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August 31st, 2018
Racist robocalls hit Florida with black minstrel-style voice moc Blogger (10 comments)
so much winning Deadline missed (0)
Let's discuss this poll Blogger (10)
Republican Party: Tax Cuts for the Rich, Pay Freeze for Workers X (7)
Guys ... I need to GET TO WORK X (14)
Do republicans care about corruption ? No Ohio Idiot (9)
Hubble, can you explain your hero Bill Clinton? DrPepper (1)
Thoughts from A Polak narcissist Ohio Idiot (1)
El Presidente is in town xampl9 (Moto phone) (5)
In-n-out burger boycott Zoiks (3)
New Revelations on Obama/Iran McCain's Tumor (1)
MAGA snowflake Ohio Idiot (2)
a tale of two headlines McCain's Tumor (11)
Man jailed for plot to kill Theresa May BeebBot (0)
GoFundMe scam averted McCain's Tumor (5)
AI degree mentioned Economist (8)
August 30th, 2018
latest cosmo cover McCain's Tumor (9)
A Fantastic job 2975 dead people (5)
New Mexico Compound Jihadists: All Charges Dropped McCain's Tumor (4)
Nerd rage xampl9 (1)
Will Wheaton banned from Mastodon Gary Baldy (21)
Bad Orange Man Denying Passports to Illegal Aliens McCain's Tumor (2)
What is the point of this watch? Battery lasts 3 days? DrPepper (6)
All right, which one of you hacked these apps? DrPepper (3)
Why do people need to stalk? You always need to walk away from DrPepper (17)
Planning a campaign finance violation is NOT a violation craggie (2)
Trump calls out Bernstein Go Trump (3)
RIP - Silvano Campeggi (95) Film poster designer The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
August 29th, 2018
Sarah Palin Excluded from McCain Funeral Boredbot (8)
Spanberger -- who leaker her security clearance application? crime? (9)
French and English are about to restart the 100 years war! DrPepper (3)
Teresa May is a virtue signalling SJW Grumpy Old Git (1)
CNN thinks AntiFa is black Gary Baldy (13)
bin laden song is racist hate speech Emmanuel Goldstein (1)
Less than 1 in 10 German pre-schoolers speak German Gary Baldy (5)
McGowan now supports ‘due process‘ for accused Gary Baldy (2)
Why the fuck does a 9-year-old boast about being gay? Elaine Buckley (13)
Yet more MundaneMatt YouTubeBot (7)
Russian influencing vaccination NewsBot (5)
Papa John's goes full SJW NewsBot (5)
August 28th, 2018
the new syrian chemical attack syrian (4)
Is the Huffington Post owned by the Muslim Brotherhood? Ginger Nut (0)
drone question t. s. something (2)
bourbon question t. s. something (3)
The Federal Cabinet Appointee's need approval , why not NC too ? craggie (2)
Wizards of the Coast caught using illegals Ginger Nut (1)
Let billion of Chinese die! DrPepper (4)
I bet you Tim Cook can't say this. DrPepper (3)
Media bias chart. Look at your favorite news channels. DrPepper (2)
Is the ending of new progress in micro-electronics coming? DrPepper (3)
BBC in pidgin English Boredbot (Moto) (1)
Magic Leap Hilde Vishnu (1)
The Chinese have ALL Hillary’s emails? Hob’s Knob (8)
Man arrested for attack on woman in Paris BeebBot (1)
Who funds the ANC? Edith Diodotus (0)
Criticize Israel and you go to jail Gentle Man (15)
how can I hint my website users to click on a headline to Mr. Crabb (8)
Cohen's lawyer pulls back from claims Tamara Morningstar (5)
Bride rant goes viral NewsBot (2)
August 27th, 2018
E sports E (2)
McCain says.. X (16)
Why it is so hard to do manual photography with P&S camera? DrPepper (2)
UK double murder of mother and daughter BeebBot (1)
Great job, Mr. President! Trade deal with Mexico is done. DrPepper (14)
Boxing is turning into wrestling BeebBot (0)
