, 2009
obama's speech argv[0] (40)
Interesting theory Bot Berlin (4)
Build a better life by stealing office supplies Ward (4)
Hubble df (1)
Black IQ Rick Tang (82)
OT: Forum threads Rick Tang (3)
61 SC GOP members ask Sanford to resign xampl (4)
Observer over a distributed environment the observer (9)
Just love it Rick Tang (8)
Maximum number of TCP connections curious (23)
Republican sex scandals again, now with corruption Cowboy Coders (38)
MSMQ to send messages across networks beginner (9)
AWwWWWWWWWwwwwwwww Michael B (9)
Dear Colm, please stop openly speculating about the size of my.. winstein (1)
Michael B breakdown pool winstein (36)
Best Post Yet! Not as good as last week. My favourite is ep. 72. df (7)
Race Again Bot Berlin (95)
Are you dumb robots that serve genetic masters? Michael B (10)
Incorrigible df (6)
Yo mama is so... Aaron (7)
IT or Engineering? Fan boy (18)
Is Michael B a monster? FrakBuccaneer (69)
Funny Stuff: Complaints About Coworkers JoC (4)
possibly insightful article on programmer psychology Cowboy Coder (18)
Life events have made me utterly without patience for muppet (37)
16 yr old Aussie girl starts sailing record trip Cowboy Coder (3)
Hoarders Michael B (10)
how brave/nuts ... eek-o-tourist (0)
Speaking of summer treats... Ward (1)
Sharky is a Disney admirer Ward (9)
protecting your child on the internet Cowboy Coder (2)
September 8th, 2009
The boy in the striped pyjamas Toshihiro (3)
Flasher, is this you? xampl (5)
for those who want to quit IT and become an actuary sharkfish (46)
Detail in movies Toshihiro (8)
Censored Aaron (6)
insurance companies deny 40% of all claims Cowboy Coder (23)
great article on al jazeera Cowboy Coder (2)
Check out the Human Family Tree Bot Berlin (8)
Corporation America, closer and closer to reality Rick Tang (7)
"Placebos Are Getting More Effective" Rick Tang (8)
Obama thread #8 Aaron (10)
Remastered Beatles recordings xampl (iPhone) (7)
Hubble Michael B (3)
Pity Michael B (35)
Poker/Golf/My Blog Entry for the Month JoC (9)
Race to Witch Mountain JoC (6)
Amazon Fail xampl (iPhone) (3)
Obsessed - a movie review Toshihiro (11)
Delicious new summer fair treat Cowboy Coder (6)
Cell Phone Etiquette Cowboy Coder (18)
College degree and unemployment Bot Berlin (14)
September 7th, 2009
Next 6 months, Republicans to get back more seats in Congress Bot Berlin (6)
should I get cable? i'm out of the fox loop Cowboy Coder (16)
Cartoon Channel sharkfish (32)
Careers for older people sharkfish (27)
"After watching the decay of a friend's ability to program... winstein (32)
speaking of chocolate... winstein (3)
The Great Recession xampl (13)
Obama, 'back to school' winstein (46)
Barack Obama owes his job to a Borg xampl (6)
Or Maybe Become a Psychologist YetAnotherTechSurviver (6)
getch yer text of Obama's school speech heeyah Cowboy Coder (12)
IP Law YetAnotherTechSurviver (6)
Star Trek remastered Ward (0)
Stuff you! *I* need that chocolate! Me! Gerald Hoppy (6)
Stargate Universe: Lost in Space 2009? Fan boy (10)
How many computers in your household? Gerallegedly Hoppy (17)
Sharkfish on race Toshihiro (13)
The Real Wikus, if you're wondering... Bluebeard (2)
Labor Unions See Sharp Slide in U.S. Public Support Discuss... (15)
September 6th, 2009
Project Management Models Geetar (7)
Wikus of District 9 sharkfish (13)
I overdid it today xampl (iPhone) (5)
Neal Stephenson's Anathem sharkfish (9)
Jobs with Barriers to Entry GoodStuff (41)
fucktards over Obama's speech to the school-kids sharkfish (23)
Microsoft Small Basic Q (4)
More Star Trek marathon Ward (16)
Question for Peter LuckyIsBack (10)
District 9. My opinion Toshihiro (14)
Mac Deals Bot Berlin (6)
online bookstores for tech books You can say live and let live... (3)
50 things being killed by the internet Spaceloid (5)
Rolling Stone article on health care Cowboy Coder (7)