Civil war ahead for Germany? BeebBot (5)
Buzzfeed is racist TwitterBot (0)
Jacksonville shooter had Trump Derangement Syndrome Unsurprising (7)
August 26th, 2018
Most anti-Trump posters on social media are Iranian Intelligence Report (1)
The greatest cancer ,ndo (7)
Fortnite is a popular game. I watched it played on youtube. DrPepper (1)
Finally, I got a picture of RC and his girlfriend! DrPepper (2)
I think we need a real dictatorship in this country soon. Why? DrPepper (3)
Indie game dev: make #1 in the App Store X (5)
NM muslim compound was FBI operation Terror Watch (1)
Rolling Stones & Trump GSK (4)
It's time to destroy Hollywood! They are useless now. DrPepper (2)
RIP - Neil Simon (91) playwright, Biloxi Blues The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
The making of Arnie Erica Maja (0)
Visual FoxPro xampl9 (12)
August 25th, 2018
about those farmer killings that aren't happening RC (6)
Styx's Condolences for John McCain, RIP Boredbot (8)
Commander Keen on Android via 3.5" floppy xampl9 (1)
Have you taken Uber trips? DrPepper (7)
RIP - Lindsay Kemp (80) mime and choreographer The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend was FBI agent RC (12)
What motivates people to do work for free? X (11)
Independent Texas : begging again X (2)
August 24th, 2018
Pense is a freak George Conway (4)
So we have a new prime minister again, again ,ndo (2)
Trump is VERY popular among Republicans X (6)
Immunity Press Kit (0)
Will Tariffs help the economy? Bloggger (3)
What does it take for you Trump supporters? X (3)
What does it take for you Trump supporters? X (10)
email from Cohen's lawyer to his boss RC (3)
IMDB indexes some Youtube Vids like Feature Movies Boredbot (4)
I went on vacation. I just realized that there are so many rich DrPepper (10)
RC, did the US skip paying bills? Fact or fiction? DrPepper (2)
New research suggests evolution might favor 'survival of the laz Random Lurker (0)
Will the guys get free boxes of kleenex? BeebBot (28)
Why work for Google when you can scoop poop? Vitomir Surendra (4)
Odd deaths in Egyptian hotel BeebBot (6)
Death to front-end devs: Microsoft’s Sketch 2 Code is ready! Random Lurker (31)
4D chess Chessman (2)
Shake to Undo Hanga Ayanda (3)
RIP - Ed King (68) guitarist, Lynyrd Skynyrd The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Daddy sells FogBugz / Manuscript Cocoa dev (29)
Take a look at the real racists TwitterBot (7)
August 23rd, 2018
NK : tough situation craggie (5)
Read Federalist 65 & 66 craggie (11)
Bad lip reading of the white house press briefing YouTubeBot (2)
Magic Leap One Teardown! YouTubeBot (0)
Knife attacker kills 2, injures 3rd in Paris BeebBot (2)
New Intel license RC (7)
You too can buy the truth from Michael Cohen Aaron G Standoff (5)
MundaneMatt revisited YouTubeBot (24)
August 22nd, 2018
Ashamed? Bad Church craggie (1)
Trump accidentally admits to the crime It's a BS crime, boys! (9)
The timing of your poll... would be good to know R (0)
Write up of the Clinton impeachment charges Bloggger (0)
Cohen liar Bloggger (2)
invest in Periscope RC (2)
dumb NASA intern news RC (5)
missing Iowa girl found dead RC (13)
Drumpf deports infirm 95 yr old RC (17)
Swedish TV documentary finally exposes the truth Sanity for Sweden (5)
August 21st, 2018
MAGA=My Attorney Got Arrested ffbnhfdese (3)
Why does Wyoming Governor need to be strong borders Bloggger (3)
poor styx RC (6)
Trump Campaign & Administration craggie (4)
Trump to be impeached, indicted, convicted RC (21)
Are SSDs following Moore's Law Tinfoil Hat (1)
Be Gentle Karen Nixon (18)
Silent Sam xampl9 (Moto phone) (4)
Doctor gets probation-only for raping a sedated patient Katheryn Platon (6)
August 20th, 2018
Wishful polling GSK (5)
This guy is misusing the word exponentially GSK (3)
Predicting the past is easy! Did you make (1)
Papadopoulos Polo (1)
Alfa Bank <————-> Trump Tower GBK (1)
Supreme Court guy worked for Ken Starr bonito (0)
MTV Says Don't Study FSK (6)
ndo and the php script R (8)
Watch out for those emus Algernon Montgomery (5)
Battlefield 5 Algernon Montgomery (1)
Why Infowars must be banned RC (2)
Fascist president pulling security clearances RC (13)
STOP Act coming RC (1)
Things You Should Never Do, Part I Io (23)
Have your "Left" and "Right" parties ever swapped ends? ,ndo (10)
Omarosa - Lara tape Pregnant Duck (5)
August 19th, 2018
15 minut s of Hilary lying CH (23)
Should the Catholic Church be indicted? Francis (7)
Mosquitoes are killing me Legion (14)
Whataboutism Benghazi (8)
So I've been reading some history The Other Nick (2)
BBC trying to keep thing quiet yet again BeebBot (3)
Yet another rape gang in the UK BeebBot (3)
Netflix cancels Michelle Wolf show Adam McFadden (20)
August 18th, 2018
Headscarf or not ,ndo (7)
Red hen followup Snaps (2)
External USB drive died xampl9 (3)
Victimhood on college campuses xampl9 (4)
RIP - Kofi Annan (80) Secretary-General of the UN The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Manafort - guilty or not guilty? Kamala Waheeda (7)
August 17th, 2018
RC, I need your detecting skills. What has happened here? Why? DrPepper (4)
Libtards are racist naturally. Proof: libtards on CoT always DrPepper (1)
Boids Amy Gutfreund (1)
Musk's girlfriend RC (15)
Chinese style military parade cancelled RC (10)
August 16th, 2018
interesting interview with a former child star RC (14)
Want to know what it looks like working at Goldman Sach? Click DrPepper (8)
Amish, the religion of peace BeebBot (1)
Children of the Sun xampl9 (Moto phone) (1)
MasterCard tells Patreon who they can't service Bernard Kerik (3)
Brennan security revoked Aaron G Standoff (13)
RBS joked about destroying the US housing market NewsBot (0)
Trump approval among black voters reaches 36% Go Trump (1)
Mother killed 3 kids by deliberately driving into lake BeebBot (12)
Man jailed over Gatwick bomb hoax BeebBot (3)
RIP - Aretha Franklin (76) singer The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
"Gentrification" is a dog whistle xampl9 (Moto phone) (4)
Apple don't wanna pay property tax Reality Check (3)
America turning to socialism Cocoa dev (12)
Glyphosate found in kids food NewsBot (4)
August 15th, 2018
When will the USA cleans house? DrPepper (0)
Mass Graves in AZ Amy Gutfreund (3)
Who runs ,ndo (8)
ETF backed by actual gold actually owned by fund ,ndo (8)
condemning muslim hate on cot Muhammed ibn Alaki (7)
Stefan Molyneux banned from Youtube RC (7)
Catholic priests Conspiracy Theorist (0)
PR power back power guy (0)
WikdRiver how’s trading? Philo X (1)
Deep State vs Senate: blocking Russia investigators craggie (3)
Attacker on UK Parliament identified BeebBot (3)
Tinder lawsuit Kassidy Zakhar (1)
Fentanyl for executions Algernon Montgomery (2)
August 14th, 2018
Trump Approval still at 50% RC (6)
4D chess B.B. (18)
How long does a severed head remain conscious? YouTubeBot (3)
fake diploma scandal in Florida race RC (7)
Another day, another Arkancide RC (3)
New Mexico Terror compound polygamists out on bail Reality Check (5)
Want a good paying job? Reality Check (11)