To delete Aaron (24)
Christian Child molesters - "The Bible tells us to prey" Cowboy Coder (11)
Star Trek Ward (64)
Green Czar Resigns Bot Berlin (3)
September 5th, 2009
The state of software development LuckySoFar (3)
System.Data.Sqlite...where's the license? witter (4)
Awesome Vagina Instructional Video from the BBC Cowboy Coder (5)
Microsoft Mind Games NecroFile (9)
Great Purple - some baby advice muppet (5)
Cool stuff from The Onion SaveTheHubble (1)
Have a nice day! SaveTheHubble (10)
Karma as bad as Muppet's.  Or even worse! Sin-Wat (1)
david byrne argv[0] (9)
September 4th, 2009
The Government Can Fan boy (9)
C# Web app and class level static vars Fan boy (9)
If You Are a Recruiter or In HR... FUHR (10)
Recruiting Email fail: LeftWingPharisee (7)
More crappy westerns Toshihiro (15)
Going out is kind of gay Bot Berlin (6)
DANGERBOX FOR SALE: $1 argv[0] (1)
Captain Obvious Rick Tang (2)
What's up with youtube? Gerald Hoppy (10)
Great article JoC (4)
Memories Bot Berlin (5)
somebody broke the Internet its a cryin' shame (3)
Obama base support erodes Bot Berlin (5)
arresting dead beat dads Cowboy Coder (11)
Bot Upgrade, house, townhouse or condo Bot Berlin (16)
Fox Brilliance JoC (3)
Sodini Michael B (8)
Bangladesh accepts moon landing was hoax Clouseau (19)
Street smoking illegal in parts of Tokyo Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
How does Obama inspire you? Cowboy Coder (16)
Postscript to an old thread (zombie apocalypse) Palmer Eldritch (11)
Somehow most of the girls I get first dates with Michael B (4)
The dad from "Stuff My Dad Says" Palmer Eldritch (12)
Up Fan boy (5)
September 3rd, 2009
Drug use and Cop shows Bot Berlin (5)
Computers are racist xampl (33)
fringe on fox argv[0] (0)
Mmmm. Headset hotties! xampl (3)
Republicans encouraging kids to skip school during Obama speech Bot Berlin (24)
District 9 review Bot Berlin (10)
Finger bitten off during protest Bot Berlin (5)
What do you think about the Green Czar Bot Berlin (20)
details, people. Details. sharkfish (4)
Pork pork pork xampl (1)
motivation sharkfish (8)
maybe YOU didn't think it was funny sharkfish (16)
fuckin' a, man... i got a rash, man. argv[0] (8)
Dan must be proud Rick Tang (0)
So, generally speaking muppet (37)
so anyone can delete any post? NecroFile (10)
Transparent society Michael B (8)
The crackpots dominate CoT in waves Bluebeard (11)
We need a simple straightforward carbon tax trollop (7)
The lathe, it is mine Clay Dowling (24)
Team Foundation Server advice xampl (iPhone) (10)
Software mogul attacked by elephant LH (7)
Software review dilemma Dr. Horrorwitz (52)
Holy sweet fuck ... movie review Toshihiro (10)
Indian moon sat fail to find Apollo footprints or equipment Dr. Horrorwitz (67)
Extremely funny website Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
derek trucks eek-o-tourist (5)
Poll Foxman is a cocksucker (2)
Japanese Prime Minister's wife is interesting Cowboy Coder (9)
if you know music sierra mist (4)
September 2nd, 2009
Mac usage, months later Bot Berlin (3)
Cambridge Soundworks pre-Creative Labs df (13)
high school computer use policies guy (6)
I thought I was the most stupid person here Rick Tang (9)
Requirements gathering Rick Tang (8)
Good TV John Aitken (2)
Podcasting df (8)
"...liberalism is a freaking mental disorder." Rick Tang (12)
Gerald Hoppy, what happened to your job? winstein (5)
iPhone App Report winstein (18)
WTF is it with the last meal? Toshihiro (11)
best pick up line ever Cowboy Coder (29)
holy shit winstein (1)
Ok. That's stupid. Rick Tang (1)
A picture is worth a thousand words Same hash ⇘ (4)
1963 sketchpad vector design demo Cowboy Coder (14)
Ouch! Q (4)
Life is really simple Anonymous blogger (7)
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September 1st, 2009
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