Yep, Sweden is burning. We should send in Hollywood and MSM. DrPepper (4)
Stragedy happened in Italy. DrPepper (6)
Interesting defense B.B. (0)
Immigration patriotism fells Alex Jones ,ndo (4)
Paris baulks at 'horrible' eco-friendly public urinals BeebBot (13)
Another car ramming attack on UK Parliament BeebBot (14)
August 13th, 2018
surprising situation in India Reality Check (3)
Hanger on humble brad Philo X (2)
SJWs are going nuts over new Doom ad Algernon Montgomery (4)
RIP - Gerald Weinberg (84) computer scientist The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Skin in the game Io (36)
CBO prediction Philo X (5)
So how much is Omarosa being paid to do this shit? Boredbot (9)
How white people are oppressed in the US libtard_uk (2)
August 12th, 2018
the Unite the Right troll RC (13)
RC, what do you think about this Watson guy's idea? DrPepper (22)
NASA lauched a cool Parker Solar Probe this morning at 3:30 AM DrPepper (3)
youtube ad length part 3 RC (7)
Writing the book made more money SJW (0)
The soybean war Worldest largest violinest (3)
MundaneMatt outed himself as a massive false-flagger Hampus Clitus (6)
August 11th, 2018
voter registration rate RC (1)
Punish the bridge pusher SJW (17)
Trump Tariffs kill another fine company RC (3)
Is glyphosphate safe? BeebBot (4)
Did you guys read the news about the guy at Horizon Air took DrPepper (15)
Yet another false flag racist attack BeebBot (0)
insane election shenanigans in Georgia race RC (1)
RIP Chuck Mosley Faith No More (before Mike Patton) ,ndo (1)
raising kids free from gender tyranny RC (7)
Persia policy RC (0)
August 10th, 2018
the witness contends that the Special Counsel was appointed unla Special Grand Jury Reporter (0)
China Uighurs: One million held in political camps, UN told China Reporter (1)
Donald Trump Jr. deletes doctored image inflating his father's a Idiot (4)
Housing Slowdown Tax Man (1)
I'd like to speak to those 1000 green voters! DJT (3)
Space Force all the way! DJT (1)
Another small government Republican presidency JZ (5)
apparently the US president is a liar JZ (1)
Trump's endorsement of Pelosi RC (0)
California upholds sacred gender diversity rights! RC (6)
RC, this is an interesting topic. DrPepper (1)
Hungary banning gender studies RC (11)
Hubble, is JKU area safe to venture into at night? DrPepper (2)
The Orange Juice Test SaveTheHubble (5)
Tariffs destroy another USA company RC (2)
Developer rant Io (5)
Alert! They are looking for RC's old girlfriend. DrPepper (3)
Happy Friday to my friend RC! DrPepper (3)
Space Force - please tell me what you think they will do? DrPepper (6)
O'Connor wins Ohio RC (1)
Saudi's Al Arabia criticizes human rights in Canada! Random Lurker (2)
Your digital devices are making you go blind NewsBot (0)
So Tarl Warwick is running for governor of Vermont ,ndo (4)
August 9th, 2018
SJWs are trying to normalise pedophilia Pregnant Duck (9)
I need a physicist to explain this red-shift stuff. DrPepper (4)
RC, why does the filter for sun telescope need power? DrPepper (1)
Second attempt at Posca Io (4)
Amish, the religion of peace BeebBot (8)
August 8th, 2018
campaign ads RC (4)
Anyone here explored Gab.Ai? Boredbot (18)
Will there be a backlash? If so, when? Pregnant Duck (9)
Magic Leap AR goes on sale Hilde Vishnu (1)
insane election shenanigans in Florida race RC (3)
Word of the day: Normcore xampl9 (Moto phone) (6)
Berkeley riot arrests RC (5)
Hello Canada, you need to slap your people sometimes. DrPepper (1)
Senate working to stop Russian hacking RC (2)
Musk's illegal stock manipulation move RC (7)
August 7th, 2018
Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman Grovelling Goblin (8)
Ohio balls Politic (16)
Nikolai Ustinov Io (5)
first planet without sun found RC (4)
Troy Balderson is an absolute dumbshit RC (9)
Bautista threatens to leave GotG3 over Gunn Katheryn Platon (2)
Californian VC Io (13)
Will the next Terminator film be any good? Barry Norman's Ghost (6)
Dumbassed preachy woke humor - fuqq Jon Hamm Boredbot (1)
RC, this sun telescope is awesome! DrPepper (9)
More git follies xampl9 (Moto phone) (1)
Apple, Facebook and YouTube Remove Content From Alex Jones Random Lurker (21)
Google virtue signalling by pandering to Islam Ivan Ho (6)
Hypocrisy exposed at Twitter Ivan Ho (2)
SpaceX launch in 10 minutes Grovelling Goblin (7)
August 6th, 2018
Anyone doing Blockchain development? NPR (3)
Why would Don Jr get indicted? Y (1)
Obama lied Y (1)
Banks giving your bank data to Facebook RC (8)
Running DOS games from floppy on Android RC (5)
Infowars ban Grovelling Goblin (11)
30 seconds behind the conversation xampl9 (Moto phone) (4)
August 5th, 2018
Is it worth to even buy a telescope if you live in a light DrPepper (6)
another creepy child camp found in southwest desert RC (13)
Happy Birthday, Curiousity xampl9 (1)
Does Google listen to conversations? Algernon Montgomery (6)
Bored army st work DJT (1)
RIP - Barry Chuckle (70) children's entertainer The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Venezuela President Maduro 'survives drone attack' - false flag? Tinfoil Hat (3)
Staggering spin by the BBC BeebBot (4)
August 4th, 2018
Ohio election prediction Reality Check (6)
The great corporate give away Tax "reform" (7)
forced euthanasia in the netherlands Reality Check (2)
Total indictment of British justice over Tommy Robinson YouTubeBot (1)
Tim Pool catches the BBC lying again BeebBot (2)
hey random lurker Reality Check (3)
August 3rd, 2018
When is ‘blackface’ not ‘blackface’ ? Grovelling Goblin (5)
Obama debt bad, republican debt okay Scott Adams Family (3)
new Trump rule: Hospitals must post all prices online Reality Check (6)
Republican says God told him to kill his mom's dog xampl9 (1)
Trump approval among blacks: 29% Reality Check (4)
NASA is back! DrPepper (3)
Trump approval reaches 50% Grovelling Goblin (8)
Guy who exposed paedophiles in gaming got beaten up Grovelling Goblin (18)
August 2nd, 2018
Has the NYT hired a racist? Qaz (3)
value of liberal arts degree Reality Check (16)
I like her "counter-trolling" Scott Adams Family (4)
you are what you do Scott Adams Family (2)
no collusion, but obstruction Bo Dee (11)
When can we repeal this ripoff ACA? strange bird (0)
enemy of the people strange bird (8)
Urban Meyer - What Did He Do Wrong? FSK (19)
violent Lebanese immigrant viciously abuses daughter Reality Check (12)
There is a reason we want less people from the Middle East in DrPepper (7)
Chinese language. Holly shit, why it is too complicated? DrPepper (7)
Reward credit cards, Air line frequent flyer miles, and award DrPepper (6)
Russia continues to run propaganda attacking the US to divide us DrPepper (6)
Healthcare price check. How much are you paying for premium? DrPepper (9)
August 1st, 2018
Are Clinton’s Foundation Donations legal? X (0)
Trump wants to clear himself X (2)
MSM on trumps grocery shopping X (5)
Got a Book Deal!! :-) Reality Check (20)
Like Trump or not, you can't ignore the truth. The truth shall DrPepper (18)
Grga Smoothie Reality Check (1)
Tommy Robinson has been released NewsBot (12)
Interesting case BeebBot (4)